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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season one

Episode 6

(Whale sounds)

Winston:Whatever it is, something suddenly got him singing.
Dianne:If our new equipment would ever arrive, we might have a better chance to see the little creature.
HELEN:Attention, master Jason Bates. Request you report to Commander Lucas on the bridge immediately.

Commander:According to this, you’ve had the ant boat out five times this week. Are you aware of this?
Jason:Just fishing. Scouting around the reef. Using my own free time.
Commander:Did you sign off properly?
Jason:You can’t do all that paperwork every time you want to go out for a little spin.
Commander:These aren’t private pleasure craft. You’re abusing a privilege. You’re off the roster for a week.
Jason:But –
Commander:There’s another thing –
Caryle:Excuse me, sir. There’s an unscheduled helicopter approaching.

(Helicopter engine noise)

Guy:Move it, Lambert! I want to talk to Commander Lucas.
First:Sorry, sir. Without authorized landing permits –
Guy:There’s the paper work. I’ll sort it out with the Commander.
Lambert:Let’s go!

Commander:I see we’re to give you full cooperation.
Guy:Much appreciated, mate. Your department chief and I go back a long way. He helped me build my company into the biggest leisure conglomeration in the north.
Commander:What exactly is the survey for?
Lambert:We’re proposing –
Guy:All set to go just as soon as we find exactly the right spot for the most advanced recreational facility in the tropics.
Commander:Talking about a tourist resort. That’s what we need up here. It’s off the beaten track, isn’t it?
Guy:Get in first. That’s my motto. And all this publicity about ORCA has brought world attention to this area. We’re looking at this crop of islands but – that one in particular. My pilot’s gonna drop us in for 24 hours while I make a personal inspection and if I like what I see, I’ll start negotiations to buy.
Commander:So, other than supplies – how can we assist you?
Guy:Well, we could use a guide. Someone who knew the area. They’d need to be standing by in the morning.
Jason:I know it. I was just scouting the reef just the other day. I’ll go with them.
Dianne:Ahem. Jason –
Jason:Aw, come on, Mum. It’ll be just like going on a camping trip. I can’t get into any trouble. Trust me.

Jason:They’re talking about Neri’s island! I can’t let them go alone. At least this way I can try and keep them away from her.
Brett:She’ll freak! You promised, no people.
Jason:You got a better idea?
Brett:Can’t we just go over there and warn her?
Jason:No way! Lucas has banned me from the boats, remember? All we have to do is wait ’til tomorrow. Hopefully she keeps her cool.

Jodie:Look! It’s him!
Jodie:It’s the new guy on board. His name’s Billy. Isn’t he gorgeous? Oh, god, he’s coming over. He’s noticed me. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with me?

Guy:Paradise, Jason. That’s what people want today. The garden of eden – but with room service. And if that island lives up to its promise, we’ll have a five-star hotel within the year.
Commander:Gentlemen. Your helicopter’s been refueled and loaded. It’s ready to leave when you’re ready.
Guy:Let’s get moving. Time’s wasting. Fix the Commander up with whatever we owe.
Lambert:Oh, yes.
Commander:That won’t be necessary. The first’ll show you topside. Now, I’ll be expecting you back with the boy around this time tomorrow morning. Excuse me.
Guy:Mm hmm. Fetch my bag.
Brett:Here, I’ll give you a hand.

Jodie:I’ve got it!
Damien:Don’t give it to me.
Jodie:I know what’s wrong with me. Listen – “nothing turns heads faster than the sight of a healthy golden tan.” Well, look! We’ve been down here so long, I’ve practically gone white. “For that glowing skin that guys will really notice, get bingham’s indoor tanning cream. Available in the large tube for only – can anyone lend me $39.95?”
Damien:Get real!
Jodie:It’s only ’til the end of the month. I get my allowance, then. But I need this stuff now. Please!
Vanessa:Listen. If you really think that anyone’s gonna part with that kind of money just so you can impress some boy – you’re even sillier than you look.
Jodie:Thanks very much – I don’t think.
Lee:Jodie –
Vanessa:Oh, don’t worry about her. She’ll be over it in five minutes.
Jodie:Hey, you left –

Lamber:I’m sure I had it just a minute ago. I must’ve dropped it down in the galley.
Guy:You won’t need money where we’re going. You can collect it on your way back.
First:It can’t have gone far. We’ll track it down by then.
Guy:Come on! Time’s wasting!
Brett:Jase – good luck.
Jason:Thanks, Brett.

Jodie:Wait! Wait! You are going to town with the mail run this morning. Aren’t you?
First:Well, yes, but –
Jodie:Oh, please – bingham’s tanning cream? They say you can buy it at any chemist. Oh, please, I’ll be really grateful.
First:All right.

(Helicopter engine noise)

Guy:What did I tell you? Paradise! Get over here. Hey, Jason, get a move on. What are you looking for?
Jason:Nothing. But it’s gonna be hard to cut inland through the forest.
Guy:That will not be necessary. Because we – are going by boat.

Guy:You know, this would be a great spot for an adventure playground. Waterslides, that sort of thing.
Jason:Excuse me. Excuse me!
Jason:I – need to go to the bushes for –
Guy:Yeah, yeah. Don’t be long. Don’t be too long! Ah, nature.
Neri:You promise you tell no one! Now you bring people here.
Jason:Neri, calm down. I couldn’t stop them so I came along to try to help you.
Neri:Who are these people?
Jason:Developers. People with money who want to buy things – like this island.
Guy:Hey! Jason!
Jason:I gotta go now. We’ll talk again as soon as I can. In the meantime, just stay out of sight.

Commander:Someone is hiding something. We have scoured every inch of the galley. And there is no sign at all of the wallet. So, I’m afraid there’s only one conclusion that can be made. Someone has taken it. And anyone in the vicinity at breakfast has to be considered under suspicion.
Zoe:Not fair.
Damien:How come?
Commander:There was only a limited opportunity and you were all there at the time. I’m willing to accept this was some kind of misguided prank so I’ll make a deal. If the wallet’s returned by 1800 intact, we’ll let the matter rest there.
Lee:What if it isn’t, dad?
Commander:The innocent will suffer with the guilty. Because the shore leave this group has coming up – will be cancelled.

Vanessa:I thought so. I had a hunch it was you.
Jodie:I didn’t mean to, Vanessa. Honest. I don’t know what came over me. It was just a stupid thing. On the spur of the moment.
Vanessa:I don’t think Commander Lucas will see it that way.
Jodie:I only wanted $40 and there were hundreds in here. I figured I would’ve got that much for a reward anyway.
Vanessa:So you just took it.
Jodie:I always meant to put it back. I swear. As soon as I got my next allowance. And then I was gonna hand it in.
Vanessa:Well, it’s a bit late for that now. You’ve only got until 1800.
Jodie:What am I gonna do? How can I come up with $40 by then?
Vanessa:I could lend it to you.
Vanessa:I’ve got some cash in my cabin. You could leave the wallet where it’ll be found. And no one would be the wiser.
Jodie:Vanessa – I’ll pay you back as soon as I can.
Vanessa:Don’t forget. You owe me a big favour for this.


Jason:Why don’t we try back the other way?
Guy:Nonsense, Jason. This is the perfect spot for the central hotel complex and golf course. I just gotta get these trees sorted out. And I don’t trust the water. A little chlorination will fix that. It just needs lighting up a tad. What – did you hear something?
Jason:Yeah. It was a Dingy bird.
Guy:Dingy bird?
Jason:Sounds sorta like a sneeze, doesn’t it.
Guy:I think it’s time for afternoon tea. Let’s head back to camp.
Jason:Okay, you go on ahead. I’ve got something in my shoe.
Neri:What is hotel?
Jason:Where people live when they’re not at home.
Neri:And what is golf?
Jason:People hit balls with long sticks and try to put them into holes in the ground.
Jason:It doesn’t matter! What’s important is the stuff they’re talking about is going to bring thousands of them here.
Neri:My island.
Jason:It won’t be for much longer if they keep on thinking it’s paradise. Now, listen. I’ve got an idea. The only way to get rid of them is to convince them that it’s not as beautiful as they think. It’s up to you – but I say we don’t give up without a fight.


Lambert:So, we put the golf course over there.
Guy:Put my cup down. That’s my cup. That is my cup!
Lambert:No, that’s yours.
Guy:Excuse me, that’s my cup.
Lambert:That’s your cup.
Guy:It is your cup…
Lambert:I told you that was yours.

(Bees buzzing)

Lamber:Oh! Is it safe to come out?
Guy:Come on! They’ve all gone now.
Lambert:Maybe they’re just waiting to attack again.
Guy:We’ll have to do something about those vicious little brutes – even if it means even if it means fumigating the whole island.
Lambert:Even if that were possible, that would cost – aaah! Aaah! (Screaming)
Guy:What is it?
Lambert:I saw a hand! A human hand.

Jason:You know, I heard a story once that a ship went down on the survivors made it back to this island but one by one they disappeared and were never seen again.
Guy:Fairy tales. It’ll take more than that to scare me off. (Hissing) There’s a snake in there. One of you get it out.
Lambert:Not me.
Jason:No way. Why don’t you do it?
Guy:Well, I would. I’d rather sleep out under the stars. We don’t really need a tent tonight.
Lambert:I’d rather sleep in one of those soft bunks back on ORCA.

Jodie:Is that all? For $40?
First:’Fraid so. But they did say you only need to use a very little bit at a time. Well, aren’t you going to try it out?
Jodie:Yeah. Thanks. Thanks very much.

Brett:After all that, they found the wallet in some lift!
Zoe:Well, at least we got our shore leave back.
Jodie:Why do these things always happen to me?
Vanessa:Probably because you’re silly enough to believe the advertisements in the first place.
Jodie:I’ve been an idiot, haven’t I?
Vanessa:Yeah. Well, you would’ve been in a worse mess if I hadn’t loaned you that money. Which reminds me – you owe me a favour. It’s not much. Look. Those Bates boys aren’t going to say a word of what they’re up to when I’m around. But they’re not gonna be so careful in front of you. So just tell me anything you might hear.
Jodie:But that’d be like spying.
Vanessa:Wouldn’t it!
Jodie:I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, Vanessa.
Vanessa:Hey! Don’t you forget something! You’re a thief and I know it. But no one else will – as long as you do what you’re asked. Like it or not, you’re on my side now, Jodie.

(Howling whistle)

Guy:Lambert! Wake up. Kid’s disappeared. The boy’s gone! Wake up, you fool. We can’t afford to lose him. Think of the publicity.
Lambert:Argh! Get me outta here!

(Howling whistle)

Neri:They still come.
Jason:How do you know?
Neri:I know. Follow.
Guy:Aah! I don’t care about the kid! I’m getting outta here!

Guy:I just wanna get off this stinking hell hole and never come back!
Lambert:And I couldn’t agree more! But what are we gonna tell them about the kid!

Neri:There are some very strange people in your world.
Jason:You can say that.
Neri:My father never told me about men like these. Perhaps he did not know all about the outsiders. Perhaps it is time I found out for myself.
Jason:What do you mean?
Neri:Maybe it is time I saw your world.
Jason:Forget it, Neri! Just stay here where you’re supposed to. It’s much safer that way. I’ve gotta go. I’ll see ya as soon as I can get back.

Guy:We’ll just have to tell them the truth. That he was taken by a croc!
Guy:Where have you been?
Lambert:Thank goodness you’re all right.
Jason:Don’t know. It’s real weird. I woke up in the forest. Must’ve sleep walked.
Lambert:Here! Here!!
Guy:Get us out of here!

Brett:You’ve never sleep walked in your life
Jason:Yeah, that’s what mom said too, had a bit of trouble convincing her and Lucas. But I think they’re glad to see the back of those two.
Brett:Yeah, well at least we got rid of them.
Jason:Yeah, for now, but I think there will be others along.