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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 8





Cass:Parents, who needs them. Mine are driving me crazy.
Benny:Not again.
Cass:They won’t let up. They’re on my case all the time.
Brett:They can’t be that bad.
Cass:Wanna bet? I told you how I have been having these really weird dreams lately?
Cass:Well, this morning, they practically accused me of making them up, just so I could sleep in the morning. Then my mom starts to hassle me about cleaning my room.
Jason:Yeah, I just remembered something, I’ve got to go. See you later.
Brett:Yeah, me too.
Jason:Come on.

Brett:Where are we going?
Jason:I’m taking him down to our cabin. We’ll think of what to do with him until there.
Morgan:Kal, don’t forget today’s exercise class. In the gym in 1100 hours, Okay? Oh, and Jason, make sure he doesn’t go awhile.

Brett:What if we really loose him next time? It is too risky.
Jason:There’s no getting around it. He’ll just have to stay on board.
Brett:We’ve got two whole hours to kill, how are we supposed to keep him out of trouble?
Jason:Remember what mum said? The next time he came, she expected an intro. So, I guess we better do it. Come on, Kal. Time to meet some more people.

Dianne:Kal, I can’t tell you how pleased we are to meet you.
Winston:It is indeed a pleasure to have you here. As the saying goes, “the wise elephant shares the water-hole so all may survive”.
Kal:Elephant is a highly intelligence herbivorous animal which lives in matriarchal herds can grow to 4 meters, has thick gray skin, large head and long thunk used to obtain food and water.
Dianne:That’s right,.
Brett:He knows lots of stuff like that.
Jason:He learnt it off by heart on the voyage.
Kal:This. What for?
Dianne:We use this to record whale songs.
Kal:All this, to save sounds?
Dianne:Yes, that’s right.
Kal:Very primitive.
Dianne:Yes, I suppose it is.
Winston:Neri has told us that your civilization is far more advance then ours.
Dianne:But, of course, we want to learn all we can. In fact, we very much like to run a few simple test, if you don’t mind? Is it alright? If you would like to sit down?
Brett:Where is Neri?
Jason:Yeah, you’d think she’d have missed him by now.

Dianne:He seems so… Disconnected.
Winston:His lack of emotional response isn’t surprising if, as the boys say, he virtually grew up in a vacuum.
Neri:I cannot believe what I see! Charley warned me, you must stop this, mother, you must!
Dianne:Stop what, Neri? What is it?
Neri:Where they build ORCA City. Everything will go “pah”.
Jason:Go “pah”?
Dianne:You mean the explosives. Is that it?
Neri:On the ocean floor, much. Everything will die.
Winston:If this is so Dianne.
Dianne:It’s outrageous. Commander. I’ve just learnt by accident UBRI are going to blast the seabed, is that correct?
Commander:Yes it is, there’s a large rocky outcrop which they plan to remove with hydromite, but surely you were informed?
Dianne:No commander, I was not. And I really must insist on a tribunal hearing before any blasting goes ahead.
Commander:Very well, doctor. I’ll get back to you.
Dianne:UBRI, I knew they were up to something.

Hellegren:This project is already way behind schedule. The tribunal has heard evidence from two experts regarding the new explosives, hydromite. And I would stake my reputation on it’s safety. I demand that the work be allowed to proceed without delay.
Dianne:Testing has been inadequate. No environmental impact study has been undertaken. To use Hydromite without further research would be totally irresponsible.
Commander:While I understand Dr. Bates’ concerns, UBRI’s evidence has convinced the tribunal. It is therefore our unanimous decision that blasting may proceed provided safety precautions are strictly adhered to.


Diver:Fuse is on.
Diver:Timer’s set, let’s go.

Neri:How can they allow it? How?
Jason:It’s simple Neri, they want ORCA City built. They have to compromise.
Kal:Brett, best move now.
Kal:Coconut fall soon. Will hit on head.
Brett:My head? No chance of it.
Kal:Trajectory, wind, velocity, will hit.
Brett:Nope, couldn’t do it.
Jason:How did you know?
Kal:Is easy.
Brett:Easy? To work that out in your head?
Neri:Something bad has happened.
Jason:Maybe the explosion. It was due.
Neri:No, it is worse. Something has gone wrong with the seas.
Brett:How do you know?
Neri:I know. The synchronium is very, very important now, understand?
Jason:We do understand. It’s not that we don’t want to help.
Brett:Yeah, it’s just that we don’t have a clue how to track these pieces down.
Jason:They could be anywhere at all. We don’t even know where to start. It’s not as though anyone would have seen them falling.
Kal:Is possible.
Jason:What do you mean, Kal?
Kal:Maybe someone see.
Kal:Pieces… Glow when enter earth’s atmosphere. People see, like lights in sky.
Brett:Then, there could have been reports.
Jason:Well, why didn’t you tell us this before?
Kal:Noone asked.

Jason:We’ll get her looking through all the old records.
Brett:What, under ufo’s?
Jason:Ufos, meteorites, unexplained lights, anything really. Gee, talk about a needle in a haystack.
Brett:If only we knew a bit more about getting HELEN on side.
Jason:I know, but neither of us are what you call computer geniuses.
HELEN:Request for information received. Time frame required.
Jason:Where do we get it to start say 10-15 years ago?
Brett:Could take forever.
Jason:I know, Brett. But we got to give it ago, for Neri’s sake.

Dianne:I don’t quite get this. What does Neri think is wrong with the sea?
Jason:She doesn’t know.
Brett:It’s just a feeling, she says.
Dianne:Well, perhaps Winston and I should go out and take a look around, just in case. You boys want to come?
Jason:Sorry, mum, we can’t.
Brett:Other things to do.
Dianne:And have a nice day to you, too.

HELEN:Negative, no further reports for that year. Do you wish to extend the time frame?
Brett:Is it worth going back any further?
Jason:I don’t know. So, I am beginning to think it is a waste of effort. I mean, all this time, so far not a single thing to show for it.
Brett:We knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
Jason:Yeah, I suppose.
Brett:Go back 20 years then.

Hellegren:At least they taught you some decent computer skills at that school you dislike so much.
Lena:I never said I wasn’t learning, only that I didn’t fit in.
Hellegren:The way that you are going, you will soon fit in at UBRI.
Lena:Oh, you mean I can leave school, then?
Hellegren:I do not.
Lena:If I do end up working for UBRI. Will you tell me more about your work? I mean what you really do?
Hellegren:Heavens Lena, If you want to know more you need only ask. UBRI’s work is open to public scrutiny. And as you know, I have nothing to hide from you. But I must be going, I will see you this evening.
Lena:Sure, see you. Nothing to hide, father?

Neri:Kal. I told you Kal, stay with me.
Kal:Yes, yes, Neri.
Winston:Neri. What are you two doing here? Can I be of assistance?
Neri:I must see Brett and Jason. And Kal… Is better he is with me.
Winston:Ahh.. The wise in company stalk the tiger.
Kal:I know tiger. Panthera tigeris, The largest of the great cats.
Neri:Not now Kal. Do you know where Brett and –
Winston:I saw the boys earlier heading, they said, toward HELEN’s nerve center. Do you know the way?
Neri:Yes, Winston, thank you. We see you later, come on Kal.

Brett:That could be it, Jason, that could be just what we’re looking for.
Brett:Oh, come a small object, unidentified, and seen as an amber light on entering the earth’s atmosphere? That’s three identical matches, enough to make a trajectory.
Jason:Hey, It could be anything.
Brett:Yeah, Like a piece of the Synchronium.
Neri:This is possible?
Jason:Well yes, but even so, we still only got the time it was seen. June 18, 2100 hours and 6 minutes. Traveling in a Northwest-Southwest trajectory. Wow, big help. Anywhere in there.
Kal:It fell there.
Jason:How do you know?
Kal:I work it out.
Jason:That’s unbelievable.
Kal:Is easy. Fell here.

Brett:This stuff’s ancient. I bet it hasn’t been used since they installed the communication masts.
Jason:Yeah, well it’s all we’ve got, it’ll have to do. The location’s on the plateau, it’s rugged country.
Neri:I told you Kal, you do not come.
Brett:You signed up for Bio-robics. If you don’t turn up, Morgan will start asking questions.
Jason:You got through it okay last time. We’re trusting you to do it again.
Neri:And after, go back to island, wait for me there, understand? We go now, we have long travel.


Jason:It’s worse than I expected.
Brett:We really going up there?
Neri:Is not too hard, come.

Dianne:So, there’s no sign on your equipment of anything amiss?
Winston:Well the shock waves of the blast were larger than anticipated, but nothing else yet.
Dianne:Let’s scout around the area anyway. Something tells me not to take Neri’s feelings lightly.

Mrs. Clayborne:If you could just show some consideration for others, Cassandra.
Cass:What about consideration for me, mom? Or has that been outlawed in this family?
Morgan:Do you know what she needs? Some discipline.
Cass:Who asked you to butt in?
Mrs. Clayborne:At least Morgan isn’t rude to me, Cassandra.
Cass:Well, of course not. Miss perfect can’t do anything wrong, can she? While I can’t do a darn thing right.
Morgan:You shouldn’t let her get away with it, mom.

Brett:Neri? Jase wait.
Jason:You alright Neri?
Neri:My head is going round.
Jason:You fell dizzy?
Neri:A little, yes.
Brett:You need to wet down, right?
Neri:Must keep going.
Jason:You look terrible.
Neri:I will be fine.
Brett:This is stupid. We’ve got to go back. You look you’re going to faint.
Jason:I think Brett’s right.
Neri:No, listen.


Jason:Where’s the satellite navigation aid?
Brett:In my pocket.
Jason:Good, we’ve still got a way to go.
Brett:Yeah, so long as Kal’s right.
Jason:Can you imagine Neri if we don’t find anything?

Cass:I don’t know what it is with my family. Nothing I do ever seems to be good enough for any of them.
Benny:You want to try mine? I’m a huge disappointment because I haven’t got a PhD already.
Cass:Yeah, but you don’t have to put up with Morgan. I mean, what a pain! But she’s the favourite, no doubt about that.
Benny:Forget it, Cass. I’ll give you a game instead.
Cass:What, trigammina? Benny, you’re the junior champion. You’ve got to be kidding.
Benny:I don’t see the point in being the champion. I mean, you train like mad to get there. Then noone will give you a game.
Kal:I’ll play.
Benny:You mean it? You want a game? Benny.
Benny:Please. You know how to play?
Benny:You want me to explain it then?
Kal:No, I learn quick.

Brett:This is it, this is Kal’s spot.
Jason:It’d have to leave some kind of mark, wouldn’t it? Burnt ground or something.
Neri:Come quick.
Jason:Be careful, Neri.
Neri:There is a track, you see? No, big plants.
Jason:Hmm, it is very faint, but yeah I guess you are right.
Brett:So who’s going down there?
Neri:Brett and me lightest. Need you to pull both back up.

Benny:Right. Well, I’ll go first then to give you an idea.
Sallyanne:Go easy on him, Benny.
Cass:This’ll be a pushover.
Benny:Um, the idea is to go quickly. It’s not like chess, one move every six months.
Kal:Ah, I see now.
Benny:You sure you’ve never played before?
Kal:I tell you.
Benny:You learn quick. Yeah, you did mentioned it.

Hellegren:At the computer, again?
Lena:Uh, yeah. I’m just messing around. I thought I heard you leave.
Hellegren:I forgot these. Don’t strain your eyes, will you? Take a break now and then.
Lena:By the way father, what’s in the locked files?
Hellegren:Nothing of any real interest. Just some research material, I think. May or may not be useful one day. Well, I must rush, I have a meeting at 11:00. You’ll be all right here, all by yourself?
Lena:Yeah, I’m fine. Really.


Brett:Neri, I’m slipping.
Neri:Hang on!
Jason:I’m coming down.
Neri:No Jason, wait.

Cass:Benny, he’s winning. Do something.
Benny:Like what?
Sallyanne:Not good enough.
Cass:I don’t believe this. Noone’s has ever beaten you before.
Benny:Got to be a first time. And this is it. Well played.
Kal:I must go now.
Cass:Just like that. After he’s performed a miracle.
Benny:Modest, I guess.


Brett:Kal was right.

Dave:You left the tribunal so fast, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. I just wanted to let you know that I am on your side.
Dianne:You’re against the blasting?
Dave:Well, giving the lack of testing, yeah.
Dianne:It’s nice to know we have another ally, even though it does seem a lost cause.
Dave:I heard you were out there today?
Dianne:Yes, didn’t find anything that might force them to stop. Not yet, anyway. (Clears throat)
Brett:Hi, mum.
Jason:We were just looking for you, we’ve got something to attend to, okay?
Dianne:You just got back. How long will you be?
Jason:Oh, not long.
Dianne:And the bag?
Brett:Food mom, picnic.
Dave:Sounds harmless.
Dianne:With those two, I wouldn’t count on it.


Jason:We’ve had incredible luck so far, but it might take months or even years before HELEN hits the jackpot again.
Brett:Do you have to be such a pessimist?
Jason:All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t expect too much too soon. It’s only sensible.
Neri:Sensible, yes. But hope is good, too. I have this feeling… We have one part, it is right here. We will find the others. We start the search again tomorrow, yes?
Brett:Okay, but today we party, right?
Kal:We eat now?
Neri:Yes Kal, we eat.