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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 10

Kellar:Doctor, the extra equipment and supplies are being loaded now. We will be ready to leave in half an hour.
Hellegren:Is the meeting with Forsyth arranged?
Kellar:Yes, sir.
Kellar:Ah, sir. How long will we be out for?
Hellegren:As long as it takes. This time, we do not come back until we have the girls in our hands.


Mera:Dinner! What’s wrong? Sisters should talk, so you keep saying.
Neri:I help find something under the sea. Something they call titanium. And mother says if it is learned of, many greedy men will come here in search.
Mera:Well then, it must be kept secret.
Neri:The one they call captain captain already knows. And if he tells others, then they will tear the heart out of the ocean. I don’t understand. There is everything anyone could want here. Isn’t it enough for them?
Mera:You said father warned. For some men, there is never enough.

Hellegren:This is the cloaking system I was telling you about.
Forsyth:Have you tested it?
Hellegren:100 percent effective. Switch it on - this vessel will not register on any of ORCA’s radar screens. We are virtually invisible. That should make the task of following the Bates considerably easier. But just to be sure – Borg.
Kellar:Conceal this transmitter on their survey boat.
Hellegren:That way, we’ll know precisely where they are at all times. Sooner or later, they must rendezvous with the girls.
Forsyth:I’d better be getting back before I’m missed.
Hellegren:Of course. Forsyth, report to me every time the boat leaves ORCA. I need to know who is on board.

Rocky:I wish we could go out on the boat with you and Jason and everybody.
Vanessa:You wouldn’t like it. It’s really, really boring.
Joanne:Not as boring as being stuck here on ORCA all the time.
Kimberley:Well, maybe we’ll get to go after all.
Vanessa:What do you mean?
Kimberley:My dad told the commander the other day that us kids need some work experience out at sea. Maybe she’ll listen.

Liselle:You’ve had some wild experiences, haven’t you, Mick.
Mick:Yeah, well, when you’ve travelled about as much as I have…
Liselle:Like the time you saw those two girls on the boat.
Mick:No they weren’t on the boat. They were under it. It was really weird. We’d just stopped and suddenly they were on the screen. Like they knew the camera was going to be there. Like they were, you know, waiting for us.

Commander:Dr. Bates?
Dianne:Yes, commander.
Commander:I’m assigning additional students to your survey unit for work experience as of tomorrow.
Dianne:I’m sorry, commander, but that won’t be convenient. The study’s almost over and tomorrow will probably be the last day.
Commander:Then they’ll have squeezed in just in time. The decision’s made. Those joining you will be – Jake Reilly and Zoe Kondelos.
Jason:Froggy and Zoe. That cool.
Commander:Joanne Rhodes, Robert Rhodes and Kimberley McGuinness. They are detailed to your boat at 0800 hours. Thank you.
Jason:Like we haven’t got enough problems.
Brett:Yeah. Without more strangers aboard.


Joanne:Can I stay with you all day?
Joanne:As your assistant?
Winston:It gets rather stuffy below deck.
Joanne:I don’t care. I want to learn everything.

Mick:Make way, marine boy.
Jason:Watch it!
Mick:What are you going to do about it?
Jason:Anything I want.
Vanessa:Just back off, Mick.
Jason:Come on. Come on!
Vanessa:Settle down, guys.
Sam:Of all the crazy ideas.
Dianne:Well, tell that to commander Byrne.
Sam:If one of those kids even thinks about stepping out of line –
Dianne:I know. You’ll have them for bait. Well, looks like we’re all here. Come on, let’s go.

Mera:Neri, do you think Charley and I will ever – well, you know – hear each other?
Neri:If you want to talk to Charley, you have to try. Inside. Here and here. Try.
Neri:Charley likes to laugh. Try again.
Mera:I can’t.
Neri:It’s my time to meet mother. I call Charley. Listen.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Neri:It will happen. Be careful while I am gone.
Mera:Can’t I come? I want to be with you and Charley. Please!
Neri:You stay with me and you do as I say. Promise?
Mera:Yes, sister. Well, come on! (Laughing)

Forsyth:the boat has departed on routine survey. Dr. Bates, Winston Seth and the captain. But I warn you. There are also a lot of extra children on board.
Hellegren:They will present no problems. Good work, Forsyth. The transmitter is working perfectly. Now we simply have to follow until they make a rendezvous.
Kellar:Shall I tell the squad to get ready?
Hellegren:Immediately. Commence pursuit. Slow and steady. I have been waiting for you young ladies a long time. And something tells me today is the day.

Zoe:Is Neri here yet?
Vanessa:No, we’re not at the meeting place yet. But from now on, none of them goes below-decks, right?
Froggy:Right. Oooh.
Vanessa:You can’t be seasick yet. We’re hardly moving.
Froggy:Wanna bet?
Vanessa:Hey! Where are you going?
Joanne:To see Winston.
Rocky:To see Jason.
Vanessa:Look! A whale!
Kimberley:Oh, wow.
Joanne:It’s beautiful.
Vanessa:Stick around. It might get closer.
Joanne:It’s huge.
Zoe:Hey, Mick. Come and check this out.
Vanessa:Who wants to be down there when there’s so much to see up here?
Mick:How come you want to keep us up here?
Sam:Hoy! This is a work experience, team. It’s not a holiday. Let’s see this deck ship-shape, all right? Chop-chop, come on.

Brett:Hey, there’s Neri.
Jason:And Mera!
Winston:This could complicate matters. I trust she knows how to stay out of sight.
Dianne:Charley’s around. And nearby by the sounds of things. Jace, see if you can pick him up on the u-cam.
Jason:There he is. Just over to starboard.
Dianne:Right, we’re recording. Winston, how’s the hydrograph?
Winston:As the old eskimo saying goes: “Fine.”
Jason:“Fine” is an old eskimo saying?
Winston:They were a people of very few words. You try talking with a mouth full of snow. Ha-ha-ha.
Rocky:Hey, Jace…
Dianne:Ah, Rocky. You’re just in time. Could you ask captain phillips to head straight head slowly through sector G7?
Rocky:Sector g7. No worries. Sector g7. Sector g7…

Rocky:G7, right?
Rocky:Isn’t this thing working?
Rocky:But there’s nothing on it.
Sam:Well, that’s because there’s no one else out here but us. Us and the fishies.

Hellegren:They’re sitting just due north of here.
Kellar:How can you be sure they’re there?
Hellegren:The boat’s just stopped. According to our source on ORCA, this is when they make the rendezvous. Now we get the girls.
Kellar:Move in. Move in now. Head due, north. You’ll come in behind them.


Dianne:You don’t need my help. Here you go.
Brett:What’s that?
Jason:UBRI! Get out of the way, Rocky!
Rocky:What’s going on, Jace?
Kid:My thing’s not even cleaned.
Dianne:Move, move, move. Jason, I’m coming with you, all right?
Winston:Take this one?
Dianne:Yep. Okay. All right.
Mick:Hey, you guys! Come and have a look at this!
Brett:Mum – did anyone turn off the monitor?
Mick:And you all said I was crazy. I told you. Two girls.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Kimberley:Look! A whale!
Mick:And it’s heading right at ’em.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Dianne:Are you okay?
Jason:Oh, no!
Sam:Who are they?
Dianne:Look, I’ll explain later. It doesn’t matter. Just get out of here. Fast!
Jason:It’s lucky you called Charley.
Neri:I didn’t call him. I didn’t even think… Mera.
Mera:He heard me. I can talk to him.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Winston:Oh, dear. Oh, dear. The mongoose is really out of the sack now.
Froggy:Hey, what’s this?
Froggy:It’s all right. No microphone. Not bad. Some sort of tracking bug.
Winston:Now what do we do?

(Squealing static)

Jason:And then we knew for sure she was Neri’s sister. And that’s about it in a nutshell.
Joanne:It’s really true? They’re both from another world?
Mick:They don’t look like the aliens in the videos.
Jason:No, they’re pretty much like the rest of us.
Kimberley:Except they talk to whales.
Brett:One whale.
Joanne:I can hardly believe it.
Mick:You saw ’em underwater, didn’t you. Besides, who’s gonna make up a story like that?
Brett:We’re going to have to hide them on ORCA for a while. At least they can’t come after them there.
Jason:But everyone’s got to swear not to breathe a word. Right?
Brett:Like you’ve never seen them or even heard of them.
Rocky:We’ve really got to keep it a secret, huh?
Vanessa:Are you kidding? Those divers out there are from a place called UBRI. They’ve already captured Charley once.
Vanessa:The whale. And they’re after Neri and Mera because they know there’s something special about them. Just imagine if they knew who they really are.
Jason:So, nobody says anything to anyone. Kimberley?
Kimberley:Sure. Us girls, we’ve got to stick together.
Rocky:If you say so, mate.
Joanne:You can count on me. I think it’s the most wonderful thing I ever heard.
Mick:Trying to make me believe they were fish on that screen. You must think I’m a real thick-head.
Vanessa:We had to say that because it was important.
Mick:You’re gonna have to trust me now, though, huh?
Jason:Can we trust you? Come on, Mick.
Mick:I won’t say yes. And I won’t say no. I’ll think about it.

Dianne:Now, it’ll be a little bit cramped but don’t worry. We’ll manage.
Neri:Thank you, mother.
Dianne:Oh. All right, now the boys have gone to get us dinner so who knows what we’ll be eating. But just make yourselves at home. All right?

Sam:Why didn’t you tell me about all this?
Dianne:Would you have believed me?
Sam:Probably not.
Dianne:Sam, if you were to tell anyone about them…
Sam:What? And let those UBRI guys get their hands on them? No way.
Dianne:Thank goodness. You had me worried for a while there. But, hey, you know – what’s a fortune or two between friends, huh?
Sam:Wait a minute. I said I’ll keep quiet about the mermaids. The titanium is a completely different thing.
Dianne:But I thought you said –
Sam:I said I’d give you some more time. And I have. But I can’t afford to give you much more.

Vanessa:I’m not saying you’re a blabber mouth, Rocky. I’m just saying we have to watch everything we say.
Rocky:That’s cool. Hey, Neri and – what’s the other girl?
Rocky:You’d never know just to look at them, would you?
Kimberley:I’m still worried about Mick.
Joanne:He loves to big note himself. Can you imagine what he could do with something like this?
Vanessa:Please! I don’t even want to think about it.
Froggy:So let’s go and eat instead. I’ve gotta fill up again. What about a chocolate whoopee bar, Zoe.
Zoe:Yes, please.
Vanessa:We’ve just got to keep a close watch on him. All the time. ’Cause if anyone’s going to blow the secret wide open, it’ll be Mick Byrne.

Hellegren:Still no sign of them out here. Anything your end?
Forsyth:No, I’ve check the boat. They must have gone overboard between the rendezvous and ORCA. No one can get through security here without clearance.
Hellegren:The onus is now on you. You and Liselle. I need information.
Forsyth:Trust me.
Liselle:I have something.
Forsyth:You know where they are?
Liselle:No. But I think the kids do. And they’re very worried. Apparently Mick Byrne isn’t too good at keeping secrets.
Forsyth:And of course, an understanding girl like you would be able to help him unburden himself.
Liselle:I’ll do my best.
Forsyth:I’m sure it’ll be than enough. Whatever his secret is – get it.

Dianne:Mera, you haven’t touched your food.
Brett:Yeah, the pizza’s great.
Mera:I’d really like a coconut.
Jason:I thought you said you hated island food.
Mera:I want to go home. I spoke with Charley. Now I feel like I need to know him more and see him and talk to him more.
Dianne:But Mera, you can’t go back to the island. Don’t you understand?
Jason:UBRI almost caught you. They’re not going to give up.
Dianne:You see, this may be one of the only places they don’t search. And if you go back, you’ll be putting Charley at risk as well.
Mera:We’re trapped here?
Dianne:Well, it’s not exactly a prison.
Brett:Yeah, at least you’re among friends.
Jason:And at least you’re safe.