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Add network timeouts and retries
All network operations can time out now. API requests are retried up to three times (default). Replaces setting max_player_errors with max_retries, which is used for player and API. Adds timeout setting. Partially reverts 436a1d4012553a2f33d0e3a5180b3b5ae0378bdd and fixes (at least) issue #657. Thanks to @exarkun for testing.
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--- a/contrib/pianobar.1
+++ b/contrib/pianobar.1
@@ -335,8 +335,8 @@ Keep a history of the last n songs (5, by default). You can rate these songs.
Icon for loved songs.
-.B max_player_errors = 5
-Amount of song download errors in a row after pianobar stops playback.
+.B max_retry = 3
+Max failures for several actions before giving up.
.B partner_password = AC7IBG09A3DTSYM4R41UJWL07VLN8JI7
@@ -372,6 +372,10 @@ sorts by name from a to z, quickmix_01_name_za by type (quickmix at the
bottom) and name from z to a.
+.B timeout = 30
+Network operation timeout.
.B tired_icon = zZ
Icon for temporarily suspended songs.