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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 3

Jason:Well, at least that will stop the sand from caving in and blocking the entrance.
Brett:Hey, I’ve been thinking. What if we got scuba –
Jason:No way!
Brett:Jase, it’s a space craft down there. Don’t you want to go inside?
Jason:Of course I do. But diving blind into that would be suicide. What we need is a pump.
Neri:You go back to ORCA?
Jason:Yeah. The place would be full of them.

Morgan:ORCA operations, two copies.
Morgan:Don’t thank me. You have to know it inside and out.
Sallyanne:And backwards.
Morgan:If it helps.
Dave:What’s this, Jason?
Jason:Oh. I’m just interested in these things.
Dave:Micro pump XR-302.
Jason:So it can move a lot of water?
Dave:State of the art. We have some here on ORCA.
Jason:I don’t suppose there’s a chance I could see one?
Dave:Oh, I’m not the person to ask.
Jason:Who is?
Dave:The UBRI organization. Do you know them?
Dave:I’ll call them up, let you talk to them direct.
Jason:Oh, no, no, no. I’ve got work to do. Maybe later.
Morgan:Believe it.

(Girls screaming)

Girl:There’s a boy in the toilet! Get out of here. What game do you think you’re playing, you little creep. We should report you.
Brett:Yeah, but –
Cass:Sucked in! Yeah, excellent! Did he fall for it or what? Yes! Gotcha! How does it feel?

Cass:You should have seen Brett’s face. You had to be there.
Brett:It was hilarious.
Benny:Regulations are very clear. Tampering with ORCA property.
Cass:Regulations are for dweebs, Benny. Sucker.
Jason:Brett. Family business.
Brett:She’s going to pay.
Jason:Yeah, listen. I’ve got to talk to you.
Brett:Yeah, and I’ve got to talk to you. That Cass is a real headache. How come I get stuck with her?
Jason:Because she saw Neri.
Brett:She’s got amnesia, she doesn’t remember.
Jason:But she could at any time. So you better be there if she does. I’m not going to argue with you, Brett. Now listen, I know where to get what we need.
Jason:Shh! Keep it down. UBRI.

Dianne:Sorry I’m so late home. I had a report I had to get finished.
Jason:No worries.
Dianne:I didn’t expect to find you already in bed though.
Jason:Well, I’ve had kind of a long day. You know, cadet duty and all.
Dianne:What about you? Still keeping an eye on that Cass?
Brett:She’s a pain. She’s always stirring people up.
Dianne:Sounds perfect for you.
Brett:Oh. Met worse.
Dianne:Right. Night, sleep well.
Dianne:Five minutes and I’m going to be in dreamland.
Brett:Five minutes.
Jason:Give her ten to be sure. Then we make a move.

Brett:Can just walk in, easy.
Jason:No. Too easy. There’s got to be security.
Brett:So, what do we do?
Jason:I think I got this covered.
Brett:Jase, I don’t think a disguise is going to help.
Jason:Infra-reds, bonehead. Ah ha. Like I thought. Follow me exactly. Be very careful.

Jason:It’s clear.
Brett:Okay. What is it we’re looking for exactly?
Jason:A pump. So-by-so with tubes attached.
Brett:Hey, what about that?
Jason:Longer, high tech.
Brett:This has got tubes on it.
Jason:Don’t! All clear. Come on.
Brett:Oh, man.
Jason:Hey, look.
Jason:XR-302, the pump, this is what we’re looking for.

Brett:We don’t even know if it’s going to work.
Jason:It has to.
Brett:Just remember: I get to go in first if it does. Maybe the battery’s flat.
Jason:It’s solar. I’ll check the hose.
Neri:I hear something.
Brett:How long will it take?
Jason:Who knows, it could take a while. In the mean time, let’s organize some sealant patches. It’s one thing to get it out, then we’ve got to keep it out.

Cass:And after japan we moved to Florida ORCA, and then we were transferred here. It’s got so it’s no use trying to make friends anymore, we’re always on the move. Why do you want to know this anyway? I mean, you don’t really want to know.
Brett:Yeah, we do. We’re finding it really interesting, aren’t we, Benny?
Cass:What’s up with him?
Cass:Yeah, sure.
Brett:Hey, don’t go. Stick around.
Cass:Okay, all right. What’s going on?
Brett:Pay back time, Cass.
Brett:Sit, stick.
Cass:Glue. You didn’t.
Brett:I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
Brett:I told you.

Morgan:Cadets Taylor and Bates reporting for orientation, sir.
Dave:At east, Morgan. So you’ve studies your notes on operational procedures.
Jason, Sallyanne:
 We’re ready.
Dave:Good. Not that we’re expecting anything major this morning. Lint Morgan. That’s not like you.
Morgan:All right. Take the commander’s console.
Sallyanne:We’re going to be in control.
Morgan:Want to be a cadet? Well then you got to be prepared to assume responsibility on a moment’s notice. (Alarm) HELEN, report.
HELEN:Turbine fire in pod six.
Sallyanne:We’ve got a fire.
Dave:Morgan, I need some assistance.
Morgan:Don’t just stand there.
Jason:Analysis, HELEN.
HELEN:Automatic sprinkler systems are down. Turbine failure in 8 seconds.
Jason:Engage secondary foam extinguishers.
HELEN:Unable to comply. Override data is required.
Jason:We need to go to manual. HELEN, prepare command sequence of manual override. Sally, move.
Dave:Come on.
Sallyanne:HELEN, close all hatches. Jason, your commands are on screen.
HELEN:Hatches closed. Extinguishers engaged.
Jason:Analyse, HELEN.
HELEN:Fire in pod six has been terminated. Simulation has been completed.
Morgan:Grade evaluations, HELEN.
Sallyanne:You mean that was a game?
Dave:An exercise, guys.
Morgan:So who’s the bright spark who closed the hatches?
Sallyanne:Me. Well, both of us.
Morgan:Did it cross your mind, just for a minute, to evacuate personnel first? You locked them in. They’d all be dead. You blew it, bad.

Sallyanne:I’m sorry.
Jason:For what?
Sallyanne:It was my mistake.
Jason:Don’t worry about that.
Sallyanne:Thanks for trying to make me feel better.
Jason:Hey. We’re a team, okay. Next time we’ll expect the unexpected. Deal?

Kellar:With this new technology of ours, we can pick up and analyse any impact on the planet’s surface.
Hellegren:I suppose it could have future potential.
Kellar:I’d suggest something more retrospective. An archive scan. We just might find a reading of the spacecraft that brought your alien girls to earth.
Hellegren:They have already returned to their own planet. What do you think is to be gained, hmm?
Kellar:If we can trace exactly where they landed, perhaps they may have left some clue to their origin behind.
UBRI:Call for you, Dr. Hellegren.
Hellegren:I’m in conference.
UBRI:It’s your daughter.
Hellegren:On screen. Lena. I thought I told you not to interrupt me at my work.
Lena:I am sorry, father, but it was important.
Hellegren:Very well. What is it?
Lena:We have to talk about my vacation.
Hellegren:Order the scanner, you have my approval. Lena, I though we had settled this. Did you get your itinerary?
Lena:It came this morning. But father, I don’t want to go skiing again. And I don’t want to stay in this place.
Hellegren:Lena, I spoke to your principal. She says it is simply a case of applying yourself and trying to fit in.
Lena:But I hate it here. Can we at least talk about it?
Hellegren:Very well. But not now. I’ll come down to school tomorrow.

Hellegren:I know it’s hard for you, Lena, but you must try to make the best of things. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time skiing.
Lena:But I don’t want to go skiing. All the other girls are going home for the holidays, why can’t I?
Hellegren:You know I would have you with me if I could, but at the moment I –
Lena:Yes, I know. Your responsibilities.
Hellegren:Things would be different if your mother were still alive.
Lena:When she died, you said I was the most important person left in the world.
Hellegren:You are.
Lena:Why can’t I be with you?
Hellegren:Very well. No promises mind you. I’ll see what I can do.
Hellegren:All right.

Morgan:This is the top I was wearing yesterday. You see this? Do you know what this is?
Morgan:Lint. You’re on laundry duty, and I get lint.
Cass:Hey, it could be worse.
Morgan:Fix it, Cass. Washed and cleaned.
Cass:You want it, you’ll get it.

Cass:There you are. Listen, you got to help me with something.
Brett:Yeah, right.
Cass:No, I mean it.
Brett:You’re setting me up.
Cass:Hey. I got you, you got me, we’re squared, right. Let’s call it truce. Well, at least until you help me do this.
Brett:Okay, what have you got in mind?
Cass:I want to fix up Morgan, my pain of a sister.
Brett:Okay. But this better be on the level.
Cass:Great. How about you? We need someone to follow her on –
Benny:Oh no, not me. If my father ever –
Brett:Oh, come on, Benny. Lighten up. You’re in. What is it you want us to do, exactly?
Cass:I want her washed. Lint free.

Brett:You’re breaking my neck.
Cass:Ah, stop squealing. Okay, I’ve got the detergent in and I’m just fixing the sprinkler.
Benny:It’s her. She’s on her way back. Quick.
Benny:You used a whole bottle of this stuff?
Cass:Hey. Morgan wants, Morgan gets.
Benny:Are you sure this thing’s going to work?
Cass:Positive. As soon as she starts to go up, the sprinkler will activate. I’m not missing this. You coming?
Benny:I don’t think so.
Brett:Oh, come on, Benny. What’s the big deal?
Benny:I’d rather stay out of trouble.
Brett:Come on, she’s only a cadet leader, how much trouble can she cause?
Morgan:Going up?

Cass:This is so good. How’s the dandruff? Lint free.
Benny:The commander.

Jason:Okay. Try this one. Security procedures for situation involving base invasion by external forces.
Sallyanne:Notify the coast guard.
Jason:Good. Three more.
Sallyanne:Run, hide? I’m never going to learn all this.
Jason:Look, I’ll help. All you got to do is just keep at it. Listen, I’ve got to go.
Sallyanne:Now, you’re going to help me.
Jason:Yeah, I know, I’ve forgotten something. Just keep reading, okay, I’ll be back.
Neri:Water had gone. We can go into ship.
Jason:Okay, good. I’ll grab the equipment and find Brett.

Benny:I told you.
Cass:Shut up.
Benny:When my father finds out he’s going to kill me.
Jason:Hey. What happened?
Brett:Don’t ask.
Jason:The ship’s pumped out. We’re going in.
Brett:You can’t. You said I’d go in first.
Jason:I know, but this may be our only chance. I’ll see you out there.

Jason:Let’s give it a try. Well?

Morgan:Okay, that’ll do, you’re wearing out the floor. You too, you’re finished.
Brett:All right.
Morgan:What do you think you’re doing?
Cass:You’re kidding, right?
Morgan:I want this floor so shiny that you I can see your happy smile.

Jason:Any of this mean anything to you?
Jason:It looks like some sort of star map. Marked off in degrees. This could be the navigation bridge. Come on, let’s go find that leak and seal it.
Jason:Thanks. We stick together.

Brett:Guys? Hello.

Jason:Hey, come here. Hold this. I think I found the leak. It’s in the pipe. I’ll try and put a pressure seal on it.
Neri:I hear something. I hear Brett. Come.
Jason:He wouldn’t have gone down without his torch. Brett! Are you down there? Brett!
Brett:Yeah, yeah, I’m here.
Jason:Are you all right?!
Brett:I will be if you stop yelling. It’s weird down here. I need a light.
Neri:Look out, Brett.
Jason:Aah. Wow! Looks like a lab or something.
Brett:There’s a light over there.
Jason:A light? This place has been underneath the water for years.
Brett:There’s something in there. Maybe it’s a coffin.
Neri:What is coffin?
Jason:It means there might be somebody in there. Somebody who came from your planet a long time ago.
Jason:Afraid they’d have to be.
Neri:My people.
Jason:He’s breathing, Neri. He’s alive.