List of Error CodesΒΆ


This page is incomplete. The error enumeration should be complete but codes and descriptions are guesses.

These error codes can be returned by all endpoints:

        "errorCode": 0,
        "errorString": "INVALID_REQUEST",
        "message": "The request could not be validated"
Error Code Error String Description
0 INVALID_REQUEST General bad request error. Often means authentication was invalid
1001 INVALID_REQUEST Invalid auth token
? STREAM_VIOLATION Unable to stream to this region?
? STATION_LIMIT_REACHED Stream minutes limit or skip count reached?
? THUMBPRINT_RADIO_NOT_ELIGIBLE Not enough feedback to construct a Thumbprint station?
? LISTENER_NOT_AUTHORIZED Current user is not able to access shared content?
? PLAYLIST_END End of playlist?
? READONLY_MODE Pandora back-end maintenance?
? STATION_CODE_INVALID Invalid station
? STATION_DOES_NOT_EXIST Station does not exist
? LISTENER_SUSPENDED Account has been suspended
? CREDIT_CARD_NO_RECORD_FOUND No credit card on file?
? CONTENT_HAS_EXPIRED Audio link for song has expired?
? SERVER_ERROR Generic server error
? NOT_FOUND Content not found
? UNPLAYABLE_SHUFFLE_STATION Unable to play shuffle station?