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Script – Season four

Episode 26


Shalamorn:When the dawn comes, my daughter, it is your time.
Neri:I am ready, mother, but I am afraid.
Shalamorn:Have courage. The ancient ones will give you strength for the ordeal.
Neri:Will I ever see you again?
Shalamorn:The future is not mine to command.
Neri:I love you, mother.
Shalamorn:And I you, my daughter.

News:With sea levels rising to major flood levels, panic overtakes the principal cities of the world. There is no doubt that we are facing the greatest crisis in the history of mankind and we seem powerless to stop it.
Brett:Still up?
Jason:Yeah, I can’t sleep.
Brett:I hate it. I hate being Malakat’s prisoner, his commandos prowling the corridors and even worse, I hate the pyramid. It’s beaten us this time, hasn’t it, Jase.

Mera:I want to be with you.
Neri:Our people will turn to you, Mera, when I am gone.
Neri:Be strong for my sister, Ilona. She will need you. Goodbye.

(music) (Whale sounds)

Malakat:Yes. You are all mine. All mine. And you will answer to me. You want something? Speak.
Guy:I have been asked, by the others. The antidote for the virus– was the princess Shersheba carrying it when she escaped us?
Malakat:Tell them – tell your weakling associates, within hours, the whole earth and the cure to the virus will be in our hands.
Malakat:Those who doubt will never see the cure. They will die. The pyramid will claim them all. And as for the princess Shersheba, she will be tried as a traitor.

(Angry shouting)

Shersheba:What is the meaning of this? I order you to dismiss them now.
Garron:I am under orders from Malakat, your highness.
Shersheba:And what are your orders?
Garron:You are to hand over the substance you brought with you or else – you will be imprisoned.
Shersheba:Garron, the substance I brought with me is the cure to the red virus. I assure every one of you, by by the power of the ancient ones, that you will not see it until you acknowledge me your rightful leader. So, what is it to be?

HELEN:Observe the perfect dimensions of my friend, surely the most harmonious configuration in all of physics.
Cass:Can you believe this? The pyramid’s her friend. Some buddy.
Winston:Thank you for that observation, HELEN. We agree with you. But the question remains – has the pyramid increased its power overnight?
HELEN:The pyramid is at rest, gathering together a mighty strength.
Jason:Why can’t we stop her raving on like this?
Paul:You’d think she was in love with the thing.
Cass:Think? She’s totally hooked.

Hauser:Aren’t you supposed to be under arrest?
Shelby:I am. Take a look around you. One big prisoner of war camp.
Houser:A dozen of them to every one of us.
Shelby:Yeah? Well, I’m not gonna take it any longer.
Houser:Jake. Come on, Shelby. Snap out of it. Neri!
Shelby:What the…
Houser:Quick, follow me.

Shelby:Haven’t lost the old touch. They should be out for a while. What makes you so sure this fish girl’s not on their side?
Houser:Trust me, I know. Neri! It’s all right. He won’t hurt you.
Neri:Please, you must take me to mother commander and Jason.

Dianne:But you can’t. We won’t let you.
Brett:No way.
Neri:It has to be, mother. It is what I must do.
Jason:You’re never gonna talk her out of it, mum.
Paul:Afraid you won’t.
Jason:The problem is, how are we going to get into the pyramid?
Jason:You’re not going on your own.

Shersheba:Stand aside.
Guy:We cannot. Only Malakat may enter.
Shersheba:You will stand aside for me, the princess Shersheba. I command you now.


Malakat:The pyramid will be primed to strike within the hour. Prepare to evacuate our people the moment I give the signal.
Guy:Understood, sir.
Danton:What about us? There are dozens of people on ORCA. If you’re evacuating, that means he’s going to destroy this station.
Guy:I have no knowledge of our leader’s strategy.

Louis:All the commandos are going to be evacuated. They’re going to blow this place up.
Neri:Then I must go now.
Louis:I told you she was alive. You never believe me.
Shelby:Malakat’s got commandos all over that pyramid. You won’t get past the front door.
Houser:Maybe your HELEN 6000 can help.
Jason:We’ve tried. She won’t co-operate.
Winston:There’s no way in, Agent Hauser. HELEN is intractable on the matter.
Cass:She’s in love. Totally out of it.
Neri:Perhaps if I ask, she will listen?
Winston:It is worth a try, commander. The peacock may spread his tail for a pretty hen.
Dianne:Why don’t you have a go, Neri.
Neri:HELEN, you talk to pyramid, yes?
Neri:HELEN, please, tell pyramid I want to come to it but I must come in secret. Tell pyramid this is the wish, the wish of the chosen one.
HELEN:I’ll do that, Neri.
Brett:Look at that.
Cass:What is it?
Neri:I know. My sister has spoken of this place. It is the heart of pyramid.
Jason:It’s showing us. There is another way in.
HELEN:You may enter, Neri, from the cave of light.
Jason:The cave of light? Of course, I’ve got it. The crystal cavern in the outback. It must be.
Neri:Yes, it is the way.
Brett:First you’ve got to get out of here.


Cass:Okay, negative thrust is on the left port. Positive to the right.
Brett:Okay, ready to go.

Guy:We’ve tracked it on the radar. A submersible has left the base. I’m told there are two occupants.
Malakat:What are you waiting for? It must be stopped. Use full force.
Guy:All forces to the water. Apprehend the submersible.


Jason:They’ve left the pontoon. We can go now.


Guy:We have the craft in sight, sir.
Malakat:Destroy it, you fool!


Shelby:They fell for it. Autopilot. What a great idea.

Jason:Jakamarra, how did you know we were coming?
Jakamarra:I just knew, that’s all.
Neri:This is where we say goodbye.
Jason:I’m not going to leave you, Neri.
Neri:Jason, you must.
Jakamarra:He’s right. It’s in the dreaming. Whale woman was accompanied by a warrior.


Malakat:Evacuate now. The power of the pyramid is mine.
Guy:[?], sir.
Malakat:Yes, my pyramid. Now, you hear me. I command you to send the fire of destruction across the ocean. Destroy ORCA. Destroy. Destroy!
Neri:No! It is not to be.
Malakat:It’s too late. Can’t you feel it?

Danton:They’ve all gone. They’re blowing us up.
Dianne:The structure won’t hold.
Richter:Let me see.


Malakat:You see? I have the power. The pyramid and I are one.
Neri:No, Jason. There is only one way. It was written by the ancient ones. This time, when I touch, the pyramid will be destroyed. And we, too, unless you stop, Malakat.
Malakat:You? The child princess? You wouldn’t dare.
Neri:You must stop now, Malakat.
Malakat:(Laughing) You think you can bluff me? No.
Shalamorn:Raise your hand, my daughter!
Malakat:You. You think you can stop me now, Shalamorn? Always the idealist, always the fool. Destroy her, oh pyramid. Show her who your master is.
Shalamorn:I am Shalamorn, anointed queen of the ocean planet. Rightful inheritor of the laws of the ancient ones. My pyramid, I command you to cease.
Neri:My mother. You are alive.


Dianne:Is everyone alright?
Brett:You bet.

Shalamorn:You’ll be taken, Malakat, back to the ocean planet and from there you will be exiled forever.
Malakat:Impose whatever sentence you please.
Shalamorn:It is light enough for what you have done. To stage the death of an anointed queen. To make my people believe I had perished on the craft. To hold me prisoner for years, depriving me of my throne and even my consciousness. And all this to feed your lust for power.
Malakat:I have gambled over the greatest power of all – the might of this pyramid.
Shalamorn:Take him away. But for you actions on returning to the ocean planet, you should be receiving the same fate, Shersheba. However, since you kept the antidote from the hands of Malakat, thereby saving the oceans of both our planet and this one, you are reprieved.
Shersheba:Your majesty. I am your servant forever.
Shalamorn:My daughter, you have grown into a beautiful young woman. We must make up in love for the years we have lost. And most urgently, we must discuss your future.

(Whale sounds)

Brett:Here we go.


Shalamorn:In accordance with the laws laid down by the elders of the ocean planet, I hereby crown you, Neri, as the first-born princess of the royal house and their apparent to the throne of the ancient ones.

(Applause) (music)

Brett:What are we gonna do without you, Neri?
Shalamorn:I have thought very long about this. But someone must remain here on earth to help bring our peoples together and who better than the heiress apparent to the ocean planet throne. So, Neri will stay here until the day when she must return to claim her rightful inheritance. Now, we have much to discuss, all of us – to make a new beginning.
Neri:You are glad that I stay, Jason?
Jason:What do you think?

(Whale sounds)

Neri:Charley is happy.
Jason:Not as happy as me.
Neri:Or me.