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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 23

Commander:Reactivate stabilizer units. Lock down the power surge on booster modules.

HELEN:Seismic disturbance has terminated. Condition yellow.
Morgan:I want full breakdown plus analysis, HELEN. We have a condition yellow. What are you doing in here?
Morgan:Well, go and do nothing somewhere else. Now, HELEN.

Jason:You okay?
Neri:Thank you for worrying. Kal, you prepare food for our guests, please. I am glad you come. Mera and I get Charley to sing to pieces of synchronium.
Mera:It works.
Neri:Come, eat first. Then we show you.

Cass:Hey, you seen Brett?
Benny:He’s gone to the island.
Benny:He was worried about Mera.
Cass:So maybe he should move out there permanently.
Benny:Anybody else, I would’ve said they were jealous. Did HELEN have anything?
Lena:I couldn’t log on. They’re analyzing the earthquakes to the max.
Lena:You still don’t really trust me, do you?
Cass:Look, let’s just concentrate on UBRI, hey? They must be starting to get ahead of us. We need a way to find out what they know.
Benny:Sure. Maybe we could just stroll into their offices and take a look around.
Benny:I was joking.
Cass:I’m not.
Benny:Uh-uh. I’m in enough strife as it is. Count me out.

Hellegren:Yes, Kellar?
Kellar:A Mr. Lee has been in contact, doctor. He wishes to arrange a meeting immediately.
Hellegren:I am busy.
Kellar:He says he has discovered something which would be of interest to us – an unusual object of unknown origin.
Kellar:He would not discuss the matter with me.
Hellegren:Have Mr. Lee brought here to ORCA immediately.

Cass:Benny. Listen. I know a way to get into UBRI.
Benny:You know a way to get us in in very serious trouble.
Cass:Thanks for your attention.
Benny:I promised dad I’d study.
Cass:There’s this cleaner. Nobody checks the skip. In and out. Snap. Big enough for the two of us.
Cass:You and me.
Benny:Talk to Brett.
Cass:Brett’s not here. You are. I thought you liked Neri.
Cass:So, she’s going to think you’re a real hero when she finds out you were too chicken to help her.
Benny:I’ve always been a chicken.
Cass:You want to be a coward forever?

Neri:Come sister. We call Charley.
Jason:If UBRI knew about this.
Neri:They do not, and they never will.

Cass:Okay, now.
Benny:I’ve been thinking…
Cass:Don’t. Put it in there.
Benny:No way. But what about security?
Cass:It’s okay, security’s off when the cleaner’s in.

Hellegren:Mr. Lee. An honor, and a sudden one.
Lee:Haste often has purpose.
Hellegren:I’m sure you have your own purpose, Mr. Lee.
Lee:I also have mining interests. And in the course of one of our desert surveys, we stumbled upon this object in a capsule. This intrigued me, such a strange thing in the middle of nowhere. My contacts suggested that you might be interested in negotiating the ownership of this article.
Hellegren:Please. The privacy of my office might prove more comfortable.

Cass:Okay. I’ll get the files, you get the computer.
Benny:I didn’t know it was going to be like this.
Cass:Just get over it and get the computer. Benny.
Benny:They’re coming.
Benny:Heaps of them.
Cass:Just get in, quick.
Hellegren:Please, here is my office.
Lee:I don’t suppose you would like to tell me exactly what this object is?
Hellegren:I’m afraid that would be impossible.
Lee:I understand, doctor. At the april trading company, we also have our secrets.
Hellegren:You do have it in a secure place?
Lee:Locked in my personal safe at head office.
Hellegren:And under what conditions would it become available?
Lee:I need a boat, Dr. Hellegren. There is a very important cargo I wish to transfer to international waters.
Hellegren:A corporation like yours must have its own craft.
Lee:Unfortunately, we have been attracting unwanted attention from the authorities of late. If we would use one of our own, or even a hired one, we would almost certainly be intercepted by the coast guard.
Hellegren:Whereas a UBRI craft in the the area would not even be questioned?
Lee:Precisely. Under the ORCA contract, UBRI may come and go without question.
Hellegren:So, you will give me the package if I ensure the safe passage of your cargo. I suspect that would make us a party to smuggling, Mr. Lee.
Lee:Please, smuggling is such a harsh word.

Brett:Need a hand? Thought you could do with some help.
Kal:Brett, you go to synchronium today?
Brett:Sure did. I know that’s…
Kal:I wish to see the pieces. You show me where they are?
Mera:No. The place must stay secret.
Neri:It is best you do not know, Kal, for your own safety.
Kal:You are right, Neri. As you are always… Right.

Benny:And this guy, Lee, has a piece of the synchronium locked up in his safe. He wants to do a deal for an UBRI boat to smuggle something out of the country.
Cass:If your dad gets his hands on that part, we’re sunk. We’ve got to get it.
Benny:We? No. I said just once.
Cass:We go to Lee’s headquarters and grab it before he can hand it over.
Benny:Why not Brett, Jason?
Cass:Because I want to see Brett’s face when we bring it back.
Lena:I’ll go with you. Look, Cass, you’re going to have to learn to trust me some time.
Cass:All right. Tomorrow. The three of us.

Brett:Hey, Jase, are you on duty today?
Brett:Pity, I was hoping you could come out to the island again.
Brett:Oh, was just an idea I had.
Jason:Like what?
Brett:I was thinking last night, since we haven’t been having much luck with the synchronium lately, it might be an idea to check out the spaceship one last time.
Jason:We’ve already been through it, top to bottom.
Brett:Yeah, but perhaps there’s something that we’ve overlooked. A clue of some kind, I don’t know. It’s worth a try, anyway, isn’t it?
Jason:Oh, it’s a big job for one person.
Brett:Mera might help. Maybe Kal, too.
Jason:Where are the rest of the guys?
Brett:I don’t know. I’ve looked in all of the usual places. There’s no sign of them. They must be just goofing off somewhere.

Lena:It’s not going to be easy getting past them.
Cass:Hey. Where do you think you’re going?
Cass:Just when we were going into the catering business? Come on.
Lena:Come on.
Lena:Quick, grab the uniforms. They’ll think we’re delivering lunch.
Benny:Konichiwa. Speciaru lunche.
Girl:Yoku shirimasen. Doozo ittekudasai.
Benny:Hai. Arigatoo.
Cass:Bummer. It’s guarded.
Lena:Well, maybe there’s another way up. The fire escape. Let’s go.
Cass:Just go.
Cass:Search everywhere. Lena, you stay with me.

Brett:I’m glad you guys could help me.
Neri:I come back later, Brett. But first I must see that the synchronium is still safe.
Brett:Fair enough. Best to keep checking. Okay, let’s get down there.

Brett:Kal. I reckon Kal’s chamber’s our best shot. Watch your step.
Kal:You and Mera go. I search up here.
Brett:Suit yourself. Call us if you find anything.

Brett:Kal, you spotted anything?
Mera:I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Brett. I’m afraid there is nothing more to find.
Brett:Starting to look a bit like that, isn’t it? Kal.
Mera:I was warned, you know. The elders told me before I left that helping Neri in her task would not be easy. But I did not realize it would be this difficult, or this slow.
Brett:Hey. Don’t let it get you down. So we’ve been drawing a few blanks, lately. Our luck’s got to change.
Mera:I hope that you’re right, Brett.
Brett:’Course I’m right. Kal, would you answer us. That’s funny. We’d better go look for him. That guy’s got a real talent of getting himself into trouble.

Lena:More storage.
Benny:They’re all the same.
Cass:Only two more on this level. Benny, you check that one. Lena. The synchronium.
Lena:And opals. That must be what he’s smuggling out of the country.
Cass:Go! Run! Get your hands off of me!
Lena:Let me go!

Lee:I find it hard to understand why you are so reluctant to tell me who you are.
Cass:We’re girl guides.
Lee:That would lead me to the question of why you are here.
Lena:We thought you might want to buy some cookies.
Lee:As you wish. I am a patient man, and I know that sooner or later one of you will tell me what I want to know.

Lee:I am not a cruel man. I cannot understand why you wish to punish yourselves. You could enjoy my hospitality.
Cass:Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll tell you everything you want to know.
Cass:We’re with the federal police. The building is surrounded and you’re all under arrest.
Lee:You will tell me.
Hellegren:Mr. Lee, I have had time to consider your proposal. The arrangements are as you requested.
Lee:You have caught me at a difficult moment. We will meet you on your wharf, two days from now.
Hellegren:You will have the object we discussed.
Lee:You will be pleased, doctor. I will give you time to consider your situation. See that the doors are locked.

Cass:You know, I’ve been thinking.
Lena:Here we go again. Get it over with.
Lena:The usual speech, Cass. How you still think I might be working for my father.
Cass:Yeah, but that’s just it. That was your father on the communicator.
Lena:I know that.
Cass:Well, if you were a traitor, you would’ve squealed. You could’ve sprung yourself out of here like that.
Lena:I’m not going to squeal. About anything. I wouldn’t do that.
Cass:I know. I believe you.
Cass:I’m sorry for what I said. I’ll always trust you from now on.
Cass:We thought you must have got away.
Benny:Believe me, I… Well, I couldn’t leave you here.
Cass:Let’s go.
Lena:No. We can’t leave without the synchronium.
Cass:Lena, we’re out of here.

Mera:He followed you?
Neri:He tried.
Mera:He did not find the hiding place?
Neri:No. Charley warned me long before.
Mera:Why, Kal?
Kal:I not mean wrong. I just think Neri goes to swim. So I go swim, too. Creep up, surprise her. Make joke is all I wish to do.
Neri:No harm has been done. He’s said sorry many times. And he swears never to do it again.
Mera:A promise you must keep. This is not a time for joking.
Brett:I wouldn’t try out any more stunts like that, if I were you, Kal. Those girls’ll catch you out ever time.

Jason:So, did you find anything new on the ship?
Brett:Not a thing.
Lena:Jason, Brett. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I need to speak to you for a minute.
Jason:Oh, right.
Brett:We meet you back in the cabin tonight, mum.
Dianne:Winston, why am I starting to get a feeling that that lot are back up to something behind our backs?
Commander:Dr. Seth, could you step up to the bridge immediately? I have something for you.

Commander:The geological society has been in contact with head office they forwarded this to be presented to you. In recognition of his efforts in identifying and drawing scientific attention to the existence of the great pacific tectonic zone. In honor of which it shall be henceforth known as “Winston Seth fault”. Congratulations.
Winston:Thank you. Thank you.

Jason:So what time are they doing this deal?
Cass:Aah, we don’t have an exact exact time.
Lena:All we know is it’s the UBRI wharf. Two days from now.
Brett:We’ve got to stop it somehow. We can’t let UBRI get another piece of the synchronium.
Jason:We’ll have to be careful, though. UBRI and the april trading company – we’re dealing with some seriously heavy dudes.

Neri:You are troubled, sister.
Mera:Another day and no word of the synchronium.
Neri:Perhaps tomorrow.
Mera:But time runs shorter and shorter.
Neri:Do not lose heart. We must believe. We will have all the parts and when we do, no one will ever take them from us again.