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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 7


Brett:Good boy. You can feed him. Hold your hands flat. That’s it.
Neri:Friendly horse. I like you. Earth has many wonderful surprises. But you are not happy, Jason. This is because of your father, yes?
Jason:Just can’t work out what he wants.
Neri:Perhaps he wants to know you.
Jason:Yeah. Pity it’s a bit too late. Look, he had this girlfriend and then he left mum. We’ve hardly seen him for years and then, all of a sudden, he turns up and wants to start playing dad. Well, big deal.
Neri:He came to rescue us.
Jason:Yeah, my dad the hero. Still, it’s a pretty good farm he’s got, may as well make the most of it.
Neri:Yes. There is peace here.

Shelby:Just about ready.
Hauser:Timing’s critical.
Shelby:We’re not talking terrorists here. It’s just a bunch of dumb kids. Okay, our guys are almost set. Team one, proceed to target. Team two, proceed to target. Team three, standby.

Jason:The river! Out to sea!
Shelby:Team three, go, go, go!
Jason:We’re out of here. Go for it. Go.


Hauser:Just a bunch of dumb kids, you said.
Shelby:Hold it right there.
Neri:Brett! Watch out.
Shelby:Go get ’em. Come on. Hurry up. Gotcha.

Brett:Outch! I blew it, I can’t believe it.
Jason:It was an accident. It could’ve happened to anyone.
Cass:What I don’t get is how they knew you were at the farm.
Dianne:PRAXIS is a very powerful organization.
Brett:Poor Neri. Who knows what they’ll do to her.
Dianne:I hope they don’t hurt her.
Brett:Can’t dad do something?
Jason:He’s done enough. If we weren’t at his farm then none of this would have happened and Neri’d still be with us.
Dianne:Jason, there’s no point in blaming your father. Besides, we need his help. Our main objective is to get Neri back before any harm comes to her.

Richter:The subject is to be transferred to the seaplane the moment it arrives.
Shelby:No problem, sir.
Richter:You are aware of the importance of this operation. I can’t stress how vital it is that the subject be kept under the strictest security.
Shelby:There’s no way she’ll escape, sir.
Richter:This’ll be even bigger than roswell. Well done, Shelby.

Hauser:Are you in any pain? Can you feel pain? Do you have a name? Mine’s Elly. Elly Hauser. We know you’re not from earth. You, er, you don’t seem to want to harm us. We don’t want to harm you either. We can learn things from each other. Important things. You’re very frightened, aren’t you. I won’t let them hurt you. I promise. I can, er, I can take those off. You do understand me, don’t you?

(whale sounds)

Shelby:November alpha mike, this is PRAXIS [?], do you read me. Over.
Mike:Roger, this is november alpha mike [?] you loud and clear.
Shelby:You’re not in view november alpha mike. What’s the delay?
Mike:We got a headwind. Revised eta 20 minutes.
Shelby:This isn’t a joy flight. Step on it.

Cass:Guys! Winston’s picked up a PRAXIS transmission.
Jason:About Neri?
Cass:Yeah, come on.

Brett:On a boat?
Winston:Far out to sea. Soon Neri will be out of our reach.
Cass:We’ll be sunk. We’ll never get her back.
Winston:To abandon hope is to sting oneself as surely as a scorpion.
Brett:We’ve got to do something. Can’t we send a plane out? We can’t just sit here.
Winston:Your father is doing his best, Brett. Anything I can do for you, Louis?
Louis:Agent Shelby caught that girl, didn’t he. That friend of yours. I bet she’s an alien. That’s why they were after her.
Jason:You’ve been watching too many sci-fi video discs.
Louis:I know how they caught her. It was because of you.
Jason:What do you mean?
Winston:Take it easy, Jason.
Jason:What do you mean?
Louis:That’s top secret. It’s between agent Shelby and and me.
Brett:He’s bluffing, Jase. You know what he’s like.
Winston:Aren’t there some urgent matters you are neglecting, Louis?
Louis:Have a nice day.
Winston:That young man looks for trouble as a pig lives for truffles.
Jason:Yeah, but why’d he say it– it was because of me?
Brett:Forget it. We’ve got more important things to worry about than that.

Shelby:We’re miles from anywhere, so you can forget about any hope you may’ve had about being rescued by your little friends from ORCA. Where are you from? You know, the sooner you start answering our questions, the easier it’s going to be for you ’cause once we get you back to headquarters, we’re gonna find out everything we need want to know about you. One way or the –
Hauser:That’s enough, Jake. Can’t you see she’s frightened?
Shelby:I’ve got a job to do here, agent Hauser. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me get on with it.
Hauser:There are other ways.
Shelby:Like removing handcuffs?
Hauser:Yeah. She’s not going to tell us anything if she’s scared out of her wits.
Shelby:I know you speak our language, so it’s no use pretending you don’t. You were having some pretty cosy little chats with young Jason Bates back there.

(Whale sounds)

Shelby:What’s your connection with the Bates family? We know from your DNA that you’re an alien.

(Sound of an impact)

Shelby:What was that? Stop her!
Guys:It’s a whale! It’s coming again!
Hauser:Neri! She does understand. Probably more than we’ll ever know.

(whale sounds)

Shelby:The E.B.E. escaped, sir.
Richter:What do you mean escaped? How?
Shelby:We were hit by a whale and in the confusion, the subject managed to dive overboard.

Winston:Those PRAXIS agents are going to get a carpeting.
Cass:Sure helps to have a whale on your side.
Brett:I knew she’d get away.
Winston:We can always rely on good ol’ Charley.
Brett:Well, let’s go and meet Neri. How long’ll it take her to get back to the island?
Jason:Oh, well, it’ll take… That’s weird, it’s stopped.
Cass:But those watches can’t here, let me see.
Winston:Ah, who cares about a watch when Neri’s safe and sound.

Cass:So that’s what Louis meant.
Jason:Fixed it?
Cass:Think I’ve done better than that. Gotcha.
Jason:What is it?
Cass:You’ve been bugged. That’s how they tracked you to your dad’s farm.
Jason:They took my watch when I did the lie detector test. They must have planted it then.
Cass:Looks like they’ll do anything to get to Neri. From now on, we’ve gotta keep our eyes wide open.

Malakat:The underwater pyramid of the ancients is out there somewhere. But where?
Shersheba:Wherever it is, you won’t find it by staring at the ocean.
Malakat:It’s likely the chosen one knows where it is. We must not forget she escaped Egypt via the waterways which connect the pyramids.
Shersheba:What Jason sees in Neri is really a total mystery. Enough, Malakat. Unpack your equipment and get to work or we shall never find find it.


Neri:I thought I would never see you again.
Brett:You nearly didn’t.
Jason:You’re safe for the moment. But PRAXIS is smart. They might find you, even here.
Brett:I don’t think they’re going to give up.
Neri:I must return to the underwater pyramid.
Jason:Neri, it’s too dangerous.
Brett:PRAXIS’ll be watching out for you.
Neri:You don’t understand. I must go. I must know my mother’s wishes.
Jason:We’ll have to think of a way to distract them.
Brett:I know a way. They tricked you. We’ll trick them.

Hartley:Commander, I thought you’d like to hear that our PRAXIS visitors have arrived. They’re on their way down from the pontoon.
Dianne:Good. Thank you.
Hartley:Would you like me to extend their visitor access?
Dianne:Oh, I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I believe our guests have finished their business aboard ORCA. They’ve probably just returned to collect their equipment.

Dianne:Too bad your stay on board was so short.
Shelby:What makes you think it’s over?
Dianne:Well, isn’t it?
Hauser:No, commander. We’re in for the long haul. And there’s quite a few questions we’d like to ask you.
Shelby:That took the smile off her face.
Hauser:There is a lot she’s not telling us.
Louis:So, you caught a real, live alien. Can I see it? Where is it? I bet you’ll get a big promotion.
Shelby:Get lost kid.
Hauser:That’s no way to treat our your main man.
Shelby:Thank you for your observation, agent Hauser, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d but your mind to more constructive matters. Or maybe you don’t realize that unless we get that girl back pronto, we may have had the shortest careers on record.
Hauser:That’s interesting.
Hauser:The Bates boy. He’s way out to sea.
Shelby:Could be a rendezvous with the girl.
Hauser:Let’s go.

Shelby:Hit the throttle. Faster.
Guy:Boat took a beating from that whale. I’m doing the best I can.
Shelby:Not good enough. Hit the throttle.

(Whale sounds) (music)

Brett:Okay, forget the PRAXIS agents. They’ll be right out of our hair by now.

Shelby:Bugging that Bates kid was a stroke of genius. He’s going to lead us straight to the girl. I can feel it.

(Whale sounds)

Jason:Here we go.
Brett:Wonder where we’re gonna end up this time.
Jason:Are you sure you want to do this?
Neri:You said it was safe now that Charley has taken away the PRAXIS people.
Jason:That’s not what I meant. Are you sure you want to know what this place is all about?
Neri:Mother wanted me to know.

Shalamorn:My daughter, it grieves me to know that since it is you who has activated the ankh, then I have passed and am no longer able to be with you. For this hologram was recorded when you were a child, as a precaution if your father and I passed before you were old enough to hear of your heritage from our own lips. You must listen now, my child, and listen carefully.

Shelby:Boy, he is really moving. He must be in a minisub.
Hauser:There! He’s surfacing.
Shelby:How did the watch get on a whale?
Hauser:We’ve been had again. By your dumb kids.

Shalamorn:5,000 years ago, our peoples discovered that for all the wonders of our technology, our planet was at risk. One day, we might have to leave it. The ancients prepared the way for us by building structures on this planet. Structures that the people of earth later copied for themselves. Then, for thousands of years, we waited until a time for us to leave was near at hand. Neri… The crisis fell in my reign as queen of the ocean people. Your father was sent to earth with the synchronium to prepare the earth for our arrival. And you, as the chosen one, accompanied him.
Brett:Chosen one?


Malakat:Fear not, princess. We will find the underwater pyramid and we will find the golden ankh. And when we do, you will be the queen.

Shalamorn:My daughter, you are a princess, hope of our people and the earth people. Your journey will be a long and arduous one and will require great courage but never doubt that you will find a way. Use your gifts wisely and your destiny as leader of our people will come to pass. Our people will live peacefully in the earth’s oceans. It is your calling, Neri, your fate.
Jason:Amazing. You’re a princess.