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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 18


Kellar:And no sign of him surfacing.
Hellegren:Show me again. The garment. The same material. An ocean boy.

Neri:Eat or it will waste. Not good to live in ship. Alone. Thoughts can turn bad. Come back. Live here again.
Kal:Just Neri and Kal.
Jason:I can’t stay for long. I just want to know how Charley was.
Neri:He is fine. Strong again.
Kal:So, now you know. Goodbye.
Jason:Well, gee, Kal. Thanks for the great welcome.
Kal:You not welcome here. This Neri’s island. Kal’s island.
Jason:Yeah. Since when?
Kal:You take Neri away. Always bring trouble. I look after Neri. You go now. You stay away.
Neri:Kal. I am sorry.
Jason:Nah, forget it. Just don’t let him bug you, okay?


Neri:You rude to Jason. Next time he come, you say sorry.
Kal:No next time. He not come back.
Neri:Not your island. Jason and Brett, my friends. I am glad they come here. And Lena and Benny and Cass. They help me search for the synchronium.
Kal:I will help you.
Neri:You will greet my friends. You will come out of this place and you will be the old Kal.
Kal:Or what?
Neri:You will leave this island. Find new place.
Kal:Yes. New place. Yes.

Lena:Good morning.
Jason:Oh, morning.
Lena:I’m logging on to HELEN straight after breakfast.
Jason:Good, anything happening?
Lena:She’s got a new network online— an information exchange for all those amateur astronomers.
Jason:Sounds promising. There maybe sightings never officially recorded.
Lena:It’s huge, though. It could take ages to find any parts of the synchronium. We were luck to have found 4.
Brett:There she is again. How can a human being sound so much like a jackass.
Dolores:Oh Brett, look, you got to hear this.
Brett:Sorry Dolores, I’m not allowed to laugh. Hernia.
Dolores:…Hernia. (Laughing)

Winston:Not only the fish and mammals of the sea are being disrupted by these earth tremors. Even the coral, a living organism itself, is dying off.
Dianne:What we’ve got here confirms exactly that. Thanks for carrying them up for me, Dave.
Dave:All part of the service.
Winston:It’s all right. It’s just a little one, this time.
Dave:Don’t be. It’s not every day a good-looking woman throws herself at me. I was just joking. Not about you being good-looking, and everything. It’s just that I meant… Is that the time? I’m due back up the bridge. If you want anything, just call me.

Jason:Mum and Dave Hartley? Are you kidding?
Brett:Jase, I really reckon he might be keen on her.
Jason:Nah, she wouldn’t be interested, anyway.
Brett:She’s been alone for a long time. Don’t you think she ever gets lonely?
Jason:Well… Maybe, I guess.
Brett:Hey, you could do worse, you know. You’re always saying what a good dude he is and dive supervisor is a permanent position.
Brett:We wouldn’t have to worry about being transferred ashore any more. Plus he has a big say on who graduates cadets.
Jason:Get real. Leave me out of it, Brett. I’ve got enough on my plate trying to figure out Kal.

Dolores:(Laughing) Oh, hey, Brett. Look, you’ve got to hear this joke.
Brett:Sorry, Dolores. Temporary deafness.
Dolores:All right. See you later.
Brett:Hey, Benny. I got this project you gotta help me with.
Benny:I’m pretty busy.
Brett:No, but this is important. I want you to write me a love letter.
Brett:No, no, nah. I need to send one. Like from someone who’s having a bit of a problem making the first move, to someone’s mum, who just so happens to have the same sort of problem.
Benny:Your mum? Who from?
Brett:Dave Hartley.
Benny:Seriously? No, I couldn’t. What if it was traced?
Brett:From a computer?
Benny:Mine’s in for repairs.
Brett:So we use Jason’s. Come on, man. You’re the whiz with the words.

Brett:All right, ready to go. How do we start?
Benny:To one who thinks of me only as a friend… When she means so much more to me.
Brett:Bit mushy, isn’t it?
Benny:It’s supposed to be mushy. That’s the whole point.
Brett:Okay, okay.
Benny:I find it hard to put into words how I feel about you. I can only dream that some day you might feel the same.
Brett:Excellent, Benny boy. This is going to be a winner.


Kellar:Still hasn’t noticed us.
Hellegren:Definitely less alert than the girls. But we must be quick.
Kellar:What’s your position?
UBRI:20 metres from target.
Kellar:Full speed.
Kellar:About to dive directly towards you.


Hellegren:Do you understand me? What is your name? You might as well relax. You are quit powerless. Take him.
Kellar:Should we tranquilize him.
Hellegren:No, I want to watch him think.

Hellegren:Very well, my boy. Have the food removed. And for the rest of the night, minimal water. And tell them to leave the lights on. It is time to start turning up the pressure.

Brett:Oh, it’s you. Come in.
Benny:Come out, okay?
Brett:Yeah. Check it through. From your secret admirer. You sure we should keep it anonymous?
Benny:Of course. It’s more romantic that way. And your mum’ll figure out in no time it’s got to be Dave.
Brett:Yeah, well, it’ll certainly stir things up, that’s for sure. Now, all I’ve got to do is think up the right way to get it to her.
Neri:Brett, I worry. We must go talk to mother.
Brett:Just a second. Let’s go.

Neri:Kal is gone all day and doesn’t come back to sleep.
Dianne:Have you checked the spaceship?
Neri:I watched through the night, but he does not return.
Winston:When did you last see him?
Neri:After Jason come yesterday. We have big anger.
Neri:He tell Jason go away.
Brett:It’s nothing. The guy’s just jealous. He’ll show up.
Neri:He never stays away all night. Where did he sleep?

Hellegren:Yes. The isolation is beginning to take effect.
Kellar:Doctor, there are more rapid means of breaking him down.
Hellegren:Crude means, Kellar, which will not achieve the desired result. Hurt him, he will just withdraw further into himself. This way, we steadily increase his feelings of helplessness until he thinks he has not a friend left in the world.
Kellar:And then?
Hellegren:Then I become that friend and he will be happy to do anything I ask.

Dianne:What’s all this about Kal being jealous of you?
Jason:Oh, it’s nothing, mum. It’s all in his head.
Dianne:Well, if he’s not at Neri’s, or in the spaceship, where do you suppose he is?
Jason:Probably hoping we’re wondering. He just wants attention.
Dianne:Well, just remember you’re dealing with an unknown quantity.
Jason:Yeah, mum.
Dianne:Jealousy’s a dangerous emotion.
Jason:Don’t worry about it. We’ll find him.

Jason:Here are those navigation notes you wanted.
Sallyanne:Oh, thanks.
Morgan:Bates, you’re a minute and 43 seconds late.
Morgan:Come on. You’ve still got three levels of touch panels to check.
Dave:Is there anything wrong?
Sallyanne:No, nothing. Not a thing.

Neri:Maybe he makes new hiding place on island. I start search.
Brett:We’ll help you, Neri. We’ll be over after lunch.

Jason:What for?
Sallyanne:You know.
Sallyanne:Well, do you want to have lunch?
Jason:Sure, as soon as I finish this sector.
Sallyanne:Okay, then. Will I meet you there, then?

Jason:I’m glad I got that out of the way.
Sallyanne:I’m glad, too. It must’ve been hard to do.
Jason:No, not really. All you have to do is check your contacts are working.
Sallyanne:Jason, you don’t have to worry. I read you loud and clear.
Jason:Can you pass the ketchup? Thank you.
Sallyanne:I’m glad you broke the ice because I find things hard to say, too. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Jason:Hang on, Sallyanne. You mind telling me what you’re talking about?
Sallyanne:The letter.
Jason:What letter?
Sallyanne:The one you slipped me with the navigation notes. Jason, it was the nicest…
Jason:You wouldn’t happen to have it with you?
Sallyanne:Yeah, of course I do.
Jason:Give us a look. Thanks.
Sallyanne:It’s beautiful.
Jason:Yeah, well, excuse me.

Dolores:…And anyway, he says, “not with my hamburger you won’t.” (Laughing)
Brett:Ha, ha, ha. Hilarious, Dolores.
Girl:Dolores, are you going to take your shot or not?
Dolores:Oh, yep.
Jason:So, what’s this?
Brett:How did you get this?
Jason:Well, it seems I handed it to Sallyanne along with some cadet notes. Now she thinks I wrote it to her.
Brett:She does? Oh, man.
Jason:Mind telling me how it got printed out from my computer?
Brett:Look, this is all a big mistake. I’ll explain it to you on the way out to the island.
Brett:Neri needs some help to find Kal. I said we’d get out there as soon as we could.
Jason:Well, your story’d better be good.

Kellar:You might as well speak, if you can. I am sure you can. We have all the time in the world, you know. Suit yourself. If you want to spend another night without food or sleep, you are welcome.
Hellegren:Do you know what we are saying, I wonder? Somehow I sense that you do. You must forgive my staff. They don’t know how to treat people. It’s not their fault. They’re not attuned to the sensitive spirit. You must be hungry, my boy, yes? Eat it… To please me. You may not believe this, but I am here to be your friend. A man of principle. Rare these days. Very well. I will respect that.

Neri:I cannot find. We search rest of island.
Jason:How do you know he’s here?
Neri:He knows nowhere else to go.

Hellegren:He’s beginning to falter, Kellar.
Kellar:Are you sure?
Hellegren:The next step is to make him dependent on me. All he has to do is take food. It will not be long.

Brett:Any sign?
Jason:We better get back.
Neri:We try along river.
Brett:Come on Neri. We can’t comb the whole island. There’s no way we’re going to find him if he doesn’t want us to.
Neri:Look just a little longer.
Jason:Tomorrow maybe. He’ll turn up when he is ready. Gotta go, got some explaining to do, remember?

Sallyanne:You did your vanishing act again.
Jason:Yeah. Sorry.
Sallyanne:I wish you’d take me with you sometimes. Wherever it is you go.
Jason:Sallyanne, can I talk to you?
Sallyanne:I’m listening.
Jason:About the letter. You do realize it was just a mistake? It wasn’t meant for you.
Sallyanne:Who was it meant for, then?
Jason:Mum. I mean, it was a fake. She was supposed to think it was from someone else. One of Brett’s bright ideas.
Jason:I just wanted to check. I thought you might have been upset.
Sallyanne:Why would I get upset?
Jason:Well, you know. I figured you might’ve thought I was trying to hit on you or something.
Sallyanne:You? Hit on me? That’d be the day, wouldn’t it?
Jason:Yeah, I guess it’s kinda ridiculous. So everything’s okay? We’re still good buddies?
Sallyanne:That’s us, Jason. Always good buddies. Look, I’ve got things I have to do.
Jason:Well, I’m glad everything’s sorted out.


Dolores:You wrote all this for me?
Brett:No, no, Dolores.

Hellegren:Leave us.


Hellegren:I sense that you are restless. But you can master it. It is good. I also sense that you have great gifts. You’ll find I only want to be your friend. In any case, you want to be strong… And to be strong, you must eat. Come. Take food from a friend.