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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 21

Kal:Neri? Is something wrong?
Neri:No. Nothing wrong.
Kal:You look… Sad. Scared, maybe.
Neri:No, I’m not sad. Not anymore. I was sad when you went away. I missed you, Kal. Promise me you won’t leave the island again.
Kal:I promise. Kal is here to stay.

Lena:We could have another one.
Cass:Another piece of the synchronium.
Lena:Somewhere inland. In the desert, by the look of it. But that should be enough for Kal to work on.
Jason:Well, we’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning. It’s too late to send for him now.
Cass:Yeah, and anyway, after what he’s been through these past couple of days, the poor guy’s probably blowing out a million zees right now.

Mera:Neri. My sister. Heed the warning. You must fulfil your quest soon. You must hurry, or it may be too late.

Brett:Okay, Kal, go for it. Do your thing.
Brett:You know, you figure out where it landed.
Lena:What do you mean you can’t? You found all the others.
Kal:This one hard. Much harder than the others.
Neri:Please try, Kal.
Kal:Can’t. Need more time. Must think.
Brett:What’s up with him?
Kal:We go back to island now? I go for a swim. I think better when I swim.
Neri:I swim with you, then.
Kal:No, is best I am alone.
Neri:But it’s not good for you to be alone.
Kal:You don’t trust me?
Neri:I trust you. Just don’t swim too long, okay?

Kellar:Looks like our little friend’s had second thoughts.
Hellegren:He’ll be here.
Kal:I have news. They find another piece of synchronium.
Kal:Out in desert.
Kellar:I’ll get the charts.
Hellegren:No. That will not be necessary.
Hellegren:Think. If we were to locate this piece before them, they may begin to wonder where we got our information. We must protect our informant at all times.
Kellar:I see your point, doctor.
Hellegren:Let them find it, and we will simply reclaim it along with all the others, just as soon as Kal finds where they are all hidden. Is this not right, Kal?
Kal:Yes, that is right. I will watch and find them soon.
Hellegren:Of course you will.

Cass:I don’t get it. If he could find the others, then how come he can’t find this one?
Brett:Who knows? Who knows anything about how Kal’s mind works? We can’t do anything without him.
Lena:I wouldn’t go that far.
Lena:Well, I did pick the general area. I’m no match for Kal, but I might be able to narrow it down even further if I allocate more of HELEN’s functions to the case.
Benny:We’re doing this without permission, remember. It’s against the rules.
Cass:Rules, schmools.
Brett:Cass is right. We’ve got to try. Go for it, Lena.

Commander:Okay, over the next two days, you and your partner will be required to solve problems and perform complicated manoeuvres.


Commander:Get onto HELEN! Find out the location of the epicentre!
Morgan:Yes, sir!
Commander:Make it snappy, Morgan!
Morgan:Sir, report. Access to mainframe is occupied.
Morgan:Somebody’s accessing HELEN who shouldn’t be, sir.
Commander:Find out who!
Morgan:Yes, sir.

Winston:I knew it. I knew those tremors would start again.
Dianne:That was no tremor, Winston, that was a full scale quake. And if that fault line keeps opening, things are only going to get worse.

HELEN:Shock waves also detected in all mainland seaboard capitals.
Commander:You had HELEN tied up at a time of emergency. A major violation of ORCA rules and regulations.
Benny:I told you.
Commander:Not only were you caught, but you were caught red-handed. Now, while I think if a suitable punishment, you will start with clean-up detail commensing 0900 tomorrow. Clayborn.
Commander:You’ll be assigned to supervise.
Morgan:My pleasure, sir.

Dianne:Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s like some marine graveyard down there.
Winston:No fish in sight?
Dianne:None to speak of. It’s like they know it’s only going to get worse, so they’ve headed for safer waters.
Winston:Perhaps it’s only temporary. Maybe they’ll return in the near future.
Dianne:Winston, if these quakes continue to cause damage to the ecosystem, there may not be a future – for them, or for us.

Brett:Bad news, I’m afraid, Neri. The situation here is that we’re all grounded.
Jason:And us cadets are on permanent stand-by till further notice.
Lena:Which means we’re going to shelve the research for at least a day.
Neri:No. Time is short.
Cass:We don’t have a choice.
Neri:Then I go alone.
Brett:All Lena was able to figure out was that it might have come down in the outback somewhere near the dingo fence.
Lena:And even that was mainly guesswork.
Brett:It’s in the middle of nowhere. It’d be like searching for a needle in a haystack. There’s no way you’d find it by yourself.
Neri:The oceans become worse now. Need synchronium soon if they are to heal. I must try.

Cass:Get a load of her, will ya?
Lena:I hope Neri’s all right. I wish she’d at least taken Kal with her.
Brett:It’s too dangerous. Besides, he’ll be having a great time. Till she comes back, he’s got the whole island to himself.

Jason:Hi, mum.
Dianne:Jase, Sallyanne. What are you two doing up here?
Jason:Just checking instrument damage on this level. I thought I’d drop by and see how things were going.
Dianne:Not good, I’m afraid. That fault’s not only widened, it’s begun to move northward.
Winston:Any further disturbances and there’ll be serious repercussions in the other hemisphere.
Sallyanne:And what if that happened?
Dianne:Then, Sallyanne, we start praying for a miracle.

Lilah:Hey, hey, you. What are you doing here? This is no place to take a nap.
Lilah:You want water? Sure. We’ve got lots of water. Follow me. I’ll get you water. Then maybe some tucker.
Lilah:Yeah, you know, food. You hungry? You sure look hungry. Oh, I’m Lilah.
Grandad:How’s that tucker coming along, bobby?
Bobby:Nearly done, grandad.
Grandad:Good. Hope you made plenty ’cause it looks like we’ve got company. Where’d you find her, Lilah?
Bobby:Up the road.
Grandad:What are you doing here, girl? Where’d you come from?
Lilah:Where’d she go?
Grandad:I’ve never seen a white girl swim like you before.
Bobby:Guess you must have been real thirsty to stay under for so long, huh?
Neri:Yes. Thank you for bringing me here, Lilah.
Lilah:Hey, don’t thank me. I was just bringing you back home.
Lilah:Sure. This water hole is your home. Can’t fool me. You’re a water spirit.
Bobby:What are you going on about, Lilah? There’s no such things as water spirits.
Lilah:Yes, there is. Grandma said so.
Bobby:If you want water, you get it from a tap. Simple as that.
Lilah:Tell him, grandad.
Grandad:Lilah’s right. Good thing you come back home when you did, young fella. Been spending too much time at that posh city school. Fill your head up with all kinds of rubbish. Now we’re going to have to start teaching you all over again about the old ways, the dreamtime, and the land spirits and the water spirits.
Neri:Tell me more about water spirit, Lilah.
Lilah:Grandma said she came out of the sky one night a long time ago.
Neri:From the sky?
Lilah:Yeah, like a big ball of fire. Crashed to the ground right here in the middle of the desert. And when she landed she made this great big hole that filled up with water.
Neri:How long ago?
Lilah:A long, long time ago. Before I was even born – 15, maybe even 20 years ago.

Bobby:We’ll be finished fixing the dingo fence in a couple of days. If you stick around, we can give you a lift back to town.
Grandad:You’ll be able to get a bus from there. The bus comes by once a week now.
Neri:No. I don’t have time. Is important I get back.
Bobby:Hey, wait a minute. You can’t go without this.
Neri:But what if you need?
Bobby:Nah, we’ve got plenty of water right here.
Lilah:It belongs to you, anyway.
Neri:Thank you. I will never forget your kindness.
Lilah:Bye, Neri.
Bobby:She’s got to be crazy.
Grandad:No, she’s not crazy. A little strange, maybe, but not crazy.
Lilah:She’s a water spirit.

Jason:Any word from Neri?
Cass:Not that we’d have heard anything with the chief commissioner of the clean police looking over our shoulders all day.
Jason:Well, I’m going to head out to the island now, see if she’s back.
Brett:Wait for us. Give us a break. Enough’s enough.
Lena:Yes, we’ve finished.
Morgan:Well, have you mopped the floor?
Morgan:Cleaned down all the glass surfaces?
Brett:Cleaned and polished.
Morgan:And what about inside the turbo lift?
Lena:All done. Now can we go, please?
Cass:We’ve got important things to do.
Morgan:I don’t know. That would depend.
Morgan:On whether or not you’re sorry for using HELEN without authorization.
Brett:Yes, we’re sorry.
Morgan:What about you, Cass?
Morgan:What was that? I didn’t quite…
Cass:Look, I said I’m sorry, okay?
Morgan:Good. You’re all dismissed.
Brett:Thank you.
Cass:Sorry, I have to look at you every day and know we’re related. Sorry to find there really wasn’t a mix-up at the hospital when you were born. Sorry I have to breathe the same air as you.
Benny:Come on, Cass.

Brett:It’s getting late.
Kal:Neri’s been gone long time.
Benny:What if she got lost out there?
Cass:Yeah, what if she got hurt?
Lena:Here she comes!
Jason:Quick, help her!
Neri:I got it. I got synchronium.
Jason:Shhh. It’s okay. Don’t worry about that. You’re home now.
Cass:She doesn’t look too good.
Jason:We’ve got to get her back to the nest. Kal, start a fire. Benny, get some fruit. She needs food and she needs warmth. It’s gonna to be okay, Neri. Everything’s going to be okay.

Jason:I feel really bad just leaving her out there like that.
Brett:Yeah, I know what you mean. But there wasn’t much else we could do for her.
Jason:Yeah, well, one thing’s for sure. First light tomorrow morning I’m heading straight back out to the island.

Neri:Mera. Sister.
Mera:I’ve come to help.