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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 20

(Buzzing toy) (radio music)

Hellegren:Such childlike enjoyment.
Kellar:Childish, I should say.
Hellegren:I hope you are being softer on him as I instructed you to.
Kellar:There’s such a thing as being too soft, if you ask me.
Hellegren:Nobody did ask you, Kellar. I will tighten the screws when the time comes.

Brett:We’ve got to do something.
Jason:Oh, yeah, what? We can’t just go to the authorities and say, “hey, we think these guys have just kidnapped our alien friend.”
Dianne:Jason’s right. We’d have to tell the whole story.
Jason:And that’d mean the truth, not just about Kal, but Neri, too.
Brett:All right, so, if we want to save Kal, we’ve got to do it ourselves.

(Whale call)

Brett:They must be keeping him somewhere at UBRI headquarters.
Cass:Hey, only one way to find out. I say we storm the place and kick ourselves some butt.
Brett:We only just got away with it last time, Cass. Another raid would be too risky. But we’ve got to do something.
Cass:Well, what about their offices here at ORCA?
Lena:Maybe. If we could get inside somehow, we might be able to find a clue.
Benny:But that’s breaking and entering.
Brett:Well, only if we get caught.
Benny:Okay, so how are we going to get in without being seen?
Cass:I know exactly how we’re going to do it.

Hellegren:I’m sorry to call you from your room, Kal. You like your computer game?
Kal:Is easy. I win all the time.
Hellegren:Good. I’m glad it amuses you. It pleases me. Because we are friends, yes?
Hellegren:And what do friends do?
Kal:Help each other.
Hellegren:That is right. So you help me find the missing pieces of the synchronium and I will help you gain what you rightfully deserve. I will see that the island becomes yours, all yours. You will control everything and everyone on it.
Kal:Even Neri?
Hellegren:Especially Neri. Oh, the customs of your planet maybe fascinating. But you most remember. You are on earth, now. Here we do things differently. Here, men or the leaders and women are the followers. Do you understand?
Kal:Men are leaders.
Kal:Good. Kal is man.
Hellegren:And a strong one. And you will rule on your island. If you give me what I want in return.
Kellar:Doctor, I will be leaving for ORCA–
Hellegren:Silence women! Can’t you see we are in conference?
Kellar:I was merely giving you–
Hellegren:Later women. Get out.
Kellar:As you wish, Doctor.
Hellegren:You see. We command, they obey.

Jason:Maybe if I’d been a better friend to him, you know, spent more time with him. We’ve been so wrapped up in finding pieces of the synchronium, lately. Imagine how he must’ve felt, being left behind all the time.
Neri:It is not your fault, Jason.
Jason:Yeah, maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, we got to get him back.

Kellar:He is developing quite a competitive streak.
Hellegren:Yes. Ego too. Arrogance even.
Kellar:He has a good teacher.
Hellegren:Ah, you’re dismissal. A necessary demonstration, Kellar. But, it is all working to our advantage. I’d say one more briefing. He’d be completely under our control. You know, it really is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen. Emotionally, intellectually, he’s like a blank canvas. I control the paintbrush, I add the colour.
Kellar:And he becomes whatever you want.
Hellegren:Exactly. I could mould him into anything my heart desires.
Kellar:An obedient son, perhaps?
Hellegren:Yes. An obedient son.

Lena:There. That’s the grill we have to get through. Benny.
Cass:The screwdriver, dummy. Just do it, okay?
Lena:Here. I’ve down-loaded the plans for the ORCA air-conditioning system. We’re here. And the UBRI offices are here.
Brett:And these lines, they’re the air ducts?
Lena:Right. All you have to do is follow them.
Cass:T-junction. Which way?
Brett:Oh. Left and keep going.
Benny:They’ve been in there for five minutes.
Lena:They should be around half way.
Cass:Hey. Quit shoving.
Brett:Well, keep moving. We’re almost there.
Cass:We are here, dummy.
UBRI:No, ma’am. I mean, yes, ma’am. I mean we were waiting for approval from Dr. Hellegren.
Kellar:Do you think that he is going to drop everything to check details with you? Dr. Hellegren is a very busy man. Right now he has extremely important business with a rather special guest.
Brett:Go, go, go.
Kellar:I will authorize this requisition. And next time, make me aware of the problem I ediately.
UBRI:Yes, ma’am.
Kellar:And furthermore, if those cables aren’t laid by this time tomorrow…
UBRI:Security alert. Intruders.
Cass:They’ve heard us. Quick, move! Come on. Move it.
Lena:What happened?
Benny:Did you get caught?
Lena:Did they see you?
Brett:No, but they must’ve heard us. We’ve got to get out of here in case they followed us back.
Benny:I knew something like this would happen.
Lena:Did you find out anything about Kal?
Brett:Sort of. We’ve got to hurry. My I.D., I’ve lost it.
Cass:There’s no time to look for it now.
Brett:No, I’ve lost my I.D.
Lena:Come on.

UBRI:They got away, ma’am. But one of them left this behind.

Hellegren:Oh, very good, my boy. No. Thank you.
Kellar:Kellar here, doctor.
Hellegren:Yes, Kellar.
Kellar:I just thought you’d like to know there’s been a breach of security over here.
Hellegren:My friend, would you be so good as to give me a few moments with my colleague? No, there’ll be no need for guards and locked doors, our young friend can be trusted. Continue.
Kellar:Human movement was detected in the air ducts. They got away before we could catch them, but I know who it was. The Bates child.
Hellegren:Put it back.
Kellar:I’m sorry. I…
Hellegren:I said put it back where you found it.
Kellar:But, this is a major breach of security. You let them get away with it once and they’ll try it again.
Hellegren:Which is what I am counting on. I should have thought of this before. It is the perfect way to return the boy without raising suspicion.
Hellegren:His friends are going to rescue him. And you are going to help them.

Cass:She talked about a special guest.
Brett:It’s got to be Kal. I reckon another minute in the air-duct and we would have found out for sure.
Cass:So let’s go back.
Benny:Are you crazy?
Lena:It’s too soon. For all we know they could be in there looking for you.
Jason:At least wait until the dust settles.
Neri:No. No time to wait. We must go back to find Kal.
Jason:Neri, it’s too dangerous.
Neri:Then I go myself.
Jason:You can’t go.
Brett:Cass, looks like we got another date with the air-duct.

Hellegren:Well, Kal. It is nearly time for you to be returned to your own world. You know what you have to do, don’t you?
Kal:Yes. To find where they hide pieces of synchronium.
Hellegren:And then?
Kal:Come tell you.
Hellegren:Why is this?
Kal:Because you are my friend and you are scientist. You will use it wisely.
Hellegren:And Neri?
Kal:Neri is just silly girl. Cannot be trusted with such important tasks.
Kal:I will help you get all of the synchronium, and you will give me island. I will be leader and Neri will follow.
Hellegren:You have my word on that. You know you can trust me and I can trust you, too.
Hellegren:You have learned well. But there is one thing that bothers me. When you return to the island you will have to lie. Do you know what lying is? Lying is when you say something that isn’t the truth. It is like saying that the sky is green when it is blue, or that grass is red when it is green.
Kal:Why say so, if is not true?
Hellegren:Unfortunately, in our world, Kal, it is sometimes necessary to say untruths to achieve your goals. To alter the facts a little for the greater good. And we know in our case the greater good is that we have the synchronium to control the seas. You understand this?
Hellegren:Do you think you can lie?
Hellegren:I will test you. Here’s my watch. Put it behind your back. Now, look me in the eye and tell me you haven’t got it.
Kal:I not have your watch.
Hellegren:Excellent. Now you give it back.
Kal:I just tell you. I not have your watch. Is gone. Someone else must have it.
Hellegren:Oh, yes. You are ready.

Lena:Now remember, this time no noise.
Brett:Don’t worry. If we have to, we won’t even breathe.
Cass:You got that right.
Brett:Very funny. C’mon. Are you ready?
Neri:Be careful.
Cass:Hey, it’s your I.D. Look.
Brett:Excellent. They mustn’t have taken the security alert seriously enough to do a proper search.
Cass:Well, if we’re lucky, we can still catch them off guard.
Kellar:I have to talk with you alone on a matter of strictest secrecy. Dr. Hellegren has just informed me that, for security reasons, he intends to remove a young guest of his to a safe house in the country. Do you understand?
UBRI:Yes, ma’am.
Kellar:The doctor does not want the boy to be seen, so he’ll be taken via the old stoney mountain track. It’s isolated and very seldom used. I want you and one of your most trustworthy men to handle the transportation.
UBRI:I’ll arrange it immediately.
Kellar:Report to headquarters tomorrow morning 0900.
Benny:Are you sure?
Brett:’Course we’re sure.
Cass:We heard it straight from her mouth?
Brett:They’re taking him along the stoney mountain track.
Cass:The isolated and seldom used stoney mountain track.
Lena:That should be easy to locate. What about security?
Benny:They’ll probably have him surrounded by a million guards.
Cass:Nope, only two. So if we’re ever going to have a chance, well, this is it.
Neri:Then we go.

Brett:Stoney mountain. Stoney mountain valley. Stoney mountain track. Here it is.
Cass:Would you get your finger off of it. We can’t see.
Lena:Hang on a minute. I’ll centralize the area.
Cass:Well, they weren’t wrong when they said isolated. This road is close to nothing.
Benny:Yeah. Except for this bit of river here. Stoney mountain river. It comes right up to the road then heads directly out to sea, by the looks of it.
Jason:Perfect. If we can grab Kal here, you take him back down the river and out to sea. Then you guys are home free.

Jason:Any sign of her?
Lena:Not yet.
Benny:What if something goes wrong?
Brett:It won’t.
Benny:What if they don’t turn up?
Brett:They will.
Benny:What if my father finds out I’m here?
Brett:Benny. You’re a great guy, but you’ve really got to get a handle on this anxiety thing.
Jason:She’s here.
Cass:All right. So let’s get this show on the road.
Jason:Everyone clear about what happen?
Jason:Okay, let’s go.

Kellar:Doctor, The guards has been fully briefed. But, don’t you think that it would be better if we were to follow behind? If the boy is not fully prepared…
Hellegren:He is prepared, Kellar. Kal knows exactly what is expected of him.
Kal:Yes, I know. Go away women.
Hellegren:Now, you are quite clear, on what we think is going to happen. And remember, you must act surprised and pleased to see them, yes?
Kellar:They are ready.
Hellegren:Travel well, my friend.

Neri:Let go, now.
Cass:Come on. In there.
Cass:They’re coming.
Benny:They’re coming.
Jason:Quick, into position.
UBRI:Come on. Give us a hand.
Neri:Hurry. To the river. Come on.
Lena:Hey, you guys, over here.
Lena:Quick, Brett.

Kal:I am lucky you come when you do. I think the place they take me is bad. More bad than first place.
Lena:And how bad was that?
Kal:They lock me in dark room. No bed, no light. They give me no food, only water. They say bad things will happen to me if I not tell them secrets.
Benny:You didn’t tell them anything, though, did you?
Kal:No. Not tell them anything.
Brett:Good on ya, Kal. You’re a regular hero.
Lena:Yeah, well done.
Jason:Welcome home, Kal. I’m glad you’re back.
Kal:I’m glad to be back. Back on island. Back with friends.

Brett:I knew Kal wouldn’t let us down.
Jason:I’ve got to admit it, at one stage I was a little worried. But we’ve still got to be careful. The fact that UBRI captured Kal once means they could do it again. And the next time.
Brett:Hey, relax. There’s not going to be a next time. Everything’s back to normal.

Hellegren:It is good to see you again, my friend.
Kal:I promised I’d come.
Hellegren:Did you have any trouble getting away?
Kal:No. I just tell Neri I go for a swim.
Kal:Soon it will be Neri who tells me where she is going.
Hellegren:Yes, my boy. But you must be patient. We don’t want to make a move until all the synchronium pieces are accounted for. Your main objective now is to find the hiding place of Neri’s four pieces without her knowing.
Hellegren:Then, when we are certain all the pieces have been recovered, then we shall strike. And the island will be yours.