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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season one

Episode 9

(Whale sounds)

Dianne:He’s back. This is the fifth day in a row.
Winston:And his little friend is with him?
Dianne:It’s gotta be a dolphin
Winston:Or a mermaid.
Dianne:Do you know what I think? I think this guy is just as interested in us as we are in him.
Winston:Both of them.

Jason:She can’t keep coming here.
Brett:I’m going to have a double scoop – no, I’ll have a triple scoop. Choc-chip and strawberry surprise.
Jason:She’s going to get caught.
Brett:I’m going to have the biggest, greasiest hamburger I can find.
Jason:Brett – this is serious!
Brett:So’s shore leave! Maybe I’ll have the burger first.
Jason:Mum’s seen her heaps of times on sonar. Every time she swims with Charley, the tag transmits that back to the lab.
Brett:Okay, they know it’s another creature but they don’t know it’s Neri. They think it’s just another whale.
Jason:And Vanessa knows we’re hiding something.
Brett:Vanessa thinks it’s just a cleaner on a day pass.
Jason:If Vanessa gets one look at that pass you came up with –
Brett:Oh, Vanessa, Vanessa! Come on. Hurry up.
Jason:I look like a dork in this uniform.
Brett:That’s because you are a dork.


Lee:Sure, Jodie.
Jodie:He does.
Lee:It’s just your imagination, that’s all. Jason and I are just friends.
Jodie:Then why is he always looking at you? And going out of his way to be nice.
Lee:He is?
Jodie:Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?
HELEN:This is the final call for all personnel scheduled for shore leave. Please assemble at the turbo lift reception area.
Commander:On your best behaviour, you two, remember, you’re representing ORCA.
Jason:No, sir, we won’t forget. Oh, no! You shouldn’t have come! Not today!
Brett:We’re going on shore leave. To port douglas.
Neri:Douglas? Who is douglas?
Brett:Not who, It is a place on the mainland.
Neri:Is it fun?
Brett:Is it ever! We’re going to have a great time!
Jason:Now, we’ve got to get you out of here.
Commander:Bates! It’s too late to go back to get anything. Stay with the group.
Brett:Oh well. She’ll have to come with us.
Jason:Are you kidding?
Brett:Well, no one’s been counting heads. Besides, we can’t leave her here on her own, can we?
Jason:Let’s hope we don’t end up regretting it.
Vanessa:What’s she doing here?
Brett:She’s coming along – if it’s any of your business.
Vanessa:I thought she was a cleaner. So why isn’t she cleaning?
Brett:She forgot her broom.
Damien:Hey, Lee, didn’t Neri just arrive?
Damien:It’s funny, don’t you think? Why come all the way out here on a boat and then turn around and have to go back again?
Lee:Maybe she just wants to be with you, dags.
Damien:What? Nah, not me. Wow.

Dianne:Winston, come here. The other creature – the little one – it’s gone.
Winston:But where?


Jason:We’ve got to find somewhere safe for her.
Brett:The hamburger shop!
Jason:Oh Brett, stop thinking about your stomach and start thinking about Neri.
Brett:I bet Neri just loves hamburgers, don’t you, Neri?

Driver:(Honking horn) (squealing tires) Strewth! This is a road, not a footpath!
Neri:This road?
Jason:Sorry – she’s new in town. Are you crazy? You could have got yourself killed.
Neri:Why these trees grow wires?
Jason:They’re not trees. They’re power poles. You know – like, electricity.
Neri:Electricity trees.
Jason:Ya, sort of.
Brett:Great afternoon this is gonna be.

Jason:Tourists love that sort of junk. Like this.
Brett:Hey, Jase, check this out!
Jason:It’s too big.
Brett:Not for me, dummy. For mum.
Store Owner:Hey, where are you going with that?!
Jason:Neri, you can’t just take it.
Neri:I like.
Jason:Yeah, well – you have to pay for it. With money. I might be back later.

Neri:Who lives here?
Jason:It’s a church.
Jason:Kinda like god’s house.
Neri:Big house. God has many friends.
Jason:Yeah, I guess he does.

Damien:Are you sure she went in there?
Damien:Oh, no, here she comes now. What am I going to do?
Lee:Ask her.
Damien:What if she says no?
Lee:Then you can go away and let me finish my book.
Damien:I just thought maybe – you know – if you didn’t have anything on today – and, you know, we could – I mean yourself and myself –
Brett:What are you raving on about, dags?
Damien:Do you want to go to the movies?
Jason:Uh, Neri hates the movies.
Neri:What movies?
Damien:Do you mean to tell me you’ve never seen a movie? Wow!
Neri:I should go?
Damien:Of course, it will be really fun. Come on.
Brett:You’d better do something quick.
Jason:Do you want to go too?

(Dialogue from movie)

Actor:Janette. You shouldn’t be here. It’s much too dangerous.
Actress:I didn’t feel safe with it loose in the city. It will never be able to find us here.
Actor:But you might have been followed. We have to be careful.
Actress:It’s after the antidote. It won’t think to look here.
Actor:How do you know? It’s much smarter than we are. It seems to know everything. Look what happened to the others. You didn’t see it, Janette. It was horrible.
Actress:It will be all right, Michael. We’re safe here.

(Rumble of thunder) (screeching cats)

Actor:What’s that?
Actress:Nothing, Michael. Just relax. Enjoy the fire. That’s better. Mmm. Who taught you to kiss like that?

(Screaming) (gunfire)


Jason:You were supposed to watch her!
Brett:I had my eyes shut.

Commander:How long’s he been out there?
Dianne:Since about nine this morning. It’s like he’s lost something.
Commander:What about the smaller one?
Winston:Swam right up to the front door.
Winston:And… Vanished.
Jason:She’s got to be around here somewhere.

(Horn honking) (percussive sounds)

Vanessa:Neri, you’re here! I mean – hi.
Neri:So many clothes.
Vanessa:Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it? Maybe Jodie can help you chose something.
Jodie:Oh, right. I mean – sure.
Vanessa:Won’t be a sec.
Jodie:That’d look great on you. Would you like to try it on?
Neri:I can?
Jodie:Sure! No. In the change rooms.
Vanessa:Jodie, would you help me? The zip’s stuck.

(Commotion outside)

Local Boy:No! No!
Tough Guy:What are you doing here, man? This is our turf.
Local Boy:Get outta here.
Tough Guy:Oh, nice bracelet.
Tough Guy:Bracelet, huh?
Tough guy 2:What a loser.
Tough Guy:Come on.

Vanessa:At last, we’ve got her.
Jodie:Breathe in.
Jason:No Jason Bates to save her this time. We’re finally going to get to the bottom of this.
Jodie:Got it.
Vanessa:Okay, Neri, let’s have a little talk.

Local Boy:Why are you following me?
Neri:They hurt you.
Local Boy:I’m all right. Just picking on me ’cause I’m different.
Neri:I’m different too.
Local Boy:You sound kind of different.
Neri:I saw the boys take something. It was special?
Local Boy:A bracelet. My mum made it.
Neri:She can make another?
Local Boy:She died. I’ve got to get it back.
Neri:I will help you.
Local Boy:Lot of good you’ll be.

Jason:We’ve looked everywhere.
Brett:Twice. The beach, the shops, the streets, the beach again.
Jason:The beach. Maybe she needs to get wet.
Brett:We’ve already looked there.
Jason:Well – where else could she go to get wet?
Brett:The shower?

Tough Guy:Hey, pal, how’s it going? Oh, I’m sorry. It slipped. What are you doing here, man?
Boy:What are you doing?
Tough Guy 2:Look who’s here.
Tough Guy:Oh!
Boy:Going fishing?
Local Boy:I want it back.
Tough Guy:You want a swim. That’s what you want.
Neri:Why did you take it?
Tough Guy:Who’s this?
Tough Guy 2:Ha! One of them ORCA kids.
Neri:Please give him back his bracelet.
Tough Guy:What a wimp!

Brett:There she is!
Jason:And she’s in trouble.
Brett:And there’s three of them.

Local Boy:Give it back to me!
Tough Guy:Come on. Come and get it. You want it, don’t you? Come and get it. I’m gonna drop it. I’m gonna drop it.
Tough Guy:Aaah!
Jason:Come on. Let’s get out of here.


Lee:You weren’t really scared, were you.
Jason:Of course not.
Lee:So, why did you run out? You weren’t scared of me, were you?
Lee:I’m glad.

Damien:The cop pulls out his gun and he starts firing. And the skeleton explodes. Blam! And there was slime and there were worms everywhere on everyone. It was unreal.


Damien:Did you buy that?

HELEN:Would all personnel please note that reports must be logged in the appropriate data banks.
Jason:Are you all right? We’ll meet you on the island tomorrow, okay?
Neri:But –
Damien:How would you like to go and see what’s happening in the rec room?
Damien:Yeah? Okay, ace.

Jason:Well, We’ve got the place to ourselves.
Lee:That’s good.
Jason:Anyway, what I wanted to –
Commander:What’s going on? Bates?
Jason:Nothing. We were just –
Lee:Just talking, daddy. We were just talking, okay?
Commander:Well, I’m glad to hear that.
Jason:Well, um, I’d promised I’d help Brett with his physics. ’Bye.


Neri:Tell me about – kiss thing.
Neri:You know.
Brett:Oh, yuck! No, that’s only for grown ups.
Neri:What’s it like?
Brett:Disgusting. I don’t know why anyone would want to kiss a girl.
Neri:Does it taste good?
Brett:About as good as this thing. And if you don’t believe me, go and kiss someone. No way!
HELEN:Attention all day pass holders. Please report to reception prior to departure from ORCA.
Neri:Have to go now. Bye, Damien.

(Whale sounds)

Dianne:All right, all right. I’m listening.
Winston:Don’t you see? He’s listening too and now he’s answering.

(Whale sounds)

Dianne:Something’s talking to him. Our little friend?
Winston:Right! I know a chap in Seattle. He’s a sound freak. He has a laser operated, multi-channel separator – ultra high, ultra low frequency. We should be able to adapt it. Patch it into our system – so it hears the electric impulses. If he is listening, we’ll be able to listen too.
Dianne:Oh, Winston, we’re a long way from Seattle.
Winston:A week, 10 days maximum. Soon, no more secrets.

Dianne:We’ve had a breakthrough. We’re getting some new equipment. We always thought the whale was communicating with another whale hundreds of kilometers away.
Brett:You mean like talking?
Dianne:Not exactly talking. But not until today. You should have heard them. It was like a video-phone conversation. Except we could only hear one side of it.
Brett:Ah… With this equipment…
Dianne:We will be able to hear both. You know the little bleep that is always following the whale around?
Brett:Ya, we know that one…
Dianne:That is who we think the whale is talking to. Not some other whale in some other ocean.
Brett:So with this new equipment. You gonna find out heaps of stuff?
Dianne:Ya, more then we ever dreamed of. We’re this far away from discovering who the other little creature is. This could solve the riddle.
Brett:That’s great, Mum.
Dianne:Jason? What? You don’t think so? What? What is it with you? Just once I would like to think you actually cared what I am trying to do here.
Jason:It is not that.
Dianne:Then what is it? I mean can’t you just pretend you care. It is like you don’t want us to succeed. That’s it, isn’t it. You really don’t want us to succeed.
Jason:It’s not exactly that. It’s…
Dianne:Well please tell me. I don’t get it. Tell me what it is.
Jason:I can’t explain.
Dianne:No, it’s not that you can’t explain, you don’t want to.
Jason:We can’t tell her.
Brett:Well, they’re gonna find out, aren’t they?
Jason:Yes, they are gonna find out. We’ll have to think of something.