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+Quick start
+Fortunately a set of 1.2 MB install floppy disks of EUMEL’s x86 port has been
+preserved. It can be installed in any virtual machine emulating an
+IBM PC. In this example we’re using qemu_. The `first disk`__ is optional and
+contains `install instructions`_ in german language. The `second disk`__ is the
+bootable setup programs. It creates a partition on the harddrive, formats it
+and installs the SHard. `Disk three`__ contains EUMEL0 and base system.
+1. Create a 128 MB harddrive: ``qemu-img create root.img 128M``
+2. Start the setup program: ``qemu-system-i386 -drive
+ file=02_setup.img,if=floppy,format=raw -drive file=root.img,format=raw``
+3. Create a new partition by pressing ``1<return>``, confirm with ``j`` and
+ accept the following defaults with <return> or ``j``.
+4. If the main screen is displayed again press ``0<return>`` and confirm yet
+ again with ``j`` to exit setup. The screen should now read “E N D E”.
+5. Quit qemu and restart it with the third floppy disk. The bootloader
+ complains that “HG ungueltig”.
+6. Press any key followed by ``2`` and a confirmation with ``j``. Reset the
+ machine again.
+7. Now we have to set up the keyboard layout and time. Select “Kanal 1” with
+ ``j``, then press ``n`` until ``pc.1.25`` is displayed and confirm. Disable
+ “Kanal 2” and 15 with ``n`` and decline deleting those channels with ``n``.
+8. Congratulations, a fully functional EUMEL is now running in your virtual
+ machine! For the next steps head over to [praxis1]_.
+__ disks/grundpaket/01_readme.img
+__ disks/grundpaket/02_setup.img
+__ disks/grundpaket/03_eumel0.img
+.. _install instructions: 01_readme_INSTALL.txt
+.. _qemu: