path: root/blowfish/blowfish.vcxproj
AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2017-05-16Restructured Build DirectoryPatrick Thomas1-4/+5
2017-05-16Enabled 64-bit buildsPatrick Thomas1-0/+85
Enabled 64-bit builds for those who desire a 64-bit command line Pandora client, like myself.
2015-08-25Update build environmentMichał Cichoń1-5/+5
- remove faad2 - remove mad - remove polarssl - remove pthreads - add libcurl - add vtparse with UTF8 support - update project to use Visual Studio 2015
2013-07-28Request XP compatible windows version.thedmd1-2/+2
2013-05-10Change toolchain to one compatible with XP.thedmd1-2/+2
2013-05-04Update project to MSVC 2012.thedmd1-109/+111
2012-09-09Migrate build environment to MSVC 2010.Michał Cichoń1-0/+112
Synchronize build environment.