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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 9

(Whale call)

Brett:I thought you said this cave was at surface level. So, what’s the big deal?
Jason:Well, it’s a difficult entry, okay? Just make sure you don’t lose –
Brett:Someone’s coming up!
Winston:I could have stayed down there for hours.
Dianne:We’ve had another look, and a thorough one. I can’t see anything amiss.
Jason:Well, when have Neri’s instincts ever been wrong?
Dianne:Just have to keep our eyes open. Where are you two off to?
Brett:Just to practice dive.
Winston:Shall I come?
Jason:No, no. You don’t want to overdo it at first. Come on, let’s go.
Winston:It’s a clever duck that mimics the fish.


Brett:Unreal. No one would ever find this place.
Neri:You find out about another piece? Another piece of the synchronium?
Brett:Give us a break, Neri.
Neri:You found out so soon about the first one.
Jason:That was just luck.
Neri:Please, Jason.
Brett:Okay, okay.
Jason:We’ve got other things to do, you know.
Neri:You have to try. The sea is changing. I can feel it.

Jason:She’s got a point. If HELEN can find one section of synchronium, she should be able to locate where the others came down, too.
Brett:Yeah, but how long can I hang around HELEN’s nerve centre without someone asking questions?
Jason:Just say it’s a physics project.
Brett:I could do with some help from you.
Jason:Sorry, I’ve got cadet training on the bridge all week.
Brett:Well, I’m not going to get it done any faster on my own. There’s been space junk coming down by the bucket load for the last 20 years. Do you know how many people reported that as ufo sightings?

HELEN:Do you wish me to continue the search?
Brett:Please. If we don’t find something today, could you think of a really good excuse?
HELEN:Sighting 2-4-3-7. 23rd october. Northeast sector.

Neri:No, must not take from nest.
Kal:I study to see how it can fit. Synchronium can change water of whole ocean, yes? Important to see how it work.
Neri:But no touch if I do not say.
Kal:Kal make ready food.
Neri:Can change water of whole oceans.


Kal:Water! Water moves.

Kellar:The meekalinga desert. There’s no doubt about it. Seismic records indicate the object was not a meteorite, and the entry trajectory into earth’s atmosphere indicates it’s not space junk, either.
Hellegren:Not random.
Kellar:And whatever it is arrived here around the time we’re targeting.
Hellegren:Well then, you had better get out there and find it.

Brett:Meekalinga desert. Are you sure?

Dave:I have an airlock failure in level three dive chamber. Number of personnel in that chamber, cadet Taylor?
Sallyanne:Um, two, sir.
Dave:Procedure, cadet Bates?
Jason:We have water entering the chamber at 2000 kilolitres per second, sir. We have 18 seconds to secure level three.
Dave:18 seconds. Not too fast, Jason. We’ve got two people trapped in that chamber, give them time to get out.
Brett:Hey, Jase, you up there?
Jason:Not now, Brett.
Brett:Get down here, I think I’ve got a strike.
Morgan:Cadet Bates, focus!
Dave:Well done, Jason. In reality, you would have flooded levels three and four and lost half the crew.
Jason:Sorry, sir.
Dave:Your personal business has no place on the bridge.
Morgan:Don’t let it happen again.
Sallyanne:At least it’s not me for a change.

Brett:Look, I won’t do it again, alright?
Jason:You chose a great time during emergency drill.
Brett:How was I suppose to have known you were doing emergency drill.
Jason:You know the rules. You know call anyone on the bridge.
Brett:Yeah, unless it’s matter of life or death.
Kal:Jason! Brett!
Neri:You have found more synchronium?
Brett:Maybe, an object was reported that would have hit the earth about here, on the mainland, only there’s a catch.
Jason:The closest the computer can get is within 15 kilometres.
Brett:It’d take months to search all that. Unless Kal can narrow it down like he did last time.


Kellar:Bring the digging equipment down here.
UBRI:Registering an object. The signal’s pretty strong.
Kellar:Let’s see what we’ve got.

HELEN:Approximate landing point only.
Kal:There. Fell there.

Hellegren:I don’t know why you wanted to come here again.
Lena:You know how ORCA fascinates me, father.
Hellegren:I could be some time.
Lena:I’ll wait for you in the galley.
Hellegren:Very well.

Brett:Those guys, they’re doing the same class as you, so watch what they do. Stick with them, and don’t ask any questions. And if you run into any of those UBRI guys in the white uniforms give them the big miss, okay?
Kal:Bad men.
Brett:You got it, they’re still out there blowing up the seabed.
Cass:Who is that guy?
Benny:The kid who beat me at trigammina. His name was Kal or something. I didn’t know he was a friend of Brett’s, though.
Lena:I was looking for you.
Brett:Yeah, what for?
Lena:Could we talk?
Brett:About what?
Lena:I just wanted to know what you said about my father.
Brett:Let’s not get into that again, forget what I said. End of story. Come on, Kal, let’s go.

Jason:MeeKalinga, semi-desert area.
Jason:Only about 20 ks inland. We can get a lift on an ORCA training flight to the coast and meet you around here.
Neri:How long?
Jason:There and back in a day, with the right transportation.
Brett:Like what?


Neri:What are they?
Brett:Camels, they’re called “ships of the desert”, made for this country. Like Charley was made for the ocean.
Jason:See, no problems. And this way we can go straight across the country.
Brett:You’d better cover up, you’ll get burnt like anything out here.


(Camels growling)

Neri:They complain about everything.
Brett:Can’t you just talk to them like you do with Charley?

Lena:Hi, I’m Lena.
Kal:Kal, friend of Brett. I talk.
Lena:You’re a friend of his?
Kal:He brings me here. I do classes, very good. I like.
Lena:And what class are you doing?
Lena:I guess you know Brett pretty well.
Lena:I’ve got to go, my father must be leaving. Maybe we could talk again some time.
Kal:I come, too.
Cass:That guy is so weird. But cute.

Hellegren:Tell the helicopter to be standing by, I’ll be on the pontoon in five minutes.
UBRI:Yes, doctor.
Kellar:Kellar here, Dr. Hellegren.
Hellegren:Yes, Kellar, what is it?
Kellar:We’ve unearthed the object, imperative you come and inspect the site.
Hellegren:Don’t touch anything, I’m on my way.
Hellegren:Where is my daughter?
UBRI:Should be in reception by now, sir.
Hellegren:Good. Come. Lena.
Lena:Oh, father, I was–
Hellegren:You’re supposed to be on the pontoon.
Lena:Yes, father.
Hellegren:Don’t talk to strangers. See she’s escorted home. Take the launch.

Hellegren:We’re over the coast. Be with you shortly.
Kellar:Yes, doctor.

Brett:You haven’t been out of the water this long before. Maybe we should turn around.
Jason:Brett and I can go on alone.
Neri:No, I keep going.

Brett:Jase! It’s a chopper.
Jason:How come it’s out here?
Brett:I don’t know, let’s keep moving.

Kellar:Okay, let’s go. The outer casing obviously ruptured on impact, but the device inside appears to be intact.
Hellegren:Whoever or whatever sent this object here, did so for a purpose. I will take it back and study it.
Kellar:Shall I have the capsule transported to headquarters, doctor?
Hellegren:Yes, do so at once.
Kellar:All of you come with me.
Hellegren:What is your purpose?

Brett:We’re about 300 metres off.
Neri:It is here, I can feel it. Someone has been.
Brett:But who?
Jason:Looks deserted. Let’s take a look.
Neri:It is gone.
Brett:Oh, boy.
Kellar:Protect the capsule, I’ll get them!
Brett:Come on. Get up.
Jason:Come on!
Brett:Come on!
Jason:Get up, get up!
Brett:Come on!
Neri:They stop. Keep going.

Jason:Classes… That’s all you were supposed to do, go to classes.
Kal:Talk friends, I like.
Brett:Yeah, Benny told me he saw you talking to Lena Hellegren. We told you not to talk to anyone, especially to her.
Kal:Lena nice.
Brett:Yeah, well, her father isn’t. He’d love to know about you. You, ask Neri.
Kal:Where Neri?
Jason:Back at the island where you’re going.
Kal:You, too?
Brett:Yeah, later okay?


Kellar:It generates a tidal pull.
Hellegren:An extraordinarily strong one.
Kellar:What on earth–
Hellegren:Nothing on earth, Kellar. There is no question in my mind its origin is extra-terrestrial.
Kellar:We need proof.
Hellegren:I want you to call up a file. Check through our records. Password “ocean girl”.
Kellar:Ah, your alien girl?
Hellegren:Yes, part human, part cetacean.
Kellar:Part cetacean?
Hellegren:In a manner of speaking. What else would you call an air breathing mammal who lives in the sea and could communicate with a whale?
Kellar:But in human form?
Hellegren:She was in my possession until she returned to wherever she came from. But like this device, she was not of this world. There may be some connection. Some detail in the file that will give us a link.
Lena:Oh, father, I’m sorry. You’re busy.
Hellegren:No, I was just finishing. Oh, also, the matter of the young intruders needs looking into.

Jason:How did they get onto it?
Neri:Synchronium was secret, even from my people.
Jason:Yet UBRI knew exactly where to look for that capsule.
Brett:Which means they might be searching for the others.
Neri:No, they must not find.
Jason:It’s bad enough that they’ve got one.
Neri:They must not keep. Remember warning, synchronium in bad hands will do harm, not good.
Brett:Yeah, and Hellegren’s are just about the worst hands going.
Neri:We must not let them win. Promise me you will fight them so I can carry out father’s task.
Brett:Well, we’ve each got a piece.
Jason:So, it’s us against UBRI. Again.