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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 16


Jason:Hey. Neri. Are you all right?
Neri:My sister – things are not well with her.
Jason:Why do you say that? Everything seems fine here.
Neri:Yes, but something is wrong on the ocean planet. I feel it.
Jason:And there’s nothing you can do. Come to ORCA. What good’s it going to do you moping around the island anyway? Come on, we’ll have a swim on the way there.

Winston:Look, the same repeating pattern.
HELEN:Good morning, Winston. Good morning, Brett. Good morning, Cass.
Everyone:Hi, HELEN.
HELEN:I know you all slept well. Not a single light went on in your cabins until 7 a.m.
Brett:No kidding.
HELEN:The temperature is currently 25 degrees celsius and it is expected to be another warm, sunny day. The record dry period for this region was in 1925 when there was 120 consecutive days without–
Cass:Listen, we appreciate the info and all–
Brett:Yeah, but, there’s a time for everything.
Winston:The hoot owl breaks the silence only to warn of the storm.
HELEN:You want me to stop talking?
Winston:Yes, we need to think. It’s intermittent but it keeps cropping up. Ever since we put the satellite dish on Neri’s island.
Cass:Like someone in space is trying to contact her.
Brett:Or keep an eye on her.
Winston:Well, thank goodness we’re doing the same.


Brett:How come you never laught, HELEN?
Cass:Bet you don’t even know what laughter is.
HELEN:Laughter is an expression of pleasure peculiar to the human species. More data, please.
Cass:It’s like when someone cracks a joke.
Brett:If it’s a good joke.
HELEN:Tell me a good joke, Brett.
Brett:Winston’s got about a million.
Winston:Oh, yes, a million.
HELEN:One will do.
Winston:Oh, well, um, for instance, if I were to say Brett’s favourite pastime was studying.
HELEN:That’s a joke?
Winston:Yes, because Brett likes studying as much as – as much as a polar bear likes the desert.
HELEN:Wrong, Winston. Polar bears like cold climates.
Cass:HELEN, you’re too much.


Winston:you see, they’re laughing.
HELEN:That sound is laughing?
HELEN:I see. (Laughing mechanically) It’s a joke because you’re pretending it’s true when it’s not true. For example, you told me that the person Neri does not exist. She is a secret.
HELEN:But here she is. (Laughing mechanically)
Jason:We’ll have to be careful. But at least we won’t have to worry about Louis. He doesn’t know you’re alive.
Brett:Jason didn’t tell me Neri was coming to ORCA.
HELEN:And now, she’s not here. That’s a joke.
Winston:Very good, HELEN. Neri’s presence must remain a secret.
Cass:You know, for a computer, you make a pretty good magician, HELEN.
HELEN:Thank you, Cass.
Brett:Is Neri’s new id card ready yet, HELEN?
HELEN:Affirmative. One moment.
Cass:If Louis sees Neri, he’ll go straight to those PRAXIS guys. Neri’s supposed to be dead, remember?
Winston:Presence of master Louis Danton please, HELEN.
HELEN:Louis Danton has just ordered a hamburger in the galley, Winston. He could have said thank you.

Brett:How come you’re here?
Jason:What’s the problem?
Brett:You’re kidding me. Neri, you’ll need this.
Neri:Thank you, Brett.
Brett:Louis is in the galley so if we catch this lift now, we should miss him. It’s not even safe for her to be here.
Jason:Neri needed a break, okay?
Brett:Well, I think it’s stupid.
Jason:All right. You can go and keep Louis company then.
Neri:Gamma level.
HELEN:Hello, Neri. (Laughing mechanically) Neri who is not here.
Jason:Just take us to gamma level, HELEN.
HELEN:Yes, Jason, as programmed during the transit of Neri, who doesn’t exist, no stops will be made and no other personnel will be admitted.

Garron:She won’t be far away. There!


Garron:Stop her!


Garron:Fools! Target has almost reached the pyramid of the elders. Do we pursue?
Malakat:She can go. Let her join the others in the trap.
Garron:Order received. Hold fire.

Neri:You are kind to me, mother.
Dianne:You’ve been through so much. We have to look after you, keep you strong.
Neri:But what is the use of being strong when I cannot help my people?
Dianne:Neri, didn’t Shalamorn, your real mother–
Neri:You are my mother too. For always.
Dianne:You’re very precious to me, Neri. When the spirit of your mother spoke to you, didn’t she say that you would find a way to save your people?
Neri:Yes, but how, when the pyramid is gone?
Dianne:Maybe you have to have patience.
Neri:My sister calls me. Mera needs me.
Dianne:You need to have faith that things will work out as they should.
Neri:I will try to have faith mother, and to be patient.
Dianne:I know it’s very hard for you but things have a way of taking care of themselves.
Jason:Tada! Neri, I brought you to ORCA so you’d relax. So let’s just [?] just everything for the moment and, uh, eat up.
Neri:What is that?
Dianne:Uh, don’t ask me, but I can see you put your creative [?] to work here, Jase. That’s fascinating.
Jason:It’s gonna be the best thing you have ever tasted in you whole life. I call it “fish jason”.
Dianne:“Fish jason”? I can’t wait.
Neri:What happened to the fish?
Jason:Ah, it’s all in there. It’s just, eh, mixed up with all the other stuff.
Dianne:Can’t wait for desert.

Shersheba:I have matters of great urgency to discuss with you.
Malakat:Very well, highness. We’ll find somewhere more discreet.
Shersheba:Your private quarters would be suitable.
Malakat:The atmosphere in there isn’t exactly conducive to talking, highness.
Shersheba:You don’t honestly think anything in there would frighten me, do you, Malakat? If I want to enter it, I will. Fortunately for you, Malakat, I’m in a good mood. I’ll allow you your indulgence. Your secret place. The chosen one, I’ve been thinking about our next step. Perhaps activating the advance party.

Mera:The red virus is spreading. Death is everywhere in our oceans. Our people are very frightened.
Man:They must be patient.
Mera:Many believe Shersheba’s lies. That the earth people will not welcome us. That the only way to save ourselves is to take the planet by force.
Man:Have our people learned nothing? It has long been proven that the violence of war brings only pain and destruction.
Woman:It saddens me to think that our people in their fear believe Malakat and Shersheba who seek only power and self glorification.
Mera:Very few remain loyal. Shersheba’s forces grow quickly as our people join her.
Woman:We were hoping your news would bring more hope, Mera. But the situation is grimmer than we thought.
Man:All the centres of our government are under siege. This pyramid may also be taken.
Woman:You must prepare yourself, Mera, to undertake the journey to the earth planet alone. To join the chosen one.

Neri:I must leave now.
Brett:Are you sure you don’t feel sick?
Neri:No, why?
Brett:It’s just – Jase is cooking. Sometimes you don’t feel so good after you’ve eaten.
Jason:You’re just saying that because [?]. [?] come back [?]
Neri:Tomorrow come. Do not worry about me, Jason.

Brett:Neri’s putting on a brave front, isn’t she. She’s worried about Mera.
Jason:Yeah, and I’ve never known her instincts to be wrong.
Louis:Where have you two been?
Louis:Where are you going?
Louis:Of course, nothing ever happens around here.


Winston:Think of it as a bouncing a ball, Cass. The sound of, say, Charley’s whale song rises to the surface of the sea then bounces back down.
Brett:Convergence zones.
Cass:Yeah, I just don’t understand them.
Jason:That’s because Winston’s explaining them.
Brett:Sound traveling through water. It’s easier if you can see it.
Winston:I was just about to show her, Brett. We’re receiving this from the satellite dish on the island.
Jason:See, that’s Neri. Hang on. Something’s chasing her.
Cass:What is it?
Winston:Their echo-conformation is the same as Neri’s
Jason:You mean they’re not fish. They’re people.
Winston:I’m afraid so.
Cass:Well, they’re coming at her from all directions.
Brett:They don’t look too friendly.
Winston:Definitely not out for a sunday leisurely swim.
Jason:Come on.


Brett:Lucky you’re rostered on for maintenance.
Jason:Yeah, we won’t get yelled at for once.


Brett:Faster, Jase! They’ll would have caught up to her by now.
Jason:It won’t go any faster.


Brett:We’ve gotta save her.
Jason:I can’t even see where she is.


Jason:Come on, where are they?
Brett:Over there, Jase.


Brett:Look, they’re freaked. They’re out of here.
Jason:Who were they? They weren’t even in scuba.

Garron:It was impossible to control the situation, highness. They had a submersible craft, possibly armed.
Malakat:Tell them to return to standby and await further orders. Can they do nothing right?
Shersheba:So, the princess still roams free with her friends. Ah, never mind. Soon we’ll return to earth and this time, she won’t escape.
Malakat:Of course, highness. But first, I have matters to finalize here.

Neri:And so, more people come from my planet.
Brett:Trouble is, they’re the wrong people. Where are the good guys?
Neri:Shersheba and Malakat must be alive.
Brett:But the way that underwater pyramid disappeared, they were goners for sure.
Jason:There could be more of them, Neri. You’re in a lot of danger.
Neri:Those in danger are Mera and my people on the ocean planet.

Shersheba:I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time.


Mera:Isn’t there any way to stop Shersheba?
Man:Too many of our people have been fooled by her. And now, we all pay the price.


Woman:Soon this pyramid will be no more. Take this, child, to replace the ankh destroyed on earth. Only with this can the chosen one save us.
Man:Guard it well, Mera. If it’s destroyed, our last hope has gone.
Woman:I can go no further.
Mera:My heart feels great pain. Leaving the home that took me so long to find.
Woman:You must be brave, Mera. Your sister Neri is in great danger.
Mera:And if I fail?
Woman:Without you, the chosen one cannot fulfill her great task. Never doubt your courage, child.

(Crashing sounds)

Woman:Go, Mera!


Garron:And the girl?
Shersheba:Her capture is imminent.
Garron:The ankh. You must find it and seize it.
Shersheba:We’re entering the council chamber now. No!


Neri:I see like in a dream. Fire.
Jason:What is it?

(music) (Whale sounds) (and quiet rumbling)

Neri:The pyramid is returning.
Neri:It is here, Jason. It is back.