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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 9

(music) (distant thunder)

Malakat:We have located the underwater pyramid of the ancients. And we will take power as soon as the moon of this planet is full.
Garron:According to the tradition of the ancient ones.
Malakat:Precisely. We leave nothing to chance.
Garron:I await your command and the preparations for the invasion of earth can begin.
Shersheba:Primitive technology in their houses.
Malakat:You seem to be making the best of it.
Shersheba:When I take the ankh from Neri and rule this world, the earth people will understand the meaning of real technology. Get on with your work, Malakat.

Jason:They’re just like Neri.
Brett:She thinks they’re from the planet of the oceans.
Jason:Well, there’s no other explanation. No human could have possibly stayed underwater that long. And how could they have known that Charley would have called Neri to the rescue like that?
Dianne:Looks like Shersheba had us all fooled. I’m sorry I gave her such a warm welcome. And I suppose I’m really to blame for encouraging you to take her out on the reef.
Brett:It’s not your fault, mum. Shersheba had him sucked in from that first night in Egypt. You should’ve seen him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Dianne:Now you said that professor Malakat wants the golden ankh.
Jason:Yeah, looks like he’ll do anything to get it, too.
Dianne:Well, if you boys are right and these are really Neri’s people, why they’re so hostile towards her? Why do they want to harm her?

(Laughing) (thunderclap)


Brett:Okay, guys. It’s ready.
Jason:Yeah, but are we?
Dianne:Ooh, it’s good. I love turkey.
Brett:It’s meant to be fish soup.
Jason:Well, we’ll just pretend that it’s turkey, okay?
Paul:Not interrupting dinner am I?
Jason:Actually, yeah.
Paul:Then, Jason, I’ll get straight to the point. I need a favour from you.

Neri:Jason, is good to see you.
Jason:Are you okay?
Jason:I didn’t feel very good about you being here by yourself last night. After what happened with professor Malakat and Shersheba.
Neri:They do not know about island.
Jason:But they might find out. Neri, you shouldn’t be alone.
Neri:I’m used to being alone. Is good to hear from your father, yes?
Jason:Not really. He’s breeding some kind of goats on the farm. He wants me to go and keep an eye on them.
Neri:When you go?
Jason:I’m not.
Jason:It’s too far away. If anything happens, I want to be around to help you.
Neri:Then I go too. I would like to see these goats.
Jason:I was hoping you’d say that.
Neri:I will be safe there?
Jason:Yeah, I guess the farm would be the last place PRAXIS’ll look for you now.

Hauser:These are the listening logs from the satellites, sir.
Richter:Anything conclusive?
Hauser:This appears to indicate some evidence of the two way signals we responded to in Egypt. And these southern hemisphere readings confirm a shift in the earth source of the signals.
Shelby:Come on, spit it out. Plain english, Hauser.
Hauser:The signals are now being generated from an area offshore. Near the barrier reef in Australia.
Shelby:The same latitudinal axis as ORCA.
Richter:So what you are saying is ORCA, a marine research colony, is a cover for an alien-run operation?
Shelby:The commander there, Dianne Bates, she’s covering up something. We know that.
Hauser:In light of this new information, sir, it is imperative that we return to the area immediately. We know from the DNA tests this girl is an alien, sir. We’ve never been this close before. We cannot let her slip through our fingers.
Richter:On the contrary, you seem to be very good at that.
Shelby:We know more about her now. I’m going to nail that girl if it kills me.

Neri:Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Come on. Come on. Come on.
Jason:No, no, no. Wait. Don’t, don’t.

Jason:I feel like an idiot letting Shersheba pull the wool over my eyes and putting you in danger. I’m sorry, Neri.
Neri:Do not be sorry.
Jason:Hey, I’ve been thinking. If Malakat and Shersheba are from your planet, then what do you think they’re doing here on earth?
Neri:Mother said there would be an ocean people migration. Perhaps they lead the way.
Jason:What, like an advance party? Checking things out before the others come?
Jason:Yeah, but it doesn’t make sense. If you are the chosen one like queen Shalamorn said, then why are they hostile to you? They should be helping you not trying to capture you.
Neri:Only mother will know the answer. We must return to the underwater pyramid tomorrow.

Malakat:Come the new day and the pyramid will be ours.

Brett:Good move.
Cass:It was a fluke.
Brett:PRAXIS are bound to come back for Neri sooner or later.
Cass:They won’t find her here.
Brett:Unless they get into HELEN’s data banks. Then we’re in real trouble.
Brett:There’s heaps of evidence of Neri’s presence on ORCA.
Cass:Like what?
Brett:For starters, her fake id card.
Cass:Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to wipe that.
Brett:And all the images of her recorded by ORCA security cameras. Wearing an employee’s uniform. Mum’s history if they found that.
Cass:Can’t we figure out a way of wiping all the records of her?
Louis:I bet you’re talking about the girl PRAXIS is after.
Cass:Oh, you mean the alien, do you?
Louis:So you admit it.
Brett:We didn’t think you knew about her.
Louis:Yeah, well, there are a lot of things about me you don’t know.
Cass:Really. I suppose you’re going to tell us we’re all aliens, Louis? And you’re our leader.
Brett:Warning, warning, alien presence.
Louis:Now, we’ll see who’s laughing.

Winston:I don’t think this is a good idea.
Cass:Just move.
Winston:There must be a better way.
Brett:Come on.
Winston:We’ll get caught.
Cass:Come on, Winston.
Winston:It’s against all ORCA regulations to remove historical data.
Cass:HELEN, how long are security scans kept?
HELEN:Security files are stored in memory for six months from record date.
Winston:Goodness gracious. That’s a lot of material.
Brett:Let’s get going then.
HELEN:Requested identification of casual day employee number 2-0-0-4.
Winston:Thank you, HELEN. How long will it take to compile all security entries for this employee?
HELEN:Is 24 hour coverage required?
Brett:Yes. All locations, every single image.
HELEN:Estimated search time 12 to 18 hours.
Cass:It’s going to be a long night.
Brett:We’ve got to try.

Shelby:Watch it. Careful. Careful! This gear is worth ten times your salary.
Louis:This is neat. What is it?
Shelby:It’s an S.A.R. – Synthetic aperture radar. Same as they use on the space shuttle. Step outside, I’ll show you how it works.
Shelby:Sure is.
Hauser:There’s a problem with the transmitter. As soon as I’ve calibrated it, we’ll be able to get an exact triangulation on where those radio signals are being received.
Shelby:And where the response is coming from. I’ll bet you it’s right here on ORCA.
Hauser:It’s certainly nearby.
Shelby:And once we get a fix on that, we can be sure the target’s not far away.

Neri:What is it?
Jason:It’s a deep water helmet. It gives me a special oxygen mix so I can do deep water dives.
Neri:Deep as the pyramid?
Jason:Yep. See this? It’s a micro-oxygenator. It equalizes the nitrogen in my bloodstream so I don’t get the bends when I’m coming up. You’re lucky. Your body does that naturally.
Neri:Put it on.
Jason:Ah, ok.
Neri:(Laughing) Now you look like the alien.


Winston:I’m ravaged by the bison of sleep.
HELEN:Scan completed – final image recorded 1030 hours west corridor alpha level.
Brett:Good old HELEN!
Winston:HELEN, does that complete the erasure of all records of this crew member from the alpha level memory files?
Winston:Prepare to delete beta level data identification memory files.
Brett:I doubt if we’ll finish this before PRAXIS comes snooping around.
Winston:HELEN has compiled all the information. It’s simply now a matter of systematic deletion. The patience of the tortoise benefits the hunger of the fox.
Cass:Look, she’s coming through with another batch.
Winston:Commence deletion procedures, HELEN.

Hauser:We are ready to commence the scan.
Louis:Quick! If you hurry, you’ll catch them.
Shelby:Will you stop bothering us?
Louis:I know you think I’m a nuisance but I can be very useful to you, agent Shelby.
Louis:For a start, I can see into small places and spy on people and I now know something you’ll want to know.
Shelby:What’s your real interest in this, kid? I mean, why are you so keen to get in on the act?
Louis:I want my father to get the commander’s job.
Hauser:Come on, let’s hear what the boy has to say.
Louis:First, you’ve got to promise never to slam the door on me again.
Hauser:I’ll pull him into line, Louis.
Louis:Okay then. Right at this very moment, Brett Bates and his friends are wiping all the ORCA security images of that alien girl you’re after.
Shelby:We’ll soon see about that. Nice work, kid.

Shelby:I want complete access to all functions currently being undertaken by your HELEN 3000.
Dianne:That won’t be possible, agent Shelby. We have a life support systems check in progress.
Hartley:If we interrupt the scan we’ll lose the entire morning’s work.
Shelby:This is a matter of international security. If your commander has a problem with that, she knows who to call.
Dianne:It’s all right, Dave.
Louis:Just watch this, dad. There. Did you see her?

HELEN:Beta level erasures completed.
Brett:What’s that?
Winston:I’m afraid we’re being watched.

Shelby:We’ve got them now.
HELEN:Override denied. Priority is assigned to the main frame nerve centre.
Shelby:Come on.

Brett:There’s no way we can delete all these records in time.
Winston:Game’s up.
Cass:No, wait, I’ve got an idea. HELEN, go to graphic input.

Dianne:I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.
Shelby:If there is, I’d certainly like to hear it.
Dianne:I can assure you, you’ll find nothing out of the ordinary in ORCA’s records.
Shelby:Hindering a PRAXIS investigation is a very serious offence, commander Bates. If I find out you’ve been harbouring this girl, I’ll see to it that your command is terminated immediately.

Shelby:Hold everything. Stand back. Oh. Ha-ha. Very funny. Don’t think you’re going to get away with this.
Cass:You know, you guys were right. We’ve been doing our own research and this place is full of aliens.
Shelby:Come on. We’re not here to play vid games with a bunch of wacky kids.
Louis:You two may be been lucky this time, but it’s not going to last. PRAXIS and I know exactly what you’re up to and when you get caught, you’re dead meat.
Brett:Shaking in my boots.
Louis:You’d better be.
Brett:We gotta watch that guy.
Cass:Yeah, no kidding.

Shalamorn:Neri, as queen of the ocean people, it was my wish that our migration to the earth planet should be a mission of peace.
Jason:Your mother’s so beautiful, Neri.
Shalamorn:My beloved child, it was my greatest hope that our people could live side by side in harmony with the people of earth. Many of our people wanted peaceful migration. I was saddened to discover a powerful minority who held a dangerous alternative view.
Neri:Perhaps she speaks of Malakat and Shersheba.
Shalamorn:They believed that we might not be welcomed, that humans would destroy outsiders. We were a peaceful society. As monarch, I believed our migration would be blessed if we came in peace. Alas, the rebel faction was growing stronger with each new day. My beloved daughter, I must warn you that these people may now prove a grave threat to you.

Shersheba:At last.
Malakat:[?] highness, built by our ocean planet [?] 5000 years ago. Miracle of engineering. The infinitely complex systems that have kept it in this perfectly preserved state. Waiting, waiting to unleash its power on earth.
Shersheba:It’s magnificent. What’s this?
Malakat:We have company. This way.

Shalamorn:The faction opposed to peaceful migration argued that our expedition would not be safe unless the human race was weakened. Their strategies would render the earth people incapable of hurting our new arrivals.
Jason:What does she mean weakened?
Malakat:It’s really quite simple. There is a power built into this pyramid. When activated by the golden ankh, it is capable of melting the polar ice caps. More than half the land mass of the earth planet will be submerged. Including the major concentrations of government.
Shersheba:And population.
Neri:The earth people would drown.
Shersheba:That’s right.
Malakat:Earth will become like the planet of the oceans. Human society will be decimated.
Shersheba:The earth threat to our arrival and habitation would be totally removed.
Neri:This was not my mother’s wish.
Malakat:The queen has left us, Neri. How unfair of her to discharge the care of her duties to one who is so unprepared. I’m sure that you are at least clever enough to know you are not capable of carrying out her plans.
Jason:Don’t listen to him, Neri.
Malakat:If you will surrender the golden ankh into my possession, I am prepared to guarantee your safety and that of your human friends.
Shersheba:Wait! Have you forgotten Malakat that a man cannot bestow mercy. Only a female of the royal bloodline, such as myself, can make such promises.
Malakat:Of course. Forgive me, highness.
Shersheba:If anyone guarantees the safety of these people, it will be me.
Malakat:Where is the ankh?
Neri:My mother the queen did not wish this. I will do only as she has willed.
Malakat:Your mother has gone! You cannot stand in the way of princess Shersheba.
Jason:Be careful, Neri. These people are dangerous.
Neri:I must honour the power entrusted to my mother by the ocean people.
Malakat:Against me your queen was powerless. She was powerless to stop the crash of the spaceship carrying you and your father on your mission to earth.
Shersheba:One of Malakat’s greater navigational reassignments.
Neri:You caused the crash? There were other people on that craft. Many passed.
Malakat:That’s right. And you, young Neri, would be wise not to overestimate your own immunity to destruction now. If you’ll just hand over–
Neri:I will never part with the golden ankh. I have a duty to ensure the safety of my people and all humans.
Shersheba:We’ll soon see about that.
Shersheba:That’s just a taste of what he can expect, Neri, if you don’t give us the ankh.
Neri:As you wish it.
Malakat:I thought you’d be reasonable.
Malakat:No! You need her.

Jakamarra:Hey, guys. I’ve been waiting for you.