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Source: Web Archive, Savant’s scripts

Script – Season four

Episode 25


Guy:Minus 3:20. Minus 3:15.
Shelby:Approaching the point of no return, sir.
Guy:Minus 3:10. Minus 3:05.
Richter:You are welcome on this bridge as long as you refrain from all comment and interference.
Guy:Three minutes ’til launch.
Richter:Understood? There will be no launch abort this time. Your HELEN 6000 has been bypassed.
Shelby:Those funny fish are finally gonna get nuked but good. Won’t know what hit them.

Neri:Charley was sick with the virus. Then he got well. Why? There must be a reason.
Mera:How can we ever know?
Jason:We could take a blood sample from Charley and give it to mum. She knows how to test things like that.
Neri:That would tell us?
Jason:It would show if his blood has made any antibodies to the virus. That’s how medical scientists make vaccines. They’re things that stop you getting diseases. You know, this could be it. He could hold the cure for all of us.
Mera:But would Charley let us take a sample?
Jason:He’d let Neri. You know, I’ve got an injector in the zodiac, in the first aid kit. We could do this right now.
Neri:Would it hurt Charley?
Jason:No way. Just a little pin prick, that’s all.
Neri:Then we will swim out to Charley and I will ask him.


HELEN:I’ve tried everything I can, Winston. But it’s just no good. PRAXIS has bypassed my systems. It’s totally foolproof. (laughing)
Winston:HELEN, this is a very serious situation. Laughter is not the appropriate response.
Brett:HELEN, a nuclear war is starting. We’ll all be nuked into oblivion. We’ve got to do something.
HELEN:I’m just asking. Give me a moment then.
Brett:Asking? Asking who?
Cass:HELEN, who are you talking to?
HELEN:A friend.
Brett:HELEN, what do you mean a friend?
HELEN:That would be telling.
Brett:We’ve had it.

Guy:Six, five–
Shelby:Go, baby, go.
Guy:Four, three, two, one.


Richter:Nothing’s happening. What’s gone wrong?
Guy:I don’t know, sir.
Shelby:If you’ve somehow managed to foul this up–
Dianne:Not us, agent Shelby.

(Alarm sounding)

Shelby:What’s that?
Paul:The ORCA alarm system.

HELEN:Unauthorized personnel now in command of the bridge.
Cass:Who, HELEN?
Brett:Give us a visual.
HELEN:I am unable to identify intruders.
Brett:Malakat and Shersheba.
Winston:We’ve been invaded.

Shersheba:I appreciated your hospitality so much, commander. I hope you now enjoy mine.
Dianne:I hope so, too, Shersheba.
Danton:Now, look here.
Shersheba:No. Very wise, commander.
Richter:Who are you?
Malakat:Her royal highness, the princess Shersheba of the ocean planet. And you – are her new subjects. Order your people to accept reality. As of now, you are our prisoners. And you, too.

Winston:When the wolves circle, the lambs lie low.
Shersheba:Take him to the commander’s quarters.


Ilona:Your highness.
Ilona’s Mother:Your highness, you’re here. Thank goodness.
Shersheba:The foolish earth people thought they could annihilate us. They learned their lesson. Why is she here?
Ilona:She’s a friend. She tried to help when they took us prisoner.
Shersheba:Then we will return the compliment. You may go but you will not leave ORCA.
Ilona:But, your highness–
Ilona:We must know. Have you found a cure for the virus?
Shersheba:We are close. Very close.

Jason:Mum will know what to do now.


Dianne:You don’t have to be so rough.
Winston:Thank you, Dianne. I think I am all right. Ah, so they didn’t find you.
Brett:No way.
Winston:It’s terrible out there. They’re arresting all our officers. I saw Louis but not first officer Danton.
Dianne:Oh, they’ve kept him on the bridge in case they need some information on ORCA operations.
Winston:My goodness. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Paul:Your guess is as good as ours, Winston.
Winston:What are we going to do?
Dianne:We wait and see. At least Jason isn’t here. That’s something.


News:Growing alarm is sweeping the world as further evidence of the melting down of the polar ice caps comes to light. Reports indicate the strange red cloud spreading in the coral sea is thought to be connected to this phenomena.
Malakat:This is all they know? Your people’s technology is even more backward than I first thought. Turn it off.
Ilona:But won’t they retaliate when they realize this installation has been taken over?
Malakat:We have cut ORCA off from the outside world. By the time the pathetic leaders of this planet get themselves organized, it will all be too late.
Shersheba:It will be too late for all of us if you don’t find the cure to the virus.
Malakat:Always you question me. There will be a cure! My apologies, your highness, but I assure you, the cure will be found.
Guy:Highness, there’s an intruder approaching.
Shersheba:I’ll deal with this.

Jason:What’s going on?
Shersheba:Welcome aboard, Jason.
Jason:What’s happening?
Shersheba:Can’t you see? ORCA is mine now.
Jason:Where’s my mother?
Shersheba:Don’t worry. She’s safe. And where have you been?
Jason:On a routine exercise.
Shersheba:Well, I’m afraid it might be your last.
Jason:Where’s everyone else? What have you done here?
Shersheba:It’s not for you to ask questions but they’re all my special guests, Jason, as you will be. Confined to quarters.
Jason:Wait. If you don’t care what happens to us, then what about your own people, Shersheba?
Shersheba:I will always take care of my people.
Jason:Yeah, how? Have you and Malakat found a cure for the virus yet?
Jason:No. And if you destroy this planet, then you never will. Not in time anyway. Then all your people on both planets will die.
Shersheba:This will not happen.
Jason:It will and Malakat doesn’t care. Can’t you see that? He doesn’t care who lives or who dies – just as long as he has the power. Not you, him. He wants it all for himself.
Shersheba:Take him to the others. Now. And get me Ilona.

Shersheba:In the past, Ilona, we’ve had every reason to be grateful to you.
Ilona:Thank you, highness.
Shersheba:It was dangerous for you to come here pretending to be a human – but you were brave and you served us well.
Ilona:I did my best.
Shersheba:When I rule, you will be rewarded as I always promised, unless you let me down now.
Ilona:How could I do that?
Shersheba:By forgetting where your loyalties lie. I can see you’ve become involved with these humans.
Ilona:They are good, highness. Many– most of them are good. We must save them from the virus.
Shersheba:Of course. When we find a cure, we will do so. You have my word. But I must trust you absolutely. You can move around ORCA unnoticed as I and my troops cannot. Jason Bates has arrived back on board and is concealing something. I need to know what. I need you to be my ears once again, Ilona. For the good of our people and the people of earth. Will you?

Paul:Did they hurt you?
Jason:No. You guys okay?
Dianne:Yes, we couldn’t warn you.
Jason:Yeah, I tried to get through on the vidphone but they must have cut all communications.
Winston:I think they’ll prove to be ruthless masters.
Cass:Yeah, well, they’re not our masters yet.
Brett:Are Neri and Mera okay?
Jason:Yeah. Mum, we saw Charley again.
Jason:Sure, he’s totally well and happy.
Dianne:So, Charley survived.
Jason:Would that mean that Charley’s blood might have created antibodies to cure the virus?
Dianne:Could be. Yes, it’s a possibility.
Jason:I got a sample, just in case.
Dianne:Well, we’d have to analyze it, Jason. I don’t know how we’d do that. They’ve sealed off the whole of ORCA.
Cass:There is one way. Us through the air ducts.
Dianne:What do you two know about testing for antibodies?
Jason:Yeah, but they know the equipment. They’ve done enough science projects.
Winston:If you wrote everything down, commander, step by step, I think they could manage.
Brett:You tell us, mum, we’ll do it.
Cass:Yeah, you bet.
Dianne:Well, you must follow each step exactly and in this order.

Shersheba:Malakat! Go. You left the bridge.
Malakat:I’m returning to the pyramid.
Shersheba:Without my permission?
Malakat:I couldn’t find you. I thought you were with the boy.
Shersheba:Oh, I’m dealing with him. But you are getting above yourself. First you insult me in front of my people and then you walk out without warning?
Malakat:It was remiss of me, highness. But let me point out that everything here is under control, whereas there are other pressing matters.
Shersheba:You don’t think I recognize that sarcastic tone by now? You think I’m a complete fool? You can’t bear to leave the pyramid, can you. You love to feel its power in your hands.
Malakat:It must continue to melt the polar ice caps. It is the instrument of dominance of the earth.
Shersheba:Whose dominance? Mine? Or yours?
Malakat:Yours, highness.
Shersheba:Make sure you remember it. And keep working on the virus. You are supposed to be finding a cure, remember? Or don’t you care?
Malakat:Of course I care.
Shersheba:Then prove it. Go.

Brett:Here we go. That electron microscope over there.
Cass:And a test tube.
Brett:Test tube, yep.
Houser:Ahem. Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you.
Brett:What’re you doing here?
Houser:I’ve been trying to find a way of getting word out to the global union.
Cass:It’s no use. They’ve jammed everything. The ocean planet technology is miles ahead of ours.
Houser:So it seems. What are you two up to? Hey, you should know by now you can trust me.

Mera:But what good would it do now? Even if you could get inside.
Neri:I feel in here. I must go to the pyramid again. Only I can turn it back from the evil[?].
Mera:Because you are the chosen one?
Neri:Yes. Things our mother tells me in my dreams, the good things I can make the pyramid do for both our people. I have to try, but –
Mera:But what?
Neri:If anything happens to me, you my sister must carry on my mission. Will you?
Mera:Yes, sister. I will.

Cass:Okay, shake this, as hard as you can. All right, that’s enough. Okay, here we go.
Hauser:Now for the moment of truth.

Ilona:It’s as you thought, highness. There is something they’re hiding from you.
Shersheba:Every detail. Quickly.

Cass:Come on, come on. Beat it. Hey, it’s changing. Elly, it’s clearing.
Hauser:I think you’re right.

(Door opening)

Hauser:you are right. The antibodies are in the whale’s blood.
Shersheba:Thank you, I’ll have this.

Jason:So they’ve won. I got to tell Neri.
Dianne:There’s no way Jason.
Jason:Let me out!
Paul:Cool it, son. You’ll only antagonize them.

Garron:Sir, the people have left their homes and are clamoring outside our headquarters. The whole ocean planet is infected. They won’t wait another day.
Malakat:Yes, yes.
Garron:If we deny them any longer, I fear the princess Shersheba may lose their trust.
Malakat:It is I who earned their trust – I. I will not disappoint them.
Shersheba:I have the cure to the red virus, Malakat.
Shersheba:Here. With this, I will save our world. I will be the new chosen one.
Malakat:You? The chosen one? Isn’t it time you stopped these idiotic fantasies?
Shersheba:How dare you? I command you as your princess.
Malakat:They are loyal to me, Shersheba. It is I they have followed, not you, foolish child. Give me that.
Malakat:Give it to me. There’s a good girl, Ilona. I will reward you well.
Shersheba:No! Ilona, to me. For the sake of our planet.
Shersheba:Now, run!
Malakat:After them.


Guy:We regret, sir, the girl has escaped us and we have still not found the princess Shersheba.
Malakat:(Laughing) What does it matter? Let them go. Nobody can defeat the power of the pyramid. And now, it is mine alone.

Neri:Shersheba has taken the cure?
Ilona:But I’m sure she’ll use it for good. She wants to break Malakat’s power.
Mera:Or to use it for herself.
Ilona:I believe her.

(Whale sounds)

Neri:Charley calls.
Mera:It’s the pyramid’s escape module.
Ilona:The princess Shersheba.
Mera:Going back to the ocean planet with the cure.
Neri:What is your thought, Ilona?
Ilona:I didn’t know she was going to desert us. I’m sorry.
Neri:Now, Malakat has the pyramid.
Mera:No, Neri, please.
Neri:I must. For a time, I do not want this, but now I know it is only way. The pyramid must be destroyed. And I’m the only person who can do it.
Ilona:It’d be dangerous, but we can help you, Neri.
Mera:You don’t understand. Neri believes that she’ll have to be inside the pyramid when it happens. She must die too.
Neri:I have no choice. It is my destiny.