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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 7


Kal:Neri. Tell Kal about ORCA.
Neri:Is like… Like a very big spaceship.
Kal:Opal people land dwellers, yes?
Kal:But try to be like fish, live in sea.
Neri:Under the sea.
Kal:The land surface area of the earth is approximately 150 million square kilometres. Is not enough?
Neri:They want minerals, more food. Much land is ruined.
Kal:And now they ruin oceans.
Neri:This we fear. That is why the synchronium was sent to earth. It must be found.

Dave:As you’ll know if you’ve been up top today, conditions are pretty good for your open water exam this afternoon. I hope no one’s feeling too nervous.
Winston:Not nervous, terrified.
Brett:Hey, you’ll be fine.
Dave:Of course he will. Look, the rest of you rig up. Winston, into the water. Let’s make the most of your last –
Winston:Look, Dave, I’m not ready. I was never meant to be a diver.
Dave:I know it’s been hard, not enough time.
Winston:There’s an ancient sanskrit proverb: “The wise tiger sleeps while the typhoon passes”.
Dave:If that means you’re going to quit, forget it. You’re going to pass, Winston. At the very least, give it your best shot. Now, let’s stop wasting time and get into the water.
Winston:But what if my best is not good enough?
Dave:It will be. Come on, sit down. Spit into the mask first, remember?
Winston:Oh, yes. Pardon me.

Brett:Winston can handle it. If Dave had any doubts then he wouldn’t let him do it.
Cass:Dave doesn’t have much of a choice. Winston’s got a time limit for passing his test, hasn’t he?
Jason:Yep, it’s got to be today.
Myreka:Hi, Jason.
Jason:Myreka, how are things?
Myreka:Oh, you know, okay. It’s good being on holidays.
Jason:So, you going to go to the mainland on saturday, then?
Myreka:You bet. If I don’t get a real cappuccino soon, I just might die.
Jason:I know the feeling.
Butch:And what feeling is that?
Jason:Butch, hi.
Butch:You like to tell me what you’re doing with my girlfriend?
Jason:Just passing the time of day, Butch, that’s all. Speaking of time, I’ve got to go. Sallyanne, are you coming? See you later, Myreka. Butch.

Kal:You want? Neri, talk. Tell me about ORCA. Is like army, yes? Commander’s special dress. Why?
Neri:ORCA people go first into unknown place, like out parents when they come to earth. They must have discipline. There is something I must do.
Kal:Swim now?
Kal:Swim to ORCA?
Neri:Yes. No, you stay. I won’t be long. When the sun is over trees, then I come back. You wait for me, you understand?


Neri:The pieces of synchronium, you have started the search, yes?
Jason:Well, actually, Neri, no, we haven’t.
Neri:You do nothing?
Jason:We’ve been kind of busy.
Neri:You promised to help, you swear, you did not mean it.
Brett:Neri, of course we meant it.
Neri:To swear is sacred, not something to make and forget.
Brett:We haven’t forgotten, Neri. Honest.
Jason:The problem is working out where to start. Those pieces could have landed anywhere.
Brett:Jase is right, it’s probably going to take time. It’s not like it’s really urgent, is it?
Neri:One day soon, could be.
Jason:Okay, we’re on the case. I’m still not sure how we go about cracking it, but somehow, we will.

Winston:I don’t want to let you down, Dianne, but I’m very much afraid that to pass this dive test would take a miracle.
Dianne:Well, maybe a miracle can be arranged. Neri, we need your help. You know Winston has his dive test this afternoon?
Neri:He must pass or leave ORCA, yes?
Dianne:Exactly… Perhaps if you could give him some practice?
Jason:Of course. Good idea, mum.
Dianne:It’d give him a better chance.
Winston:I would be most grateful.
Dianne:Oh, but if it’s a problem.
Neri:No, I will be late for something but is not important. First, we must turn Winston into a dolphin.



Winston:Neri will meet us topside, won’t she?
Dianne:Yes, relax. Let’s put a good front on, shall we? They’re up to something.
Dianne:Something nasty, I can feel it in my bones. I just wish I knew what it was.
Kellar:My informants assure me Dr. Seth is as good as dismissed. And when he is, we have our own man ready to take his place.

Morgan:What we need here on ORCA are healthy minds and super healthy bodies. So, the commander’s delegated me to initiate a new youth fitness program. And before you mouth off, just remember, fail your next physical and you could be back on shore permanently. However, we have the answer for you lucky people: Biorobics. So, who’s going to be the first to enroll in the course? People, this program is simple. This program is painless. And, participation is gonna look great on your records. So, let’s see the takers, guys. Ah, that’s it. That’s more like it. Let’s head down to the gym while we get you all signed up. Okay, let’s start with you. What’s your name?
Morgan:Kal, uh huh. And last name?
Morgan:Kal Kal. Your folks kinda had a problem with imagination, didn’t they? Okay, you see the great thing about biorobics is that it’s personalized, tailored by the computer to meet your individual requirements. What’s your name?
Morgan:Your name?

Cass:Well, only half an hour to go now.
Benny:Anyone else nervous?
Brett:Who me?
Benny:It’s been on my mind all week, I even dreamt about diving last night.
Cass:Don’t you talk to me about dreams. I’ve had this one nightmare…
Morgan:An exercise program that is designed to enhance your biological and genetic make up.
Benny:What’s it about?
Cass:You see, that’s the–
Brett:You guys go ahead, I’ll meet you up on the boat. Kal’s here.
Brett:Kal, he’s here, he’s on board.
Jason:He can’t be.
Brett:I saw him in the lift. Gamma level with Morgan and a whole lot of kids.
Jason:Any idea where they were going?
Brett:The gym, I think.
Jason:I’ll meet you there.

Morgan:That’s it. Okay, that’s enough. Go and wait with the group while we do a quick assessment. You see that? He’s not even breathing hard. You got his pulse there for me? And look at his energy output. Doesn’t waver an inch. If we ever need a walking advertisement for biorobics, this guy is it. Where’d he go?

Winston:I’m so waterlogged, I think the sea level dropped.
Dianne:Oh, come on, Winston. You’ve only got a few minutes before it’s time for the real thing.
Winston:Oh, dear.
Dianna:You did fine, stop worrying.
Winston:Only with Neri’s assistance. You will be out there for the tests, won’t you?
Neri:Perhaps, perhaps not.
Winston:But please, what if something goes wrong?
Neri:Then you must fix. Is time you stop needing help, Winston.
Winston:What does that mean?
Neri:Believe in yourself.

Morgan:Ah, what have we here then, some eager recruits?
Jason:No, sorry. We’re just looking for someone.
Brett:Yeah, a guy named Kal.
Morgan:You know Kal?
Morgan:Well, when you find him, tell him to get back here pronto because he’s enrolled in this course.
Jason:I don’t think this is really his scene.
Morgan:Too late, he’s registered and in the computer. Plus, he has the potential to be my star pupil. So, you locate him for me, Jason, or I’m going to want to know why.
Brett:Come on.

Jason:Uh, oh.
Myreka:Wow, you really are new.
Brett:What’ll we do?
Jason:First up, help me get him back to the cabin.
Brett:I’ve got to be on a boat in five minutes.
Brett:Our exam? Hello?
Jason:All right, just help me get him out of here.
Jason:Kal, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.
Kal:Hi, Jason, Brett.
Jason:Sorry Myreka, we’ve got to drag him away. He’s new, we gotta show him around.
Myreka:That’s okay, we’ve got a date later on. 1600 hours?
Kal:I remember.
Myreka:You better, or I’ll come looking for you.
Jason:A date, oh great. That’s all we need.
Brett:You’ve got to get him off ORCA, now.
Jason:Oh, yeah. And you think Morgan’s going to believe he just disappeared? And if she goes searching for him, it’s likely to lead her straight to Neri.
Brett:What about his date with Myreka?
Jason:Well, I’ll just have to try to get him through it.
Brett:I gotta go, good luck.
Jason:Thanks. I think I’m going to need it.

Hellegren:It is one thing to speculate these objects hit the earth, Kellar. Quite another to find them. Lena.
Lena:Hello, father.
Hellegren:What are you doing here?
Lena:Nothing much. I was just killing time. I found these old discs. What are they, father? That sound. What is it, whale song?

(Dolphin calling)

Hellegren:Yes, indeed it is.
Lena:And you recorded it yourself?
Hellegren:There was a humpback we were studying and a strange girl, very strange.
Lena:What, she was studying the whale, too?
Hellegren:No. She knew all there was to know. But now she has gone. It is in all I have are the discs.
Lena:It’s a beautiful sound, isn’t it?
Kellar:Forgive me, Dr. Hellegren but I really must point out that Lena is not authorized to be here. And this is classified material.
Hellegren:Kellar has a point, Lena. You must leave. I will see you this evening.
Kellar:Perhaps I should drive Lena home.
Lena:There is no need.
Kellar:Don’t be silly, Lena. It’s a long walk. I really must insist.

Winston:You three are lucky going first, get it over with.
Dave:Right, you two are fine. Brett, just about ready, are we?
Dianne:Are you ready?
Brett:Oh, yeah.
Winston:I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Brett. I am the one about to suffer total humiliation.
Brett:No, you won’t. I’m not worried, about the dive anyway.
Dave:All right, take it slow. Watch out for one another and you’ll be fine.

Jason:Once you’re with Myreka, do exactly as I told you.
Kal:I no understand, Jason.
Jason:Just say as little as possible, follow my lead and agree with everything I say, okay?
Kal:And earth girl like this?
Jason:Look… Let’s just get it over with.

Myreka:So what’s with the double act?
Jason:Oh, I’ve been assigned to show Kal around. He’s having trouble with the language.
Myreka:Oh, I see. I couldn’t place your accent Kal, where are you from?
Jason:All over, really. His parents were gypsies.
Myreka:Oh, how romantic.
Jason:Well, don’t get the wrong idea, I mean… He’s just a regular guy like the rest of us. Isn’t that a fact, Kal?
Kal:Mm. Fact.
Jason:Yep, he likes hanging out with the boys.
Jason:Watching the football.
Jason:See how many chicks he can pull.
Jason:You never know your luck. He might be able to fit you in. Get us a drink and we’ll talk about it.
Myreka:What did you say?
Jason:Well, you’d like a drink, wouldn’t you, Kal?
Myreka:Who do you think you’re snapping your fingers at? Go and get your own drinks, you pair of pigs. And I thought you were different. You’re just another moronic male. Don’t ever bother to even talk to me again.
Kal:I no think she like that.
Butch:Hi, babe.
Myreka:Don’t you babe me. You men are all the same. Well, I wash my hands of the lot of you so, you’re dropped.

Morgan:Ah, Jason. I see you’ve found our man. I thought we were going to have to send out a search party. Right pal, you’re with me for the next hour. You signed up for the rest of the semester, and from now on, you better be there.


Brett:Yes, we did it!
Dave:Stay right with me and you’ll be fine. Mask.

Winston:Yes, I must admit I was somewhat concerned at first, but after a while, I found myself enjoying the whole experience. It’s a very beautiful world down there.
Dave:I’ve got to say, Winston, for someone who seemed so convinced they were going to fail, you’ve done very well indeed.
Winston:Thanks, Dave, but it’s not that hard, is it? All you’ve got to do is believe in yourself.
Dave:Right, back to ORCA.
Winston:Excuse me.

Commander:As for you, Dr. Seth, you’ve not only passed the course in record time, you’ve shown you’re capable of overcoming nerves when under very high pressure. I’m glad you’ll be staying with us on ORCA.
Dianne:UBRI are going to love hearing that.

Kellar:Let me give you some advice, Lena. Little girls who stick their noses in where they have no business could be in for a nasty shock.
Kellar:Oh, yes. They are likely to learn things they’d rather not know. Ignorance is bliss, more often than not.

Dianne:Brett’s just told me, Kal was here today, right here on ORCA.
Jason:Well, for a while.
Dianne:I don’t believe it. You know how keen we are to meet him. Couldn’t you at least have introduced him to us?
Brett:We were out on a boat all day.
Winston:This is so, Dianne.
Jason:There was no time. We had to get him back to the island as soon as we could. He’s got no idea about secrecy.
Brett:Neri’s still got to explain it to him.
Jason:Well, try anyway.
Dianne:All right. But next time Kal is here, no excuses.

Neri:I am angry. I told you wait here, and you disobey.
Kal:No, Neri.
Kal:You say “wait till sun is over trees”, I do this. When it passed, then I go to ORCA.
Neri:Kal, you must understand. All people are not like Jason and Brett. Some want to hurt us.
Kal:I like ORCA. Is very strange. I go back soon, please, Neri.

Brett:Maybe Neri could tie him to a rock or something.
Jason:No, that wouldn’t help us now. He’s officially registered. People associate him with us. And if he doesn’t turn up on course days, Morgan is going to be asking some very awkward questions, and that puts Neri at risk.
Brett:Yeah, and I suppose we can’t really stop him anyway, now that he knows his way on board.
Jason:Damage Limitation– that’s the best we can hope for.
Jason:We’ll just have to try an keep an eyes on him every minute that he’s on board.
Brett:That is going to be a nightmare.
Jason:You can say that again.