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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season one

Episode 5

(Kids chatting and cheering)

Jason:Behind you!
Vanessa:(Screaming) watch it, you little creep!
Jason:It’s his birthday.
Vanessa:If he hits me with that thing, it’ll be his last birthday.
Lee:Focus, Brett! Five o’clock.
Dianne:All right, everybody. I’ve got party hats and the little blowy things that go.
Froggy:That really s–
Brett:Oh, mum.
Dianne:(Gasping) Not such a good idea?
Jason:Not totally wonderful.
Dianne:Well, let’s eat!
HELEN:Doctor Dianne Bates, please report immediately to laboratory 36–
Dianne:Oh, HELEN. You take over, all right? You make sure he has a good time. I’ll be back as soon as I can. We’ll open his presents then.
Jason:Did anything come from Dad?
Brett:Great party, isn’t it? Pity you-know-who couldn’t be here.

(Whale sounds)

Commander:Doctor Bates, you have ordered two micro digital audio synthesizers. These things cost a fortune.
Commander:So, my budget is already stretched to its limit. You order these contraptions without any consultations whatsoever.
Dianne:Look, that is because we need them for our research.
Commander:I’m not some rubber stamp for every piece of hardware you fancy. And as for your research, doctor Bates, I believe you’re only studying one whale. One! And neither of you seems to know what on earth it’s doing.
Dianne:That is entirely the point. Look, let me try to explain this to you in laymen’s terms, alright? There is something peculiar about this animal. Humpbacks are renowned loners yet, for some reason, this one seems to be in constant communication with something else.
Winston:With those synthesizers, in opposite phase, we could establish the direction of his signal, and therefore, possibly identify the target.
Commander:That’s very interesting. Request denied.
Dianne:Oh, can you not get it through your thick head that sometimes –
Zoe:Birthday cake.
Dianne:Thank you, Zoe.
Commander:Thank you, very much.
Dianne:I want those instruments, Commander.
Commander:Request denied.
Dianne:Well, I didn’t do that very well, did I?
Winston:Perhaps a more practical approach? The cat who purrs the loudest is the one who’s best stroked.
Dianne:So, in other words, be nice to him.
Winston:With Commander Lucas as our ally, our work is so much easier. So, it means being a little pleasant. What do we have to lose?

Zoe:How many?
Froggy:Four. Five!

Jason:That fifth slice was a death wish.
Brett:It was worth it though. Top party. I wanna go with you. Neri thinks we’re both going.
Jason:Out there? In the boat? Up and down. Up –
Brett:Forget it.

Vanessa:So how’s the birthday boy?
Jason:He’ll live.
Vanessa:Yeah, it’s pretty tough when your own father doesn’t even send you a birthday present.
Vanessa:A little bird told me.
Jason:Listen, why don’t you keep your nose out of other people’s business – for a change.

Winston:It’s just a matter of a little give and take, comander. Going top side, Jason?
Jason:Yeah. Bit of fishing.
Winston:Doctor Bates does respect your authority, sir.
Winston:But marine biology isn’t your field. And you know how scientists feel about their research.
Commander:As I’m fast learning, Winston. But doesn’t she realize I have other priorities.
Winston:Precisely why I’m suggesting a truce. If we could establish a more pleasant relationship, then each side could put their point of view quietly and calmly. And surely harmony is in your best interests on ORCA.
Commander:You don’t have to tell me about people management, Winston. All right. I’ll be nice to the woman. Even if it kills me.
Winston:Good. Yes!

Zoe:Is it true your dad didn’t send you anything?
Brett:He will. It’s probably just got stuck in the mail or something. My Dad’s a top guy.
Zoe:Separated or divorced?
Zoe:Well, who knows. Maybe one day you’ll get a new Dad.
Froggy:Back at my old school, nearly half the kids had stepparents.
Brett:No. Mum’s too busy with her work. Besides, she wouldn’t want to marry anyone here on ORCA.
Zoe:How would you know that? Parents don’t tell us stuff like that.
Froggy:Not until it’s too late.

Jason:How do you do that? No wonder mum thinks you’re a fish or something.
Neri:Tell me about her.
Jason:Uh – her name’s Dianne. I guess you could say we all look after each other. And she offered to work with ORCA for six months.
Neri:Where’s your father?
Jason:Where’s yours? You still don’t trust me, do you. Well, I can’t blame you. Okay – I’ll tell you about my father. He was a scientist too. And teacher. When I was little, we used to do everything together. The whole family. He taught me how to swim, dive – taught me how to use a boat. I thought he was the best guy in the world. And then, a few years ago, mum and dad started having these arguments. He was picking on her. I found her crying one day, that was when she said that dad wouldn’t be living with us any more. I found out later, for myself, he had this girlfriend – a person he worked with. Mum and dad, I mean, they’re supposed to be there. Together. You hear about all these other people breaking up. But you never expect them to. I mean, it’s your own parents. Sorry.

Winston:Sometimes the whale seems to have something swimming with him. Sometimes it’s not there.
Winston:If we knew the answer to that, it would produce ten new questions to puzzle us with. Life, after all, is a mystery within a mystery. Surrounded by a mystery.
Brett:Is that another old Chinese saying?
Winston:As a matter of fact, I saw it on last week’s episode of star trek. (Laughing)
Commander:Doctor Bates. Can I have a word, please? Privately.
Dianne:I was just coming to see you.
Commander:Right, well – look, I’d like to apologize for having – possibly over reacted earlier.
Dianne:Perhaps I was a bit hasty myself.
Commander:We’re a team here – with mutual respect. I hope. So, I’ll put your requisition through.
Dianne:Well, the results will justify that, thank you.
Commander:But I would like to be fully informed of what it is you’re planning so – perhaps we can discuss it over afternoon tea.
Dianne:Um – thank you, commander. That would be – wonderful.
Commander:Well, here’s hoping for a closer relationship between us in the future, Dianne.
Dianne:Yes. Wonderful.

Brett:I’m not kidding you, Jason. Commander Lucas fancies mum!
Jason:Oh, pull the other one. They hate each other.
Brett:Zoe reckons that’s how it always starts. You know, animal magnetism –
Jason:Shut up and go to sleep would ya?
Brett:I saw them, Jason. He was being nice to her. And she was being nice to him. I felt sicker than I did when I had the cake. Commander Lucas as a stepfather.

Brett:It’s a nightmare!
Zoe:And it’s going to get worse.
Zoe:Next will be the old be nice to the kid trick, you can bet on it. And he’ll con your mum that he really likes you and then – pow.

Vanessa:Have you noticed anything weird about Jason?
Vanessa:He goes out fishing practically every day. You ever see him bring back any fish?
Jodie:Maybe he’s a lousy fisherman.
Vanessa:Or maybe he’s just not trying.
Jodie:What else could he be doing out there?
Vanessa:I’d love to know.

Commander:Satisfied, Winston? I’m being nice to the woman. It goes against the grain but anything for peace. Stop running! Now if I could only discipline these children.
Winston:People management, remember? If I may make a suggestion – stop behaving like a boss. Behave more like – a friend.
Commander:A friend.
Winston:Start making them feel part of the operation. Explain it to them. Personally.
Commander:To all of them.
Winston:Each one. Why not.
Commander:If you can’t beat them –
Winston:Join them.
Commander:I suppose.

Commander:HELEN – give me a single random selection of personnel aged 16 down.
HELEN:Searching now, commander.

Dianne:Yes, you. Commander Lucas has said you can spend the whole afternoon up on the bridge. He will show you how everything works.
Brett:I’m going fishing with Jason.
Dianne:I will say this once. Things are just starting to go well for me with the commander and I will not have you offending him in favour of some fishing trip. You have been invited and you will go. Excuse me.
Brett:Now do you think I’m imagining things?
Jason:It doesn’t prove a thing.
Brett:It’s the old be nice to the kid routine and mum got sucked right in.

Brett:I gotta do something before it’s too late.
Zoe:What did you have in mind?
Brett:I’m gonna fix it so they never get married.

Commander:Brett, this is the air storage plant and the back-up systems. Security systems here. Program storage control – don’t touch them! Come over here with me. I’ll show you the master controls and the food storage system.
Brett:Food’s great here.
Commander:We aim to please.
Brett:It’s a bit tough on mum. She misses her garlic.
Commander:That’s a shame. This is the – misses her garlic.
Brett:Raw. She likes to munch it like an apple – at night while she’s watching tv. As she’s cutting her toenails.
Commander:Yes, well, we all have our little habits, don’t we.
Brett:And when we lived at the mainland, mum got so wrapped up with her work, she wouldn’t find time to clean up. Dishes that high! Piles of rubbish all over the place. Once a month we’d have to go through it with a shovel and put bombs down for the bugs. It was great!
Brett:Hi, Mum! Hi, Winston!
Dianne:Went well, huh?
Brett:Ace! (Kiss)
Dianne:Something wrong, commander?
Commander:No. No, no. Well, I must be getting back to the bridge. Brett. Dianne.
Dianne:Why is he looking at me so strangely?
Brett:He’s a very strange guy, mum. You should hear some of the things lee’s told me about him.

Jason:Wow! That is excellent. Aaah!

(Whale sounds)

Neri:Sharks, Jason!
Jason:Why did you – how did you – but – Charley? If he was over there and you were – what’s the story, Neri? And this time, if you really do trust me, I’d like to hear it all.
Neri:I tell you everything I remember. Then maybe you understand.

Neri:I don’t know how we came here. Just that there were two of us. Me and my father on the island. That’s the first thing I can remember. He said there were once others, but I never saw them. During the days, I helped him find food and wood for fire. At night, he would tell me stories or sing to me.
Jason:What stories?
Neri:I can’t remember. There was a day. I remember the day was very hot. It was the day I almost moved on.
Jason:Moved on?
Neri:You call it dying, don’t you. This was the day I nearly died.

(Whale sounds)

Neri:One day, father became very sick. He told me what to do. That Charley would take care. Father moved on. He warned me that others would come. People. He told me I must hide. That I was different.
Jason:You’re not making any of this up, are you?
Neri:What I have said is real. I know there is more but I can’t remember.
Jason:Your father told you not to trust anyone. But you trust me. And Brett. Why?
Neri:Charley said yes.
Jason:Where are you from? Who are you, Neri?

Winston:Come. I show you some sine waves.
Froggy:Have you got an es3-100?
Commander:What’s that?
Froggy:It’s a new, high-speed cpu. They’ve just brought it out.
Commander:Good news, doctor. The department’s approved a piece of hardware. With a push and shove from me. It’s on the way.
Winston:We’re very grateful. Aren’t we, Dianne?
Dianne:Yes, commander. Thank you, I’m – very, very – this is about the 23-70 model. Where’s the other one?
Commander:I left that one out. They’re only glorified tape records, aren’t they. What do you want two for?
Dianne:They do two different jobs, Commander. One is useless. I need them both.
Winston:One is better than –
Commander:Now, now, let’s not exaggerate.
Dianne:How dare you alter my requisition after I wasted my time trying to explain it to you.
Commander:This is how you show respect, is it?
Winston:People management.
Dianne:What do you want me to do? Underline the important bits?
Commander:Perhaps you’d like a holiday on the mainland – where you can lay your hands on fresh garlic.
Dianne:The man is mad! Ooh! Yes, I know. So much for cooperation. You can deal with him from now on, Winston. After a few facts I have heard today about his personal habits, the less I see of commander Lucas, the better!
Brett, Zoe, Froggy:
 All right!
Brett:He wasn’t her type anyway.
Winston:I don’t even want to ask.
Brett, Zoe, Froggy:
 All right.

Jason:It’s not like she’s just talking to him. He could be miles away and they can – I don’t know – get into each other’s heads somehow.
Jason:It has to be! The whale’s not trained. He’s not a pet. He can communicate with her and she can communicate with him – since the day she fell from the cliff and he rescued her.
Brett:That is so weird.
Jason:Maybe the fall from the cliff triggered – no, never mind.
Brett:If commander Lucas knew about her, I mean this telepathy stuff –
Jason:Yeah. They’d have her pinned down on a laboratory table faster than you can say snap. And the only way to stop that is to keep your mouth shut. Because if anyone ever discovers Neri now, she’s finished.