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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 5

Neri:No. It burns. Pain.
Kal:Pain? Pain.
Neri:Pain! Banana. Paw-paw, hairy.
Kal:Banana, paw-paw, hairy.
Neri:You eat? Name?
Kal:Banana. Banana, finger-shaped food of tropical tree. Banana republic, small country dependent on its exports of fruit and regarded as economically unstable. “Go bananas”. Slang, to go crazy. Go banana? Banana!

Brett:You order an apple, and look what you get.
Cass:Anyone want an omelet? I hate to waste this.
Brett:Hey, looks great.
Cass:Go for it. Gotta run.


Jason:What? Superglue. She superglued my omelet.
Cass:Ha, ha, ha. Sucked in.
Jason:Let’s get out of here.
Benny:Cass, you are twisted.
Cass:And lovin’ it.

Brett:She’s asking for it. If she doesn’t cut that out soon, I’m going to get her so… Uh?
Kal:Hi. Hello. Nice to see you. Is wood for fire.
Neri:He learns fast.
Jason:Good. He’s got a lot of catching up to do.
Neri:Was sad when sister went away. Now I’m not alone.
Jason:Hey. You’ve always got us.
Neri:I know. Kal. Come back. Now. See this. No go past here alone.
Neri:Here is safe.
Neri:There is bad. Badlands. Things there may hurt you.
Kal:How things?
Brett:He’s just like a kid.
Neri:I tell you later.
Kal:Good. You two stay here. Eat food?
Jason:No. Just a quick visit today. I’ve got to get back for ORCA for cadet duty.
Neri:I go later, too. I must watch how they build.
Kal:Is badlands.

Hellegren:I do not like chaos, Lena. Must I keep saying this.
Lena:I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking.
Hellegren:I’ll be out for most of the day.
Lena:Are you going to ORCA?
Hellegren:Yes. What do you know about ORCA?
Lena:I’ve been reading. How it’s the start of a huge underwater city. And you’re building it.
Hellegren:UBRI won the tender.
Lena:Can I come with you, please?
Hellegren:I’m afraid that is out of the question.
Hellegren:It is work, Lena. My work.
Lena:But I want to learn about your work. I think the idea of ORCA city is wonderful.
Hellegren:There is time enough for you to see it.
Lena:I’m so proud of you, father. I don’t want to be in the way. But please, can’t I come?
Hellegren:You must change your clothes.

Neri:I leave you here for a while.
Neri:To ORCA.
Kal:To ORCA. I go.
Neri:No. You must not go. Not safe. You listen?
Neri:Later, Kal.
Neri:I come back soon. Gather fruit. Be careful.
Kal:You say. I do.

Brett:Hey, quick! Doesn’t that look great, or what?
Benny:Suppose she doesn’t like chocolate pudding?
Brett:You kidding? Cass is a chocolate fanatic. I can’t wait to see her face.
Benny:What’s in it?
Benny:What’s that?
Brett:It’s a chemical that mum uses. I packed it in from underneath, frozen.
Benny:How does it work?
Brett:Spoon enters pudding. Aquanite at room temperature is exposes to oxygen. And kaboom! Revenge is complete.
Benny:Are you sure she’s going to take it?
Brett:Well, Benny. That’s where you come in.

Cass:What are you looking at?
Benny:I just thought your dessert looked pretty good.
Cass:So what? Morgan, do you mind? I’m trying to eat here.
Morgan:You eat too much.
Cass:Are you going to give me back my spoon?
Morgan:No, I don’t think I will.
Cass:Sis, get a life.
Morgan:Get yourself another dessert. Someone is going to pay for this.

Commander:Your too old for mindless practical jokes. It’s time you either shape up, or suffer the consequences. What am I going to do with you?
Morgan:Well I suggest one month’s extra cleaning duties, sir. Starting with the garage chutes on gamma level.
Commander:When I want your suggestions, I’ll ask them, cadet Clayborn.
Commander:That will be all. Any ideas, Mr. Hartley?
Dave:Since they seem to have so much time on their hands, maybe they can make better use of it in the resident diving scheme.
Benny:Can I think about that, sir?
Commander:If you prefer the alternative.
Cass:Garbage chutes.
Brett:We’re looking forward to the diving scheme, sir.

Cass:How come I get punished?
Brett:Who superglued my omelet?
Benny:I’ve got a bad feeling about this diving thing.
Brett:You’ll be okay, Benny. We’re going to be out in the ocean, swimming with dolphins.

Benny:I didn’t know.
Teacher:Yes, Cass?
Cass:When do we get to dive?
Teacher:When you have a good grounding in theory and technique. This is back to school for all of you. And, when you are ready for the water, you’ll have to know everything in these books. Every safety regulation. Each and every rule. Backwards.

Kal:Ah. Pain. Pain. Is pain. Hello. Nice see you.
Kal:I am Kal. What are you? You swim. I swim.
Kal:Neri. One friend. Name?
Neri:Crocodile. He eat you.
Kal:Eat. Like banana?
Neri:Hold this.
Kal:He no eat Kal.

HELEN:All personnel designated code J, should report to gamma level check station.
Hellegren:An amazing villages, yes, Lena. But what I am building… Is a city.

(Cell phone)

Hellegren:Excuse me. Yes.
Kellar:I have something urgent to discuss, sir. Classified.
Hellegren:I’ll call you back presently. I have to tend to business. Why don’t you take a look around.

Brett:Hey, what are you after?
Lena:A drink, maybe.
Brett:Have you got a card?
Brett:My share. What’ll it be?
Lena:Orange juice, please. Hi, I’m Lena.
Jason:Jason. Welcome aboard.
Cass:Cass. What do your folks do?
Lena:My father’s organization is responsible for building ORCA city.
Lena:Lena Hellegren.
Jason:Excuse me. I’ve got a training exercise on the bridge.
Lena:What did I say?
Brett:It’s not you, it’s your old man.
Lena:I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Brett:He’s not exactly everyone’s favourite person. Sorry, I’ve got to go.
Lena:Excuse me. Hey, just a minute. What did you mean just then about my father?

Dave:Unlike what we did yesterday, this is a very different exercise. What we have on our hands is a full scale emergency. Thanks for coming.
Jason:Sorry, sir.
Dave:Sallyanne, you’re in command. Terrorists have infiltrated ORCA. The computer is down. What’s your move?
Sallyanne:Isolate them.


Sallyanne:Seal them off. What did I do?
Morgan:You have stopped every elevator on ORCA.
Dave:People may be trapped, lives are in danger. What’s your next move? Think, Sallyanne.

Brett:It’s jammed, that’s all. They’ll get it fixed in a minute.
Lena:If you’ve got something against my father, you’ve got to tell me why.
Brett:Okay. What do you think UBRI does?
Lena:Scientific research.
Brett:Meaning, you don’t really know. But I’ll tell you one thing. Your father broke every international law and captured a whale. If we hadn’t saved it, he would have killed it and dissected it. It was a business move for him.
Lena:You’re a liar!

Morgan:Come on! The whole of ORCA’s ground to a halt, you know, including the security teams. And people will be starting to have panic attacks in those elevators.
Dave:Just cool it. Okay, what’s the answer, Sallyanne?
Sallyanne:Re-activate lifts, except for gamma level access. So normal movement can continue but terrorists are still isolated.
Dave:Well done, Sallyanne. Do it.

Brett:All right. Look, I saw that whale captured at UBRI with my own eyes.

Neri:He learns things of the world, but not things of the heart.
Jason:How do you mean?
Neri:I cannot tell him about feeling. Feeling for other people. Maybe you talk to him?
Jason:Yeah, sure.

Kal:Ah, Jason. Is one fire. Neri teach. No touch fire. No feel pain.
Kal:I learn quickly. No feel pain no more. Never hurt.
Jason:Yeah, well, life’s not always that easy.
Jason:Because it’s not always about yourself, you know?
Kal:Not know.
Jason:Sometimes you have to do things even if you know they hurt.
Jason:Maybe you do something for a friend. Because it’s good for the friends, but it’s bad for you.
Kal:Friend first, Kal second.
Kal:Tell me of ORCA. ORCA is your nest.
Jason:Well, kind of. It’s just a town underneath the water.
Kal:How get there?
Jason:Boats, or wave runner, like the one I came on today.
Kal:Or swim?

Dave:Our first open-water dive will be a short one to the reef. So remember everything you’ve been taught. First rule, Cass?
Cass:Ah, safety first.
Dave:Right. Let’s do it then.

Kal:I come to ORCA, too.
Jason:Kal, ORCA is not a good place for you. If they knew you existed, it would be bad. Understand? This is your place, this is where you belong. See you later.

Dave:We’ll all going to swim over to a small coral reef about 50 meters that way. Stick together and if you get tired, signal to me or Morgan. Okay?


Morgan:Looks like Benny is starting to slow up.
Dave:Benny, You had enough. Do you want to dive back? Okay, back to the boat. Slowly.
Morgan:Hey, what’s going on?

Morgan:Was someone else on board? I don’t think so.
Benny:I swear, I didn’t touch the motor. It was this other guy.
Morgan:What are you making up some crazy story like that? It is just plain stupid.
Benny:I’m not making it up.
Morgan:Oh yeah, sure. Okay, so this guy just comes on and starts the motor, right.
Dave:Benny, maybe you can tell me where this other guy went then?

Neri:Kal. Stop. You will not leave this island again. Unless I say yes. Understand?

Dave:Okay, leave the rest to me, guys. Off you go.
Brett:Oh, thanks.
Dianne:Hi. How was your first dive?
Brett:Oh, it was great.
Morgan:Yeah, it was fine except for one small breach of discipline.
Winston:How very regrettable.
Morgan:Yeah, Benny here decided to start the boat before we were all aboard. Which is strictly against regulation, and then decided that it was a stranger who came from nowhere.
Benny:He was real. A young guy, right there on the boat. I don’t know where he came from, but I know where he went. Back into the ocean. I don’t care who believes me. That is what happened.
Jason:What happened?
Brett:Kal was on the boat.
Brett:It had to be.

Dianne:Hold it, you two. A young guy who disappeared back into the ocean. I think you better tell me what this is all about.