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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 12



Brett:So, why are we sitting around here like stupid frogs or something?
Jason:Because Winston might come up with a location for Neri at any moment.
Brett:Yeah or maybe he won’t.
Jason:Don’t say that.
Brett:He’s been working on HELEN all night and still nothing. Meanwhile, Malakat and Shersheba have got the ankh. We’ve got to go after them.
Jason:She could be dying.
Brett:You don’t have to tell me that. But we owe it to her to go after Malakat and Shersheba. They’ve got the ankh. They’re going to work the pyramid.
Cass:Yeah, Jase, you’ve got to ask what Neri would want.
Brett:She wouldn’t be thinking about herself, Jase. She’d want us to stop them using the ankh. We’ve got to move.
Jason:Okay. Okay.

Danton:What is the meaning of this? Well?
Brett:We weren’t going anywhere.
Danton:Oh, of course not.
Jason:No, I left my access card in the cabin when we were out on exercises yesterday.
Brett:I was going to help him find it.
Danton:Well, I’ll just wait here ’til you’re back up.
Jason:Yes, sir.
Brett:Great about the french ambassador.
Danton:French ambassador?
Brett:Yeah. Today. Mum’s in a real panic. Headquarters just hit her with it.
Danton:Where is she now?
Jason:Up on the pontoon. Waiting for the chopper.
Danton:Why wasn’t I told? Come on, Louis. The minifin is out of bounds. Come on.


Brett:Can’t you get more speed out of this thing?
Jason:It’s going flat out already.
Brett:They could already be there by now.
Jason:Trimming to dive.


Shersheba:Follow me, Malakat.
Malakat:As you wish, highness.
Malakat:It’s time to grasp your destiny. Now, unleash the power of the ankh.
Shersheba:First I must feel the right moment.
Malakat:Time is of the essence, highness.
Shersheba:Be silent! As princess of the royal blood, I am communing with the ancient ones, as is laid out in the old laws. You are to show reverence.

Jason:The entrance is open.
Brett:They’re here.

Malakat:For the love of the planet, Shersheba.
Shersheba:The ancient ones have spoken. The moment is here.


Jason:Don’t! You don’t know what you’re doing.
Shersheba:I’m glad you’re here to see this, Jason.
Shersheba:I have the power to destroy you both.
Malakat:What harm can they do now? Within minutes, they’ll be your slaves.
Shersheba:That could be amusing.
Shalamorn:Neri, my daughter, if this is your hand, then you have failed to prepare the ankh. You must go back and find the missing step. If this is the hand of another, then return the ankh to its rightful possessor. Great is the danger that may befall the wrongful user.
Brett:Did you hear what she said? Give it back and get lost or we’re all history.
Shersheba:But the queen would not have meant me. How can I be a wrongful user when I too am a princess of the blood?
Shersheba:It’s only a hologram, Malakat. She’s not real. She’s dead.
Jason:Come on. Come on!
Shersheba:Why didn’t you tell me this was going to happen?
Malakat:Because I didn’t know.
Shersheba:Get me out of here.
Jason:Come on, hurry up!

Richter:This is not the result you were hoping for.
Doctor:No, she has deteriorated further. I’m afraid conventional medicine has failed.
Shelby:You’re just going to let her die?
Richter:Do we have any other options?
Doctor:The northern zone has been testing some revolutionary new life prolonging drugs – with limited success. They’re known as clonozites.
Richter:Do we have access to them?
Doctor:Yes, but they’re experimental compounds and very controversial. On alien metabolism about which we know so very little… Well, I wouldn’t even like to contemplate what might happen.
Richter:Well, if she’s going to die…
Shelby:If you’re somehow faking it, now would be a really good time to start co-operating. Like, crunch time.
Richter:All right, Laviche. Order the drugs. Immediately.

Jason:All we’ve done is buy us some time, that’s all. Now we’ve got to get Neri.
Brett:Anything new from Winston?
Dianne:No luck so far. But your father thinks he might have a lead on where they’re keeping her.
Paul:No absolute guarantees but there’s an old war defence bunker underneath PRAXIS headquarters. It’d be the ideal place to keep someone in high security.
Brett:Nuclear bunker.
Jason:How do we get in? That’ll be like storming the pentagon.
Paul:This might help. Architect’s blue print of the PRAXIS headquarters. The builders worked off it when they were constructing the premises.
Brett:How’d you get this?
Jason:Well, we better have a look at it then.

Shersheba:To be so close, Malakat. Only to have one’s destiny snatched away by the hand of a dead queen.
Malakat:As you said yourself so memorably, just before you put us in such grave jeopardy, by turning the ankh, it was only a hologram.
Shersheba:Why didn’t you know the ankh needed to be prepared – whatever that means? What does it mean?
Malakat:I have no idea, yet. It was the one thing I hadn’t anticipated. The queen was a worthy opponent.
Shersheba:So, what do you propose we do now?
Malakat:Yes, as I expected. The molecular structure of the ankh has been changed. It has to be re-energized before it will work.
Shersheba:Can you do it here?
Malakat:Unfortunately, it requires a technology beyond my reach on this planet.
Shersheba:Then, what do you suggest?
Malakat:Queen Shalamorn and her confederates… They must have placed something on earth that I didn’t know about. Some means of re-energizing the ankh. The question is – what? And where?

Doctor:I insist that my doubts go on record about the outcome of this procedure. You are to witness, I am not to be held responsible if the subject doesn’t survive this treatment.
Shelby:But if it works, you’ll accept all the honours, right?
Doctor:Naturally. On behalf of PRAXIS, of course.
Shelby:So, let’s not waste any more time, shall we?
Hauser:Oh, Neri. There’s no improvement?
Doctor:Not yet.
Shelby:You’re coming into this a little late, Hauser. We’re well into the next phase.
Hauser:What phase?
Shelby:Northern zone’s latest little life-prolonging cocktail.
Hauser:Clonozites? You can’t risk those drugs on an alien metabolism. You’re not here to experiment.
Doctor:I have my orders.
Hauser:You know the research. You could kill her.
Shelby:She’s going to die anyway.
Hauser:Where’s Richter?
Shelby:You’re getting emotionally involved with the subject, Hauser.
Hauser:The subject saved my life.
Shelby:So, we get orders. We follow orders. Richter’s already given the go-ahead.
Hauser:I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Shalamorn:If this is your hand, then you have failed to prepare the ankh. You must go back and find the missing step.
Malakat:Missing step.


Malakat:Of course. Clever. But not clever enough, queen Shalamorn.
Shersheba:What is it?
Malakat:The angle from the intersection point of the two pyramids, according to the sacred formula, the cavern in the outback where the watergate led – that is where we will find a way to energize the ankh.

Jason:Well, that’s the bunker. But there’s no way of getting in without an army.
Brett:There’s got to be a way.
Cass:Yeah. There has to be. This must be the elevator shaft. And the blue, the water supply. So, where’s it coming from, Winston?
Winston:Good question. A nearby reservoir. And this is the aqueduct, the PRAXIS lifeline. Designed and built to provide the bunker with enough water to last for years.
Brett:Boy, PRAXIS really think of everything.
Winston:You know, it occurs to me it may be possible to reprogram their pumping system, open the valves and increase the water supply by thousands of gallons and so flood the bunker.
Jason:Yes. We can get in and Neri can swim out.
Winston:It would give her an advantage, yes. We’d provide an aquatic environment, Neri’s lifeline, for which PRAXIS would be totally unprepared.
Paul:A big task, even for a HELEN 3000.
Cass:Just give us 90 minutes with HELEN and we’ll have the whole of PRAXIS swimming.
Dianne:It could work.
Jason:We’ll make it work. You take us there, we go in and bring her out.
Paul:You and Brett? Forget it. Taking you on a dangerous mission like that – what kind of father do you think I am?
Dianne:You’re right, Paul. It’s crazy, I suppose. In fact, I know it’s crazy. But Neri is like my own daughter.
Jason:She could die in there, dad. This is our only chance. Are you with us or not?

Doctor:I warned you. The subject is fading away from us.
Shelby:How long?
Doctor:The specimen’s mind may soon be beyond our reach. The body, however, may continue to function for some time.
Hauser:I don’t believe this, this brutality. It’s cold-blooded. It’s inhumane.
Shelby:Hauser, we’re not dealing with a human.
Hauser:She’s out of her environment. Take her to somewhere. Take her somewhere she can swim.
Shelby:Oh, so she can try and escape again? Sure.
Richter:I hear what you’re saying, Hauser. But keeping the subject alive is sufficient for our purposes at this time. Is that understood? Agent?
Hauser:Yes, sir. Neri, can you hear me? You’ve got to keep in there fighting.

Brett:How long to go?
Paul:We’ll be there in fifteen 15 minutes. Neri means a lot to you, doesn’t she? She’s, uh, like family.
Paul:And you care very specially[?] for her, don’t you?

Cass:Try her again.
Winston:HELEN, re-execute command.
HELEN:Repeat, request denied. Instruction breaches section 173 of the safety and security code.
Winston:For once I find myself totally defeated.
Dianne:There’s always the reserve over-riding powers.
Paul:We’re approaching target area. Do we have a reading yet? Over.
Dianne:Standby, Paul. HELEN, section 173 override by order of commander.
HELEN:Commander’s override accepted.
Dianne:Comply with instruction immediately, please confirm.
HELEN:Affirmative. Control of PRAXIS systems now online.
Cass:Go, HELEN!
Dianne:Are you there, Paul? Information loading now.
Paul:Message received. We’re closing in on target.
Dianne:Estimated time to aqueduct flood, five minutes.

Hauser:Oh Neri. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Paul:We’re in position. Commence operation.
Dianne:Reprogramming of PRAXIS water supply now proceeding. Standby for countdown.
Paul:Okay, guys, get ready.

HELEN:Zero minus five seconds to valve release. Zero minus three seconds. Zero minus two seconds. Zero minus one second. Valve released.

(Alarm sounding)

Paul:Operation underway. Go!

Guy:Attention all personnel. Evacuate immediately. Flooding on basement level. Attention all personnel. Evacuate immediately. Flooding on basement level.

Shelby:Leave her. Get out of here.
Hauser:Neri. Neri, can you hear me? Neri! Neri, you’ve got to wake up.
Shelby:What are you waiting for?
Hauser:I can’t leave her.
Hauser:Neri! Come on, Neri. You’ve got to wake up.
Shelby:Okay, it’s your funeral.


Guy:Repeat. This is an emergency. All lower areas of the building building are flooding. Evacuate immediately.
Hauser:Neri, wake up! We’ve got to get out of here. Neri. Neri, please. This is your chance to escape. Nobody’s going to stop you. Neri, the place is filling with water. Water, Neri, water.

(Alarm sounding)

Hauser:You’re going to be okay.
Hauser:Come on. Come on.


Hauser:Try and hold on, Neri.


Hauser:Neri, please try.
Jason:Give her to us.
Hauser:I can’t.
Brett:You want to save her, don’t you?
Jason:Let us have her or she’ll die.
Hauser:All right.

Paul:They’ve got her. Well done, guys. Come on, Neri, come on. Good girl, come on. Operation successful.

Jason:You’re going to be all right, Neri. I promise. Just hang in there. You’ve got to get her back fast.
Paul:Yes, son. I know.
Jason:Please. Neri, please. You’ve got to make it.