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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 8


Brett:Your highness, allow me. It’s meant to be a fan.
Neri:I don’t need. There is a storm coming.
Brett:Not a fan for real. A fan for royalty. You’re a princess now.
Neri:Yes. But I wish I was not.
Jason:Come on, Brett. Give her a break. Nothing between us has changed.
Neri:No, Jason, Brett is right. Everything changed. Many times I have dreamed of knowing my mother. But never like this.
Brett:You didn’t guess she’d be a hologram and that she wanted you to change two worlds. Sure, it’s a shock but I can relate to that. Well, kind of.
Neri:I don’t know what I must do, how I must do it.
Jason:Well, maybe the hologram will come back and help you. You are the chosen one.
Brett:Yep, that’s what queen Shalamorn said.
Neri:But what if I fail?
Brett:How can you? You’ve got Charley. You got the gift. And you’ve got us. Can’t lose, right?

Shersheba:I hate this planet’s water. And I’m sick of this house. I want my palace, Malakat. My pyramid. Where is it? Why haven’t you found it yet?
Malakat:Very soon, I promise.
Shersheba:What if there is no pyramid. What if the stories of the ancient ones are just that. Stories.
Malakat:Believe me, the pyramid does exist and we shall find it, highness. Soon.
Shersheba:Then perhaps you should pursue those PRAXIS people?
Malakat:What would mere earth people have to offer?
Shersheba:They seemed to be able to find Neri.
Malakat:They are inferior beings, highness.
Shersheba:Nevertheless, Malakat, I suggest you monitor their communications.
Malakat:With respect, highness.
Shersheba:That’s an order, Malakat.
Malakat:As you wish, highness.

Louis:Practical electronics? Amazing.
Louis:I don’t know how you can understand it all. I wish I could get my head around that sort of thing.
Cass:You do?
Louis:Oh yes. Satellite imaging. Radar, sonar. Magnetic anomalies. Even the names fascinate me.
Cass:No kidding.
Louis:Have you seen Brett? I saw him go topside with Jason hours ago.
Louis:Fishing? There’s a bit of a storm up.
Cass:Yeah, well, it’s a challenge. Kinda like trying to concentrate with you around.
Louis:Sorry. What is a magnetic anomaly anyway?
Cass:It’s a phenomenon.
Louis:What’s a phenomenon?
Cass:It’s something that’s totally hard to explain. Like someone pushy who won’t take a hint even when it’s spelled out right in front of his snoopy little nose.

Hauser:You’re on.
Richter:You want to tell me about the whale, Shelby?
Richter:Do you want to tell me about the tracking device, this astounding piece of sophisticated technology years in the refining somehow left a kid’s watch and wound up on a whale’s tail.
Shelby:It’s a fluke, sir.
Shelby:Whales don’t have tails, they have flukes.
Richter:Whatever. The question remains.
Shelby:I’m addressing that, sir.
Richter:Good. What I want to know is… Is this the whale?
Shelby:I’m not sure I–
Richter:Whales are featuring substantially in this debacle, Shelby, or haven’t you noticed? We’ve had two incidents featuring whales…
Shersheba:Forget about it. You were right. They’re fools.
Malakat:No, wait.
Hauser:Are you suggesting it’s the same whale, sir?
Richter:Exactly, Hauser. Spoken like a true analyst.
Hauser:Thank you, sir.
Shelby:I’ve already covered that possibility, sir. It’s in my report.
Richter:It had better be, Shelby, because I’m thinking this mission is beyond your capabilities. Persuade me otherwise. I look forward to seeing your report.
Hauser:I don’t know. Could be something in it. There’s enough data to say that whales and dolphins are as as intelligent as some humans. Maybe she’s got a bond with them.
Shelby:You’re nuts.
Hauser:The alien girl and her one special whale. The loyal friend at her side.

Malakat:Of course that’s it.
Shersheba:She snaps her fingers and whales come running?
Malakat:She has a rapport with sea creatures. It’s one of the chosen one’s gifts.
Shersheba:So? Perhaps she talks with fish also.
Malakat:The chosen one can lead us straight to the golden ankh and the pyramid. And now, your highness, we know how to find her.


Neri:Charley was happy to help.
Jason:Well, it’s useless now.
Brett:Here. Suffer, PRAXIS.
Neri:They will not stop. They will try again. I know it.
Jason:Ah, whatever they’ve got, we can handle it. Promise.

Louis:Where have you been?
Jason:Checking out the marker buoys in the western sector.
Louis:Cass said you went fishing.
Brett:Well, that was after we went fishing, wasn’t it, Jase?
Brett:Man were they biting today.
Louis:Really? Where is the catch?
Brett:Well, we had to throw them all back.
Jason:They were too small.
HELEN:Would officer Jason Bates please report to the bridge immediately. Officer Jason Bates.

Jason:You wanted to see me?
Dianne:Yes. You have a visitor.
Shersheba:Hello, Jason.

Shersheba:Jason, it was very nice of your mother to get you to show me around but I’m sure you’ve got more important things to do.
Jason:What are you doing here? What do you want?
Jason:Give me a break. You come all the way from Egypt just to check out the facilities on ORCA? Sure.
Shersheba:I can see you’re angry with me and I’m sorry. I don’t blame you. But it’s all professor Malakat’s fault. He called the police in Egypt. It wasn’t anything to do with with me. I don’t even like him.
Jason:So why don’t you leave?
Shersheba:I don’t have a choice. I’m on a contract. And now he’s sick of Egypt, wants to study aboriginal culture, so we came here.
Jason:I remember he was pretty weird in Egypt.
Shersheba:He’s a tyrant. It’s awful. But when we came here, I thought it would be good to see you again. And I did so much want to see the great barrier reef. But I should have known that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.
Jason:Look, it’s all right.
Shersheba:I’m sorry. You didn’t want to hear all of this.
Jason:Oh, it’s okay. But it’s too late to see the reef today.
Shersheba:No, that’s fine. I can come back another time. Jason, your girlfriend must be a very lucky person.
Jason:Well, um, I don’t have a girlfriend. No time.
Shersheba:I thought that pretty girl in Egypt – Neri. Is she around?
Jason:No, she doesn’t work here. She goes to college on the mainland.
Jason:And she’s not my girlfriend.

Brett:What’s she doing here.
Jason:Mum made me take her on a tour.
Shersheba:That smells sensational. What is it?
Brett:Chili con carne. You like it?
Shersheba:I adore it.
Brett:You’re not staying, are you?
Jason:No, she’s just about to get the shuttle.
Shersheba:Unfortunately, I’m expected back. Too bad I missed your friend Neri.
Brett:She’s not here.
Shersheba:Of course. She goes to college on the mainland.
Jason:I was telling her about it earlier.
Brett:Oh, yeah, that’s right.
Shersheba:Which college?
HELEN:Attention, please. The final mainland shuttle is about to depart. Would all passengers please assemble on the pontoon.
Brett:That’ll be you, Shersheba.
Shersheba:Yes, what a pity.
Jason:Well, I’ll show you out.
Shersheba:Oh, no, no. Enjoy your meal. I insist.
Brett:She insists.
Shersheba:I’ll look forward to that trip to the reef.
Brett:Trip to the reef?
Jason:Well, it wasn’t a serious offer.

HELEN:This is the final boarding call for the mainland shuttle. Would all passengers please assemble on the pontoon.

Louis:Dr. Seth.
Winston:Oh, hi, Louis.
Louis:I’ve been set a problem to solve and I need some advice. You’re the only person on ORCA who can help me.
Winston:Oh, yes.
Louis:Yes. You know that magnetic anomaly you were talking about? Under the ocean? Around about the time the minifin went missing? What is it? You’ve found something, haven’t you. Found something in the ocean and it’s where the Bates boys go to, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
Winston:I’ve found nothing, Louis.
Louis:Do better, Winston. Dad knows you’re hiding something. He says you haven’t filed a report and you know what? That is going to cost you your job.
Cass:You’re up a bit late, aren’t you, Louis?
Louis:This is private.
Cass:No secrets here, Louis. Unfortunately for you. Well, well, well, what have we here? Wouldn’t be your dad’s credit card account, would it? Ah, so he’s been buying computer games, has he? The most expensive you can get.
Louis:How dare you!
Cass:You want me to advise him to check all the items before he pays his next bill?
Cass:Takes a sneak to know one.
Louis:There’s still something funny about what Jason and Brett are doing and I’m going to find out what it is.

Louis:Who are you?
Shersheba:You were interested in Jason and Brett Bates?

Dianne:All of this looks delicious.
Brett:Ah, it’s not too hot?
Dianne:No. I need a bit of pepping up. Today’s been a nightmare.
Brett:Wait ’til you hear this. You know the girl who turned up?
Jason:Cool it, will ya?
Dianne:Oh, well, I thought she seemed charming.
Brett:Oh, yeah. Real charming.
Jason:Forget it, okay?
Dianne:Ah, come in.
Shersheba:I’m so sorry to intrude. I’ve missed the last shuttle. I feel so stupid.
Dianne:No, don’t be silly.
Shersheba:All those corridors. All those elevators.
Dianne:Here, sit down. You’ll have to stay the night on board.
Shersheba:No, really, I don’t want to put you to any trouble.
Dianne:No, it’s no trouble. There’s a visitor’s room nearby. You can’t have eaten. You’ll have to stay for dinner.
Shersheba:No, really. It’s too much trouble.
Dianne:No trouble, is it, Brett?
Brett:No. None at all.
Dianne:Brett’s become the chef of the family. He loves to show off his cooking skills.
Shersheba:Well, just the tiniest bit.
Dianne:Is that okay?
Shersheba:Lovely. May– may I have a glass of water, please?
Dianne:Sure. Brett.
Shersheba:Ah, when is the next shuttle back?
Jason:Not until tomorrow afternoon.
Shersheba:Well, at least I’ll have more time to look around. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing the reef tomorrow. I’d love to see the marine life and do some snorkeling.
Dianne:Of course you would. Jason, why don’t you take her? You’ve got a rostered day off tomorrow.

Shersheba:Ah, the ocean. I love the ocean. Do you thing we’ll see any whales? I’ve never seen one.
Shersheba:I’d love to see just one, Jason.
Jason:I’ll see what I can do.

Winston:Dianne. Have you a moment? I am most curious. Who was that exotic young lady I saw Jason heading out with just now?
Dianne:Actually, I’m most intrigued. Her name is Shersheba. Apparently, the boys met her when they were in Egypt. Although Jason seems to be the one that she’s interested in.
Winston:Ah, lucky Jason.
Dianne:Hmm. She’s very pretty. It’s a bit odd though, turning up out of the blue from the other side of the world.
Winston:Why question the turtle dove when it lands on the branch.
Dianne:For some reason, Jason didn’t seem all that pleased to to see her.

Jason:Ah, that’s just Charley.
Jason:Yeah. A whale we’ve been studying. He’s just coming up to have a look.
Shersheba:How wonderful. Jason. This is the best day I’ve ever had.
Jason:Just wait ’til you see the reef under water.
Shersheba:I can’t wait.

Shersheba:Help. I’m in pain.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Jason:I couldn’t get her up. Now, I can’t find her.
Jason:Is she alive?
Jason:She was down there for so long.
Malakat:Well done, your highness.
Jason:Neri, hold on.
Neri:They are ocean people!
Jason:She wasn’t drowning. And how did he get out here?
Neri:They are from my planet. What do they want?

Shersheba:After all that!
Malakat:Let’s not dwell on regrets. What did you discover on ORCA?
Shersheba:There is something.
Shersheba:About the time the Bates boys disappeared in the minifin, a Dr. Winston Seth, a friend of theirs, discovered a magnetic anomaly out in the pacific ocean.
Malakat:A magnetic anomaly.
Shersheba:All this is all from the lips of a little boy who’s really quite hostile for his age. I think I found him rather appealing, if terribly young.
Malakat:All this time I have been searching the ocean laterally but my equipment keeps getting confused by thermal disturbances caused by currents. Perhaps if I scan it from above.
Shersheba:I knew I did well.
Malakat:Yes! A magnetic anomaly!
Shersheba:Looks like a plain old square to me. I thought we were looking for a pyramid. The ancient ones spoke the truth.
Malakat:Your pyramid of power. With this at our disposal, you will rule the world.

Neri:Ocean people.
Jason:You’ll beat them, Neri. You’re still the chosen one.
Neri:Mother said I would face great danger, but I did not think it would be from my own people. Why are they here, Jason? I am afraid.