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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 18


Mera:I knew Malakat and Shersheba would return. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.
Jason:Yeah, well, forget about Malakat and Shersheba. We’ve got even bigger problems. Now, PRAXIS are back.
Brett:Think trouble and multiply multiply it by 100.
Jason:They’re intelligence operatives – spies. They investigate alien activity and their main aim us to catch one.
Brett:Last time they got hold of Neri, they almost killed her. In fact, they think they did.
Mera:But if they believe she’s dead, why are they returning?
Jason:We think they picked up on your arrival in the space module.
Brett:And probably Shersheba and Malakat’s splashdown, as well.
Jason:Neri, the thing is, they’ll be looking for whoever arrived in those space crafts. So you and Mera have to be careful.
Mera:But we’ll be safe on the island, won’t we?
Jason:I don’t know. Maybe it’s best if you went somewhere else just until we figure things out. The mainland, maybe. At least there, if anything happens, you can get lost in a crowd.
Neri:No, we stay on island. It is my home.
Jason:But, Neri–
Neri:Island is safe.


Richter:For the continuation of operation sphinx, you will use ORCA as your main field headquarters.
Richter:Our authority gives you full access to their facilities. You’ll begin the search immediately. I want every inch of that surrounding ocean scanned for any sign of alien activity.
Shelby:Yes, sir.
Richter:And the Bates boys, the commander’s sons that tried to protect the female subject. Lean on them. Find out exactly what they know.
Richter:We’ve composited the recent signals with the ones that launched the initial investigation.
Shelby:Any similarities?
Richter:Enough to assume that the new arrivals came from the same place as the girl.
Hauser:You sent for me?
Hauser:Why have I been brought here?
Richter:Thank you for coming, agent Hauser.
Hauser:I know I’m no longer “agent Hauser.”
Richter:Nobody truly leaves this organization, you know that. You needed a break. You got one. Now, have you read the brief?
Richter:Good, I want you to partner agent Shelby and leave for ORCA immediately.
Hauser:Sorry, not interested.
Shelby:Well, if she feels that way, sir, I think we should respect–
Richter:Just give us a moment, will you, Shelby?
Richter:I know your feelings in relation to this case.
Hauser:You’re wasting your time.
Richter:I know that what happened to the last female subject affected you deeply.
Hauser:Neri needn’t have died.
Richter:You’re right. We could have been gentler, more compassionate.
Hauser:It’s too late now.
Richter:Only for Neri, yes. But these newcomers, they may be no more aggressive than her and just as defenceless.
Hauser:It’s entirely possible.
Richter:That’s why I must have you there. When we encounter these newcomers, I need you to restrain agent Shelby’s enthusiasm. I need you to ensure that they are handled sensitively. We must prevent what happened to this vulnerable girl from happening again. There’s no one else. I can rely on you.

Dianne:Kids, I’m the commander here and as such, I have a professional responsibility. I’m duty-bound to report the re-emergence of the pyramid.
Brett:But what about your personal responsibility?
Cass:Yeah. It’s not just the pyramid, or Malakat and Shersheba. Neri’s involved here, too.
Brett:Before you can say UFO, the whole place’d be crawling with investigators. It’s bad enough that PRAXIS is on its way.
Winston:But they have access to all our files, our entire communication and information network. They will find out whether your mother chooses to tell or not.
Cass:Not necessarily. We can program HELEN to obscure a few details. You know, put them off the scent.
Winston:You mean lie?
Brett:Whatever it takes.
Winston:That’s totally unethical. But, you cannot blame the rabbit for lying to the fox?
Cass:Right on, Winston.
Winston:Very well, if PRAXIS want’s the facts, then maybe we should give them facts… All the facts and nothing but the facts.

Malakat:You say the red virus is still spreading?
Garron:Faster by the hour. Death is our constant companion. The people are now desperate to flee to earth.
Malakat:And they will. But we must not be hasty. Earth-dwellers are a fiercely war-like race who will defend their planet to the death. We must first be certain we can overcome them.
Garron:With respect, sir, the people are still anxious to know when the invasion will begin. When can I tell them?
Shersheba:When I am ready, and not before.
Malakat:The search for Neri and Mera was not a success?
Shersheba:No, and until we find them and the ankh, there will be nothing to report.
Malakat:Highness, may I remind you that these people whom you are denying information are the same people who will support your rule on earth.
Shersheba:I am fully aware of that. Don’t fear, Malakat, the search will continue, the ankh will be found, and the ocean people will know exactly where to place their support and gratitude.

Louis:Which brings us to our final destination on our itinerary – HELEN’s nerve centre.
Ilona:Oh, yes, the central computer room.
Louis:Obviously. Now you see those tubes with the fluid in them? They’re part of the newly configured HELEN. They’re supposed to transmit more data per second than any other system yet invented. It’s called–
Ilona:Synaptic tubing.
Louis:How did you know that?
Ilona:I’ve been studying the ORCA orientation handbook.
Louis:Really? Then let me ask you a few questions. See what you really know.
Ilona:Maybe later. I can’t think on an empty stomach. I might wander down to the galley for some lunch.
Louis:I’ll show the way.
Ilona:It’s okay. I can find it.
Louis:You’ve only been here a few days and you think you know your way around already. Dream on.
Ilona:If I get lost, I’ll just follow one of the maps in the handbook.
Louis:You need more than to find your way around here. You need brains and experience.
Ilona:Oh, I’ll manage.
Louis:Okay, then, you go your way and I’ll go mine and we’ll see who gets there first.
Ilona:You mean a race?
Louis:Think of it as more a test of speed and ingenuity.
Ilona:All right, you’re on.
Louis:And to make it even more interesting, how about a wager? Whoever reaches the galley last has to eat – let’s see, it’s Friday – a triple serve of baked sardines.
Ilona:In that case, I hope you’re hungry.

Winston:Now then, HELEN, if anyone asks you about pyramids, you’re to access your database and give them the standard textbook information on every known and documented pyramid.
HELEN:The facts and nothing else?
Winston:That’s right, just the facts.
HELEN:Winston, I’m only programmed for facts.
Cass:Good, all right, let’s have a test run.
Brett:HELEN, here we go.
HELEN:The oldest known pyramid currently in existence is referred to as the step pyramid at saqqara, Egypt… Giza, on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Cairo… The great pyramid, is the monument of king khufo. The second pyramid was built…
Brett:Fascinating, isn’t it?
Cass:Oh, yeah, PRAXIS’ll be riveted.
Brett:My tummy’s telling me it’s lunch time.
Cass:And I’ve never known your tummy to be wrong.
Brett:Winston, you can monitor the rest of this, can’t you?
Winston:Only if you promise to bring me some of that excellent cheesecake.
Brett:It’s a deal.
Winston:With cream.
HELEN:It is estimated that 2.3 million blocks of lime-stone were used to build the great pyramid. The blocks averaged two and a half tonnes each. The largest weighed 15 tonnes. The base covered 5.6 hectares and the surface of each side is equivalent to approximately two hectares. The walls rose to a height–


Brett:Hey, where’s the fire?
Brett:Ah, Ilona, have you met Cass? Cass, Ilona.
Cass:Hi, how are ya doing?
Ilona:Great, thanks.
Brett:So, how was your tour with Louis?
Cass:I bet he bored your pants off.
Ilona:Mmm, he did but I’m going to have the last word.
Cass:How do you mean?
Ilona:Got to keep moving.


Ilona:What took you so long, Louis?
Louis:I don’t understand.
Cass:Yeah, Ilona’s been here for at least five minutes.
Louis:But– but, how could you?
Brett:I hope you don’t mind, Louis. We took the liberty of ordering for you. I just hope they haven’t gotten cold. Three serves of baked sardines.
Ilona:Will you be having chili sauce with those, sir?
Brett:Or would you prefer a garlic paste?
Cass:Oh, no, no, no. You guys got it all wrong. Louis’ definitely a mustard man.



Ilona:Ah, it’s okay Louis. I think you payed up.
Cass:No, [?]. That’s a bet.
Brett:Oh, great.
Louis:You’ll have to excuse me now.
Cass:When you hear [?] sound it’ll be Louis sucking up to PRAXIS.
Louis:Agent Shelby, Miss Hauser. What a pleasant surprise.
Cass:See what I mean.
Ilona:Who are they?
Brett:They call themselves “extraterrestrial intelligence officers”.
Cass:Yeah. We just call them “bad news”.
Shelby:Lead the way short stuff. Have you been eaten cat food?

Mera:Our mother? You saw our mother?
Neri:I did not know who she was at first, only that she was good and that she made me feel safe and loved.
Mera:Go on.
Neri:She told me I had work to do here. That the future of earth was in my hands and that she would help.
Mera:Was she beautiful?
Neri:Beautiful. I wanted to touch her but I couldn’t. I never will now because she has passed.
Mera:I have to see her. Even if it’s just a hologram. I was just a baby when I left her. I have to see her, hear her voice.
Neri:I wish it were possible, but now that Shersheba and Malakat are there with their commandos–
Mera:Then we must find a way to get rid of them.

Guy:They found a coral atoll which looked promising. But, again, no sign of either girl.
Malakat:Then keep on looking. Tell all commandos they are to spread out and search this region to the north.
Shersheba:Don’t bother. I’ve already looked. There’s nothing.
Malakat:Dismissed, until further instructions.
Shersheba:They must be hiding somewhere. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.
Malakat:Then perhaps that’s the problem. Perhaps you should think less like yourself and more like Neri and her sister. For instance, we’re fairly sure they’re not on ORCA with their friends, which leaves us the mainland, or one of these islands. Now if you were Neri, which would you choose?
Shersheba:An island? But there must be hundreds.
Malakat:Then we’ll narrow the field. Firstly, the island would need to be uninhabited. She would need fresh water, access to food. Which leaves us with – a handful of islands, any one of which would make the ideal hiding place.

Neri:The only way is to get into the pyramid.
Jason:We won’t even get near the pyramid while Shersheba and Malakat still have their forces posted outside.
Mera:Then we’ll have to try and lure them away.
Jason:That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking.
Jason:Maybe, maybe if they thought the golden ankh was somewhere else, somewhere so far away that it’ll take the bulk of their manpower to infiltrate.
Mera:Somewhere like ORCA?
Mera:But, Neri–
Neri:Too dangerous. Too many innocent people would be put at risk.
Jason:Well, wherever we trick them into going to it’s got to be a fair distance away so we have time to get in and out of the pyramid without getting caught.

Shersheba:There’s someone there.

Mera:Okay, so, how do we do it?
Jason:Well, I reckon it’s a pretty safe bet that Shersheba and Malakat have already figured out a way of tapping into ORCA’s communications system.
Mera:And if they haven’t, it’s only a matter of time.
Jason:Exactly. So, if we were to let something slip, say, sending out a fake message to someone saying that Neri and the ankh were in the outback…
Mera:They’d hear it.
Jason:Exactly and hopefully mount some sort of recovery operation taking all of their troops with them.

Shersheba:Spread out and we’ll circle them. None of them must be allowed to escape.

Jason:Well, I’ll head on back to ORCA.
Neri:And I will go to farm tomorrow and check the ankh.
Mera:What will I do?
Jason:Just wait. After the commandos leave the pyramid, then we’ll make our move.
Mera:That’s if they leave.
Jason:It’s worth a try.

(Snap of twigs)

Mera:What was that?

Shersheba:Stay right where you are!
Guy:What’s going on?
Shersheba:Search everywhere.
guy:Just wait one minute, young lady! I don’t know who you are or what you’re looking for but–
Shersheba:You know exactly what I’m looking for. Now, where are they?
Guy:Where’s what?
Shersheba:The girls!
Shersheba:You are hiding them somewhere and I demand to know where.
Guy:I get it. My wife sent you, didn’t she. I promised there’d be no girls. Honestly, that woman doesn’t trust anybody.

Mera:Neri, you’re going to have to teach little friends not to go round scaring people.
Jason:Are you sure you guys are be okay?
Neri:Yes, sure.
Jason:I hate leaving you like this knowing that Shersheba and Malakat are out there looking for you.
Neri:We’ll be fine. You go.
Jason:Be careful, okay? I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Mera:Jason’s grew up a lot since I saw him last. He’s taller. And more handsome too, don’t you think.
Neri:Handsome? Well, maybe just a little.

Ilona:Can I sit here? I mean– if you’re busy…
Hauser:No, please, sit down. I could use some company. I’m Elly.
Hauser:That’s a pretty name. I don’t remember meeting you last time I was here.
Ilona:No, I’m new.
Hauser:Where are you from?
Ilona:You know. Everywhere.
Hauser:You travel the research circuit with your family?
Ilona:Yes. What about you? I hear you work for some kind of stop secret government organization. What do you do?
Hauser:A bit of this and a bit of that. Security mostly. It’s nothing as sinister as they make it sound, I’m sure.
Louis:Ilona, there you are. That was a pretty good scam you pulled. No hard feelings, all right? I thought you might like to come up top. I can show you over the pontoon.
Ilona:Want to race again?
Louis:For your information, if I decide to race you, this time I’d win.
Ilona:How can you be so sure of that?
Louis:The only reason you got ahead of me last time is because I got distracted.
Ilona:Louis, you’ve always got an excuse for everything. What distracted you?
Louis:I stopped to listen to Winston talking to that dumb computer about pyramids.
Ilona:Pyramids? Really?
Louis:Yes, what’s so interesting about that?
Hauser:I actually find the subject of pyramids quite fascinating. Why don’t you take a seat and tell me everything you heard.

Hauser:Why would you have been running a computer program about pyramids?
Winston:It was merely a routine check.
Shelby:Funny how we keep running up against pyramids in this case. I want a straight answer, pal.
Winston:I don’t know what more I can tell you.
Hauser:I think we’re wasting our time. I suggest we go straight to their HELEN computer.
Shelby:Go for it.
Hauser:What do you know about pyramids, HELEN?
HELEN:You want facts?
Shelby:Sure. Every last one of them.
HELEN:Pyramids. The oldest known pyramid currently in existence is referred to as the step pyramid at saqqara, Egypt. It was built by king djoser’s architect imhotep around 2815 bc and–
Shelby:Wait a minute! I can get this stuff out of any old encyclopedia.
HELEN:You asked for the facts.
Shelby:Tell me something new. Tell me something I don’t already know.
Brett:She’s a computer not a mind reader. How’s she supposed to know what you don’t already know?
HELEN:Something new? Does that mean you want to scan my most recent files for officially undocumented data?
Shelby:Sure. Just get on with it.
HELEN:I can give you a recent reference to something that’s in the shape of a pyramid.
Hauser:Give me a visual, HELEN.
HELEN:The pyramidal structure of this object is ideal to withstand the deep ocean currents which surround it.
Hauser:I don’t believe it. An underwater pyramid.
HELEN:Object location is 19 degrees south and 140 degrees east.
Hauser:And look where it’s located. Less than 20 kilometres from here.

Shelby:What kind of a commander withholds vital information?
Dianne:I beg your pardon?
Shelby:There is a massive pyramid out there in the middle of the ocean, possibly sustaining alien life forms. You failed to report it.
Jason:My mother knew nothing about it.
Shelby:Right. And I’m king tut.
Dianne:Jason, if you’d allow agent Shelby and myself a moment–
Shelby:Why? So you can tell me some more of your lies? I can promise you right now, this will be fully investigated. If I were you, Ms. Bates, I’d make the most of my tenure as commander here because once I’ve filed this report with HQ, you’re out on your ear.

Brett:We’ve got to get to the island and warn Neri and Mera PRAXIS is onto the pyramid.
Ilona:Where are you guys off to?
Brett:Just up to the pontoon to get some fresh air.
Cass:Hey, Ilona, you never did tell us how you got ahead of Louis in that race.
Ilona:I just took a shortcut through Lima and engineering.
Cass:That’s a restricted area. It’s not even on the plan.
Ilona:I just opened the first door I came to.


Malakat:Are you sure?
Shersheba:It was definitely him. The younger Bates boy.
Malakat:Tell the commandos we will mount a massive search of the island first light tomorrow. Congratulations, highness.