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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 14

HELEN:That information is code locked. Please reformat your request or exit from inquiry.
Brett:Neri is not gonna be pleased.

Benny:Okay, watch this.
HELEN:Access denied.
Neri:Many days pass, still you find nothing.
Jason:Give us a break, Neri. Benny’s trying.
Neri:Must try harder. Get rest of synchronium.
Cass:It’s not Benny’s fault.
Jason:We’ve all had a go. HELEN’s just not co-operating.
Brett:Without HELEN’s help, it’s like trying to find a sardine in the ocean.

Kellar:I think I’ve got another one, doctor.
Hellegren:Another piece of the device?
Kellar:The time of the sighting is approximately correct and the general area seems–
Hellegren:Spare me the details. Where is it?
Kellar:I haven’t pinpointed the precise location as yet. However, we are setting up the matrix for a computer scan immediately. May I ask, doctor, if you had any further contact from Lena?
Hellegren:Do not mention her name to me.
Kellar:My apologies. I know how difficult it must be, having your own child betray you.
Hellegren:The moment she walked out of the door, she ceased to be my child. She has made her decision, I have made mine. I have no daughter.

Jason:What are you gonna do?
Lena:I don’t know, I can’t go home.
Brett:Who’d want to?
Jason:Look, we’ll help you out.
Lena:Are you sure? What about your mother?
Dianne:Hi, boys, how was your day? Hello.
Brett:Ah, mum, this is Lena.
Dianne:Nice to meet you, Lena. You’re a new face on board.
Lena:I just got here.
Brett:Her dad chucked her out and she had nowhere to go, so we said she could stay here.
Dianne:Oh, did you now? And where would she sleep?
Brett:Well, there’s that spare bunk in your cabin.
Jason:We really owe her big time. She got into trouble saving Brett’s skin. We have to help her. It’s only for a week or so.
Dianne:And how would you suggest we explain her presence?
Jason:You could say she’s from my old school.
Brett:On extended work experience.
Lena:I don’t mean to be of any trouble, Dr. Bates, but…
Jason:You did it before.
Brett:It’s important this time, too. Please?
Brett:Come on, mum. We promised.
Dianne:Well, maybe for a short while.
Brett:Oh, you’re a star.
Lena:Thank you.
Jason:Next thing is for you to go see Neri.
Dianne:Oh, Jason, do you think that’s wise?
Jason:Lena already knows. We can trust her.
Dianne:Well, you’d better give me your I.D., Lena, and I’ll clear it with the commander.
Jason:Put your bags over here.
Dianne:UBRI? Hellegren? I hope you know what you’re doing.

Brett:Come on, she won’t bite you.
Jason:Neri, this is Lena. I told you about her.
Neri:Welcome to my island.
Jason:Oh, and that’s Kal.
Lena:Hi. Ah… This is such a fantastic place.
Neri:Come, I will show it to you.
Lena:Okay. So, can I see the spaceship?

Lena:Unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so–
Brett:Alien, right?
Lena:Well, yeah. What’s that? Some sort of computer?
Neri:It is how we learned of the synchronium.
Jason:It’s a pity the locater got smashed. It’s a huge hassle trying to find all the pieces, but we have to find them.
Lena:But how?
Brett:The hard way. Searching through all the old data, working out what’s meteors, or fake UFOs, or whatever. It’s taking, like, forever.
Lena:You’ve got access to a HELEN 3000, though, don’t you?
Brett:Yeah, but she only talks to people she likes. She’s not exactly rapt in any of us.
Lena:Well, maybe she’d like me. Most computers do.

Lena:Let’s try security alpha.
Cass:She turns up and all of a sudden she’s flavour of the month. What are we, chopped liver?
Benny:Chill, will you? She’s already got files out of HELEN I didn’t even know existed.
Cass:Yeah, but she’s a Hellegren, you can’t trust them.
HELEN:That information is code-locked. Please re-format your request or exit from inquiry.
Cass:She’s not really getting anywhere anyway.
Lena:You don’t get rid of me that easily, HELEN. Code-lock voice override on search file grid seven. Authority crypto alpha dot com.
Cass:See, she’s useless.
HELEN:Thank you. Processing request.
Lena:Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?
Benny:How’d you do that?
Lena:Luck mostly, but does it help?
Jason:It’s a definite possible. Let’s get Kal in on this and he can spot the location if it’s a piece of synchronium.
Benny:Lena, you’re brilliant.

(Distant explosions)

Dianne:They’re at it again. Winston, do you think there could be an unrecorded fault line down there somewhere?
Winston:All things are possible.
Dianne:Then why isn’t our equipment picking it up?
Winston:Because we’re not looking for it. We’ve been monitoring the marine life. But this could be way below the ocean floor.
Dianne:Then it’s not registering it at all?
Winston:So far, activity may be slight, as to go unnoticed by day-to-day seismic readings. But if there is a fault line, then heaven help all of us.

Lena:Did I really find something? Are you sure?
Brett:Just wait.
Kal:Fell there.
Jason:Just south of mackston.
Brett:Got it. Thanks, Kal.
Neri:You have done well.
Jason:So, let’s go.

Cass:How far now?
Brett:Only a couple of minutes, I guess.
Lena:Get down, it’s UBRI.
Cass:Man, was that close.
Jason:Hey, you guys, over here. Well, looks like UBRI’s beaten us to the punch again.
Brett:You know, I’m really getting sick of this.

Neri:We must get them back.
Brett:Listen. They stole those components. I say we do a raid. Take back what’s ours.
Jason:From UBRI headquarters?
Cass:You’ve lost it.
Brett:No, it’ll work. If Lena helps.
Brett:You know the layout of headquarters, where they stash things. Your dad’s the boss, you’ve got access to all areas, right?
Lena:If father hasn’t changed the codes.
Brett:Okay, so you get us in, we get the pieces and zap out of there.
Neri:This will work?
Lena:It could.
Brett:Right, so who’s in?
Jason:Okay, good.
Neri:I will come, too.
Jason:Hang on, you can’t go.
Neri:I will.
Jason:Neri, it’s too dangerous for you.
Neri:You will all go. I will, too.
Cass:You’re not saying much.
Benny:Well, it’s just… I mean UBRI’s a big place and they’ve got heaps of security.
Cass:You’re chicken.
Benny:Mum and dad…
Cass:Wouldn’t like it, yeah I know. That’s always your excuse.
Benny:It’s not an excuse.

Jason:You won’t be safe. We’ll be miles away from water.
Neri:But not for long.
Jason:And what if Hellegren sees you? He’ll know you didn’t go with Mera and he’ll be after you again, you want that?
Neri:I must go, I am needed.
Jason:Yes, you are needed. To work the synchronium when we get it together. Nobody else can do that.
Neri:It is my responsibility, my father’s mission.
Jason:Yeah, all right. Suit yourself.
Neri:When we go?
Jason:Well, it’s going to take some time to get the gear together and that, so… Not tomorrow. The day after, okay?
Neri:I will be ready.

Lena:I don’t think you should force him to come.
Benny:Look. It’s just, what if I mess up?
Brett:I won’t.
Benny:But I could, I do. And you don’t really need me.
Cass:Yeah, we do.
Lena:We do actually. I know what type of alarms they use at UBRI. But I don’t know the technical stuff how to turn them off and that.
Cass:You understand the specs. Come on we are counting on you.
Benny:Yeah, okay.
Brett:On ya, Benny.
Brett:We’re all in.
Jason:Good, we’ll be leaving first thing in the morning… 0800. Let’s get some gear.

Cass:Come on!

Kal:I go with you?
Neri:No, tomorrow you must stay here.
Neri:Because I go with Jason.
Kal:I want to come with you.
Neri:Stop, Kal. You know you must do what I say.
Kal:Yes, Neri.
Neri:I go now, to see what happens in the ocean.
Kal:With Jason?
Neri:No, with mother.
Kal:That is good.

Winston:See? There… And there. Tiny minuscule oscillations and they date from when UBRI started blasting.
Neri:Then you must stop them, mother.
Winston:It’s not quite that simple, Neri. You see, we pick up recordings of the earth moving all the time, and these are so small as not to arouse any official attention.
Dianne:But it could be the first indication of a fault?
Winston:Or a naturally occurring phenomenon. They could have started of their own accord and end the same way.
Dianne:Nevertheless, I’m going to show these to the commander.
Winston:There’s still so much we have to collect, I wish the boys were here to help.
Neri:Where are Jason and Brett? I could not find them when I came aboard.
Dianne:Didn’t they tell you? They’re going ashore for the day.

Benny:Maybe we should have waited till tonight. Less chance of getting caught.
Brett:Nah, who’s going to expect a daylight raid?
Jason:Shut up, you two.
Lena:Wait, wait. Okay, now!
Lena:Okay, that door, hurry! Benny, your turn.
Benny:Serio system six. Got it. Two wires. Cut the right one, it releases the lock and sets up a five minute delay on the alarm. Cut the wrong one and the whole system goes off.
Cass:Okay, so which one’s the right one?


Jason:Come on, come on!

Kal:You are angry?
Kal:With me? I stay here like you say.
Neri:Not you… Jason. He lied to me.

Jason:Which way to the strongroom?
Lena:This way, keep your heads down and hurry.
Brett:Three minutes till the alarm goes.
Lena:Well, let’s go.

Hellegren:There is no mistake?
UBRI:Startling as they are, the tests have been run several times. What you will see is, in fact, accurate.
Kellar:That’s impossible.
Hellegren:Given what we have seen with a single component, I’d say anything is possible, even water running uphill.
UBRI:Using both pieces, the effect is multiplied.
Kellar:The applications are quite intriguing.
Hellegren:I can see that. Show me again.

Benny:I can’t do it.
Cass:I’ll do it, just tell me what will happen.
Benny:I mean, I really can’t. The lock for the strongroom’s not in the system.
Brett:So, what do you do now?
Lena:My code will open the door, but it may alert security.
Brett:The main alarm’s going to go bananas in two minutes anyway.
Jason:Okay, do it.

Hellegren:If the single component of the device has the power to reverse the course of the nile, imagine what the combined power will be.

Lena:Okay, go.

(Alarm sounds)

Jason:Back the same way?
Lena:Yes, yes, go!
Kellar:Strongroom. Guards!
Brett:They’re coming. We can’t get through.
Lena:The stairs! There’s an emergency exit on the next level, come on! The stairs, quick!
Kellar:No, this way!
Benny:Keep going.
Hellegren:How did they get in here?
Cass:Come on! Hurry up! Come on, they’re still coming! Benny, come on! Come on, Benny. Come on, hurry up.
Kellar:The main gate! After them!

Kal:You are still angry?
Neri:Yes. No.
Neri:I’m not angry. I am worried. Jason has gone to UBRI. It is dangerous.
Kal:Jason is alone?
Neri:No, no. The others went, too. They’re all in danger.
Kal:But you are worried about… Jason?
Neri:He’s my friend.
Kal:I am your friend, too.
Neri:Yes… You are.

Jason:If mum is looking for us, we’ll be back in an hour. We’re taking the piece out to Neri where it will be safe.
Benny:I’m sorry I lost the other bit. If it wasn’t for me, you’d have it all.
Brett:Hey, it’s okay. We’ll get it back another time.
Jason:See ya later.

Benny:I messed up. I told you I would.
Lena:No, you didn’t. If it hadn’t been for you, they would of caught me. I owe you alot.
Cass:Well, if you weren’t such a klutz.
Lena:We’re all a team, right? Aren’t we all suppose to look after each other? You did really well.
Benny:You [?]?
Benny’s father:Benny? What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at the computer library.

Dianne:“Insufficient evidence for a tribunal hearing”. They just don’t want to upset UBRI.
Winston:I did warn you, Dianne. Our argument is far from compelling, only speculation really.
Dianne:What if it’s right, what if there is a deep fault and the blasting’s making it unstable?
Winston:Then it can’t be long before we have undeniable proof.
Dianne:By then it could be too late. For all we know, this thing’s already started and we’re not even aware of it.

Benny:I knew it.
Cass:Ah, come on, Benny. This is supposed to be a victory toast. I suppose you’d better join us, this time.
Benny:Hey, did you see that?
Benny:The drink, it moved, like there was some type of vibration, or something.
Lena:I didn’t feel anything.
Cass:Forget it. Here’s to us.

Neri:You say you not go till tomorrow.
Jason:Look, I said I was sorry.
Neri:It is not enough to be sorry, friends do not lie.
Jason:You can be so stubborn. I was trying to protect you. You’re important to me, okay? To all of us, to the mission.
Neri:I was frightened for you.
Jason:Yeah, I know. I won’t do it again. Promise. Don’t stay mad.
Neri:I am not.
Jason:Good. Let’s get this some place safe. Stay here, keep Kal company.

Kellar:We did manage to salvage one component.
Hellegren:And lost the other! Unacceptable failure of security.
Kellar:Disciplinary action is being taken.
Hellegren:We must focus on that device.
Kellar:I’ll intensify the search immediately. But assuming they had your daughter’s assistance…
Hellegren:Confine your interests to the ocean girl. She is the key.

Brett:So there’s about a million of these UBRI guys trying to catch us, and Jason’s running for the fence–
Kal:I don’t want to know about Jason.
Brett:What’s wrong?
Kal:Neri, worries about him.
Brett:And your point is?
Kal:She likes him, more than me. I feel… Bad. Do not understand.
Brett:Don’t be such a wuss, they’re just friends. Hey, here he comes now.
Kal:Neri will be with him?
Brett:Yeah sure, she always is. Hey, ease up. People will think you’re jealous.