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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 17


Neri:It is back.
Jason:The pyramid.
Neri:Yes, in the same place. But different.
Jason:What do you mean, different? Did you go inside?
Neri:No. Last time, it felt good. But this time, I felt…
Neri:Yes, scared. What do you think it means, Jason?
Jason:I think it means you were right all along. The danger’s not over. Better get back to ORCA – see what we can find out there.

Winston:Now we can look at it via the satellite dish on the island. You can see what we are dealing with.
Cass:It’s like it’s alive.
Jason:Just like Neri said.
Winston:Cass, get us a print-out, please. This is fascinating, absolutely fascinating. We must collect as much data as we possibly can.
Jason:Right now I’m more concerned about how Neri’s going to handle all of this.
Winston:Oh, of course, of course. You’re absolutely right.
Jason:She thinks the pyramid could be a real threat this time.
Dianne:Okay, that was the monthly budget meeting you guys just dragged me out of – so this oh, no.
Cass:It’s back.
Dianne:No kidding.
Winston:We thought we’d better wait for you until we fed the data into HELEN.
Dianne:Go ahead. When did it reappear?
Jason:Last night. Neri checked it out this morning.
Winston:Okay, HELEN, do your thing. Tell us what you can about this.
HELEN:Three-dimensional in shape. Hollow in structure, yet with an all-consuming strength. It’s beautiful.
Dianne:When you say hollow, do you detect any kind of activity inside?
HELEN:There is a power source within the structure, itself. But right now, it is dormant. It’s like it’s sleeping.
Brett:Not sleeping, just waiting.
HELEN:Yes, it really is beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. Perhaps, even deadly.
Dianne:Tell Neri to be very, very careful.

Shersheba:So, the sister escaped?
Malakat:Yes, seconds before the pyramid was destroyed, a space module was launched with the princess Mera on board.
Shersheba:I ordered a major search of the ruins.
Shersheba:Nothing. No golden ankh. Nothing.
Malakat:So it is safe to assume that the elders gave it to Mera prior to her departure.
Shersheba:We are tracking this module?
Malakat:It is headed to earth.
Shersheba:Where our people will be waiting for it.
Shersheba:Excellent. Meanwhile, we may soon be receiving intelligence from within ORCA, itself.
Malakat:So, all is in place.
Shersheba:Very much so.

Brett:Uh-oh, red alert. Louis the fly at 12 o’clock.
Louis:Here we have one of the viewing tunnels.
Jason:Looks like Louis’ found himself a new playmate.
Brett:Her arms and legs are still moving, which means he hasn’t bored her stiff yet.
Louis:Jason, Brett. I have someone you should meet. This is Ilona. She’s new on ORCA.
Jason and Brett:
Louis:Ilona’s mother’s new maintenance engineer. I’m showing her around.
Brett:Yeah, don’t get sucked in by what Louis says. As much as he’d like you to believe it, he doesn’t really know everything.
Louis:So where are you two going? I thought you were on duty.
Jason:No, you must be thinking about last week’s roster.
Louis:Those two get away with everything.
Ilona:Their mother’s the commander, isn’t she?
Louis:Yes and if you ask me she’s no bit [?]. Everyone knows my father should have been appointed to the top position.
Ilona:Oh? I heard commander Bates is pretty good at her job.
Louis:She’s only a marine biologist not a proper [?].

Jason:Louis is [?] I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.
Brett:Apart from that, he’s a major pain in the butt.
Neri:What do you think makes him that way?
Brett:Who knows? He’s had a pretty weird life. He told Cass that his mum died when he was really young, and let’s face it, if Danton was your old man, wouldn’t exactly be a laugh-a-minute.
Jason:Whatever. It’s his problem.
Jason:What is it? A meteor?
Neri:It’s a space craft.
Brett:And it’s coming down over there.
Neri:I must go see.
Jason:Wait, what if they’re more commandos?
Neri:They’re not commandos.
Jason:Come with us, just in case.


Brett:There! Mera.


Brett:Hold tight. Go, Jase!
Jason:Sure know how to make an entrance, Mera.

Jason:So the council elders gave you the ankh and sent you back to earth.
Brett:But they don’t tell you what you’re supposed to do with it.
Mera:They said I should give it to Neri. She has had it before and she would know.
Jason:Okay. Well, let’s go back to the bit about the red virus.
Mera:It’s killing the ocean planet. At first, it appeared slowly, spreading through the waters. Our people thought they could find a cure before it caused too much damage. But despite our technology, they’ve been unable to stop it. It’s spreading faster now. The people are becoming very scared.
Neri:I know, I have felt their fear.
Mera:the rebellion became worse. The rebels and their commandos are now telling people they must move to earth immediately. To make way for our arrival – they plan to melt the polar ice caps and flood your planet.
Brett:Flood earth?
Mera:Yes, and make the human population their slaves.
Neri:This is what Malakat told us.
Mera:But it is he and the princess Shersheba who are commanding the rebel forces.
Brett:They must’ve got away. What do we do now?
Jason:Well, obviously, the key to all this is still the golden ankh.
Brett:I say we take it back to the pyramid, plug it in, let it rip and see what happens.
Jason:Yeah, good one. The place is crawling with commandos.
Brett:We’ve already beaten ’em twice.
Jason:Well, I think we wait.
Neri:Jason is right, we wait, and must find a safe place to hide the ankh.



Shersheba:What do you mean she got away? The commandos were given orders.
Garron:There was interference, your highness.
Shersheba:Tell me they at least got the ankh.
Garron:I’m afraid not, highness.
Shersheba:Incompetents. You’ll prepare for my departure.
Garron:To earth?
Shersheba:Yes, we leave tonight. Out of my way.
Man:I’m sorry, but we have instructions.
Shersheba:Well, I’m giving you new instructions. Now let me pass.
Malakat:What is it?
Shersheba:The sister got away–
Malakat:I know, I have already been informed.
Shersheba:Am I the last to hear of everything? I’ve ordered our people to prepare for our departure and we leave tonight.
Malakat:No, we leave now. I have already arranged it.
Shersheba:Without consulting me?
Malakat:I assumed it would be what you wanted, highness. Of course, if you’d prefer to wait until this evening…

Brett:Hey, you [?]?
Jason:So, how was your first night on earth?
Mera:Malakat and Shersheba.
Neri:You are safe with us.
Mera:And the ankh? You’re sure it’ll be safe at your father’s farm?
Brett:No problems. Those bozos don’t even know the place exists.
Neri:You will like the farm, won’t she, Jason?
Jason:It’s okay.
Neri:You’ll see the baby horse, the one I helped birth.
Mera:You know who I really want to see?
Neri:He will come.
Mera:There are no Jali’s left on the ocean planet.
Jason:Come on, let’s go.

Neri:I know ankh will work pyramid. But what happens then or what I do next, I have no idea.
Jason:Well, maybe it’s one of those things that’ll just come to you when the time’s right.
Brett:I still reckon under the haystack in that stable would have been a good place to hide it.
Jason:Well, what happens when the horses have eaten all the hay?
Brett:Well, I don’t hear you coming up with any bright ideas.
Neri:Stop. I know where the ankh will be safe.
Brett:There you are, Jase. Why didn’t you think of that?


Brett:You’ve been through a pretty rough time.
Mera:I’ve had to make a lot of decisions.
Brett:Sounds like you were pretty cool.
Mera:Well, I just kept wondering what our mother would have done, and what Neri would have done. The hardest thing was not having friends to talk to.
Brett:We’re here now, and whatever these bozos in the pyramid come up with, we can handle it, okay?
Mera:Has she got a name yet?
Jason:Actually, I was going to ask Neri whether she wanted to do the honours.
Brett:Yeah, what do you reckon, Neri? Can you think of anything?
Neri:I don’t know.
Mera:She’s really beautiful.
Neri:And smart, too. Maybe I will call her Mera after you.
Mera:Well, I can think of worse things to be named after. You know, I’d almost forgotten how special your planet is. I’ve really missed it. The peace and the tranquility, the flowers and the trees, the animals, even the people. Earth really is so beautiful.
Jason:Yep, but for how much longer?

Neri:Is good?
Mera:Yes, it’s wonderful to swim in clean water. Not to be afraid of the terrible virus.
Neri:I will come back soon.
Mera:Where are you going?
Neri:The pyramid. I must watch the…
Mera:I’ll come, too.
Neri:No, you need rest.
Mera:Be careful. They’re very dangerous.
Neri:Do not worry. They will not see me.
Mera:I’ll come with you to the beach.
Neri:Look, I said he would come!
Mera:I can make it that far.
Neri:No, stay here, rest, or Charley will be cross.


Cass:Mera’s back. Where is she?
Jason:With Neri on the island, and if what she’s been telling us is true, we are in for some seriously scary times.
Cass:Why, what’d she say?
Brett:Anyone for a chocolate fudge brownie?
Cass:Did you make them?
Cass:Then I’d rather eat dirt.
Brett:Come on, Cass, don’t be like that. They taste great.
Cass:Yeah, that’s what you said about the anchovy ice-cream and pumpkin jelly.
Brett:I swear, one bite, you’ll think you’re in heaven.
Winston:Jason, Brett, are you there?
Jason:Winston, what’s up?
Winston:You’d better come down straight away. There’s something very strange happening out there.
Cass:What kind of strange?
Winston:Just hurry.
Brett:Last one there eats a brownie.

Winston:I’ve been monitoring them since they appeared on the radar spectrum about half an hour ago. So far there’s been no movement, but someone is scanning the area.
Brett:Maybe the ocean planet commandos have put a tracking device. Maybe that’s how they knew where Mera would land.
Jason:Let’s run it through HELEN and see.
Winston:HELEN, request analysis of random radar activity operating within a 100 mile radius.
HELEN:Analysis complete. Confirm foreign radar is emanating from nominated area.
Cass:And you’re about to tell us that this technology is completely unknown to this planet.
HELEN:Certainly not. Technology is conventional and restricted to classification “a” intelligence operatives.
Cass:Intelligence operatives?
Winston:HELEN, where are these devices relaying their information to?
HELEN:All are for the exclusive use of the preventative response and extraterritorial intelligence service.

Richter:Okay, what have you got?
Shelby:Yesterday afternoon at approximately 18:32, we tracked a small craft as it entered the earth’s atmosphere.
Richter:What kind of craft?
Shelby:Like I said, small, probably one occupant. Unfortunately, the signal disappeared shortly after splashdown.
Richter:So, log it as a routine UFO sighting.
Shelby:Sir, I think we’re onto something here. First, the craft splashed down in the north pacific area, less than 50 nautical miles from ORCA HQ – the same area as the girl is from and, secondly, there’s a pattern.
Richter:A pattern.
Shelby:Yes, sir. Since our last investigation, I’ve been compiling data. There’ve been more unexplained happenings in this area in the last decade that there’s been in the entire history [?]. Eh, unprecedented aerial sightings, seismic activity, abnormal weather patterns. The list goes on and on.
Richter:Okay, what do you want me to do about it?
Shelby:I want you to re-open operation sphinx and I want to head it up, and I promise you it will not affect my current case load.
Richter:Agent Shelby, read my lips. Operation sphinx is closed, finished, dead.
Man:Sir, unauthorized craft approaching atmospheric entry.
Richter:Same as yesterday?
Man:No. No, the splashdown site is identical, but the craft is bigger, much bigger.
Shelby:Now do we have enough evidence to warrant an investigation?

Jason:What was that?
HELEN:An unidentified craft has just landed at approximately 19 degrees, 8 minutes, and 5 seconds latitude by 146 degrees, 50 minutes, 13 seconds longitude.
Cass:That’s out near the pyramid.
HELEN:It looks as if the craft originated in the upper atmosphere.
Jason:What is it, HELEN?
HELEN:Nothing, well, except that an analysis of its structure and composition indicate the craft is alien.


Shersheba:You all know what you have to do. I want everything unloaded and make sure the pyramid is secure. So get to it. The commandos have been given their orders. I suggest we waste no time and begin our search for the ankh immediately.
Malakat:I agree speed is of the essence. But if we are to be successful in our mission, then it is caution which must prevail.
Shersheba:What are you talking about?
Malakat:Last time we acted quickly, perhaps a little too quickly. We underestimated Neri and her young friends and consequently we failed.
Shersheba:Yes but, Malakat, before it was just the two of us. Now we have the strength of an entire army behind us. This time, I can assure you, failure will not be an option.

Brett:Looks like your girlfriend’s back in town, Jase.
Neri:It is them.
Jason:Shersheba and Malakat?
Neri:Yes, and they have many people with them. I watched. They take things into pyramid.
Cass:Sounds more like they’re taking over the pyramid.
Brett:I told you we should have used the ankh when we had the chance. Now, how the heck are we supposed to get back into the pyramid?
Dianne:Listen up, guys. I’ve got some bad news.
Jason:Go ahead. It can’t get any worse.
Dianne:I’m afraid it can. I’ve just received this communication from PRAXIS. Agent Jake Shelby’s on his way here now. They’re going to reopen the investigation.