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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 22

Neri:I am so glad you have returned, sister. I need your help.
Mera:Our people sent help. Many years ago.
Neri:Yes, we search for the synchronium. But it is not easy.
Mera:So much depends on finding it.
Neri:You are certain, then? What happens in our seas, will…
Mera:…Will not just destroy earth, but put the whole universe in grave danger.
Neri:Even our own planet.
Mera:But I’m here now. We will recover the synchronium and we will make it work.

Dave:Here’s your latest exam results.
Sallyanne:No. I blew it for us again.
Jason:Hey, it’s a pass.
Sallyanne:Yeah, just. I’m sorry.
Jason:It’s cool.
Dave:Look, there wasn’t anything wrong with your theory.
Sallyanne:Yeah, I just couldn’t put it into practice. I froze. I’m really sorry.
Jason:Stop saying that. It happens.
Sallyanne:Not to you, if you had a decent partner. Let’s just face it, Jason, you’re better off without me.

Man:Farewell. The day is ending. We must be gone.
Woman:We will return for you in 12 morrows – whether your mission is complete or not.
Neri:It is little time.
Mera:It is all we have.

Neri:Now much is on our shoulders.

Jason:Mera’s back? Fantastic. I’ll grab Brett and the zodiac and we’ll…
Neri:We’ll meet later at island.

Brett:Mera. You’re supposed to be happy to see us again.
Mera:I am, Brett. But what I’ve seen out there, it is so bad. So much has already gone.
Jason:Look, I know it’s taken more time than we’d like, but I swear we will get the rest of the pieces somehow.
Brett:Including the ones that UBRI’s got.
Jason:And then it’ll just be a matter of finding the trigger that makes them all work together.
Mera:Find? But you already have it.
Brett:We do? Where?
Mera:Right out there.
Brett:Charley? Charley’s the trigger?
Mera:The synchronium will respond to the frequencies of his song.
Jason:No, it kind of makes sense.
Brett:You reckon?
Jason:Well, there had to be a bigger reason, right? For Neri and Charley. The way they can communicate. This is it.
Neri:I did not know.
Mera:It was a secret, trusted to me alone, on the planet of the oceans.
Brett:So, the sound of Charley’s song is the only thing that can trigger the synchronium?

Lena:Neri’s sister. What is she like?
Dianne:Just as extraordinary, in her own way.
Lena:I can’t wait to meet her.
Jason:Oh, have you got that uniform off Cass yet?
Brett:Oh, no.
Jason:Well, you better hop to it. Mera will be needing it when she comes aboard tomorrow morning.
Brett:Okay, okay.

Neri:Look, the good berries are ripe.
Kal:We need more, now Mera here. I go fish.
Neri:We eat together when Mera and I come back from ORCA. Kal. You do not feel bad that Mera comes? She is sister, but we are still friends.
Kal:And I be at both your service.

Hellegren:The whale song. So that is the trigger. Good, Kal. We have tape upon tape of that creature.
Kellar:But first we would have to determine the correct pitch. That could take time.
Hellegren:Simple process of elimination. Even a child could do this.
Kellar:A child like this Mera?
Hellegren:Yes, and what has spurred her return, I wonder?
Kellar:So will our backers. They become impatient for results.
Hellegren:Perhaps Kal’s news will return them to good humour, no?
Kal:Will you make me ruler of island now?
Hellegren:Patience, my boy. You must continue to wait and watch. Follow these girls, listen to what they say. One slip might reveal where they’re hiding the other components. When I have all of the synchronium, then you will have earned your prize.

Brett:Come on. It’s about time. I got another uniform.
Neri:Remember, say nothing of synchronium to mother.

Dianne:It’s so wonderful to see you again.
Mera:And you, mother.
Winston:Ha, ha. The lark sings sweetest when all her chicks are home.
Mera:It’s good to be back.
Dianne:We can certainly do with your help.
Mera:I wish that you did not. Your people have caused this. The sea is dying and other worlds will die with it.
Mera:I do not blame you, mother. But there is so much to lose.
HELEN:Attention, all personnel. Incoming seismic disturbance.
Dianne:Hold tight, darling. It won’t last long. Darn UBRI.

Hellegren:As I am sure you will understand, identifying the trigger to the device takes us quite a long way down the road to our goal.
Guy:Does it? When these children have five components of the synchronium and you have only two.
Hellegren:Two more remain to be found. When we have them in our possession, then we will be ready to retrieve the others.
Guy:Time moves on, Hellegren.
Hellegren:I am aware of this.
Guy:And we, as yet, have no control over the seas. Nor do we govern shipping, or the navies of the world.
Guy:There are fortunes to be made, Hellegren, and power beyond your wildest imagining.
Hellegren:I will not be long now, I assure you. Please, be patient.
Guy:We are not, by nature, patient men. Results, Hellegren, results.

Jason:Benny, Cass and Lena.
Mera:It is good to meet you all. My sister and I need your help.
Cass:Hey, that’s what we’re here for.
Mera:What has been done to get back the pieces from UBRI?
Cass:Well, we tried a raid on their headquarters.
Benny:We got one component. But the alarm in the strong room went off.
Mera:Isn’t there a key somewhere? Something that would let us in without alerting the guard?
Cass:Great. So why didn’t you tell us that before?
Lena:Because there is no way we can get it.
Neri:But if there is a chance.
Lena:My father wears it on a chain around his neck. It’s impossible.
Cass:Yeah, you would say that.
Jason:Not now, okay? Later.
Mera:We must talk with Lena.

Neri:Lena? Mera and I, we have a plan.
Mera:To get the key while your father sleeps.
Lena:Go to the house? No.
Mera:It will only be a small party. Just us.
Lena:It’s too dangerous. I couldn’t.
Mera:I know it’s hard, but you can’t put loyalty to him ahead of the destruction he’s causing.
Lena:I can’t.

HELEN:Reports from kuangchou also indicate first seismic activity detected in mainland china. Stand by for further information.
Commander:It’s getting worse. Every time we have a quake, it’s felt further and further north.
Dave:According to Dr. Bates, that fault line is just going to continue to open.
Commander:And the local intensity is steadily increasing.
Dave:Have you considered evacuation of non-essential personnel?
Commander:I’d like to hold on a bit longer. Yes, cadet?
Sallyanne:Um, may I speak with Mr. Hartley, please, sir?
Sallyanne:I just wanted to give you this.
Dave:What is it?
Sallyanne:It’s my resignation.

Kal:Big fish. Is good dinner.
Mera:Save some for us, yes?
Neri:We must go, Kal. It is important.

Benny:Have the veggie combo. It’s good.
Lena:I can’t. If your mother asks, I’m staying in Kylie’s cabin tonight, okay? Tell her it’s a pyjama party or something.
Brett:Hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you really going?
Lena:Just do it. Please.
Brett:You owe me.
Cass:You know what? I still don’t completely trust her. – Hey, get out of it.

Jason:Sallyanne, wait up. I want to talk to you. I heard you’re quitting on me. Resigning from the cadets.
Sallyanne:I bet you’re cheering. Who wants to be partnered with a klutz like me?
Jason:You’re not a klutz.
Sallyanne:Whatever you reckon.
Jason:Sallyanne, you’re a good cadet. You’re a whiz at theory.
Sallyanne:I can’t even make a decision to save my life, or anyone else’s.
Jason:Give yourself a break. It takes time.
Sallyanne:Yeah, well, I’ve wasted enough of that trying to be something I can’t. My time and yours. So just drop it, okay?

Lena:I was getting worried.
Neri:You have trouble getting away?
Lena:Not really. I don’t like having to lie, though.
Neri:We go.
Mera:How far?
Lena:It’ll take about one hour if we go by the bush track. But nobody will see us.
Mera:Good. It’ll be dark by the time we get there.
Lena:This way.

Lena:It’s not too much further.
Neri:Shhh. Someone comes.
Mera:Why are you here?
Kal:I want to know where you go. Maybe I help.
Mera:You were asked to stay on the island.
Neri:Mera. He wants to help. Let him come this once.
Mera:If you say. Perhaps he may be of use.
Kal:What we do?
Lena:We’re going to get the key to the strong room from my father.
Kal:This is stealing?
Lena:We don’t have a choice.

Jason:It’s not all life and death, you know? Some duties are downright simple.
Sallyanne:Like me, right? Give it a rest.
Jason:You’re making a big mistake.
Sallyanne:Wouldn’t be the first time.

Commander:Turn that off. Damage report.
Dave:Sectors one, three, seven and eight, clear.
Morgan:Two and five clear.

Jason:Sounds like that’s it this time. You all right?
Sallyanne:Yeah, can we just get on with this?
Jason:Would you just listen for a minute?
Morgan:Storage pod rupture, sector four.
Morgan:Sir, we’re taking in a lot of water.
Sallyanne:There’s water in there. A lot of it. This door won’t hold.
Dave:Wait. Sallyanne and Jason are on patrol in four. If you seal it off and the pod gives way, they’ll be trapped down there.
Commander:And if we don’t, we’ll have the ocean in ORCA herself. We can’t wait much longer.
Sallyanne:Just run.
Dave:Jason, Sallyanne. Good man, you got her out.
Jason:She got me out.
Sallyanne:Well, after the quake I remembered the procedure. Always check the doors before you open them, and I could hear the water and…
Jason:…And you saved my life.
Sallyanne:Yeah, I did, didn’t I?
Dave:And you want to resign.

Mera:Which way?
Lena:Up the stairs, second bedroom on the right. The security system’s off.
Neri:You will lead us?
Lena:No. He’s my father. I’m sorry, I can’t.
Neri:She has done enough. Come on, Kal.
Hellegren:You! Stop!
Lena:This way.

Jason:So, Lena didn’t say where she was going?
Brett:Nope, and she wasn’t where she said because Kylie came down to watch the video with the rest of us.
Jason:Very weird.
Sallyanne:Hey, guys.
Brett:Hey, it’s the big hero.
Brett:Yeah, well, you did save his life, didn’t you? Personally, I wouldn’t have bothered.
Sallyanne:Um, I don’t know what you’re going to think of this, but after last night, and what Dave said, I’ve decided not to quit.
Jason:Ah, good one.
Sallyanne:So, I guess you’re stuck with me, then.
Jason:Well, I reckon I can handle it.
Sallyanne:Do you want to go through the exercises, or what?
Jason:Sure, but, uh, maybe later. We’ve got something else to do.
Sallyanne:Yeah, right. So what else is new?
Jason:See ya.

Brett:What did you take him for in the first place?
Mera:It wasn’t our idea. He just turned up.
Kal:I have said sorry.
Jason:Yeah, fat lot of good that does now.
Brett:What if the girls had got caught? You could have blown it totally.
Kal:I do not mean to make noise. Was accident.
Neri:Please. I could have happened to anyone. Do not blame Kal. There is something I must show Mera, alone. You will stay with him while we are gone?
Jason:Yeah, sure. No worries.
Brett:And from now on, Kal, I think it might be better if you don’t try to help.

Mera:You have done well, sister.
Neri:But we must do more if we are to save this world and our own. Come, we call to Charley. Hear his song.

Hellegren:They are getting very bold, these ORCA children.
Kellar:And who lead them to your home? Who disarmed your security system?
Hellegren:Dim the lights. Start the whale song. Progress at last.

Mera:I’m certain now.
Neri:With Charley we will gain control.
Mera:If we can get back all of the synchronium.
Neri:We can only try.
Mera:Will that be enough?
Neri:Do not fear sister. Together we are very strong, together we cannot fail.