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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 15


Kal:You no eat. What is wrong?
Kal:You think I am stupid.
Neri:No, Kal. But you would not understand.

Winston:I can go faster.
Morgan:Uh-uh, cool it. You’re over your limit now.
Cass:You trying to give yourself a heart attack?
Winston:No, but I’m determined… To gain a more efficient body. Which naturally… Will be more pleasing to the eye.
Brett:Winston, Mum’s looking for… What’s all this?
Cass:Winston is trying to turn himself into Mr. Universe.
Winston:Hardly, no. Well if Dianne needs me, I must go. Can I have another session, later?
Morgan:Oh, uh. Not till tomorrow.
Winston:But I’m impatient for results.
Morgan:Look, you have to have to allow for recovery time. You’re no spring chicken.
Winston:Alas, no but like the cobra who attacks the mongoose. I’m a born optimist[?].

Dianne:Jason and I are going down to ORCA city.
Winston:What are you hoping to find?
Dianne:Well, the seismic readings are still irregular, aren’t they?
Dianne:So, if they are caused by a fault line moving, we’ll eventually have to see some changes in the sea floor.
Jason:And, if mum can find something like that, the tribunal will have to listen.
Dianne:We’ll only be an hour or so. Brett, see if you can give Winston a hand.
Brett:Yeah, sure.

Winston:Yes, Brett?
Brett:Are you going on leave?
Brett:Or up for a big promotion or something?
Winston:No, not at all.
HELEN:Lab 5, Dr. Winston Seth.
Winston:Yes, HELEN?
HELEN:A personal call for you from the mainland.
Winston:Haven’t you got something better to do?
Brett:I’m supposed to help you, remember?
Camilla:Winston, am I interrupting something?
Winston:Oh, no, not at all. It’s lovely to talk to you.
Camilla:I’ve got a little surprise. They’ve changed my schedule. I’m on this afternoon’s chopper.
Winston:This afternoon?
Camilla:Yes, it’s not too soon, is it?
Winston:Oh, of course not. It’ll be lovely to see you.
Camilla:Good. I’m so looking forward to it. Can’t wait.
Winston:Nor I. Bye, Camilla.
Brett:Camilla, huh?
Winston:Camilla Sabato. A science writer.
Brett:And what else?
Winston:Nothing else. She’s a quite good friend. We met at university. And now, she’s coming here for a brief visit.
Brett:Just to see you?
Winston:To write an article, I believe, on ORCA city. Now, I really must be getting on with my work.

Jason:So, did you see anything out of place down there?
Neri:Is close to the full moon, yes?
Neri:The first full moon. Is the time when the reef is full of colour, yes?
Dianne:The coral spawning, of course. You remember, Jason. We filmed it last year.
Neri:I swim last night at coronet reef where it is most beautiful. Was.
Neri:No new fish. No new plants. Dead.

Dianne:Coronet reef, just a year ago. You took us there, Neri.
Neri:I call it the dance of the summer moon.
Winston:You are a poet.
Dianne:Well, poetry or not, it’s an annual phenomenon. Six days when all the vegetation in the reef reproduces itself in a wonderful burst of colour and light.
Neri:Not coronet reef. Not this time. Not like that.
Dianne:This could be just the sort of change we’re looking for.
Jason:Why don’t you film out there again? If it’s like Neri says, you can show a comparison.
Winston:Tomorrow night is the full moon.
Neri:Now I show you things are wrong.
Winston:Ah, excuse me, Dianne. But I have an appointment.
Brett:Important, is it?
Winston:No, not really. Just someone to see.
Dianne:That’s fine.
Brett:You’re never going to believe this. Winston’s got a girlfriend.

Winston:Welcome to ORCA, Camilla.
Camilla:Oh, Winston.
Winston:I can’t believe you’re here. It’s been nine years.
Camilla:It took a bit to wangle but when I knew you were here in ORCA, I just – well, I just had to come.
Winston:A guided tour, a chance to settle in, and a nice, cosy chat about old times.
Winston:Great. We have a highly advanced desalination system and a large area devoted to hydroponics.
Camilla:Um, Winston –
Camilla:I’ve read the handbook.
Winston:Oh, sorry. You must tell me if I’m boring you.
Brett:Hi, Winston.
Cass, Benny:Hey, Winston.
Camilla:It’s the people of ORCA I’m interested in. That’s what I want my article to be about. And what better place to start than a very special friend. You know, you don’t look a day older, by the way.
Winston:Oh, come now. But it is true of you. Here is your cabin. And this – is your visitor’s ID.
Camilla:Oh, thank you. Well, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you give me an hour to freshen up and then maybe we can find somewhere nice and quiet and have a nice chat.
Winston:I know just the place.
Camilla:Thank you. An hour then?
Winston:It will feel like a minute. Ah, I mean a year.

Brett:Her name’s Camilla and she’s a real spunk. For her age.
Lena:Well, that’s nice for Winston. I wish my luck would change.
Brett:You want a boyfriend?
Lena:I meant with HELEN.
Jason:What? Not going too good?
Lena:Yesterday, I really thought I was on to something. Today, I spend four hours cross-checking and what does it turn out to be? A weather balloon.
Jason:Well, you just got to be patient, I guess.
Lena:Tell me about it.


Camilla:Everything’s going according to plan. He’s delighted to see me. I’m sure it won’t take long to find out what he and the Bates know about the device.

Kal:You come today, Neri. See me come top of class.
Neri:I cannot. I have no time. Come.
Kal:But we have competition. I win for sure.
Neri:Yes, but I have business with mother and Jason. I’m sorry, Kal. We must go.
Kal:Jason. Is always Jason.

Camilla:You kids must be rapt living in a place like this.
Brett:Well, it’s cool right now. It’s holidays.
Camilla:Lots of time for adventures.
Camilla:Well, I mean, you’ve got the whole ocean to play in. You must have seen some amazing things.
Brett:Yeah, well. School work and training courses. I mean, we don’t exactly spend the whole day splashing around with mermaids.
Camilla:And – have you ever seen a mermaid, Brett?
Brett:Yeah. Just between you and me – I’m a big fan of the tooth fairy as well.
Camilla:Oh, really, well. There goes my scoop.
Winston:Now, you’re sure you can manage on your own?
Dianne:Of course.
Winston:It’s just that Camilla’s only here for a few days.
Dianne:I understand perfectly. And I insist you take the rest of the day off.
Camilla:Thanks so much, Dianne. It’s been fascinating.
Dianne:Any time.
Winston:Well, on with our rounds.
Camilla:Bye, Brett.
Dianne:Bye. She’s nice.
Brett:She’s okay.

Sallyanne:Jason, have you heard about tonight?
Jason:No, what?
Sallyanne:We’re having a party. The female cadets. I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner. Jason, I have to know.
Jason:Yeah, yeah, sure. No worries.
Sallyanne:Okay, cool.
Jason:Listen – I got to go, okay?
Sallyanne:Okay 21:00 hours in the rec room?
Jason:Yep, okay. Hi. Neri, mum’s got everything lined up.
Jason:So, Kal, you got your final class today.
Kal:We have competition.
Jason:Oh, right. Well, good luck. We gotta go. See ya.

Commander:I’m sorry, doctor. I can’t accommodate you on this one. 19:00 hours. Be there.
Neri:You will come tonight to make the movies?
Dianne:Oh, Neri, I can’t. I’ve been ordered to meet with the commander.
Neri:But if the reef comes alive again, it will be tonight. In the full moon.
Dianne:Yes, we should film it tonight so that we can make an accurate comparison with last year.
Jason:It’s okay, mum. If you can’t do it, I’ll go.
Dianne:Oh, I don’t know, Jason. You’re not used to night dives.
Neri:I will be there to guide.

Camilla:You diving. You used to hate getting wet.
Winston:Well, I had a very special teacher. And now, I enjoy the water very much.
Camilla:Oh, so you do get out of your lab occasionally?
Winston:Oh, yes, indeed.
Camilla:So, you’re mainly involved in research?
Camilla:On what? Environmental issues?
Camilla:Ooh, very politically correct.
Winston:But not always very welcome.
Camilla:Thank you. So, is security a problem for you?
Winston:It’s something we have to keep in mind.
Camilla:You’d need a good system, wouldn’t you? I could imagine some of those super-bright kids could hack into anything.
Winston:That’s true. We must be careful to stay one step ahead.
Camilla:So, what have you done? Developed a circuit of your own?
Winston:We’ve adapted one.
Camilla:My boss did that. Funny story. He had problems in remembering his own password. So I suggested he use his wife’s birthday.
Camilla:Wrong. That was the last thing he could remember.
Winston:Our system is a little different. It’s called compulox.
Camilla:Oh, really? I’ve never heard of that before.

Morgan:That puts Kal on 99.9. Which is, needless to say, an unbeatable position. Well, at least it gives the rest of you something to aim for. Meantime – congratulations, Kal. You’ve won the certificate and topped the class. Class dismissed.
Guy:Well done, Kal.
Girl:Hey, good on you, Kal. Your folks are going to be so proud of you.
Girl:No one ever got 99.9 before.
Kal:She will be proud?
Girl:Who? Your girlfriend?
Kal:She. I must go now.

Camilla:I’m so sorry, Winston. I don’t normally get headaches but, well, this one’s a beauty.
Winston:I’m sorry, too, that your day has been spoiled. Get some rest and perhaps you’ll feel better in the morning.
Camilla:I’m sure I will. Thanks for being such a good tour guide.
Winston:It’s been a great pleasure.
Camilla:I’ll see you tomorrow then.
Winston:Good night.
Winston:Until tomorrow.

Camilla:It was like taking candy from a baby. An adaptation of compulox. I think I can narrow it down from there. What I’ll do is I’ll try later on tonight, when the lab’s empty. I’ll look for any reference to your ocean girl, too. And hopefully I’ll have all the info I need and I’ll be out of there before anyone has finished their muesli. What I’ll do, is I’ll borrow a boat and then…

(music) (Sizzling) (thud)

Kal:I am top of class. I wish you were there.
Jason:Hey, Kal.
Kal:Why he here?
Neri:Jason is staying on the island tonight.
Kal:Is staying? All night?
Kal:This island our place, Neri. You and me.
Neri:Jason is our friend. He is welcome.
Kal:No stay. No welcome.
Jason:Look, you know, if it’s a hassle…
Neri:No, Jason. Kal must grow up. We stick to our plan. First we eat, then we go to coronet reef. We make movie. If you like, you join us.
Kal:I stay here.


Neri:I hope the fish will come back. I hope the reef will dance again.
Jason:Well, if it does or if it doesn’t, at least we’re going to have a record of it.


HELEN:Attention all engineering personnel. Attention all engineering personnel. Please report to delta level four.

Girl:Where’s Jason?
Sallyanne:He’ll be here. He’s always late.


HELEN:All personnel on current night roster, please log in at local terminals now. Thank you.

Camilla:Come on. Come on, you are so close.
Winston:So much for your illness, Camilla.
Camilla:Winston. I was feeling a little better. So I thought I’d come and do some research.
Winston:Please, don’t lie. We know you’re working for UBRI.
Camilla:UBRI? What on earth would I be doing for them? I’m not a scientist.
Brett:No, you’re a spy. We found this in your luggage.
Camilla:Give me that at once.
Brett:Now, let’s try redial.
Hellegren:You are breaching security, woman. I told you not to contact me from there again.
Brett:Hi, doctor Hellegren. We all didn’t want to miss this moment.
Camilla:I can explain this…
Brett:So, do we take her to the commander?
Winston:I don’t think that would be necessary.
Dianne:It’s your decision.
Winston:You will return to your cabin. In the morning, you will be on the first flight out. I’m afraid we shall not meet again.
Dianne:I’m so sorry, Winston.
Winston:Well, the mongoose should always be on guard lest he finds himself bewitched by the cobra. Thanks, mate, for help breaking the spell.

Neri:Is no good, Jason. Reef has gone forever.


Brett:Do you know what really blows my mind? The fact that Hellegren knows Neri’s still around.
Benny:You’re sure?
Brett:Yeah, I heard Camilla talking, remember? She mentioned an ocean girl.
Cass:That’s going to make things real hot, huh?

Neri:I worry for him, Jason. We must find him.
Jason:The spaceship?
Kal:No talk. I have nothing to say.
Neri:We want to help, Kal. Say what is wrong.
Kal:Everything is wrong. You leave now. Go.
Jason:Kal, we’re your friends.
Kal:I have not friends. I have this place. My place. Out there, your place. Go.
Neri:All right, Kal. We go.

(music) (Rumbling)

Lena:What’s going on?
Winston:A schism.
Dianne:A what?
Winston:A rift. A crack in the sea floor. It is the fault line.
Dianne:Neri was right. It’s all beginning.