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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 19

(music) (Whale sounds)

Brett:No sign of Kal. Nothing. Neri and Charley have been searching for him all day. Maybe Neri’s right. Something serious could have happened to him.
Jason:Nah. He’s still just sulking.
Brett:We’ve searched all around ORCA, too. It’s been nearly two days since anyone’s seen him.
Jason:He’s trying to scare us. Trying to teach us a lesson. Bet ya he’ll turn up tomorrow.

Hellegren:The first vital step has been taken.
Kellar:He still doesn’t speak, doctor. I think it’s time we used some real…
Hellegren:He eats. Don’t you see? He eats my food. The first wall of resistance has been broken down. The next step is to find out what else this young man wants. His dreams. His desires. When we know that, it is only a matter of time.
Hellegren:Time, Kellar. And skill.

Brett:Something’s happened to him.
Lena:Jason says he was in a pretty bad mood the last time he saw him.
Jason:Yep. He thinks the island belongs to him and Neri.
Brett:So why isn’t he there?
Jason:Well, don’t sweat. He’ll turn up when he wants to.
Benny:Any news on the synchronium, Lena?
Lena:Yes. HELEN’s thrown up another sighting. It could have been anything, of course, but there are quite a few reports about the same time. HELEN’s scanning now for more details.
Jason:Well, keep pushing, okay?
Lena:Aye, aye, cadet Bates.
Sallyanne:Have you got a second, Jason?
Jason:See you later. Lena.
Sallyanne:Um, I just wanted to give you back these.
Jason:Oh, thanks. And, uh, thanks for covering for me at mapping yesterday. You’re a real…

Mera:Sister. Wake. We sense new troubles for you. The danger is growing for both our worlds. Wake, sister, and begin.

Neri:It was another warning from Mera.
Brett:What did she say this time?
Neri:There is new danger coming.
Jason:A new danger?
Brett:Perhaps it’s got something to do with Kal.
Jason:Why is everything about Kal suddenly?

Hellegren:You enjoyed your meal?
Kal:I want to go from here.
Hellegren:I’m afraid that is not possible yet. First, I have to get to know more about you.
Kal:More food.
Hellegren:You are still hungry?
Kal:More fish. And bananas, and coconuts.
Hellegren:We can arrange this.
Kal:Better bed, too. This like rock. I want soft bed. Like I have on the island.
Hellegren:Island? Which island?
Kal:Mine. They want to take it. Is Kal’s island, too.
Hellegren:Who wants to take it from you?
Kal:You give me better bed.
Hellegren:Kal, we’ll see what we can do.

Lena:Oh, yes. Oh. This object was sighted just over the coast. Look! Only just north of here. There are three different newspaper reports and one police statement.
Cass:All right.
Lena:But it was never explained. I’m sure it’s another piece of the synchronium.
Benny:All we’ve got to do now is work out exactly where it fell.
Cass:Yeah, but how do we figure that without Kal?

Hellegren:The boy is hungry.
Kellar:He eats like a horse.
Hellegren:Not for food. For the island.
Hellegren:Exactly. Which island? And from whom? I must make him talk more.
Kellar:How do you propose to do that?
Hellegren:I will indulge him. I will encourage this greed. Now we must convince him we are the people who can fulfill all his desires. Once he believes that, he’s ours.

Lena:Come on, HELEN.
HELEN:Insufficient data available.
Cass:Would have been enough for Kal.
Benny:Yeah. But who knows how his mind works? It’s beyond any computer.
Lena:HELEN. You’ve got the weather and the time lapses between sightings so that gives you a speed. Couldn’t you at least give us a possible landing point?
HELEN:Repeat. Insufficient data available.
Lena:HELEN, couldn’t you speculate?
HELEN:Speculation is a human capacity.
Lena:Well, couldn’t you try to… Assess the probabilities?
HELEN:Probabilities. In order of likelihood?
Cass:Hey, she’s cookin’.
Brett:Bosun’s bay.
Lena:Yes. HELEN came up with three probable sites, but this is the most likely.
Jason:Steep cliffs. We’ll need climbing equipment.
Cass:Well, why don’t you and Brett go tell Neri? Benny and I can get the gear together.

Hellegren:The game, as you requested. Where did you learn to play?
Kal:On ORCA.
Hellegren:You have been there?
Hellegren:You say they want to take the island from you. Who are they?
Kal:Neri and Jason.
Hellegren:Jason. Young Jason Bates? And Neri? The girl who swims with the whale, perhaps?
Hellegren:So they…
Kal:Our instruments confirm another impact of the unidentified objects.
Hellegren:Can’t you see I’m occupied?
Kellar:We think we have a fix on another piece of the device.
Hellegren:Take a team. I shall be busy.
Kal:Is always secrets.
Hellegren:No, no. An administrative discussion. Who keeps secrets from you?
Kal:You play?
Hellegren:Why not?

Brett:So, we’ll meet you on the beach, there.
Neri:And if Kal comes back?
Jason:Well, he can worry about you for a change.

Hellegren:My friend, that was ingenious. I wonder if you know that I am your friend? Do you even know what a real friend is?
Kal:Jason said he was my friend.
Hellegren:Ah, yes. You have had bad experience. This makes you wary and a little sad, yes? Believe me. I am a real friend. I would not let you down. This ocean device I hear you are trying to assemble.
Kal:The synchronium.
Hellegren:Ah, yes. Of course. The synchronium.
Kal:You know about it?
Hellegren:Most certainly. Of course. I am a scientist. I am deeply interested in this device. It will have great power. Which is why it must come into the hands of wise men. Good move. And to clever men, too, like us. I assume you are aware of your own remarkable intelligence. You should not concern yourself with these foolish youngsters.

Benny:Hi, Neri.
Jason:Hey. Well, I reckon that has to be it.
Cass:What, those cliffs?
Jason:Yeah, I guess. Everybody ready?
Jason:Okay, let’s go.


Neri:This way.

Hellegren:So. You tell me that this synchronium was sent down by your people to harness the powers of the ocean?
Kal:Can fix sea.
Hellegren:Just as I thought. Think, my friend, of the power of that. Whoever commands the tides commands the world. Wouldn’t you rather be master not only of your island, but of the whole earth?
Kal:Power not just island. Earth.
Hellegren:Yes. Shouldn’t you, whose people you say care for this planet, for all planets, be the one to mend it? To do good?
Kal:Yes. Do good.

Brett:Man, I give up.
Cass:Nothing. Not a trace of anything. You and HELEN goofed, right?
Lena:Since we’re here, I think we should try that cliff over there.
Benny:It’s getting late.
Lena:We have come this far. Come on, a little longer won’t kill us.
Neri:We go.

Kellar:There. No. Let them do the hard work and find it. It’ll save us the trouble.
Kellar:I want you to shadow them from below. Come with me. Keep your heads down.

Hellegren:You realize, my friend, I have already a piece of the synchronium in my possession.
Kal:You are UBRI.
Hellegren:How many other pieces of this device have been located to your knowledge?
Kal:Four pieces. Very hard to find.
Hellegren:Of course. Who was responsible for finding them, my friend?
Kal:I do hard part.
Hellegren:Where are these pieces now?
Kal:Secret place. No one tell me.
Hellegren:They do not even trust you for this. Where would they be without you? Tell me, huh? You find the pieces. You do the work.
Kal:That is right.
Hellegren:Some friendship, Kal. Should this great, powerful machine be entrusted to two silly youths and a girl? Even now I am on the track of another piece of this synchronium. I tell you this because I trust you. Soon I hope you learn to trust me. Trust me as your first, true friend.

Cass:Bull’s-eye! Guys, come over here. I found it.
Neri:I will get it.
Jason:No. My turn, Neri.
Jason:Look. Whoever’s down there needs two hands to open the capsule and with this gear, I don’t need to hang on. See you later.

UBRI:They’ve found something. One of the kids is climbing down to a ledge. Over.
Kellar:Wait for the order. Don’t move.


Jason:Got it.
UBRI:Kid’s on his way up.
Kellar:Very good. Close in.

Brett:Jase, they’re onto us. UBRI.
Jason:Go now.
Lena:We can’t leave you here.
Jason:The main thing is to get Neri away. Go!
Lena:Okay, come on.
Brett:Neri, come on!
Kellar:You two, after them. The rest, stay with me. Tie it onto this rope. Carefully.
Jason:And what if I don’t?
Kellar:I think you will.

Brett:Go on. Dive Neri. We’ll be okay. Go!
Cass:Okay, so what do we do now?
Benny:Come on.

Benny:Can anyone drive one of these things?
Cass:Ah. Yeah, I can. Kinda.
Brett:I’ll give it a go.
Lena:Two on each.
Benny:Wait. Gotta fix the others. Lena?
Brett:UBRI. Lena, let’s go.
Lena:Come on.
UBRI:Get on ’em, get going. Come on. Come on, let’s go. Come on.
UBRI:They won’t start.
Kellar:Take it back to headquarters.
UBRI:Should we take him back to Dr. Hellegren?
Kellar:What do we need him for? We already have his strange young friend.
UBRI:They’ve got the bikes. We’ve lost them.

UBRI:The team has secured the object, as commanded, sir. It is another piece of the device.
Hellegren:Good. You see, my boy, we are getting closer all the time to our objective. How did you… Oh. Well done. Well done.
Kal:I am tired. Must sleep.
Hellegren:Of course. Of course.

Jason:Where are they now?
Cass:We watched them go and then doubled back here.
Jason:I had to give it to them.
Benny:It’s not your fault. I mean, you had no option.
Jason:Yeah, well. That’s not all. I heard them talking. They’ve got Kal.

Kellar:The whole operation went off without a hitch.
Hellegren:I had rather a good day myself.
Hellegren:I almost had him, Kellar. He’s slowly giving way. Bit by bit.
Kellar:Bit by bit.
Hellegren:Just one more step. All he has to do is take my hand. Then he is mine.

Jason:So they got away with it.
Brett:Yeah, but the synchronium won’t work without all the pieces. And we’ve got these.
Neri:We must get Kal back. They will hurt him. Make him talk.
Jason:Neri, just go back to the island. We’ll let you know as we find out anything.


Kellar:The young man requested to see you, sir.
Hellegren:What is it?
Kal:I come to see synchronium.
Hellegren:Of course. It is ours. Mine and yours, is it not? Here. You take it with you, if you like. You have been honest with me. You can go free. Or, we could acquire and assemble the whole synchronium, together. And use it. With me you would be the most powerful being on earth.
Kal:You make me promise.
Hellegren:You take my hand, the promise is sealed. Come, friend.

(Haunting music)