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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 25


News:In another day of disaster, the remnants of the tidal wave caused by tuesday’s quake continued to batter the west coast of the united states. The southern seaboard was the worst hit when some areas were struck by waves of up to 30 metres, while in southern japan, aftershocks continued to be felt in the wake of yesterday’s major earthquake, frustrating the efforts of rescue workers already hampered by the loss of power and water supplies. Scientists from the world seismology centre warn that the current, unprecedented level of seismic activity is only the beginning as the new Winston Seth fault line continues to advance across the pacific. They now believe the fault line originated in the west pacific fracture zone where ORCA city personnel today began voluntary evacuation of the endangered underwater complex.

Morgan:Okay, everybody, I want you all to line up in order of your your id codes. So get all your id codes out.
Cass:Is this an evacuation or a stampede? Your folks going to stick around?
Benny:Yes, and me with them. What about yours?
Cass:I guess. Maybe. Morgan anyway. She says it’s our duty to see it through.

Brett:Come on, mum. No way.
Dianne:I’d feel much more comfortable knowing you were safe on the mainland.
Jason:Ah, great. And how would we feel knowing you’re here, on your own?
Dianne:I have to stay. There are things to finish.
Brett:Well, for us, too. We can’t leave now. Not yet.
Dianne:Oh, I know how you feel about leaving Neri but it’s my responsibility as a parent to make sure that my boys the safest place.
Brett:Oh, and what are you going to do? Order us off?
Dianne:Don’t make this difficult for me, guys. I just want you to think about it, okay?
Jason:Okay, we’ll think about it.
Brett:Yeah, okay.
Brett:No way, Jase.
Jason:Give us a break. As if we’d leave them now, the way things are.

Kal:Kal, is big help. Yes?
Neri:We all go to ORCA, Kal. We must find last piece. If we don’t get it soon, it is too late.
Kal:No, No. Not ORCA. Kal go place where you hide synchronium. I find for you. Why you hide?
Neri:I suppose he can see.
Mera:No! He doesn’t need to know.

Cass:That’s gotta be it.
Lena:Just the right time. Two unexplained sightings. These and these. Same trajectory as the others.
Kal:Fell here.
Cass:What is this place?
Lena:Well, jungle really.
Morgan:What are you guys doing here? This is a restricted area. Have you got a clearance?
Morgan:From who?
Cass:Doctor Bates. Lena’s checking something for her, you know, tides and stuff.
Morgan:Okay, what about the rest of you?
Cass:Oh, no.

(Alarm sounding)

Commander:Shut down the compressor on ballast unit six!

Winston:Here we go again.

Hellegren:Go back over our original calculations. The answer must be there.
Kellar:We’ve been over them several times already.
Hellegren:And we will continue to do so until we find the last location. Our backers grow impatient.
Kellar:Perhaps they shouldn’t have been informed until we had all of the device in our possession.
Hellegren:Control of the oceans is a source of power beyond your wildest dreams. For that, one takes risks.
Kal:I find for you last one. Must hurry. Neri knows, too.
Hellegren:Last piece of the device?
Kellar:Place called jungle. They go tomorrow.
Hellegren:Excellent. Well done, my boy. You must show us. Kellar.
Kellar:Why does the ocean girl know?
Kal:I had to tell.
Hellegren:Of course you did. You did not want to raise suspicions. You did the right thing.
Kellar:What about the rest of the device? Where is it?
Kal:They no trust Kal. But I will find.
Hellegren:Of course, my friend. You keep your side of the bargain and we will keep ours.

Neri:Not here.
Mera:He’s away so much lately. Where does he go?
Neri:Most to the sea. He is new to this world. He has much to learn.
Mera:You are sure?
Neri:Why? What are you thinking?
Mera:Can he be trusted?
Neri:He is from our world. He is our…
Kal:Hi. Put on fire. I make food. Is good, eat. Moves fast, take long time, but I catch.

Winston:Originally, the fault line started expanding in a north-easterly direction, following the pacific fracture zone. But now, it’s doubling back on itself as well and what happens when it reaches the mendocino fracture zone is anyone’s guess.
Dave:Not good, eh?
Winston:In a word, Dave – hastalavista.

Lena:From the charts, it looks like we’ll have to go up river part of the way.
Jason:Ooh. I guess we’ll need an inflatable. At least we won’t have to worry about Neri and Mera wetting down. Oh, hi.
Sallyanne:How long are you going to keep on doing this for? Do you think I’m stupid or something?
Sallyanne:Oh, grow up, Jason. I know perfectly well you’ve got a girlfriend. Why the big silence? Why not come right out and say it?
Jason:What was all that about?
Lena:You just don’t get the picture, do you.
Jason:What picture?
Lena:She likes you.
Jason:Yeah, so?
Lena:I mean, really likes you.
Jason:You’re kidding.
Lena:Have you had a lobotomy or something? It is so obvious.
Jason:But I didn’t even do anything to–
Lena:And there is something else you probably haven’t noticed, too. She’s the only one of our group that doesn’t know about Neri, Mera and Kal and everything.
Jason:Yeah, but you guys found out. I mean, we had to explain.
Lena:Yes, but Jason, every time she comes near us, we have to shut up. How do you think that makes her feel?
Jason:Well, I can’t just tell her.
Lena:And why not? I can’t think of anyone I would trust more than Sallyanne.

Dianne:Oh, I don’t know. They want to stay, of course. What do you think?
Dave:I don’t think anywhere is going to be much safe for much longer. And I do think they’re old enough to be listened to.
Dianne:But how can I leave a decision like this up to them?
Dave:Brett and Jason are pretty independent boys.
Dianne:I know. Most single-parent kids are.
Dave:Then why not trust them?

Jason:Are you sure no one spotted you?
Brett:Of course I’m sure. Who else would be hanging around the storeroom at six o’clock in the morning?
Cass:Come on. Neri and Mera will make the mainland way ahead of us.

Hellegren:You will avoid any confrontation with those children.
Kellar:That may not be possible.
Hellegren:Get this clear. If they arrive, whether you have found the capsule or not, you will conceal yourself.
Kellar:And leave it to them?
Hellegren:If they think we are on their heels again, they will move the other pieces of the device before Kal can find out where they are hidden.

Jason:Down here.
Brett:Watch out for leeches.
Jason:How we going?
Benny:About two ks down the river to go.


Kellar:This is it. Lookouts, take your posts. Any sign of the ORCA intruders, you will signal immediately. We will start on the north side of the quadrant. Disturb the area as little as possible.

Jason:Everyone, get out.


Jason:Look out!


UBRI:Hey! Over here.
Kellar:Broken on impact. The device must be close by.


Lena:Oh, it’s only a wallaby. Come on.
UBRI:Shh. Someone’s coming.
Kellar:The intruders are here. Get back. Happy hunting, children. No time for long goodbyes. We’ll return to find the device later.

Brett:Get out. Get out! It’s booby trapped.

Jason:Is everyone okay?
Lena:Yeah, think so.
Jason:So much for the synchronium.
Brett:It wasn’t there. The capsule was wrecked. Must’ve broken up coming down through the trees.



Brett:When are you going to put it together, give it a test drive?
Neri:Find Charley first.
Mera:And Kal. Where’s he gone now?
Neri:In the spaceship maybe.
Jason:We’d better get back to ORCA. We’ll meet up again tomorrow, okay?
Neri:You put in the cave. We must find Kal.


Jason:That’s it. Let’s go.


Kal:You go in underwater. The synchronium pieces are there. I’ll show you.
Kellar:You’re sure they have the last piece?
Kal:They bring back now.
Kellar:All the children?
Kal:Ah, Neri and Mera are on island. The others go to ORCA. (Whispering) No one sees Kal.
Hellegren:This is the moment we have been waiting for. Prepare the boat. And you, my friend – you can lead the way and bring them all up for us. Good.

Brett:We better dump these down the laundry chute before–
Jason:Hi, mum.
Dianne:Where’ve you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.
Jason:Diving practice.
Brett:The rec room.
Dianne:You done your study?
Dianne:Good. I just wanted to see you.
Jason:Oh, anything special?
Dianne:Yes, I’ve decided we stick together. You can stay.
Jason, Brett:Yes!

(Whale calls) (music)


(Whale calls)

Neri:They have synchronium.



Sallyanne:You don’t have to tell me anything. It’s your business, okay?
Jason:No, I want to. It’s not what you think. You’re sort of half right. There is this girl.
Sallyanne:Yeah, I know.
Jason:No, look. You’ve got to promise you won’t tell anyone.
Sallyanne:Like who? Everyone already knows.
Jason:No, only Cass, Benny and Lena and Brett.
Sallyanne:All right. So I won’t tell anyone.
Jason:This is, uh, pretty weird stuff to get your head around, okay? Her name’s Neri. She and her father arrived on the island when she was a little kid. Later on, he died.
Sallyanne:Arrived from where?
Jason:Well, that’s the really far out bit. Not from here, like not from this planet. No, for real. She’s from another world. They call it the planet of the oceans.
Sallyanne:Look, I don’t care if you like some other girl better than me. It’s not a problem. But this is just pathetic.
Jason:I told you it was hard et your head–
Sallyanne:What a load of rubbish. I hope you’re enjoying yourself because I’m really laughing.
Jason:Sallyanne, I know it sounds dumb but if you just wait a minute, you can ask her.
Sallyanne:Drop dead, Jason.
Neri:Come, Kal has done bad. Very bad.

Hellegren:I want them in the store-room under lock and key. I want the lab cleared, too. We’ll need to start testing on the device as soon as possible.
Kal:Kal do good for you. Now you do what he want.
Hellegren:We’ll get to that later.
Kal:No later. You say island for Kal. Neri belong, too.
Hellegren:All in good time. Now there are more important concerns. Get onto it straight away.

Mera:Kal won’t come back now. How can he face Neri and me?
Jason:Hellegren might.
Neri:No, he has what he wants.
Brett:And he knows we’re gonna going to come looking for it.
Neri:We must get. UBRI must not have the synchronium. It is the same with the person who uses it.
Brett:What do you mean?
Neri:Same mind, same heart.
Brett:You mean it’s not just mechanical?
Jason:You’re saying it works in sympathy with the operator or something?
Neri:Yes. You think good, synchronium will do good. If bad men use, it will make worse what is happening now. Destroy everything. Not just this world. Everything.