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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 24

(music) (alarm sounding)

Commander:Due to the increasing size of the tremors and their growing frequency, I have recommended voluntary evacuations from ORCA.
Commander:If the tribunal agrees, all those who choose to do so will be leaving within the next few days. Thank you for your attention.

Mera:You worry, sister? About the shaking from the sea?
Neri:Today bad. Will get bigger and bigger until whole earth thrown into space. Then even our own planet in danger.
Mera:There is only one cure. The synchronium.
Neri:Yes. We must stop this man. He must not give that piece to the bad doctor.

Hellegren:Nine o’clock at our pier, Mr. Lee.
Lee:I will carry both cargoes onto your boat and hand over the one you want, only when international waters have been reached and my own cargo is safely transferred to the waiting ship.
Hellegren:I’ll be sending Ms. Kellar, my assistant. It has been an honour doing business with you, Mr. Lee. A very questionable honour.
Kellar:Clever of him to insist on using a UBRI craft. A huge consignment of opals being smuggled out on one of our boats. No coast guard would ever suspect it. He stands to make millions.
Hellegren:Mr. Lee has the synchronium piece. The only thing that matters is to get it. Our backers will not be happy until we have it all, every single piece.
Kellar:And when we put it together, doctor, what then?
Hellegren:Then we will be required to use it, regardless of the consequences.

Sallyanne:Lena? Would I, um, be able to ask you something?
Sallyanne:I was just wondering if Jason had someone special I mightn’t know about?
Lena:Does he have a girlfriend? Is that what you mean?
Sallyanne:I just thought there might be someone else. I mean someone.
Lena:You really like him, don’t you?
Sallyanne:Yeah, I guess so.
Lena:Well, have you told him?
Lena:Why not? You might as well let him know how you feel.

Benny’s father:Your mother and I will have to remain until the last possible minute, of course. But you’ll leave for the mainland on tuesday.
Benny:Can’t I stay, too?
Benny’s father:No. Gran and grandpa are looking forward to having you.
Benny:But, dad…
Benny’s father:It’s decided, Benny.
Brett:Hey. Neri’s here. Come on.

Jason:Neri will be watching when I get on board. So when the boat leaves…
Neri:I swim back here…
Jason:To give the signal for you guys to follow in the zodiac. At an agreed time, I’ll disable the engine.
Morgan:Interrupting something?
Morgan:Bates. You’re rostered on a dive with me at 0900 hours. We have to check for any more damage since the quake.
Brett:Aren’t you busy tomorrow?
Jason:Yeah, yeah. Any chance of, ah, swapping?
Morgan:No way.
Jason:Look, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve got personal commitments.
Morgan:Great. So we’re facing a major crisis here and you want special treatment. Bates, grow up and be there.
Lena:Now what?

Cass:Why’d you have to do that?
Cass:Ripping into Jason. It was a reasonable thing to ask.
Morgan:Sis, take a hike.
Cass:You know what your problem is? You’re so busy being important and stuck-up, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have friends.
Morgan:And do you know what your problem is, Cass? You’ve been here too long. You need to go home and clear your brain cells. Both of ’em.
Cass:Yeah, that’s right, just walk away. Why don’t you do us all a favour and drop dead.

Cass:You know, my sister’s a nerd.
Jason:Ah, forget it.
Lena:We’re drawing for who hides away on their boat. You in?
Cass:Yeah, sure.
Benny:It’s me! Great.
Brett:Ha, ha. Sorry, mine’s shorter.
Lena:It’s okay, Benny. You’re going to be just as useful on the zodiac with us.

Dave:Air, and final checks.
Dave:All right. Stay close together and be careful.


Lee:I have both cargoes ready. If you would be so kind as to help me to collect them, I will arrange for a cup of tea.
Kellar:If we must. Stay here.


Morgan:Are you getting detailed notes, Bates?
Jason:Yeah, as much as I can.
Morgan:Look here how the reef’s starting to crumble. Aah!
Jason:What’s up?
Jason:You okay?
Morgan:No. Get me back.
Jason:Let’s go.

Jason:A stonefish.
Dave:Tell Dr. Malcovitch to get the antivenom ready. The infirmary, now!


Cass:Mum? She going to be okay?
Mrs. Clayborne:We don’t know yet.
Doctor:Stonefish inject a very nasty venom.
Mrs. Clayborne:The good thing is there’s an antivenom.
Doctor:I’ve already given it to your sister.
Cass:Yeah, but…
Doctor:The shock to her system caused a paralysis. We can’t predict how long it will last.
Cass:You don’t mean it could be permanent?
Doctor:The odds are on her side. It’s a matter of wait and see.


Kellar:Everything’s going to schedule.
Hellegren:You will keep the cargo within your sight at all times.
Kellar:Of course, doctor.

Sallyanne:I just heard about Morgan.
Jason:It was my fault.
Sallyanne:How do you figure that?
Jason:I’ve dived there a lot more than her. It was up to me to clear that area.
Sallyanne:From what I heard, you did everything you could.
Jason:All that training. When it comes to the crunch, I blow it.
Sallyanne:You didn’t, Jason, and blaming yourself won’t help Morgan.
Dave:Jason. Take a break, mate. Rest the legs.

Sallyanne:No one else is blaming you, Jason. What happened was just a terrible accident, that’s all.
Jason:Yeah, I suppose you’re right.
Sallyanne:You’re one of the top cadets in the whole place and Morgan’s going to get better.
Jason:I guess she can pull through if anyone can. She’s as fit as a fiddle.
Sallyanne:So stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Jason:Hey. Thanks. I needed that.
Sallyanne:Jason. You know how I feel about you, don’t you?
Sallyanne:I mean, how much I like you – really like you. I seriously like you a lot.
Jason:I’ve just remembered something. I’ve got to go.
Sallyanne:Did you hear what I said?
Jason:Yeah, we’ll talk about it later, okay?

Jason:Cass has to stay with her sister.
Lena:Oh, it’s okay, Neri. Me and Benny can run the zodiac properly, can’t we?
Benny:Yeah, of course.
Neri:Good. We chase the UBRI boat.
Benny:And Brett’s going to stop it exactly 90 minutes after they’ve left. That’s at – 1135 hours, right?
Jason:Right. Neri. Be careful, okay?
Benny:Hey, where’s Mera? How will she know where to go?

(Whale sounds)

Mera:Charley. I must go.

Mrs. Clayborne:I’ll be back soon.
Jason:How’s she going?
Cass:Just the same.
Jason:Hey. She’ll come out of it soon.
Cass:If she dies, I’ll never speak to her again.
Jason:She’s not going to die.
Cass:We had a fight just after she came in and started ordering you around. You know what I said to her? I told her to drop dead. Now look what’s happened.


HELEN:The tsunami wave is now three miles off the coast of the Tahitian islands.
Winston:Holy Neptune.
Dianne:You think there’s going to be another quake?
Winston:That and worse.
Dianne:And we’re so powerless.
Sallyanne:Um… Are you busy, Dr. Bates?
Dianne:Mm, I wish I was, Sallyanne.
Sallyanne:I was just wondering if, um, I could see you privately?
Dianne:Yes, of course. Winston.
Winston:Oh, yes. When the hens are in council, the rooster withdraws.
Dianne:Now, how can I help you?
Sallyanne:I’m not sure. Do you know why Jason doesn’t like me?
Dianne:He does like you.
Sallyanne:Not enough.
Sallyanne:Well, sometimes when we’re together, I really think something’s happening, you know, and then he kind of goes all cold and I was just wondering if I’ve done something to offend him.
Dianne:Well, not that I know of.
Sallyanne:Has he said anything about me?
Sallyanne:Does he have a girlfriend?
Dianne:Sallyanne, I really think you should talk to Jason, not me.
Sallyanne:I’m sorry to have bothered you.
Dianne:It was no bother.

Lee:What’s happening? We cannot be late.
Kellar:I’ll check the engine.
Lee:Wait here!

Benny:It’s stopped.
Lena:Well done, Brett.

Lee:If this is some kind of trick. There are no strangers aboard.
Kellar:There must be. Search the boat.


Kellar:Search the boat. Get him!


Coast Guard:Attention, craft. This is the coast guard. Hold your position and prepare for boarding.

Benny:You’re a star, Brett.
Lena:So are you. You tracked that in the first place.
Brett:Yeah. Got to hand it to you, Benny. I’m glad you sent that fax.
Benny:Yeah. The coast guard turned up right in time.
Brett:Too bad we couldn’t stick around to watch them get nailed.
Lena:A case full of opals. I’d love to watch Kellar explain that.

Cass:I know you always say you get sick at the sound of my voice. But the doctor said to keep on talking. Guess, that you might be able to hear me. Even though you can’t move. I hope it’s not like that. You remember the time at big sur, and you got in that stupid green canoe and tried to catch a wave like it was a surfboard? I’m sitting on the beach with mom and we watch it dig into the sand, right up vertical, tip you out like a rag doll.
Morgan:The wave sucked me down. I was drowning.
Cass:Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.
Morgan:What’s going on? I’m still alive?
Cass:What am I, a doctor?


Neri:No, Kal.
Mera:You stay here.
Kal:I stay.

Doctor:I’ll check on you again in an hour.
Benny:Glad you’re feeling better.
Morgan:Yeah, so am I.
Benny:Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?
Benny’s father:Have to be quick.
Morgan:Not again.
Benny:Another quake.
Benny’s father:Outside.

Winston:I wish my predictions were not proving to be so accurate.

Benny:It’s about me leaving tomorrow. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I don’t want to be evacuated to the mainland until you and mum go.
Benny’s father:I’ve told you, Benjamin, it’s already decided.
Benny:But you didn’t ask me what I thought, first. I’m not just a kid any more, dad. I’m starting to feel like an adult.
Benny’s father:What brought this on all of a sudden?
Benny:A few thing have been happening lately.
Benny’s father:Oh?
Benny:I don’t want to go into it right now, but from now on, I think I should have a say in my own destiny.
Benny’s father:Come here.
Benny:Does that mean I can stay?
Benny’s father:I means it’s your choice.

Kellar:The coast guard are still asking Mr. Lee embarrassing questions about the opals. I kept UBRI out of trouble by saying he was merely a passenger. I had no idea what he was carrying.
Hellegren:I suppose that is all you could say.
Kellar:He should’ve warned us what those kids were planning.
Kal:No. Neri and Mera were watching me too much. They would see I am your friend.
Hellegren:Very well. We look to the future. Finding out where that piece of the synchronium, and all the others, are kept hidden. That is the most important thing in your life. Do you understand?
Kal:I understand.

Neri:We now have six and we know UBRI have two.
Mera:Jason and Brett will find a way to get them from UBRI.
Neri:Then only one more piece to get.
Mera:The final piece that will make it whole and let us heal the earth.
Neri:We have to find it before time runs out, Mera.
Mera:Before this world ends?
Neri:Before everything ends.