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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season two

Episode 11

Kellar:Doctor, the men need rest. How much longer are we going to keep searching?
Hellegren:Until we find those two girls again.
Kellar:Is it possible the Bates took the children back to ORCA with them?
Hellegren:And how would they get them on board without passes or uniform? No, they must have slipped off on the way. Which means they’re still out here somewhere.

Jason:Swimming? You’re not serious.
Neri:Please, Jason, we are tired of wetting down in the little room. We wish for the sea.
Mera:We miss Charley.
Brett:Yeah, but if you go off with him, those UBRI creeps could jump you at any time.
Jason:Or else, they may track you back to the island. And that’d really be curtains.
Neri:Then we call Charley here to ORCA.
Brett:Yeah, why not. I mean, if it’s just around the pontoon, they’d be safe enough, wouldn’t they?
Jason:I guess some of us could go with them to make sure.
Neri:Then we do it.

Neri:Just see Charley in your mind. Call. You hear?
Neri:He hear you also. Keep calling. Charley comes.

Winston:He’s heading straight towards us.
Joanne:Hello, Winston. I thought I’d drop by and see if you needed help.
Winston:I don’t know if you’ll find this work very interesting.
Joanne:Oh, I think everything you do is interesting. What’s that?
Winston:We don’t know. It’s a signal we occasionally pick up on Charley’s frequency.
Joanne:What causes it?
Winston:I don’t know. But next time it happens, maybe we should find out. I’ll try and get a directional fix on it.

Hellegren:You know, if there is any record of where these girls might be hiding, the most likely place would be in Dr. Bates’ original computer files.
Liselle:There could be back-up files deep within HELEN that I may be able to retrieve.
Liselle:Well, I have unlimited access to the computer room. I can start immediately.
Hellegren:Good. Liselle?
Liselle:Yes, Dr. Hellegren.
Hellegren:In the meantime, you continue to work on this Byrne boy. One way or another we must locate these girls as soon as possible.
Liselle:Yes, doctor.

Mick:Start talking. I’m not blind, you know. Bates and Vanessa just disappear, and the rest of them just clam up whenever I’m around. So what’s going on?
Froggy:No one tells me anything.
Forsyth:What are you two doing here?
Froggy:Just passing time.
Forsyth:Pass it somewhere else. Out! Close the door behind you.
Forsyth:I want the Bates laboratory back-up files. Starting from day one.
HELEN:Those files are classified. I cannot comply.
Forsyth:We’ll see about that.

Mick:Listen, one word to my mom about what you get up to with HELEN, and you’d be banned from using her ever again. Is that what you want?
Froggy:It’s no big deal, I guess. Just that they’re taking the girls out for a swim around the pontoon.
Mick:And I wasn’t going to be told, huh? Well, they’re all in for a big surprise.

Mera:Come on.
Jason:We don’t want you going passed that boye, alright?
Jason:Get out of it!
Vanessa:The girls are down there, you idiot!
Mick:Didn’t you think I’d find out, huh?! Kiss this, morons!
Jason:Look out!
Jason:What were you doing without a life jacket, idiot! Can’t you read?
Vanessa:Would have served you right if you had drowned, you dork. And you probably would have if it hadn’t been for Neri and Mera. Big tough Mick Byrne. Saved by a couple of girls. I bet that grates.
Jason:You better get changed. Did you have to rub his nose in it?
Vanessa:He deserved it.
Jason:Maybe. But it’s still inportant to keep him on-side. Now he’s really cheesed off, who knows what he might do?

Liselle:Mick, I’ve got something I’ve decided to tell you. But don’t say anything to any of the others.
Liselle:I’m not really here just to help my uncle. I’ve been working with the authorities to try and find a girl who was abducted.
Liselle:They’ve traced her to some of these kids on ORCA. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it, would you? It’s very important that we find her. And I’d personally be very grateful to anyone who could help us.
HELEN:Attention: Michael Byrne, report to the commander on the bridge.
Mick:I’d better go.
Liselle:Yeah. Just keep in mind what I’ve said.

Byrne:Maintenance informs me that the jet-ski was damaged. You should never have been on it in the first place. What were you doing out there?
Mick:Mum, I was just trying to have some fun.
Byrne:Yes. That’s all you ever want to do, isn’t it, Michael. Well, this is the last straw. Your fun days are over.
Mick:But mom –
Byrne:As of now, you are going to concentrate on serious things, starting with your reading problem. I had this sent over from the mainland.
Mick:You’ve got to be kidding, mum. It’s a little kid’s book. I can’t have the others seeing me read this.
Byrne:Well then go find someplace quiet where you won’t be noticed. When I get off duty this afternoon, I want evidence you’ve had your head down, working. Is that clear?

Brett:Mum, the girls will go crazy cooped up in this cabin.
Dianne:All right. I suppose it’s okay if Neri takes a short walk, because people are used to seeing her around. But I’m afraid Mera has to stay put. We don’t want to risk people getting curious. I’m sorry.
Winston:We’re starting to get a bearing on that signal that’s causing interference.

Winston:That’s strange. It stopped. As though someone has just turned it off.
Dianne:Did you get a fix on the direction?
Winston:Only general. Direction east, between 16 and 17 degrees latitude. That’s interesting. That’s just off-shore of Neri’s island.
Winston:Could be. But I thk I should go out there and take a look around. By myself.

Rocky:I still can’t get over it. Us knowing some real aliens. Like, I’ve seen them on the videos before, but they’ve all got these big fangs–
Vanessa:Some other time, rocky. There’s something I have to do.
Rocky:I still can’t believe it. Us knowing some real aliens. Like, I’ve seen them on the videos before, but they’ve all got these big fangs and tentacles.

Neri:Vanessa. I look for Jason, you have seen?
Vanessa:I don’t know. Try the rec room, maybe.

Officer:This unit’s broken. Let’s take it down to engineering.

HELEN:I repeat: Those files are classified. Access denied.
Forsyth:You hear? I’ve tried every way known to get around the security block and it still refuses. Not even Byrne herself could call them up.
Liselle:Is there anything else –
Forsyth:No! Yes… But there are risks involved. I’d have to get right into the computer’s central intelligence and force it to override.
Liselle:What if it won’t?
Forsyth:That’s the problem. If it continued, and I pushed it too far, these 3000’s are delicately balanced. I could virtually blow its brain out of existance. Are you making any pro with the Byrne kid?
Liselle:I think he might be close to talking.
Forsyth:Good. Just remember, we’re stuck here here until UBRI gets those two girls in his hands.

Mick:No. Don’t touch it. Give it to me. Oh yeah, real funny, right? I bet you make sure all the others get a big laugh out of this.
Mick:Sure. So why are you grinning like that?
Neri:I like the picture. Pretty.
Mick:Are you telling me they haven’t told you about me? I’ll save them the trouble. I’m an idiot, all right. A dummy. I can’t understand a single word. Not even in a stupid little kid’s book like this.
Mick:Can’t you understand me, you freak? I can’t read.
Neri:Neither can I.

Vanessa:I told you Liselle was up to something. She and her uncle are phonies. They’re working for UBRI. And they’re after the girls. They think Mick will cave in and talk.
Jason:What are we waiting for? Find him!

Mick:You were lucky, sister. At least you didn’t have a lot other kids hanging around, calling you “moron” and “stupid”. And every time I got shoved into some new crummy boarding school, I’d get it all over again. In the end, I worked out ways of faking it so no one could tell. Bu I knew I couldn’t read. Never stinking will.
Neri:You cannot know that.
Mick:What are you talking about? Don’t you think I’ve tried?
Neri:But you have never believed.
Mick:You’re crazy. What difference would that make?
Neri:My sister could not swim with Charley until she believed she could. You also can do more than you think. All you have learned must be somewhere in your head. Maybe you can find it if you just believe you can. Try it. Look at the words again and believe.

Jason:No. Guys, have you seen him?

Mick:Wait. We hear the whales sing their songs. Then we lie quietly… I can read. I don’t understand. How did you do it?
Neri:You did it, Mick. You believed. I only point the way.
Vanessa:We’ve got some news for you. That girl you’ve been hanging around with is a UBRI spy.
Kimberley:It’s crunch time, Mick. You’re either with them or you’re with us. What’s it going to be?


HELEN:Access denied.
Forsyth:For the last time, I’m ordering you to override that command. If you don’t response, I will overload your entire system, do you understand? You will cease to exist.
HELEN:Access denied. Access denied.

Mick:You want to hear something?
Mick:I know who you’re working for. And you can tell them all from me to get lost. Yes!
Vanessa:What’s going on?
Froggy:I don’t know.

Forsyth:You now have 30 seconds. If you refuse to obey, your circuits are going to start popping like fireworks. Well?
HELEN:Access denied. Access denied. Access denied.
Forsyth:Give them to me, blast you!

Officer:Got any power on seven?
Byrne:Second, activate emergency power! Code red!

Froggy:Something’s happened to HELEN!

Byrne:When can we return to full power?
First:The control of the main generator is linked directly to HELEN. So, I’m afraid it’s auxillary power for vital functions only until she’s operational again.
Computer repair:
 Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen, commander. Memory banks are shot and the circuitry’s completely blown.
Byrne:Let’s get back to the bridge and discuss our options.
Computer repair:
 To be quite honest, I don’t think we have any. The only thing to do is to bring in a whole new central computer. This thing is nothing more than high-tech junk!
Zoe:I’m sorry, Froggy.
Froggy:She’s not finished yet.
Zoe:You heard what they said.
Froggy:I know HELEN better than any of them. And I’m not going to give up. They might think she’s had it, but I’m going to get her back.

Jason:And then the lights and everything just went out.
Dianne:It looks like we’re going to have to be on limited power until the new computer’s installed.
Winston:I’m sorry I missed out on all the excitement.
Dianne:How was the island? Anyone there?
Winston:Completely deserted. No sign of anyone at all.
Dianne:You hungry?

Forsyth:No wonder you couldn’t find the girls. They’ve been here on ORCA, right under our noses all along.
Hellegren:Are you certain about this?
Liselle:Yes, doctor. I saw them both with my own eyes.
Kellar:On board ORCA. How can we get hold of them there?
Hellegren:All we have to do is watch them and stay in contact. They cannot stay in there forever. Sooner or later they will have to come out. And when they do, I will be waiting for them.