Validate username


This method can be used before authenticating a user with User login, but requires a valid Partner login.

Name Type Description
username string  
Name Type Description
isValid boolean  
isUnique boolean  

Create new account

Name Type Description  
username string    
password string    
gender string    
birthYear int    
zipCode int    
emailOptIn boolean    
countryCode string    
accountType string registered  
registeredType string user  
includePandoraOneInfo boolean    
includeAccountMessage boolean    
returnCollectTrackLifetimeStats boolean    
returnIsSubscriber boolean    
xplatformAdCapable boolean    
includeFacebook boolean    
includeGoogleplay boolean    
includeShowUserRecommendations boolean    
includeAdvertiserAttributes boolean    


The following settings are currently read/writeable:

Name Type Description
gender string Male or Female
birthYear int  
zipCode string  
isProfilePrivate boolean  
enableComments boolean  
emailOptIn boolean  
emailComments boolean  
emailNewFollowers boolean  
isExplicitContentFilterEnabled boolean  
isExplicitContentFilterPINProtected boolean  
newUsername string  
newPassword string  
facebookAutoShareEnabled boolean  
autoShareTrackPlay boolean  
autoShareLikes boolean  
autoShareFollows boolean  
facebookSettingChecksum boolean  


Name Type Description
includeFacebook boolean  

See Settings for return values.


Name Type Description
currentUsername string  
currentPassword string  
userInitiatedChange boolean optional
includeFacebook boolean optional

Additionally keys listed in Settings are permitted in the request body.

Recover password

Name Type Description
username string  

Get subscriber status


Returns whether a user is subscribed or if they can subscribe to Pandora One. Can be useful to determine which Partner password to use.

Name Type Description
iapVendor string (optional)
Name Type Description
canSubscribe boolean false if user is a Pandora One subscriber
isSubscriber boolean true if user is a Pandora One Subscriber
    "stat": "ok",
     "result": {
          "canSubscribe": false,
          "isSubscriber": true

Usage info


The request has no parameters.

Name Type Description
accountMonthlyListening int  
deviceMonthlyListening int  
monthlyCapHours int  
monthlyCapWarningPercent int  
monthlyCapWarningRepeatPercent int  
isMonthlyPayer bool  
isCapped bool  
listeningTimestamp int  
    "stat": "ok",
    "result": {
        "monthlyCapWarningRepeatPercent": 10,
        "monthlyCapHours": 320,
        "deviceMonthlyListening": 0,
        "isMonthlyPayer": false,
        "isCapped": false,
        "monthlyCapWarningPercent": 85,
        "accountMonthlyListening": 0

Start a Complimentary Trial


Starts a complimentary pandora one trial. It is unknown what constitutes a valid sponsor at this time, and as such this method will always fail.

Name Type Description
complimentarySponsor string The ID of the sponsor providing the complimentary trial.