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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 6


Paul:Don’t tell me you were victims of circumstances. You got yourselves into… Whatever you got yourselves into.
Brett:Dad, what else could we do?
Paul:Look, I know you like this… Girl. But your irresponsibility could have cost lives. And if you’ve got some creative excuses lined up, forget it. Whatever happened to you, I’m not sure I want to know.
Paul:It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t stolen the minifin in the first place.
Jason:Why did you bother rescuing us at all? Why not leave us for that PRAXIS team? Then we really would’ve been sorry, wouldn’t we.
Dianne:I’ll go and see how Neri is.
Paul:You could have jeopardized your mother’s career.
Dianne:I’ll worry about my career, thanks.
Brett:We’re sorry, dad. Honest.
Jason:I’m not.
Paul:That attitude of yours is a real worry, son.

Dianne:I’d really like you to stay here, Neri, but I don’t think you’d be any safer. I’m afraid you couldn’t count on my authority.
Neri:But you are commander now.
Dianne:I command ORCA. PRAXIS has power beyond that.
Neri:I will always trust you. It’s enough.

Shelby:The kids must’ve had help from the locals. There’s no way we could anticipate that.
Richter:I don’t want excuses. You had the girl. She got away. That’s the bottom line.
Shelby:We did our best, I can assure you, sir.
Richter:Shut up and listen. We’ve identified the pilot of the ORCA helicopter who got them out. It was the boys’ father, Paul Bates, the commander-in-chief of the south pacific area. The boys have been returned to ORCA. There’s a high probability that the alien was taken there too.
Shelby:Sir, you give me the word and the men and I’ll turn that sardine can inside out.
Richter:Agent, there is one objective and one only. Get the girl. Confrontation is not in the interests of PRAXIS. Shall I send another team in or can you follow orders?
Shelby:Name it. It’s done, sir.
Richter:You will go immediately to ORCA. You will give them no warning. You will use the element of surprise to locate the girl. But, Shelby… Discretion. I hope I don’t have to spell the word.

Cass:What’s with this pyramid, Winston? And don’t say, “I’ll tell you later.”
Winston:I can only speculate.
Cass:All I want to know is how they get from here to Egypt?
Winston:Shhh! All things are possible in the world of quantum physics, Cass. Maybe I can simplify the concept. Here is Egypt. And here is the south pacific. Now the theory is, that given a sufficient power, space may be warped. So that the south pacific… And the valley of the Nile… Are only a heartbeat apart.
Winston:The answer lies in the pyramids themselves.
Cass:Hey, Winston, those guys that just arrived. Do you know them?
Winston:Should I?
Cass:I think they’re the PRAXIS agents that came here before, looking for Neri.
Winston:Are you sure?
Cass:Try to stall them. If I’m right, Neri’s a sitting duck.

HELEN:Shelby, Jake. Pre-authorized ORCA high level access confirmed.
Shelby:Specify location ORCA personnel – Bates, Jason. Bates, Brett.
HELEN:Bates, Jason. Bates, Brett. Present located in commander’s living quarters, delta five.
Shelby:Now the only question is where’s mom?
Winston:Excuse me. Can I be of assistance?

Cass:PRAXIS are on board! We’ve got to get Neri out of here.

Winston:First, the ORCA blessing, Mr. Shelby.
Hauser:The what?
Winston:The traditional greeting for those who return. Tea, lotus cakes.
Shelby:That oriental garbage doesn’t wash with me, doc.
Winston:Oh, Mr. Shelby, I can assure you we take our traditions very seriously.
Shelby:Well, if it isn’t the two guys we’re looking for. You two certainly get around, don’t you.
Hauser:Quite international.
Jason:We love to travel. Don’t we, Brett.
Jason:Every chance we get.
Shelby:It’s important we talk to your little friend. The girl. Where is she?
Brett:We’ve got lots of friends.
Jason:Some of them are girls.
Hauser:We just want to talk to her. She’ll be fine.
Jason:I don’t mean to be rude, miss Hauser, but I don’t think we should be talking to you without our mother present.
Shelby:How right you are, kid. Because her future might depend on the answers you give.
Winston:Don’t you think, Mr. Shelby, that this confusion may be sorted out with the commander?
Shelby:There is no confusion.

Cass:There’s no way out of here. It was a dumb move coming back. I’m sorry.

Hauser:Maybe we should avoid confrontation here, Shelby? Use our discretion?
Louis:Hi, Mr. Shelby.
Shelby:Hi yourself, kid.
Louis:Who’s the new girl?
Brett:Louis, I don’t know any new girl.
Louis:But she just went into your quarters with Cass.
Shelby:Come on!
Louis:Unlock the door[?].
Shelby:Privacy override.
Winston:On behalf of commander Bates, I really must protest.
Shelby:Too bad.


Jason:You have no right to do this.
Shelby:Hauser, seal the base. Do it!
HELEN:Standing by.
Hauser:PRAXIS authority code 4-9-6-7, seal the base.

(Alarm sounding)

HELEN:Acknowledged. All elevators and doors immobilized. All exit points sealed.
Hauser:The base is now secure.
Shelby:Now I’m ready to speak to your mother.

Dianne:You’ve sealed the base. An emergency procedure created to deal with natural disasters. People are literally trapped everywhere.
Shelby:That was the general idea.
Dianne:Placing lives at risk, costing time and money. You’d better find what you’re looking for, Mr. Shelby, because if this is a pointless exercise, I will be demanding answers from your boss.
Shelby:The base is sealed?
Danton:No way in, no way out. All levels are isolated.
Shelby:Secure the stairs. Then we start a search.
Dianne:Did she get out?
Jason:I don’t think so.

Cass:It’s no good. We can’t get through.

Hauser:We can forget about the upper levels. Start with delta three and work our way down.
Dianne:I think we have a code 51 on our hands.
Dianne:Uh huh.
Women:Yes, ma’am.

(Siren sounding)

HELEN:Attention all personnel. Evacuation posts immediately.
Shelby:What’s going on?
Dianne:I told you, sealing the base was a procedure to deal with a natural disaster scenario. Evacuation would follow. It seems our computer has just moved to the next logical step.
Shelby:Countermand that order!
Hauser:Let me guess, commander. The base is no longer sealed, right?
Dianne:You can’t evacuate people in closed off corridors.

(Alarm sounding)

Cass:Go. Ah, what’s is it? Another drill?
Louis:You’re supposed to be at your post!
Cass:Yeah, sure.
Louis:Anyone else here?

(Alarm sounding)

Shelby:Turn that off! There’s no emergency.
Dianne:The drill must be followed until complete.
Shelby:This is a stunt to unseal the base.
Dianne:May I remind you, you were the one that overrode the computer when you could have come to me and obtained my co-operation.
Shelby:Commander, when your little evacuation drill is done, we’re going to question these two. And they are going to tell me everything.

Neri:I need help. Speak to me.
Shalamorn:So it has come to pass. The hand that has touched the ankh is the hand of Neri. If you stand before me now, my daughter, you are ready to hear what must be said.
Shalamorn:I am Shalamorn and you, Neri, are my first born. You have many tasks ahead, my child. A hard and lonely road to travel. As you grow, as you are ready for each new danger, I will be here to advise you. Do not question. Obey.
Shalamorn:Not all that will happen can be foreseen. You were born to serve our people, Neri. Hear and obey.

Garron:We have been anxious to hear from you again.
Malakat:There has been much to do here on earth. Please report your current status.
Garron:The rebellion here hangs in the balance, Malakat. The people we have persuaded to our course were restless for news of you success.
Malakat:When you may tell them that we are proceeding according to plan, shortly we will locate the underwater pyramid of the ancients.
Garron:The people will ask, what use is that without the golden ankh?
Malakat:The girl Neri will soon be in our hands and the golden ankh will be ours.
Garron:I don’t need to remind you, sir, how urgent this is. If the chosen one discovers the power of the ankh –
Shersheba:You dare to question our strategy, Garron?
Garron:Of course not, princess.
Shersheba:Fools! Leave them alone for a moment and their spines turn to jelly.
Malakat:Nevertheless, he has a point about the chosen one. If she doesn’t know the power of the ankh…
Shersheba:You imagine Neri could be a match for me?
Malakat:Not for a moment, highness.
Shersheba:Then let’s waste no more time. We leave tonight.

Shelby:We’ll be interfacing with your HELEN 3000. This won’t take long.
Dianne:This is obscene.
Shelby:How can the truth be obscene? Agent?
Hauser:The program’s installed but I’m getting some electronic interference.
Shelby:Give me your watch.
Jason:I’m ready. Why don’t you just get on with it?

HELEN:Program installed. Protocol recognized.
Winston:HELEN, what hardware is being employed?
HELEN:Veritas 253 gammina.
Winston:Oh, veritas. I was afraid of that.
Cass:How bad is it?
Winston:Veritas is infallible. If they lie, it will know. If they say nothing, it is as bad. They will be taken in to PRAXIS custody and probably commander Bates as well. They are…
Cass:Between a rock and a hard place.
Winston:Exactly. Now, we must put our minds to how we can save them.
Cass:Let’s go.
Cass:Come on.
Winston:What? Oh, wait, wait.
Cass:Come on.
Winston:No, no, no, wait. Ah, here it is. Thank you.

Hauser:Almost ready.
Paul:Get that stuff off my boys.
Shelby:Commander Bates. We haven’t met. Jake Shelby.
Paul:I’m commander-in-chief of the ORCA facilities in this region. Now, let them go.
Shelby:Full authorization. PRAXIS priority.
Brett:Uh, it’s cool, dad. We can handle it.
Shelby:Now, the truth.

Cass:Can’t you hack into her?
Winston:Not so far. The program is protected.

Jason:Jason Bates.
Shelby:Now give me a false name.
Jason:Um, Geronimo.
Brett:General Custer.
Hauser:Incorrect. System checks out.
Shelby:Good. Now, for your own sakes, let’s co-operate. Did you travel to Egypt?
Shelby:How did you travel there?
Jason:I don’t know.
Hauser:He’s telling the truth.
Shelby:Let me see that!

Winston:Of course he’s telling the truth. How could Jason understand the principles of this strange watergate?
Cass:Come on.
Winston:It’s no use. The program cannot be subverted by conventional means. HELEN, my friend, forgive me.

Shelby:What did you see in Egypt?
Brett:It was hot. It was dry. I was thirsty.
Jason:There was a river.
Brett:Man, that was easily the biggest river I ever saw. Was that the Nile?
Jason:I think it was.
Shelby:Hold it. Now, you guys give me a straight answer to my questions or we can do all this down at PRAXIS headquarters. You and your parents. For as long as is necessary. Do we understand each other? Where does the girl called Neri live?

Cass:It’s still working.

Shelby:Now, for the last time, tell me where does the girl called Neri live?
Brett:We don’t know.

Winston:Please work for me.

Shelby:You lying little –
Hauser:They just told the truth.
Shelby:Do you know girl called Neri?
Jason, Brett:No.
Hauser:Truth again. Both of them.
Paul:You’ve had your answers. That’s enough!
Shelby:Looks like our hardware has just given you a reprieve for now. But, trust me, it’s only temporary.
Dianne:I think this completes your business on board.
Paul:Yes. Get out.

Cass:Winston, you’re a genius.
Winston:Let’s not confuse genius with good fortune.

Brett:We were dead, mate.
Jason:How did we get over[?] with them?
Paul:Well, it doesn’t matter. They know you are lying. Which means you’re not safe. And neither is Neri.

Jason:Hey, you are keeping [?].
Neri:I knew it was you. I’m glad you are safe.
Jason:Now, we were lucky. But with PRAXIS nosing around dad’s worried about you. He’s got this place on the mainland. He wants us all to go there.
Neri:He cares about you.
Jason:He’s only done what he has to.
Neri:I will come.
Jason:Well, I’ll pick you up at 6am. [?] What’s up? Has something happened?
Neri:Your father is back. We are not all so lucky.

Louis:The Bates have left ORCA in a helicopter.
Shelby:Sharp work, kid. But we’re way ahead of you.
Hauser:Northwest along the coast, heading for the river delta.
Louis:You’ve put a bug in the helicopter.
Shelby:Told you this kid’s got promise.

Brett:Oh, Dad, how long have you had this place?
Paul:Bit surprised? I’ve been saving a long time for the kind of place where a family can get together. On the holidays.
Brett:Mum, too?
Paul:That’s up to her.
Jason:Ah, no, horses. She’s never seen horses before.
Paul:That’s what this farm is all about.
Neri:They are beautiful. This place is beautiful.

Paul:You like?
Jason:It’s okay.
Paul:Ah, cds over there. Brett, that’s your bed.
Paul:Neri, just up the hall. I’m afraid I’ve been called back to work tomorrow. You guys be okay?
Jason:Sick of playing father already, huh?
Paul:I brought you here for your protection.
Brett:You wouldn’t even try.

Jason:I fight with my dad. I know you don’t understand. I’m sorry it upsets you.
Neri:No, I don’t understand.
Jason:It’s hard to explain.
Neri:I went back to the pyramid, Jason. To the central chamber and the hologram came back. She was my mother.

Paul:I don’t want to leave you here by yourselves but I really don’t have any choice.
Jason:We’ll manage.
Brett:When are you coming back?
Paul:Soon as I can. Take care.

(Whine of helicopter engines)