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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 16

Dianne:We have the proof. There is a fault line. I demand a tribunal hearing.
Commander:We have stopped blasting, doctor.
Dianne:Yes, but for how long?
Hellegren:Only until it is clearly established that our construction work had nothing to do with this natural phenomenon.
Dianne:Who do you think you’re kidding? Of course it has.
Kellar:Where is your evidence?
Commander:Please, there will be a hearing in due course. In the meantime, doctor, may I remind you we have a conference to attend on the mainland?
Dianne:Of course, life goes on.
Hellegren:Would you wish to stop it?
Dianne:At this rate it may well be stopped for us.

Benny:This is amazing.
Cass:Hot news.
Lena:I think we’ve found another piece of the synchronium.
Neri:Good. We now only have small time.
Neri:HELEN’s zoomed in on a local newspaper article about a bright red glow in the southern sky.
Benny:Where was it sighted?
Lena:Somewhere here along the western plains.
Brett:Ace. So we get Kal to assess a landing point.
Neri:He will not come out of spaceship.
Brett:So we front him down there, then.
Neri:You must, Brett. With me and Jason he is still angry.

Brett:Kal! You down there?
Cass:After you.

Kal:So, Kal useful.
Brett:Hey, don’t give us a hard time. Nobody else can do it.
Cass:That’s the general area, and those are the points and times of the sightings.
Kal:I think.
Cass:Wish I knew how he does it.
Kal:Shhhh. Whisper, whisper.
Brett:We’re just saying that it’s good…
Kal:Neri and Jason whisper, too. All time secrets.
Cass:You’re jealous, that’s all.
Cass:You want them to like you more than they like each other. We all feel like that sometimes. It’s no big deal. Okay?
Kal:It’s not okay.
Brett:All right, so you’re feeling bad, but what’s more important? That or this?
Cass:Look, if we don’t get the synchronium together the whole world is in big trouble.
Brett:We could all be history, including you.
Kal:Fell there.
Brett:Somewhere called – dean’s gully.

Cass:How much longer?
Brett:About an hour.
Cass:We got to get her to more water before that.
Brett:Okay, We’re try that place over there.
Guy:What’s going on?
Brett:Ah, she just needed a drink.
Guy:I can see that. So where’d you lot spring from?
Brett:Um, we’re on an excursion from school.
Guy:How’d you get here?
Brett:Ah, bus to emu flat.
Women:Then I’ll bet you’re tired and hungry then.
Women:Well, you’re in luck. I’ve just made some scones and biscuits.
Brett:It’s about lunch time. What do you think?
Women:Good. Come on in. Getting warm, isn’t it?
Brett:Yeah, it is.
Women:There you go. Straight through to the kitchen.


Women:Yes. People always admire that one.
Brett:Something smells good.

Dianne:What are they doing on this level?
Winston:A very wise old saying, “don’t look at me.”

Dianne:We’re talking about canisters of radioactive, heavy-metal isotopes being pushed around this complex on a trolley. Why wasn’t I informed?
Winston:As environmental officer.
Commander:I had to make a quick decision and there wasn’t time to consult you.
Dianne:Is this something to do with the new reactor UBRI are installing for ORCA city?
Commander:A minor glitch in the storage arrangements. They will be installed in the next couple of days.
Winston:But commander, when we saw the canisters they were on the gamma level.
Commander:That’s right. All the normal store rooms are in use. So the safest option I could find was the school section.
Dianne:You’re storing potentially lethal material in a school area?
Commander:It’s holidays. The place is deserted.

Women:My, you have got a thirst.
Women:That’s okay, there’s plenty. So I thought this was vacation time.
Cass:It is, but we’re doing a project.
Women:Oh, hi, darling. I didn’t think you’d want to come out.
Patti:Is someone sitting in my chair?
Women:Oh, Brett, would you mind?
Brett:Oh, yeah, here you go.
Patti:Thanks. Sorry, I’m just used to sitting in the same spot, that’s all.
Neri:Why you feel the chair in that way?
Brett:She’s blind, Neri.
Women:Ah, Patti has no sight at all, unfortunately.
Patti:That’s okay. It’s no big secret. There was a car accident. I hit the windscreen. I’m blind. End of story. So how come you wanted to keep the visitors all to yourself? I’m Patti.
Patti:Neri. That’s a strange name.
Neri:Cannot see. Feel.
Women:These young people are on an excursion. Looking for fossils.
Brett:Yeah, we heard there’s some great ones around here, um, somewhere called dean’s gully.
Patti:Oh, see that picture up there, that’s dean’s gully.
Cass:Who painted it?
Patti:No one special.
Women:It’ll be really lovely out there now, too.
Patti:Yeah, with the gum trees in blossom.
Neri:You come with us.
Guy:Ah, no. No, that’s impossible, I’m afraid. Patti never goes anywhere without us.
Women:No, we have to be very careful.

Brett:It’s no use. Kal must’ve been wrong.
Neri:No, he cannot be wrong.
Cass:Yeah, well, maybe it’s you that’s wrong.
Brett:Me? Don’t be crazy. It’s got to be here. Look, the co-ordinates, north-east one –
Cass:Good one, klutz.
Cass:The capsule.
Brett:Someone’s been here.
Cass:Yeah, UBRI.
Brett:No. It’s been gone for a long time. No tracks.

Brett:We’ve come to say goodbye to Patti.
Women:She’s in her bedroom.
Patti:Neri, thanks.
Brett:Hey, where did you get this?
Patti:Don’t. Sorry. I never let anyone touch that. Ever.

Cass:Did you talk to her?
Neri:A little. She found the synchronium piece when here eyes could still see.
Brett:She found the capsule?
Neri:Yes. Walking alone. She said she kept it because she felt it was beautiful.
Cass:Well, did you tell her we really need it?
Neri:No. Not know way to say it.
Brett:Problem, huh? Well, at least UBRI haven’t got it.
Cass:Yeah, well, we’ve got a bit of time to work on her. Brett called ORCA and said we’d be staying the night.
Cass:There must be something we can say to her.
Neri:I will ask her. When time is right.
Cass:Good luck. What’s that supposed to be?
Brett:Dr. Hellegren. On a good day.

Hellegren:What are you doing on board ORCA?
Lena:I live here.
Hellegren:With whom?
Lena:Dr. Bates.
Hellegren:I wouldn’t plan on a long stay.
Lena:There is nothing you can do about it.
Lena:I’m on work experience. I’ve been assisting Dr. Bates with her work and I’ve been registered as a guest of the family.
Hellegren:I can easily change all that.
Lena:If you don’t leave me alone, father, I will go public with all the hidden files I saw in UBRI’s computer and that’s a promise.
Hellegren:You’re bluffing.
Lena:Try me.

Guy:So why colonize the oceans? You’ll only pollute them even more.
Cass:No way. ORCA’s there so we can research things that might solve all the problems.
Guy:Yes, well, if we hadn’t abused the earth in the first place, there’d be no need to look for an escape in the oceans.
Patti:Mum, I can manage. So, Neri, do you live on ORCA, too?
Neri:I go there. Often.
Patti:Sounds wonderful.
Women:Oh, yes. I remember. Out there near the reef. I went out there once when I was really little. Oh, the millions of fish and coral. The most fantastic colours and shapes.
Patti:Oh, sorry.
Women:It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll get it.
Patti:Mum, please don’t fuss.
Cass:If you’re interested, there’s some information on ORCA we could send you… In braille, I mean.
Patti:No, that’s okay, thanks. What’s the point of finding out about something if I’m never going to see it?
Women:Oh, Patti.
Patti:I think I might go to my room. Goodnight, everyone.
Cass:Yeah, ’night.
Guy:Outsiders. It’s always the same.

Neri:Neri. I can talk?
Patti:If you want to.
Neri:I know you hurt.
Patti:They treat me like I have to be wrapped up in cotton wool and then I go and do a clumsy thing like that.
Neri:There was no harm.
Patti:Except I spoiled the evening. I just wanted to be like a normal person. But I’m not normal, am I?
Neri:Is so important to be normal? You are special, I can tell. But I do not think you know it.
Patti:You sound so gentle. I know you have a lovely face.
Neri:And these pictures. You made them, yes?
Patti:Mum insists on putting them up. I don’t care one way or the other.
Neri:And you are angry because you cannot make these pictures any more.
Patti:Wouldn’t you be?

Sallyanne:Ah, I missed it. You’re up early. Studying again?
Benny:Yeah, ah, bride duty again?
Sallyanne:What’s new?
UBRI:Did you forget your card, kid?
UBRI:Let him in.
Benny:What about –
UBRI:We’ll leave it open for you.

Commander:Before we return to the conference, a brief reminder to keep on your toes. The routine monitoring of a complex like this is never quite routine. Carry on.
Morgan:Full systems check, HELEN. Back-up confirmation from every post, starting with you, Sallyanne.
Sallyanne:I’m ready when you are, Morgan.

Brett:Hey, good morning.
Women:Good morning. Sleep well?
Cass:Yes, thanks.
Women:Oh, good. I better get some breakfast on then, eh? Where’s Neri?
Brett:I think she’s already up.
Cass:She probably went for a swim in the creek.
Guy:Where’s Patti?
Guy:Well, she’s not in her room and she’s nowhere in the yard. Patti! Patti!
Women:It’s just not like her, Doug. She hasn’t been herself lately.
Guy:She was all right, ’til yesterday.
Patti:We’re over here, mum.
Neri:She makes my picture.

HELEN:Attention. Seismic activity detected. Tremor imminent. Tremor now occurring. Please secure all unsecured objects.
Morgan:Keep your eyes on those monitors!
HELEN:Attention, radiation leak on gamma level. School section, storeroom one-seven west.
Sallyanne:HELEN, confirm location. Gamma level?
HELEN:Confirmed. Bulkheads will now be sealed.
Jason:Must be those canisters mum was talking about. Lucky there’s no one down there.
Benny:I saw him go in.
Morgan:His entry isn’t registered.
Sallyanne:He didn’t use his card.
Jason:Wait, HELEN. There’s someone in there.
HELEN:Negative. All personnel are clear. Fatal contamination level in that section will be reached in 4 minutes 23 seconds.

HELEN:Attention. Radiation leak. Stand clear of all bulkhead doors.
Benny:Leave it open. No!

Morgan:We can’t over-ride HELEN unless I notify the commander and I am not gonna drag him out of the conference on some wild theory.
Jason:We gotta go down there.
Sallyanne:HELEN won’t let us open the bulkheads.
Jason:Oh, yes, she will.
Morgan:What are you doing?
Jason:Taking the daily code. Come on.
Morgan:That is against orders. Get back here!

Benny:HELEN! Come on, HELEN, let me out!
Jason:Theory is, in a code two emergency, this can over-ride.
HELEN:Daily code over-ride mode. Please state your requirements.
Jason:Open the bulkhead door, HELEN.
HELEN:Negative. Please refer to the commander. Fatal contamination level in 31 seconds and counting.
Jason:She won’t listen.
Sallyanne:Tell her you’re authorized.
Jason:HELEN, you’ve got my voice-print. I’m acting first officer Jason Bates. Open the door. Come on, hurry up. Let’s go.
Benny:What happened? What’s going on?
Jason:Don’t worry about it. Just get in. Come on.

Women:Isn’t it like her? I can’t get over it, Doug.
Guy:It’s not bad at all.
Patti:Don’t make a fuss.
Cass:So, you all set to bake it?
Women:Oh yes, I’ll just stoke up the over.
Neri:And you will make more hand paintings?
Guy:Oh yeah, We’re sending off for some armature and some modeling clay this afternoon.
Brett:We really gotta go now or we gonna miss our bus.
Cass:Yeah, thanx for everything and the great food and all.
Women:It’s been a pleasure.
Guy:Yeah, hey thanx.
Patti:Neri, come. I don’t understand but I know you need it.
Neri:Yes. But I no like to take from you.
Patti:No, it’s okay. You’ve given me something better.


Commander:Acting contrary to orders. Leaving posts without permission. Unofficial use of daily code. Word on the boy, Dr. Bates?
Dianne:Yes, commander. The doctor’s put Benny through every radiation test we have. He’s in the clear.
Winston:The clean-up team have resealed the broken canisters and sent them back to the mainland.
Dianne:Where they should’ve gone in the first place.
Commander:Did the doctor mention what would’ve happened to Benny if he’d stayed down there any longer?
Dianne:If Jason and Sallyanne had delayed their rescue for even a few minutes longer, the dose of radiation would have been deadly.
Commander:There’s a lesson here. In an emergency the rules don’t always fit the case. Something, which perhaps on this occasion, cadet Clayborn, you forgot. Congratulations on a job well done.
Jason:Thank you, sir.