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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 4


Father:There was a third member of our family. Your sister. Mera. You must search for her.

Zoe:There must be some way we can find Neri’s sister.
Brett:Maybe we could put an ad in the paper under missing persons.
Vanessa:Yeah. “Wanted – girl who fell to earth in space pod.” Great.
Brett:Well, I don’t know.
Jason:Holidays coming up. At least we can get to the mainland.
Froggy:Yeah, check out the locals.
Zoe:Talk to people.
Brett:Somebody must have found that pod.
Vanessa:And HELEN could help us do a records search.
Froggy:If we can get her to access them.
Vanessa:You can if anyone can. So what are you waiting for?

Froggy:Come on, HELEN.
Mick:Hey, buddy! How’s it going?
Mick:You must get pretty hungry doing all that brain work.
Mick:Maybe you could do me a favour, too.
Froggy:Like what?
Mick:You and that computer – I heard you can make it do just about anything you want.
Froggy:Her, Mick. Her name’s HELEN.
Mick:Yeah. What if someone wanted to see their school report?
Froggy:They’re coming out today anyway.
Mick:Yeah, I know. I just want to see it.
Froggy:Well – I can give it a try. Michael Byrne. Wow, you really messed up this term.
Mick:Bad, huh?
Froggy:Real bad, look at that.
Mick:Yeah, I’ll take your word for it. What if someone wanted to – fix a report like that.
Froggy:No way.
Mick:No way. Too bad, ’cause – my mom’d get really mad. And you know what’d happen then?
Mick:No? I’d get really mad.
Froggy:Sorry, Mick.
Mick:Remind me never to do you a favour, Froggy.

Brett:Mum, Neri’s sister has to be out there somewhere, doesn’t she?
Dianne:I’m not sure, sweetie. I hope so. I am still just trying to convince myself this is all actually happening.
Winston:The incredible is never easy to believe, Dianne. But we did see it with our own eyes.
Sam:You guys ready?
Dianne:Yep, won’t be a minute.
Winston:I shan’t be joining you today. I’m taking some sonar equipment on one of the shark cats to run some tests.
Sam:So, it’s just you and me then.
Dianne:Yep, I can stand it if you can.
Sam:Let’s go then. Sooner the better. Who knows, we might even find something on the way.
Dianne:I’m sorry?
Sam:Ah. I’ve got a little deal going with one of the mining companies. If I find any good mineral deposits, I’m on a percentage commission.
Dianne:And – does commander Byrne know this?
Sam:No. I’m certainly not on ORCA for the pittance she pays me. And I’m certainly not here for the social life. This way I can get the extra cash I need for my own new boat. And when that happens, you won’t see me for dust.
Dianne:And you expect me to cooperate?
Sam:Well, it’s not going to kill you, is it? It’s all in the line of your work.
Dianne:What sort of things do you expect to find?
Sam:Oh, I don’t know. But I’m due for a bit of luck. This going?
Sam:What’s that thing?
Sam:Why are you hiding it behind your back?
Dianne:Come on, captain, if you want to earn that new boat by the end of the century.

Rocky:The guy’s got a uranium super-charger on his rocket. Only he doesn’t realize that the bad guy’s got a plutonium super-charger. Or was it the other way around?
Jason:Rocky –
Jason:I don’t want to know.
Rocky:What’s eating you?
Jason:I’ve got to get out and about.
Rocky:What for?
Jason:I’ve just got to get off ORCA sometimes. You know what I mean? But it’s getting hard since the commander cancelled our boat access.
Rocky:Well, what about the old zodiac? The one round the back of the pontoon.
Jason:That old thing? That was decommissioned ages ago.
Rocky:I could fix it.
Rocky:No, dead set. My dad taught me to strip all kinds of motors. And hey, we could get off ORCA as much as we wanted.
Brett:Hi, Rocky.
Jason:What’s up? Rocky, why don’t you go and have a look at that new boat now. I’ll be up in a minute.
Brett:You’ve got to get rid of this thing. Everyone’s asking questions.

Rocky:It’s pretty beat up but there’s not too much wrong with it. Gonna give me a hand?
Jason:Sure. But first I want to take one of those wave runners out. A final fling. We don’t need them any more do we?
Rocky:Nope. This’ll get us anywhere we want to go.


Jason:This is yours. You’d better put it somewhere where no one can find it. Neri – about Mera. It was a long time ago. Anything could have happened to that pod. A storm –
Neri:I know you will find her.
Jason:We’ll do everything we can.



Jason:Any luck?
Froggy:HELEN’s tried the navy and the coast guard. Nothing.
Vanessa:It doesn’t look good, Jason.
Jason:Let’s just keep trying.
Vanessa:What next then?
Brett:The newspapers.
Jason:Yeah. If she was found there would have been reports. Froggy?
Froggy:Not bad. Access newspaper records, HELEN, for previous subject reference.
HELEN:Yes, Froggy.
Vanessa:What are we going to do if this doesn’t work?
Jason:Search me.

Brett:Mum’s going to hate me. No, first she’s going to kill me. Then she’s going to hate me.
Kimberley:Sometimes bad school reports aren’t as bad as you expect.
Brett:Yeah, well, mine are always worse.
Vanessa:I’m not worried. I studied.
Mick:Oh, listen to the genius.
Vanessa:You think you’ve got problems. Froggy saw his results on HELEN. They’re so low, you’d need a sonar to find them.
Vanessa:Can’t wait to see what commander Byrne says about her sweet little boy then. She’ll probably feed him to the sharks.
Kimberley:You know, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Joanne:Has anyone seen my brother?
Vanessa:Rocky was with Jason. Maybe they’re in the lab or something.
Joanne:Thanks. Fingers crossed for this afternoon.
Brett:Oh, I think I feel sick.

Joanne:Oh, sorry. I was looking for my brother.
Winston:I don’t think that’s me.
Joanne:No, I didn’t mean to interrupt.
Winston:Oh, no, no. Oh, please! Please! I need an extra hand. Could you hold this?
Winston:There. You are most kind. Perhaps one day evolution will catch up and provide an extra hand for more complex tasks.
Joanne:More arms. More legs. Where would it stop?
Winston:Suction pads for our fingers?
Joanne:Like an octopus with a fashion problem.
Winston:You have a twisted sense of humour.
Winston:You’re also an excellent assistant.
Joanne:Thanks. So, what are we working on?
Winston:A portable side scan sonar unit. Very powerful. For our geological survey of the ocean floor.
Joanne:What do you have to do next?
Winston:Hook it up to a boat and see if it works.
Joanne:Can I go with you?
Winston:I thought you wanted to find your brother.
Joanne:No hurry. If I wouldn’t be getting in your way I –
Winston:You’re hired. Perhaps you could expand your theory on octopus fashions while we go out there (laughing)

Forsyth:Ah, Dr. Hellegren. I have something for you. Enhance and synthesize the image.
Hellegren:This creature looks human.
Forsyth:Not only that, from the bone structure, we can safely say – it’s female.
Hellegren:It is the girl. The girl from the sea.

Joanne:Are you all right?
Winston:Yes. But I’ll let you into a little secret. I’m not very good on boats.
Winston:I’m a land creature. The swiftestazelle on the beach has no legs at all on the ocean.
Joanne:Well, it doesn’t matter. You’re so good at everything else.
Winston:Thank you. Now, we’ll just give this a test run and see if it works. It’s all right, Joanne. It’s just a whale. Beautiful, isn’t he.
Joanne:Yes. He’s not coming up.
Winston:Oh, they can stay down for a long time. We’ll let the towed array out now.
Joanne:I’ll give you a hand.
Winston:Thank you I’ll check the monitor.
Winston:Joanne! Joanne! Joanne! Joanne! Joanne? Hey, Joanne! I can’t see you. I can’t see you. Joanne. Ah, Neri. Thank goodness. She’ll be all right. Thank you.
Joanne:What happened?
Winston:You hit your head. You’ll be okay.
Joanne:I was in the water. You saved me.
Winston:Oh, no. I, I – well, you see –

Brett:Yes! I don’t believe it! I’m having this framed.
Mick:That good, huh? Give me a look. Ohhh.
Brett:My report!
Mick:Gee, sorry.
Byrne:Michael! I’ve just read your report. And I must say I got a shock.
Vanessa:This is gonna be heaven.
Byrne:It is extremely bad.
Mick:I’m sorry, mum. I tried.
Byrne:Yes. Well – I know you can do a lot better than this. But obviously, settling in here has been a lot harder on you than I thought.
Mick:Yeah. Really hard.
Byrne:After all, making new friends takes a lot of time and energy. And that’s important, too. So we’ll just forget about it, shall we? And I’m sure you’ll make up for it next time.

Jason:Don’t worry. Guys like Mick, sooner or later, get what they deserve.
Brett:I wish it was sooner.
Dianne:Yeah, thank you, captain.
Jason:That bad, huh?
Dianne:Worse. Phillips is an obstinate, pig-headed – I only had to say to him “go to port” for him to immediately go to starboard!
Jason:Well, Rocky’s fixed up that old zodiac. Means we can get away without any hassles.
Dianne:Jason, I don’t want to hear about it, all right? I don’t want to hear another word about boats for the rest of the day!

Froggy:Come on. Yes! Got it!

Winston:Of course, I couldn’t tell her it was Neri who saved her. So, unfortunately, I’ve become Joanne’s hero. Totally under false pretences.
Dianne:Winston – have you run through these scans you did yesterday?
Winston:No, not yet.
Dianne:Look at this. How the image suddenly enhances.
Winston:Wait. That must have been the exact time that Neri arrived. She would have been directly – and look how it reduces back again.
Dianne:Are you saying that Neri’s presence enhances the readings? How?
Winston:I don’t know. Perhaps something in her physical make up magnifies the effect of our equipment. But there’s the proof.
Dianne:Winston, you see what this means? If we can get this kind of detail and depth, we could reduce the survey time by half.
Winston:You mean – get Neri to help us?
Dianne:Yes! Why not?
Winston:Why not indeed. Who’s going to ask her?

Vanessa:A baby. A baby girl!
Froggy:HELEN matched the newspaper article. The right time. The right place.
Brett:What does it say?
Vanessa:Not much. Somebody found a baby floating in the ocean.
Jason:Is there a name?
Vanessa:Johnny Mack. A fisherman from cape tribulation. Hey, that’s just up the coast.
Brett:School’s finished. We can go there tomorrow.
Vanessa:But can we find him?
Jason:We’ve got to find him. This is it! This is our lead to Mera.

Hellegren:There is no doubt about it. She is the thing communicating with the whale.
Forsyth:But the distances involved –
Hellegren:I know. It cannot be verbal. Perhaps some kind of mental telepathy.
Forsyth:That would be extraordinary, doctor.
Hellegren:Everything about this girl is extraordinary, Mr. Forsyth. That is why, wherever she is, I want her.


Fisherman:You kids going to say something or are you going to stand there all day?
Jason:We were looking for Johnny Mack.
Fisherman:What would you say to him if you found him?
Jason:We heard he might know something about a baby girl. She was found floating out on the coast a long time ago.
Fisherman:Why would you want to know about that? Even if it was true.
Brett:It’s important. We promised a friend we’d find out.
Fisherman:Well, that’s different then. Friends have a right to know. Now that you mention it, I did hear Johnny Mack tell a story once. He was out fishing. He used to go out fishing every day just before sun-up. But this day – everything was still. No fish were biting. Like there’d been some big ruckus. He just couldn’t figure it out. And then, out of nowhere, this – thing bumps into his boat. And you know what Johnny Mack found inside?
Jason:A baby?
Fisherman:As beautiful as a frangipani bud. All by herself.


Fisherman:That was years ago. She was a white girl. The authorities came and took foster family.
Jason:You never saw her again.
Fisherman:Johnny Mack never saw her again. That’s all I can tell you.
Jason:Thanks. We’d better get going.
Fisherman:Like I said. Friends have a right to know. That little girl. She was a bit different.
Jason:If she met Johnny Mack, she’d want to say thanks for all the help.
Fisherman:If I see Johnny, I’ll be happy to pass on the message.

Jason:Neri! She made it, Neri. She survived the landing.
Neri:Where is she?
Brett:The authorities took her.
Jason:Well, at least we know she’s somewhere.
Vanessa:And we can start looking for her properly.
Neri:Yes. Now we will look for her. We’ll find her. And then we will bring my little sister home!