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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 4

Brett:I reckon it’s some kind of suspended animation.
Neri:We must make him wake.
Jason:Any ideas how?
Brett:These are all joins.
Jason:We’ll have to force it.
Brett:I’ll go and get a stick or a branch from up on the beach.
Jason:Hey, be careful, okay.
Neri:One of my people.
Jason:He must have been like this since the ship crashed. Do you remember him?
Neri:I was just a little girl.

(Muffled recording)

Neri:This is speak of my people.
Jason:What’s it say?
Neri:A lesson, I think. About here, about the opal planet.

Jason:There are speakers in there. Teaching him things.
Brett:You mean like he’s been at school all this time? We got to get him out of there.
Brett:What’s happening?
Jason:Wow, did you see that?
Kal:Seri-kresha Kal.
Neri:Do you know earth speak?
Kal:My name is… Is Kal.

Cass:Here’s your lover again.
Benny:Knock it off, will you?
Cass:Ah, she’s got the hots for you. She’s been following you everywhere.
Benny:Shut up.
Cass:Good luck. I’m out of here.
Larissa:Hi! It’s hard work, Isn’t it? You know, I am really looking forward to the holidays.
Benny:Me, too.
Larissa:Maybe we could do something together– A shore excursion and a movie or something. You interested?
Larissa:You got the most terrific notes. They’re so clear. I don’t suppose you will be sneaking the disc in for the exam tomorrow?
Benny:Are you kidding? I’d be disqualified for cheating.
Larissa:Benny, you’ve got to help me. I tried and tried to study, but I just can’t concentrate. If you don’t lend me your disc, I am going to fail.
Benny:What would you do with it?
Larissa:Run it on the terminal in the exam room. Noone would see. Please Benny, just this once. Be your friend forever.
Benny:No, Larissa. I can’t.
Larissa:Ok, See you later.

Jason:All right. Watch your head. Okay. Have a seat, down here. Whoa!
Brett:You’re doing good, you’re doing good.
Kal:You, people of opal planet.
Brett:Me and Jase are. We call it earth.
Jason:But Neri’s from your own planet.
Kal:You Neri? Little girl, comes into school, wants to play?
Neri:He means the school room on the ship. Yes, I remember.
Kal:But you are big woman. Like mother.
Neri:It was a long time ago. I am grown up.
Kal:But I am same. Where mother and father?
Jason:They were on the journey?
Kal:Yes. Family come.
Neri:Mother and father have passed, Kal. This ship crashed here on the opal planet. No one is left, only me and you.
Kal:So they have passed? You show me opal planet.
Neri:Yes. Come.

Kal:So. Opal planet. Opal planet, known to its people as earth. Cognitive inhabitants, known as humans, number approximately 6 billion 900 and 94 million. Where others?
Jason:What? Oh no. This is an island. Only Neri lives here.
Neri:In there.
Brett:He’s certainly finding his feet pretty fast.

Jason:What’s the last thing you remember before you saw us today?
Brett:Yeah. Like, I don’t know, think back about it.
Kal:Was mother. Tell me, lie down. Says go to sleep. What?
Neri:Is bird.
Kal:Is bird. Bird.

Kal:Yes, eat.
Kal:Good. Now I live here, too?
Neri:You want?
Jason:Neri. You can’t just let him live here. Like, forever.
Neri:Family is gone. He is of my planet, I must be family.
Brett:You wouldn’t expect him to go back into the spaceship, would you?
Jason:No, but it’s gonna change things.
Neri:Shh! Is late, you must go.
Jason:Yeah, I guess. Will you be okay until tomorrow?
Jason:Keep an eye on him.

Hellegren:Without Dr. Bates and this environmental lobby the building of ORCA city could proceed unhindered. But they will obstruct us over every bit of seaweed we churn up.
Guy:Excuse me, Dr. Hellegren. There is a visitor.
Guy:I tried to tell her you were –
Lena:Hello, father.
Lena:I’m home.
Hellegren:Keller, send for my car.

Hellegren:And what did the school say?
Lena:I’m afraid I left without telling them.
Hellegren:Very disorderly.
Lena:Term’s almost finished. My exams were over.
Hellegren:I had already arranged for you to be taken on vacation.
Lena:I’ve told you. I’d rather be here.
Hellegren:I’m afraid that is impossible. I have too much on my mind. You can stay here tonight, tomorrow we’ll arrange for you to go on vacation as planned.
Lena:Father, I won’t be a nuisance.
Hellegren:I’m afraid, without meaning to be, you would.
Lena:Please. This is my home. You’re my family. Please, let me stay.
Hellegren:Do not beg, Lena. We’ll discuss this in the morning. I have too much work.

Brett:[?] still asleep.
Jason:He’d be beat. Waking up from that coma and seeing all the new sights and sounds.
Brett:Yeah. He’s pretty quick, picking up things. I mean, he’s moving around pretty fast.
Jason:It’s weird though. It’s like he doesn’t feel. You see how he was about his family being dead? I wish I knew what we were getting into.
Brett:Oh, we don’t say anything to mum just yet, right.
Jason:No way. I want to know a lot more about him first.

Kal:Is one Jali.
Neri:Yes. They call on our planet. On earth is “whale”, but this is my special friend. I call him “Charley”. He is calling. You hear?
Kal:No. No hear. No hear.
Neri:Maybe one day. My sister wait long time.
Kal:But you and she have the gift?
Neri:Come. We swim.

Hellegren:I have given some thought to your vacation.
Hellegren:I do not understand why you choose to be here, over being with people your own age.
Lena:You know why. I want time with you.
Hellegren:You would hardly see me, Lena, I am busy at work.
Lena:I just want to be here when you come home. You needn’t even talk to me if you don’t want.
Hellegren:You’d be bored all day, and lonely.
Lena:No, no, I wouldn’t. You know I topped my year in computer studies. I have some e-com tutorials I’d like to do, before term. I won’t have that access at the ski-lodge. But here, with no one to disturb me, I’ll make huge progress.
Hellegren:Very well. We will give it a trial until the end of the vacation.
Lena:Thanks you. Thanks.
Hellegren:Now, I must leave.
Lena:Fine. I’ll get started.

Teacher:Okay, that’s enough noise, settle down. You have exactly 30 minutes to complete the exam, keep your eyes on your own terminal. Brett. You can start as soon as the first question appears on your screen. What file did you have up, Larissa?
Larissa:This one.
Teacher:I don’t think so. These are the answers. Larissa Renee, I’m disqualifying you for cheating. Have you anything to say? Benny, this is yours. Did you give it to her?
Benny:No. No way.
Teacher:I see. Stealing is a serious matter for the disciplinary committee. Did you steal it?
Benny:No. All right. I gave it to her.
Teacher:I see. In that case you are both disqualified. I shall have to tell your parents.

Brett:Why take the rap for her?
Benny:I had no choice. Cheating on exams is one thing, but she would have been thrown straight off ORCA for stealing.
Cass:So? Good riddance.
Brett:What are you going to tell your dad?
Benny:I’ll work out something.
Jason:Where have you been? Come on, let’s go.
Brett:See ya.

Kal:When Jason come? Brett?
Neri:Soon. For welcome feast.
Kal:What me say them?
Neri:To greet, you say “hi”, “hello” or “nice to see you”.
Kal:Hi, hello, nice see you.
Kal:Good. Hi, hello, nice see you…
Kal:Earth creature. Me from planet of oceans. Hi, hello, is nice to see you.
Brett:Where’s Kal?
Neri:Was here.
Neri:We must find.
Brett:Hey, Kal!
Kal:Planet of oceans is far galaxy, but has big water. More big water than this one. Bird. Bird.
Kal:Hi. My name is Kal.
Jason:Where are you?
Kal:Hi, hello.
Jason:How’d he get up there?
Neri:Kal. You listen to me. You come down.
Kal:Yes, Neri.
Jason, Brett:Don’t!
Kal:Hi, hello. Nice to see you.

Jason:Weren’t you scared up there?
Jason:Yeah, you know, like afraid.
Kal:What is fraid?
Neri:There is no word on our planet. I learn of fear on earth.
Brett:I don’t think he’s going to learn it ever. Hey, what’s he doing?
Neri:He makes nest.
Jason:Down here? It gets pretty damp. Why don’t you build one up there, like Neri’s?
Kal:Man not sleep high as woman. Not right. Man sleep under. Man serve woman.
Brett:Say that again?
Kal:Is so on my planet. Woman bring new life. Carry old wisdom. So man must bow to woman.
Jason:Is that true?
Neri:I no remember. Is so bad?
Brett:It’s worse than bad.
Jason:It’s weird.

Dianne:You two are in bed early.
Jason:Oh, big day, mum.
Brett:Yeah, exams and things.
Dianne:Why do I get the feeling that you’ve been avoiding me lately?
Brett:Because you’re totally paranoid.
Dianne:Is that right? Goodnight.
Brett:Do you think that she suspects that something’s going on?
Jason:Well, I hope not. We’ve got enough problems already. You just better pray Kal stays where he is.
Brett:What do you mean?
Jason:Well. A guy who doesn’t understand fear? Who jumps out of trees and bounces? Who thinks all men should have to bow down to women. Let him off that island and we’ve got major problems.

Neri:Good sleep.
Kal:Good sleep.