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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season one

Episode 8


Brett:These hairy, red things are great. What are they called?
Neri:I call them the hairy red things. Here, have some banana juice. Try – is good.
Brett:How do you get juice out of bananas?
Neri:I stomp on them with my feet. What? Don’t you like?
Jason:Um – no, it’s fine. I was just not as thirsty as I thought I was. Plus, it’s time we got back.
Brett:Yeah, people are starting to wonder where we get to. Is it okay if I take some of these?
Neri:Food good?
Jason:Yeah, it was great.
Neri:You enjoy your visit?
Jason:Mm hmm.
Neri:Now it is your turn. I come visit your place.
Jason:You mean – ORCA.
Neri:Mm hmm, tomorrow.

Jason:If she gets caught, we’re all dead, you realize.
Brett:Then why did you say yes?
Jason:Now that she’s got her mind made up, how the heck could we stop her?
Brett:Oh well, look on that she’ll only be here 10 minutes. Then she’ll get bored and she will leave.
Jason:What if she doesn’t?
Brett:She will – leave it to me.
Jason:We’re going to need an indenticard – a day pass would do, I guess. And a uniform.
Brett:I’ll fix the card. You get the uniform.
Brett:I don’t know. Use your imagination. Steal one.


Froggy:You’ve got to be joking.
Brett:Hey, don’t get embarrassed. I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it.
Froggy:I can do it blindfolded. But whyʼd you need a fake identicard?
Brett:I don’t. The other kids were going on about how you can do anything with a computer. Even fake a card. And I bet them you couldn’t.
Froggy:Well, you lose. ’Cause it’s easy.
Brett:Yeah, sure – easy to say.
Froggy:Watch this.

Jason:I made a mistake. I thought it shrunk.

Jason:I hope you’re happy. It was really embarrassing.
Brett:You think you had the tough job. Froggy’s not easy to con, you know, but I did it.
Jason:What’s that?
Brett:Neri’s itinerary.
Jason:Waste processing station. Desalination plant. Air conditioning room?
Brett:We stick to that. Keep her away from all the good stuff. And in 10 minutes, she’ll be begging to leave.

Brett:Neri? You there?
Neri:I’m here. I’ve been waiting.
Jason:Quick, put this on. We’ll have to hide her stuff somewhere.
Brett:No one’ll see it there. If you go behind that, it’d be good.

Vanessa:My other uniform’s gone. Look, it’s just the empty hanger. If this is someone’s idea of a practical joke, they’re going to be very sorry.

Neri:Must I wear them?
HELEN:There seems to be an unauthorized person in the turbo lift.
Neri:Who said that?
Brett:Come on.
HELEN:Welcome aboard ORCA, Mr. Duck.
Jason:Mr. Duck?
Brett:It was the best I could do, okay?

Neri:Can we do that again?
Jason:Come on.
HELEN:On behalf of the administration, visitors to ORCA are welcomed. Directory information is available by pressing the “d” panel…
Brett:Neri, come on.
HELEN:Other information is available by pressing the “i” panel.
Neri:It’s beautiful.

Brett:ORCA derives it’s power from ecologically sound, non-polluting sources. Water is ducted through large conduits to the central dynamo where the motion of the tides is converted into hydro-electricity.
Jason:It’s working. You’re so boring, she’s gone into a trance.
Brett:Told you. Power storage levels are constantly monitored by ORCA’s central –
Neri:It’s beautiful.
Jason:What is?
Neri:It sings – like the ocean.

(Whale sounds)

Dianne:Well, he’s certainly in fine voice this morning.
Winston:It’s funny. He’s never been this close to ORCA before.
Dianne:Maybe he’s looking for something.

(Whale sounds)

Neri:But I want to go to where you live.
Jason:No, you don’t.
Zoe:Hi, guys.
Froggy:You’re gonna be late.
Brett:Ah, yeah. We’ll catch you up.
Froggy:Okay, I’m starving.
Neri:Why is he starving? There is no food?
Brett:No, he’s just saying that ’cause it’s lunch time.
Neri:Oh – please take me to where you live.
Jason:You wouldn’t like it. It’s really boring.
Neri:I want to, Brett. I want to see where my friends live. I showed you my home.

Neri:It’s wonderful.
Brett:Huh? You’re kidding.
Neri:Comfortable. What’s in there? That chair look not comfortable.
Brett:That’s not a chair exactly.
Neri:What is it?
Jason:It’s a sort of –
Brett:You sit on it when you –
Jason:Anyway, this is the shower. We’re supposed to save water.
Brett:Now there’s just mum’s quarters.
Neri:Your mother. I will look. Pretty things. That’s me. Like in the rock pool.
Brett:It’s called a mirror.
Jason:No perfume. Smells nice. Women squirt it on themselves.
Brett:The button. But don’t. It costs a for – argh! Oh, do you mind? Supposed to squirt it at yourself.
Jason:Take it easy. It’s mum’s one big luxury.
Neri:Very good drawing. This is mother?
Neri:Very beautiful.
Jason:Let’s go.
Neri:I’m hungry now. You take me to where the starving boy has gone.
Jason:That’s not a very good idea.
Neri:You will not share your food with me? I share all mine with you.
Brett:You don’t understand, Neri. It’s really tricky.
Neri:I understand. I look funny. You do not want your friends to see me.

Neri:I didn’t think there were so many people in the world.
Jason:Come on.
Jason:Hi, lee.
Lee:Hi, lee.
Jason:Don’t talk. Just order food.
Brett:I’ll do it.
Neri:That looks good.
Brett:You’ll like high nutrition muesli better. It’s the most boring.

Zoe:Hey, we were here first.
Tough Girl:Back off.
Zoe:Thanks for sticking up for me.
Froggy:Hey, what could I do? Hit a woman?

Neri:Looks good. Tastes beautiful.
Jodie:Yuck! She’s eating with her fingers!
Vanessa:Who is she?

Dianne:Winston, look at this. No way is this random behaviour. He’s been circling now for hours.
Winston:And he’s still singing? What’s his sudden interest in ORCA?

(Whale sounds)

Damien:You must be new here. Maybe I can show you around sometime?
Brett:We’re doing that, thanks.
Damien:Gee, Brett. I like your perfume. Just gorgeous.
Brett:Get out of it!
Neri:Why did you hit him?
Brett:Being friendly.
Jason:Haven’t you had enough yet?
Neri:No, I like it here.

Vanessa:You notice anything about that uniform she’s wearing?
Jodie:What’s to notice?
Vanessa:It’s new. I lost a new uniform just that size.

HELEN:Your attention, please. Would all members of the marine studies class please report to viewing port three.
Lee:That’s us.
Damien:Oh, look, can you tell them to start without me, please?
Lee:You’ll get reported if you’re late again.
Damien:Yeah, I gotta go. I’ll see you later, all right?
Jason:Come on, we gotta go, too.
Vanessa:Excuse me, where did you get that uniform?
Jason:Like it’s any of your business, Vanessa.
Vanessa:I happen to think you don’t mind if I get a closer look?
Jason:Sorry, gotta go.
Vanessa:Wait a minute. I want to see the code tag on that uniform. Come back here!
Jason:What is your problem, Vanessa?
Vanessa:I want to see the tag.
Brett:What are you? The clothes police?
Vanessa:No, I’m the owner of a new uniform that’s mysteriously disappeared.
HELEN:A maintenance technician is required in the treatment area on level delta…
Jason:It’s not our fault you go around losing uniforms. Oh, no! Neri.

Damien:Hey, Neri.
Damien:Hi. So what’s happening?
Neri:I feel dry. I need water.
Damien:There’s a water cooler right here.
Damien:Allow me.

Vanessa:She’s very young for a cleaner.
Jason:She’s a trainee.
Vanessa:Where did you meet her?
Brett:Holidays. School holidays.
Jason:So long ago, can’t even remember.
Brett:Can’t remember at all.

Neri:Feel good again.
Zoe:What happened?
Neri:He showed me how the water works.
Zoe:He did?
Tough Girl:Hey, zo zo. We’ve been looking for ya.
Zoe:Give me a break.
Tough Girl:Sure, which arm.
Zoe:Get out of it. Aaah!
Neri:I remember this. This is being friendly. Get out of it.
Zoe:Wow! Stick around, you can be my bodyguard any time.
Neri:No, I must go now. I must see everything. Bye.

Brett:There she is.
Jason:Neri! Neri! Oops, sorry.
Brett:Now what?
Jason:We’ll split up. You take this level. I’ll go up to the next.

(Thrum of machines) (music)

Dianne:Hello. You’re new on ORCA, aren’t you?
Neri:Mm hmm. Today.
Dianne:Well, you really shouldn’t be wandering around because you might get lost. You are lost.
Commander:Doctor, could you check these figures please? Do I know you?
Dianne:She’s new here.
Commander:Where’re you supposed to be working? There’s a communicator in the corridor. Call up your supervisor, find out where you’re assigned and go there.

Brett:Find her?
Jason:She’s vanished!
Brett:Come on.

Vanessa:I’ve been looking for you.
Vanessa:Just thought we should get to know each other a little better. What if we go somewhere for a little chat?
Neri:I must find Brett and Jason. Have you seen them?
Vanessa:Ah, yeah. They’re in the recreation room.
Neri:Where’s that?
Vanessa:Come with me.

Neri:Where is Brett and Jason?
Vanessa:They were here a minute ago.
Vanessa:Never mind. They’ll turn up soon. So, they’re old friends of yours?
Vanessa:Quite a coincidence. So, how did you get the job on ORCA?
Neri:I must go now.
Vanessa:Not yet. Where exactly did you get this uniform?
Neri:I must go.
Vanessa:Why? Have you got something to hide?
Jason:Neri, we’ve been looking for you everywhere. Come on, let’s go.
Vanessa:Stay where you are. I think that’s my uniform.
Brett:No, it’s not.
Vanessa:You guys have been up to something for days. I want to know what’s going on.
Jason:You’re a very confused girl, Vanessa. This isn’t your uniform.
Vanessa:Then let me see the tag.
HELEN:Your attention please. Would all day pass holders report to reception prior to departure from ORCA.
Jason:That’s you. Gotta go right now.
Vanessa:Come back here!
Jason:Jodie, Vanessa’s looking for you.
Jason:We have to get her off ahead of the other day staff.
Damien:Neri, where are you guys?
Jason:She’s leaving.
Damien:Leaving? When will I see her again?

Neri:It was a good day.
Jason:You reckon?
Neri:You will hide it there. For when I come again?
Jason:Just go.
Neri:See you soon.
Jason:She wouldn’t come back, would she?
Brett:What do you reckon
Jason:What have we started?