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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 3


Zoe:Hey, guys. This is huge! Come and take a look! You really think it’s a spacecraft?
Jason:I know it sounds crazy. But it does explain how Neri and her dad got here. Like from nowhere.
Neri:I find something more. Maybe way to go in.
Neri:Out past rocks. Deep.
Vanessa:You’ve lived here all your life and you never saw this thing before?
Neri:Never come this side of island. Badlands.
Jason:Show me.


Neri:This way.
Jason:Hey, it’s dry up here. Weird. It’s like something’s holding the water back. Wow, this place is incredible. Some sort of control room. Unreal. Hey! There’s still power running through this thing.
Neri:The power is from the sea.
Jason:How do you know that?
Neri:I don’t know.
Jason:We can’t stay. It’s falling apart.
Jason:That’s the same stuff as your dress.
Neri:My father. I remember I see him draw this in the sand. This is his sign.
Jason:Maybe he left this stuff for you. We gotta get out of here.

Jason:We don’t know what they’re for. That’s where you come in.
Brett:Cool it.
HELEN:Medical dive team please assemble at the turbo lift area.

HELEN:Carbon, titanium and lithium molecules in unusual arrangement. A break is detected in highly unorthodox circuitry.
Froggy:Can we fix it?
HELEN:You can fix it, Froggy.
HELEN:Material is of unknown origin but conventional solder should still function as a conductor.
HELEN:Well, I’ll give it a try.

Everyone:Five, four, three, two, one. (Cheering)
Mick:It’s just a dumb machine.
Joanne:You could always have a go.
Mick:And be a jerk?
Joanne:Take a look.
Mick:So, what does it actually mean?
Joanne:It means Kim here could try out for a spot with the state squad.
Mick:Riding the road to nowhere. Get a life.
Kimberley:So, being a guy, you could do so much better.
Mick:Any day of the week.
Kimberley:’Cause you’re stronger than I am. You’d win hands down every time.
Mick:Unless we were talking about playing with dolls or something.
Kimberley:I’m talking about a race. You and me. One on one.
Mick:You hear that, Rocky? She wants to race moi. What a joke. If it was worth my while – say, having a few bets…
Rocky:I’ll have five credits – on Kimberley.
Joanna:Me, too. Five credits on Kim.

(All making bets on Kim)

Joanne:Somebody better write this down.
Mick:Okay. You want to chuck ’em away? You’re all on, suckers.

Froggy:You’ll give me a heart attack!
Jason:What did she say?
Froggy:She reckons this might be to send out a signal. She thinks it’d fit into some kind of socket. By the way, she found a broken circuit and I fixed it.
Brett:You did? Excellent! What about the hexagon?
Froggy:Forget it. She hasn’t got a clue.
Jason:So we find something on the ship and plug it in.

Jason:Can’t stay down there long, Neri. If the structure gives away any more, we’ll be in big trouble. Try to find out what this goes into – see what happens – and we get out of there fast. Okay?

Jason:There has to be something in here somewhere.
Jason:What? We gotta get out of here. Neri! Come on!
Neri:This must do something. My father left it here for me to find.

(Birds chirping)

Jason:Well, we gave it our best shot. You okay?
Brett:So how come it didn’t work?
Jason:Just didn’t, that’s all.

Dianne:I haven’t got nearly enough.
Dianne:Whale song. And to record more I’ve got to get closer to Charley. Winston, we have to talk commander Byrne into giving us a boat.
Dianne:Hello? Why do I get the feeling you’re not even listening to me?
Winston:Because – I am looking at that. And listening to that.
Dianne:That’s on the same frequency as the whale song.
Winston:At first, I thought it was random interference. But it keeps repeating itself.
Dianne:That’s very strange.


Kimberley:All right. The course is from here up to the rec room.
Vanessa:Any problems with that, Mick?
Mick:Yeah, won’t even give me enough time to warm up.
Kimberley:Oh, please. You’re the one losing a year’s worth of credits. You ready?
Mick:Maybe I should give you a head start.
Kimberley:Can we get this over with?
Vanessa:We wouldn’t want Mick to wear his mouth out. Are you ready? Three, two, one, go! Give me a break.
HELEN:Level alpha.
Mick:Okay, HELEN. Don’t open the doors until I tell you.
HELEN:Negative. Operational functions require administration codes.
Mick:Z-4-0-5. Commander Byrne’s code.
HELEN:Code verified.
Mick:Okay, HELEN. That should just about do it. Open the doors. What are you doing here?
Vanessa:I took the other lift. Did you really think you could get away with this?
Mick:Get away with what?
Kimberley:Where did he come from?
Vanessa:Simple. He hides out in the lift until you’re about due and then he bounds out and says he ran all the way up. Without even raising a sweat.
Kimberley:Oh, he’ll raise a sweat all right.
Mick:Now, listen. We can work something out, can’t we?
Kimberley:Sure. We can run the race again.
Mick:I’m busy.
Kimberley:Oh, that’s okay. Just hand over all your credits for the next 12 months.

Byrne:A whale dictionary? That’s fascinating.
Dianne:Yes, it is. We’ve actually already collected over 200 separate pitches and inflections. All we have to do now is connect them with meanings.
Winston:But to do so, we need to study the whales behaviour from a much closer range.
Dianne:Which is why I need a boat at my disposal permanently.
Byrne:I’ve already assigned you a boat – from tomorrow.
Dianne:You have?
Byrne:Come and have a look at this. HELEN, bring up the ORCA structure, please. Here is our present ORCA. Add O.C. Schematic. This is ORCA city.
Dianne:ORCA city.
Byrne:It’s the future, Dr. Bates. The largest submarine structure ever undertaken. And the authorities are about to go ahead with it.
Dianne:Why weren’t we told?
Byrne:Oh, it’s been kept top secret. I only found out myself this week. And that’s because we’ve been instructed to carry out a survey as to a suitable location. This is where you come in.
Dianne:I’m sorry. I –
Byrne:Hence the boat. I’m entrusting the survey to you and Dr. Seth.
Dianne:Oh, now just a minute!
Winston:It’s hardly my field.
Byrne:You’re a qualified marine geologist, aren’t you? Who better to chart the topography in search of a stable site? And you, Dr. Bates, will provide an environmental impact study.
Dianne:That’s not why I’m here!
Byrne:I’m afraid it is, if you wish to remain. Of course, I have no objection to you carrying on your whale studies on the side.
Dianne:On the side!
Byrne:Captain Phillips. You’re right on time.
Sam:You said something about taking a survey team out beyond the reef.
Byrne:Dr. Bates will be leading that team. With Dr. Seth. You’ve met, I think.
Dianne:Yes, yes, we’ve met.
Sam:Are you sure that’s a good idea?
Sam:Well, it gets a little rough out there.
Dianne:What’s the matter? Bad sailor, captain? Don’t worry. I can give you a tablet.
Byrne:I’m sure you will all co-operate to the maximum. This is an inspiring project. It’s the beginning, perhaps, of permanent human colonization.
Dianne:But what will it do to the ocean?


Kimberley:Oh, come on, guys. Please put me down. You’re going to drop me. Please!
Vanessa:Kimberley, you did it.
Joanne:You were fantastic.
Vanessa:Not so easy when you play by the rules, eh?
Mick:I think I broke my leg. I tripped over something.
Vanessa:Probably your tongue.
Rocky:Hey, Mick. Do you want to settle up the credits now in case you drop dead or something?
Mick:Hey, Rocky, you know the pontoon dock?
Mick:Why don’t you jump off it?
Kimberley:You are going to pay up?
Mick:In your dreams.
Rocky:You think that just because you’re commander Byrne’s son, you can do what you like.
Mick:See, Rocky? You’re not so dumb after all.

Neri:You found out some more?
Vanessa:Froggy even tried it on Winston’s equipment while they weren’t here.
Froggy:We can’t figure it out at all.
Jason:Doesn’t mean anything to you? If you think your father left it for you then –
Neri:Father’s sign. My father’s sign.
Brett:Whoa! Look at that!
Dianne:What’s going on?
Jason:Do that again, Neri.
Winston:Oh my goodness.
Dianne:What is that?
Brett:We found it in the spaceship.
Father:Hail, Neri, my daughter.
Father:Greetings in the 80th year of the zarich eon. There is much that you will need to know. Much that could have been avoided if our mission of peace and wisdom to the opal planet had been blessed with success. But at the end of our long, arduous journey, our craft developed a fault and we plummeted helplessly towards the waters of the opal planet.
Brett:He must mean earth.
Father:The other survivors perished one by one. Until, my daughter – you and I were the only ones left alive on the alien shore. Then, Neri, as a child, you fell from a high place into the sea. A great whale – in our language, a jali – was there to save you when I could not. He returned you to my arms. You were then able to talk to the great jali because, my daughter, you must know that you possess a gift. A blessing rare among all creatures. A blessing you have inherited from your dear mother whose beauty you also possess. As the end of my time grew near, I taught you all I could about the ways of the opal people in the hope that you would survive and complete our chosen mission. But never forget the message we bring – that as they move into the oceans, they must not despoil and destroy them for trivial gain. For the fate of a whole universe could hang in the balance. This lesson was bitterly learned on our own planet. My beloved daughter, you alone must use your gift to prevent such destruction. Swear it.
Neri:I will father.
Father:My daughter, my time is short and there is one thing more you should know. As our ship fell towards the planet, I prepared a travelpod. There was a third member of our family. Your sister – Mera. She was too young to risk in the landing. A mere baby. The pod was strong enough to withstand the landing impact. But there was no way of recording its trajectory. I never gave up hope, Neri. In my blood, I know she landed safely. You must search for her. Mera. Your sister. Farewell, my beloved.
Jason:You’ve got a sister.

Hellegren:Looks impressive, Mr. Forsyth.
Forsyth:Forsyth. It’ll match everything they have on ORCA and more.
Hellegren:It should. It is costing a fortune.
Forsyth:You won’t be disappointed.
Hellegren:Show me something I haven’t seen. What’s this?
Forsyth:It’s the pulse rate of the smaller creature swimming with the whale. From that, we can reconstruct its physical characteristics. Before too long, we should have an idea of what that thing looks like.
Hellegren:Good. It is about time we had some answers around here.

Father:My beloved daughter. There was a third member of our family. Your sister – Mera. You must search for her.