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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 13

(whale sounds) (music)

Dianne:Darling, it’s me, mother. You’re safe with us.

Malakat:This is the place. It’s here we’ll find the secret of working the pyramid.
Shersheba:I hope we find it quickly.


Brett:No. She’s going to be okay.
Dianne:I don’t like this.
Paul:I’ll get a doctor.
Jason:It’s too late. She’s gone.

Shersheba:There’s nothing here. Absolutely nothing. You were wrong, again.
Malakat:We’ll go back up. The answer must be somewhere close. Wait. Yes.

Winston:Are you absolutely sure?
Dianne:I’m afraid there’s no doubt.
Winston:Neri. When the moon vanishes… The forest falls silent.
Dianne:We need you.
Winston:Of course. Of course.

Cass:It’s not fair. It’s just not fair.
Brett:We gotta do something. Get an expert from a space centre or something.

(Door buzzer)

Brett:Bet that’s Winston.
Louis:What’s going on? I heard you brought a girl down from the pontoon a while ago. And she was sick or something.
Cass:Just beat it.
Louis:It’s that alien girl, isn’t it?
Brett:Mind you own business. Don’t go in there!
Louis:What’s happened? She’s not–
Cass:Just get lost, Louis.
Brett:Just go away.
Louis:But I didn’t mean for them to hurt her. I’m sorry. Honest.
Cass:I better go after him. He’ll be blabbering all over the place.

Louis:What do you want?
Cass:Make sure you don’t go yabbering to anyone about Neri.
Louis:You needn’t worry, I won’t.
Cass:How come you’re feeling so sorry for yourself, anyway? You’re the one who was helping PRAXIS.
Louis:I know, I know.
Cass:Something’s getting at you. What is it?
Louis:Lying there, she looked just like my mother. So now you know. Leave me alone.
Cass:Did your mom die, too?
Cass:How long ago?
Louis:When I was eight. Right after my birthday.
Cass:Gee, Louis. I’m really sorry.

Brett:Mum’s coming up with Winston. They want to talk to us.

Cass:She was pretty. I bet you and your dad miss her, huh?
Louis:Yes. She was wonderful. She made things happen, not like my father.
Cass:Your dad’s okay.
Louis:He’s a weak freak.
Cass:Not how he comes across.
Louis:Maybe that’s because I push him – to get to the top. That’s what my mother wanted, for all of us.
Cass:Hey, you gotta lighten up, Louis. Hang about with kids for a time.
Louis:Other kids don’t like me. You don’t like me.
Cass:Who likes snoopy little cheats? Look, Louis, you want to give people a chance, then maybe they’ll give you one.
Louis:Whatever happens now with Neri, I want to help. Can I?
Cass:Yeah, sure.

Dianne:I know this is difficult but you boys are Neri’s family on earth and I think it’s up to you to decide what to do now.
Winston:In all things, Brett, you could consider what Neri would have wanted.
Dianne:To go back to the island, perhaps?
Jason:I know what to do. Leave it with us.

Shersheba:So, the time has come to fulfil our destiny.
Malakat:The metal of the ankh has changed. Into what?
Shersheba:Mine, I think.

Hauser:The last time I saw Neri, that is the extraterrestrial biological entity, was in the lift well. I couldn’t get her up the ladder. Her body slipped away from under me, under the water. I didn’t see her again. She must have been washed away when the flood waters cleared.
Shelby:Okay, let’s go back to that moment in detail.
Hauser:How many times do I have to go through this, sir? What does it matter anyway? She was already gone.
Richter:Very well. I’ve made a decision. All records of operation sphinx will be destroyed. From this point on, the alien girl never existed. Is that understood? By both of you?
Hauser:Yes, sir.
Richter:Agent Shelby?
Shelby:If you insist, sir.
Richter:Good. We can put the whole disaster behind us.
Hauser:Not me, sir. I can’t do that. Put it behind me.
Richter:No point blaming yourself, Hauser.
Shelby:You’ve just had a hard time, that’s all.
Richter:He’s right. Take some leave and you’ll see things differently.
Hauser:Differently? We killed her. You think I can ever accept that?
Richter:The medical procedures used on the subject were regrettable but essential.
Hauser:So, the end always justifies the means? Not for me. Not any more. My resignation. I’m quitting as of now.
Richter:Her choice.

Louis:She’s gone. Neri’s gone. They’ve taken her.
Cass:Only the boys.
Louis:You promised.
Cass:Get lost, Louis.
Louis:You’re a liar. I hate you.
Cass:Yeah, well, that just about says it all. Like why you haven’t got any friends.
Louis:You’re going to be sorry about this.

Shelby:They brought her back to ORCA?
Louis:Yes. And now, they’ve taken her somewhere else.
Shelby:They’ve taken her? Where?
Louis:I don’t know yet. But I can find out.
Shelby:Nice try, kid. But I don’t know what you’re talking about. And if you make any more of these prank calls, you’re gonna be in serious trouble. Get it?

Shelby:What if we went back in [?]
Richter:Shelby! There is no girl. There is no e.b.e. The file is closed. Understood?

Jason:Neri, we brought you back to Shalamorn because… She was the one that sent you to us and…
Brett:We had really good times.
Jason:Yeah, really great times.


Jason:Now we have to say goodbye. I love you, Neri. Always.
Malakat:So, we find ourselves together again.
Shersheba:How sad. And I was going to make her one of my ladies in waiting.
Brett:You animal!
Malakat:Quickly. Waste no time.
Jason:Don’t do it!
Shalamorn:She who dares to rule the pyramid step forward and place your hand on the sacred stone.


Neri:Where am I? What has happened?
Jason:That doesn’t matter now. You’re alive.
Shersheba:Not for long.
Malakat:No, wait. It may not be as you think!

Cass:Winston, look.
Winston:Some sort of seismic disturbance in the mako abyss. It’s the pyramid. My goodness.

Jason:We’ve got to get out of here.
Shersheba:It was for me. It was for me!
Jason:Are you sure you’re all right to swim?
Neri:I do not know what has happened.
Brett:We’ve got to go! Come on.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Jason:What’s happening down there?


Winston:I don’t understand. The anomaly’s completely disappeared. It’s gone.

Winston:Dianne, something extraordinary has happened. I’m sorry. I’m intruding.
Dianne:It’s all right. I just keep thinking things, about Neri.
Winston:Dianne, you must allow yourself to experience all feelings of grief.
Dianne:How can the boys– how can I, stay here on ORCA knowing how our people destroyed her?
Dianne:Oh, Neri, Neri.


Shelby:Not even hanging around for the farewell party?
Hauser:Nobody I want to say goodbye to, thanks all the same.
Shelby:Pity, you couldn’t hack it, Hauser. Just when I had them sold on the idea of a crack E.B.E. hunting unit, an elite force to catch the elite.
Hauser:Jake, want to know something? I couldn’t care less.
Shelby:And I was going to recommend you as my assistant.
Hauser:Shelby, if I ever went back to hunting aliens, I’d be starting with you.
Shelby:Always knew she had a hankering for me.

Paul:So, I tear up my report?
Dianne:Paul, you must. If Neri had been dead, it wouldn’t have mattered. But now that she’s alive…
Paul:I’ve got to keep my mouth shut.
Dianne:Every family has its secrets.
Paul:And I get to share this one?
Dianne:So far, you’ve stood by us over Neri. The boys appreciate it and so do I.
Paul:I know how you all feel. Today I felt almost as though she was my daughter, too. Okay, as long as things stay quiet, I’ll take a leaf out of PRAXIS’ book. Neri never existed.
Dianne:Don’t know what’s happening, commander. You’re becoming quite reasonable in your old age.

Jason:So, what about Malakat and Shersheba?
Brett:How could they have got out? I say they went down with the pyramid.
Jason:No one’s set eyes on them since.
Neri:I wish… I wish it was true. But, I cannot believe.
Brett:C’mon, Neri. They’re history. You beat them. You won.
Jason:I knew you would.
Neri:I hope we all win. But something say, in here, is not over. Something say, is only the beginning.