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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season three

Episode 26

News:Please stand by. Here is an important ORCA news update. Reports continue to flood in from around the globe of unprecedented earthquake and tidal wave activity. The rapidly worsening situation has prompted growing alarm at the so-called doomsday prediction that if the seismic effects continue to accelerate, the earth will soon be rocked off its axis and begin to hurtle unchecked through the universe.

Hellegren:We are making progress. I am beginning to see how the whole thing connects together. Bring up the next piece from the strong room.
Kellar:Yes, doctor.
Kal:No. No more. First you keep your word. You make me ruler of Neri’s island and then you make rest of the synchronium.
Hellegren:You will just have to wait.
Kal:I wait long enough. You do what you swear now.
Hellegren:Enough. You are in no position to make demands. You get nothing unless I say. Now, you keep quiet and do as you are told. Take him out. Keep him outside.
Kal:You cannot do this.
Hellegren:I can do anything. Synchronium is mine now. And realize that while you need me, I no longer need you.

Cass:Those UBRI rats must have it at their headquarters. We could always try another raid.
Benny:No way. They would’ve doubled their security by now.
Lena:Benny’s right. My father won’t be taking any chances.
Mera:But once they’ve assembled the synchronium, surely they will wish to test its powers in the ocean.
Cass:Right. So we wait until it’s on the boat.
Neri:No, they must not take it to sea.
Brett:Hey, no, like you said, once they put it in the water, everything gets zapped.
Lena:To get it on the boat, they’ll have to use the pier. Why don’t we try and surprise them there?
Benny:Good idea. And get it back to you before it touches the water.
Brett:Only problem is, we’ll need a boat to get there.
Cass:Yeah, not so easy with all this evacuation going on.
Brett:Of course, as a cadet, Jason might be able to wing it.
Neri:Then where is Jason?
Brett:He’s diving out near ORCA city. He volunteered to fix a sensor.
Neri:I go find. We need him here now.
Brett:But Sallyanne’s out there with him. She’ll see you.
Neri:Cannot care. No time.

Dave:Jason, are you hearing[?] me? Over.
Jason:Roger Dave. We just got out. Mission accomplished, over.
Dave:Good work. Get on home. Over and out.
Sallyanne:Oh, wow. Look at that.
Jason:That’s Charley.
Sallyanne:Oh, the one your imaginary girlfriend swims with. Yeah, sure. You’re such a–
Neri:Jason, we need you!

UBRI:It’s the boy, doctor. He’s taken part of the device.
Hellegren:Alert the front gate!


Hellegren:Hold him!
Kal:You not keep your part of the bargain. Kal not keep his. I find the synchronium. Now, I take it back.
Hellegren:You fool. You think I would let you walk out of here with this? Put it back in the strong room. This time, secure it properly.
Kal:No, it’s mine!
Hellegren:As for you, my patience is finally spent. Put him back in the cell where he will cause no more trouble.


Boy:Watch out!

Commander:Attention all personnel. This afternoon’s quake was measured at over nine on the richter scale. This makes it much higher than any previous reading. And we believe worse may be to come. We therefore have decided to order the compulsory evacuation from ORCA of all residents under the age of 18 years, starting with the youngest. This will begin immediately.

Neri:This is my sister Mera.
Jason:So now you know everything. Sallyanne’s with us now.
Lena:So we want to be at the UBRI pier as early as we can.
Jason:I think I can organize the boat but we’re going to have to grab it quickly and hope everybody’s too busy with the evacuation to notice.
Neri:I must come too.
Jason:Ah, great. So we risk Hellegren getting his hands on you and the synchronium at the same time? No way. We get it safely to you on the island then you can operate it.
Mera:He is right, sister. That is your job.
Neri:Then we will wait for you. Tomorrow, on the island.

HELEN:Attention all personnel. This is the final call. All persons aged 17 years or below should now be at their evacuation posts. If you have not yet done so, report to your crew captains according to colours and numbers for movement orders. This is a final call.
Dianne:Now, look after each other, okay?
Jason:Sure, mum.
Brett:I’ll try and keep him out of trouble.
Dianne:The minute you’re settled in the arranged accommodation, I want you to contact me. I want to be sure you’re safe.
Jason:Well, don’t get worried if you don’t hear from us for the first few days. We’ll just be settling in.
Dianne:Why is it, just when I’ve convinced myself it’s my imagination, I get this strange old feeling you’re up to something.
Jason:Look, mum, if we knew how to fix what was happening to the ocean, you’d want us to try.
Dianne:Well, yes, but–
Brett:Trust us.
Dianne:I always trust you. You know that.
HELEN:Attention, please. Evacuees in groups designated red 14 and 15, your craft has arrived…
Brett:That’s us.
Dianne:Better get out of here. And don’t forget to put on clean socks occasionally.


Benny’s father:Bye.
Cass:See you later.
Jason:All here? Right, now remember to slip away from the group in ones and twos. We don’t want to attract any attention.
Cass:You got the boat?
Brett:Yeah, there’s a zodiac hidden on the north side of the pontoon.
Jason:Okay, let’s go.

Kellar:I thought you might like to know that we’ll be loading the device onto the boat in just under an hour’s time.
Kal:Thief. You break your world.
Kellar:You don’t seriously think that we ever meant to let you out of our hands, do you? So now we have the synchronium… And you.


Jason:We’ll be under cover almost to the pier. Then we’ll have to make a run for it.
Brett:Let’s go.

Hellegren:Very well. Get it aboard. I would rather we’d had more time to ensure we fully controlled the power.
Kellar:Do you really think our backers would tolerate any further delay?

Jason:If the rest of you can distract that guy, I can grab it. Or whoever gets to it first.
Benny:This is crazy, man.
Cass:Only one of us has to make it, Benny.
Brett:Yeah, and how are they going to keep a tab on all of us? Tie us up?

Kellar:You are more stupid than I thought.
Hellegren:I will not have you as my enemy, Lena. Come.
Hellegren:Make sure they are secure. Load the synchronium. We have wasted enough time already.


Neri:UBRI has left. The synchronium is with them.
Mera:And our friends?
Neri:Not know. Something is wrong. We must stop them. Now is for us to do alone. Come.


Cass:Hey, look.
Jason:What’s he doing here?
Kal:The synchronium?
Jason:Out there.
Cass:Yeah, thanks to you.
Kal:He lies to me. He cheats me to have it for himself.
Jason:You’re the cheat, Kal. You cheated Neri and Mera and you cheated us.
Kal:Kal feels… Shame.

Hellegren:Now is the moment. Is everything prepared?
Kellar:It is, doctor.
Hellegren:The whale recordings?
Kellar:All set.
Hellegren:Lena. Come.


Hellegren:Start the whale song.

(Whale calls)

Hellegren:All I have to do is lay my hands upon this device. Then, Lena, then shall you see the might of the oceans mustered at your father’s command.
Hellegren:So. We meet once more, my girl from the ocean. And you too, Jane.
Mera:My name is Mera.
Neri:We come for what is ours. The synchronium belongs to my people. Only I can use it.
Hellegren:And I am about to prove you wrong.
Neri:No. If it goes to the water from your hands, all the oceans of the world, and everything in ocean will die. It will destroy all.
Hellegren:Hysterical threats.
Lena:She’s telling the truth, father. Only Neri can make it work as it was meant to.
Hellegren:Still no faith in me, Lena? Then let me show you.

(Whale calls) (music)

Hellegren:Dear heavens!
Neri:Doctor Hellegren! Take me!
Mera:Yes, take us!
Neri:You search for us. You try to catch us. Keep the synchronium out of water and we will be yours to study forever.
Hellegren:An interesting offer. But, no!
Neri:You wish to be the man who kills your whole planet?
Hellegren:No, to harness it!
Neri:Dr. Hellegren. Please, you can’t!
Lena:Stop, father. You will kill Neri and Mera.
Kellar:So what? We have the boy Kal.
Neri:No, Lena!
Lena:And me? Will you kill me, father?
Kellar:Are you insane?
Hellegren:We have to get her out.
Kellar:Why? She betrayed you.


Hellegren:Lena! The life buoy.
Kellar:No, the synchronium.
Hellegren:It is too late. They have it. We shall never see it again.
Kellar:You give up?
Hellegren:It is gone. The game is over.


Jason:What happened?
Neri:Give water. Keep warm.


Neri:The synchronium. The time is now.
Mera:Yes sister.
Neri:The ocean heals. All will be well.

Dianne:Do you mean to say you’ve known about this – synchronium for months and never said a word?
Brett:Well, things got sort of complicated.
Jason:It’s a long story, mum.
Mera:And the ship has to leave as soon as it’s dark.
Dianne:And Kal, will he be all right?
Neri:Yes. He will get well on the journey.
Dianne:Travel well, my darling.
Mera:Until next time.


Kal:It has been good in your world.
Jason:You helped save our world, Kal.
Brett:If you hadn’t grabbed the synchronium…
Kal:I see you, perhaps. One day.
Neri:You will sleep now on the journey. No more pain.


Neri:Farewell, sister.